Goals and Highlights: Monterrey (1)2-2(3) San Luis in Liga MX 2022
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11:49 PM9 days ago

Goals and Highlights

11:23 PM9 days ago


San Luis beats Rayados in penalty kicks, who tied in the last minutes to try to define the match in these instances.
11:22 PM9 days ago


He missed it! Pizarro shoots and his ball hits the post, leaving Rayados out of the Liguilla.
11:21 PM9 days ago


He missed it! Waller's shot, but the ball hits the crossbar and San Luis misses the penalty.
11:20 PM9 days ago


Goal for Rayados! Celso Ortíz scores the first for the locals.
11:19 PM9 days ago


St. Louis goal! A shot by Güémez that leaves Andrada standing still.
11:19 PM9 days ago


He saved it! Barovero, in a big way, throws himself, and with his knee avoids Maxi Meza's goal.
11:18 PM9 days ago


St. Louis goal! Chávez sent a shot, the second went in.
11:18 PM9 days ago


He saved it! Barovero dives and prevents Janssen's shot from going in.
11:17 PM9 days ago


St. Louis goal! Berterame scored from the penalty spot
11:10 PM9 days ago


At the end of the match, Rayados tied on aggregate and everything will be defined in penalty kicks.
11:08 PM9 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Monterrey! Rodriguez appeared, who took advantage of Pizarro's cross and tied the match.
11:07 PM9 days ago


Powerful shot by Berterame, but the ball goes wide.
11:05 PM9 days ago


Excellent sweep by Waller, preventing Rodriguez from sending in a cross.
11:02 PM9 days ago


Maxi Meza's cross, but no one is able to finish.
10:55 PM9 days ago


San Luis substitution. Jair Díaz and García come on for Sambueza and Murillo.
10:55 PM9 days ago


A great defensive cross by Juárez prevented Janssen from controlling the ball inside the area.
10:50 PM9 days ago


Maxi Meza's shot and the ball goes wide of the goal.
10:48 PM9 days ago


Pizarro's cross, Barovero comes out correctly and prevents the equalizer.
10:46 PM9 days ago


Rayados changes. Alvarado and Pizarro are substituted by González and Campbell.
10:38 PM9 days ago


Meza's cross, the ball goes through the area and ends up going over the end line.
10:33 PM9 days ago


Change of Monterrey. Erick Aguirre comes off for Romo.
10:27 PM9 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for San Luis! Murillo took advantage of a ball that entered the area and with a lethal header put San Luis in front.
10:21 PM9 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for San Luis! Facundo Waller sent a shot after receiving the ball in the box to tie the match.
10:21 PM9 days ago


The complement starts
10:16 PM9 days ago


Change from San Luis. Facundo Waller replaces Juan Sanabria.
9:58 PM9 days ago


At the end of the first half, Monterrey leads by the minimum for the moment.
9:54 PM9 days ago


The match is very tight in the midfield, with both teams looking to generate danger.
9:52 PM9 days ago


Campbell's service looking for Janssen, but the ball ends up going wide.
9:42 PM9 days ago


San Luis arrived with danger, but Medina got in the way and prevented them from creating danger.
9:34 PM9 days ago


San Luis tries to generate danger, but fails to get past the opposing defense
9:25 PM9 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Monterrey! Great control by Jannsen, the striker pumps the ball over Barovero and sends it into the net.
9:23 PM9 days ago


Change due to injury for San Luis. Unai Bilbao comes off and Ramón Juárez takes his place.
9:20 PM9 days ago


Janssen's dangerous cross, but no one appears in the area to push the ball in.
9:14 PM9 days ago


The match started off very tight, with both teams looking for the opponent's goal.
9:06 PM9 days ago


Actions get underway in Monterrey.
9:03 PM9 days ago

San Luis: LineUp

M. Barovero; U. Bilbao, L. León; R. Chávez, A. Iniestra, J. Sanabria, R. Sambueza, E. Orona, J. Güémez; G. Berterame, J. Murillo.
9:03 PM9 days ago

Monterrey: LineUp

E. Andrada; C. Montes, J. Gallardo, S. Vegas, S. Medina; M. Meza, E. Aguirre, C. Ortíz, A. González; J. Campbell, V. Janssen.
8:57 PM9 days ago

With everything!

