Highlights and goals: Benfica 0-1 Porto in Primeira Liga 2021-22
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Thank you so much for following Benfica and Porto at VAVEL. A great Saturday to all and until next time.


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37 - Benfica

30-  Porto

19 - Sporting.

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97' Yellow

Gilberto received a card.


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IT'S CHAMPIONSHIP! In a spectacular counterattack, Pepê took off from the defensive field, took it into the opponent's area and found Zaidu, who freed it, finishing with his left foot at Benfica's angle.


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Let's go to 96 minutes.


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89' Yellow

Yaremchuk missed and received a card.


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Grimaldo took a free-kick from the midfielder and the ball went over the goal.


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86' Changes in Porto

Joined: Toni Martínez and Eustáquio

Out: Taremi and Vitinha.

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Galeno took a free-kick on the wall and on the rebound, Vitinha released a rocket from outside the area. The ball skimmed the left post of Benfica.


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85' Yellow

Weigl missed and took a card.


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Gilberto went to return the ball to the goalkeeper, ended up getting in the way and Porto almost scored the goal.


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83' Yellow

João Mário killed the counterattack and received a card.


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Less than 10 minutes to the end of the game. The draw gives Porto the title.


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80' Yellow

Taremi was missed and received a card.


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Game gets hot, with lots of fouls. Players on both teams ask for cards all the time.


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73' Changes at Benfica

Joined: Yaremchuk and João Mário

Out: Gonçalo Ramos and Lázaro.

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70' Yellow

Otamendi complained to the referee and received a card.


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Seferovic triggered Darwin Nunez on the left, who went over the mark and finished, but Diogo Costa held on tight.


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62' Yellow

Lázaro was missed and received a card.


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Taremi fell inside the area, asked for a penalty and the referee ordered him to continue.


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Otamendi hit a beautiful shot for Darwin Nunez, who dominated, dribbled Mbemba out of the play very easily and hit the exit of goalkeeper Diogo Costa. After a VAR review, the goal was disallowed.


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Evanilson took the risk once more, but now without danger.


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Evanilson took a risk from the edge of the area and the Benfica goalkeeper made a great save.


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Game follows 0-0.


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Benfica 0-0 Porto.
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39' Yellow

Pepe complained to the referee and received a card.


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Porto presses and Benfica waits for the counterattack.


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30' Yellow

Grujic fouled Lázaro hard at the entrance of the attack area, killed the counterattack and received a yellow card. Benfica's fans and players got into trouble with the referee, who stopped the red attack by stopping the play with the foul.


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Benfica tried to pull a counterattack, but to no avail.


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23' Yellow

Gonçalo Ramos missed Otávio hard and received a card.


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Darwin Nunez received, took it inside the area and finished. Diogo Costa made a great save, on the rebound, Lázaro released a rocket and sent it far away.


1:17 PM14 days ago

16' Yellow

Gil Dias was sorely missed and received the first card of the game.


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Otávio found a beautiful pass for Taremi, who came face to face with Vlachodimos, but the Benfica goalkeeper made a spectacular save.


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Porto comes out more for the attack this time.


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Porto tried to go on the counterattack, but Benfica's defense was more efficient.


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Benfica starts the game by pressing Porto.


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Benfica 0-0 Porto.
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Less than five minutes to the start of the game.


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37 - Benfica

29 -  Porto

19 - Sporting.

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Speak up, Nélson Veríssimo!

''These are two teams that know each other well, as a result of the clashes they've had this season. Also knowledge of the evolution of teams in previous years. I don't know if there will be any surprises, the most important thing is to know what we have to do. We recognize that we are going to play against a great team, we have to be at a very good level. Obviously our objective is to fight for the three points, the team worked very well during the week, they are confident and we know the importance of the game. It's a classic! These are unpredictable games in what the result is, we are confident that we will give a good answer.''

"Obviously our objective is to fight for the three points, the team worked very well during the week, they are confident and we know the importance of the game.''

''We know what implications the result has, we will have a classic with different characteristics, in which the teams want to fight for the victory. That will be our goal. This team has already proved at other times that it is up to the most difficult games. The team takes great pride when they feel that the surrounding context directs the result to a path that is not the one we think will happen. It was like that with Ajax, Liverpool, in the game in Alvalade [against Sporting], we really believe in what we are doing, in what we have been building. One of the strengths of this team was being aware of knowing how to adapt to what the opponent can create in terms of problems. Our focus, regardless of what may be around the game, is that we believe and we know what we have to do. We believe we will play a good game and win.''