Both teams have already taken to the field and will be doing exercises prior to the start of the match to get ready for this important game.
8:52 PM9 days ago


Both teams are already at the Regio Stadium for this match, where they will be looking to continue in the tournament in the final phase of the tournament.
8:47 PM9 days ago


This is what the BBVA looks like to welcome Rayados and Atlético San Luis tonight, and both teams will be looking to emerge triumphant.

8:42 PM9 days ago

Will it be achieved?

Necaxa is the worst offense of the 12 teams in this zone, scoring only 22 goals, in this game they need to score goals and prevent Rayados from scoring.
8:37 PM9 days ago

What a tip!

Rayados have now gone six games without defeat, with two draws and four wins, a number they will be looking to increase.
8:32 PM9 days ago

Watch out for this player

San Luis will have to pay close attention to Dorlan Pabón, the winger is in charge of generating danger and getting the ball into the opponent's area.
8:27 PM9 days ago

Watch out for this player

Rayados' forwards have to find a way to penetrate Unai Bilbao, the San Luis defender is a wall and will prevent them from creating danger in his area at all costs.
8:22 PM9 days ago

Historic duels

Atletico San Luis and Rayados have played 26 times and the numbers are even, with 10 wins each, as well as six draws.
8:17 PM9 days ago

We're back!

We are back to bring you the replay of the match between Monterrey and Atletico San Luis. We will shortly share with you the most relevant information about both teams, as well as the confirmed lineups.
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Stay tuned for the Monterrey vs Atletico San Luis live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Monterrey vs Atletico San Luis live, as well as the latest information from the BBVA Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL. 
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Atlético San Luis Quotes

Andre Jardine spoke prior to this important match: "It's a rival with a game idea, much more confidence, in addition to the support of their home, but for us it's a very big and interesting challenge in an adverse environment, I feel this team is very well mentally and physically, we arrive with all the players fit".

"It has been a week of hard work. With a special feeling because we have a very big match coming up that could put us in the playoffs, to take a step forward. We are working on strategy, variations, being meticulous in the aspects where we have failed and hoping that we will do well on Saturday."

"The fact that Monterrey is considered the favorite is fair because of their history, quality of squad, etc., but it will be a very interesting game that will be played with great intensity by us, by everyone, and whoever makes the fewest mistakes will come out on top". 

"About Monterrey, we have seen many videos of their games, they have developed a lot since they changed their coach, they have regained their confidence, they have a fan base that will support them strongly, but we must be strong and brave in an adverse environment." 

"The last game against Santos was different, it was true that we wanted to win, but we took precautions in the starting lineup because we had several key elements with card problems and we favored that. But from now on reclassification is a different tournament, it doesn't allow you to make mistakes. We are going to choose a starting lineup that gives us balance in all areas. 

7:57 PM9 days ago

Last Atlético San Luis lineup

M. Barovero; E. García, L. León, U. Bilbao, E. Orona; F. Waller, J. Güémez, A. Iniestra, J. Murillo; Z. Muñoz, G. Berterame.
7:52 PM9 days ago

Last lineup Monterrey

E. Andrada; S. Medina, C. Montes, S. Vegas, J. Gallardo; C. Ortíz, L. Romo, J. Campbell, M. MEza, A. González; V. Janssen.
7:47 PM9 days ago

How did Atletico San Luis reach this stage?

Atletico San Luis finished the tournament in tenth place with 23 points, despite a loss in their last match, the team coached by Jardine is optimistic about reaching the Liguilla.

7:42 PM9 days ago

How is Monterrey doing?

Monterrey had a bad start in this Clausura 2022, however, after the dismissal of Aguirre and the arrival of 'Rey Midas' to their ranks, the team from the north ended the tournament in seventh position with 26 points; closing the tournament with a two goals to zero victory over Xolos.

7:37 PM9 days ago

The match will be played at BBVA Stadium.

The Monterrey vs Atletico San Luis game will be played at the BBVA Stadium located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The stadium has a capacity for 51,000 people. 
7:32 PM9 days ago

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