''It's going to the Stadium. Our members, fans and supporters have already shown that they can make a difference, naturally they will also make that difference tomorrow, come to see the team and help. We are aware of that [the recent history between the two teams], we were present in Benfica's last victory at Dragão. We also believe that tomorrow we can reverse this situation. They are two good teams, we are aware that we have to be at a good level. Let's try to explore what are the most fragile moments of FC Porto. Looking at our players, don't say that our team is just a transition, because it's not! We also have a lot of moments of offensive organization. Now we want to give players the comfort of playing in a way that enhances their characteristics.''

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Probable Benfica!

Vlachodimos; André Almeida, Otamendi, Vertonghen, Sandro Cruz; Weigl, Paulo Bernardo, João Mário; Gil Dias, Everton, Darwin Nunez.
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How does Benfica arrive?

Benfica is already in a pre-season mood, as they will not compete for more titles until the end of the season, after being eliminated from the Champions League and already have a guaranteed spot for the next edition of the competition. In the last 10 games, there were five wins, three draws and two defeats.
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Speak up, Sérgio Conceição!

“We prepared the game with enthusiasm, not with euphoria, they are different things. (…) It is up to us to look at our team mainly, we have to look at our task within what is an important game like the ones that have already passed”. Always with the notion that “it is a game that means a decisive step towards the achievement of a goal” and aware that the classic, by itself, entails an “emotional side and has nothing to do with points, but with the weight of the game”, the Porto coach made a statement: “I'm very focused on the game and I don't want jokes”.

“The game, everything else is not so important. We prepared the game with enthusiasm, not euphoria, they are different things. The preparation went through this analysis to Benfica in different contexts, in which their posture was different. It is up to us to look at that and at our team mainly, we have to look at our task within what is an important game like the ones that have passed.”

 “In what is going to be the game, it is always important to have that same defensive consistency as a base. We can score goals, but it's not guaranteed to win the game that way. We have to be a solid, consistent team that doesn't depend on one player, but on the collective. I’m very focused on the game and I don’t want any jokes.”

“That the most important space where championships are won is the place where you work daily, it is important to emphasize Olival. We work here daily to achieve this goal, which has not yet been achieved. The championship is played on 17 different fields and at Dragão, and, I stress again, at Olival, where we always prepare matches with the same seriousness.”

“Pepê played at the front many times, but he is a player who, like others, had his time to adapt. Athletes enter when I think they are ready to make their contribution. He had a very important evolution in this sense, in understanding European football and what I wanted for the team, he is in constant progression, as a defensive side he still makes some mistakes, but let's go into the detail of that defensive work. At first, we thought he was a winger who had his weaknesses and now he plays as a full-back, see the evolution.”

“They are different players in the same position, but not very different. Vitinha doesn't have to gain another dimension because he plays with a certain player next door. A team is made up of relationships between players from the same sector and from different sectors and it is important that they associate and get to know each other. Matheus has more games with Vitinha, but I have complete confidence in Eustaquio, Marko and all the players who play these roles.”

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Probable Porto!

Diego Costa; Pepe, Mbemba, Pepe, Sanusi; Grujic, Vitinha, Otávio, Fábio Vieira, Teremi; Evanilson.


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How does Porto arrive?

After losing their unbeaten record in the 2021-22 Primeira Liga to Braga, Porto returned to winning ways after beating Vizela at home by 4-2. Now, Sérgio Conceição's team needs just one point to become champion of the league national. In the last 10 games, there were seven wins, two defeats and one draw, including one elimination to Lyon in the Europa League.


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Porto visit Benfica in Lisbon and are one point away from winning the 2021-22 Primeira Liga title, being the 30th in their history. The conquest against Benfica would have a greater weight, because the Eagles are the biggest champions of Portugal with 37 championships.
Photo: Publicity / Premiera Liga
Photo: Publicity / Premiera Liga
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The match will be played at the Estadio da Luz

The Benfica vs Porto match will be played at the Estadio da Luz with a capacity to receive 65.647 people.
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