Goal and Highlights: Arsenal vs Leeds in Premier League
Photo: Arsenal


10:59 AM14 days ago

90'+3' - Game over!

The referee ends the match.
10:54 AM14 days ago

90'+1' -Substitution

Arsenal Substitution:


Out: Nketiah

Enter: Lacazette

10:49 AM14 days ago

90' - Added!

The referee adds 3 minutes to the game.
10:44 AM14 days ago


Odegaard kicks and the goalkeeper saves.
10:39 AM14 days ago


Odegaard suffers a dangerous foul near the area.
10:34 AM14 days ago

78' -Substitution

Arsenal Substitution:


Out: Martinelli

Enter: Rowe

10:29 AM14 days ago


Odegaard dribbles, invades the area, he kicks and the ball passes close to the post.
10:24 AM14 days ago

68' -Substitution

Arsenal Substitution:


Out: Saka

Enter: Pépé

10:19 AM14 days ago


After a corner kick, the ball lands on Llorente's foot and he kicks it to score!
10:14 AM14 days ago

60' -Substitution

Leeds Substitution:


Out: Raphinha

Enter: Rodrigo

10:09 AM14 days ago


Martinelli stole the ball on the edge of the area and kicked it over the goal.
10:04 AM14 days ago


After a corner, Nketiah heads in and the defense removes the danger. Corner kick!
9:59 AM14 days ago


Martinelli dribbles Raphinha, shoots the goal and the goalkeeper defends.
9:54 AM14 days ago


After crossing, Xhaka tries to kick and the goalkeeper intercepts.
9:49 AM14 days ago

46' - Substitution

Leeds Substitution:


Out: Klich

Enter: Bate

9:44 AM14 days ago

45' - Started!

The referee whistles and the second half begins!
9:39 AM14 days ago

45'+4' - End of the first half!

The referee whistles and ends the first half.
9:34 AM14 days ago

45' - Added!

The referee adds 4 minutes to the game.
9:29 AM14 days ago

45' - Acréscimos

O árbitro soma 4 minutos ao jogo.
9:24 AM14 days ago


Xhaka kicks from afar and the goalkeeper saves.
9:19 AM14 days ago


Martinelli receives the ball inside the area, kicks the ball, the goalkeeper defends, Nketiah keeps the ball and is fouled.
9:14 AM14 days ago

33' - Yellow card!

Klich fouls and receives a yellow card.
9:09 AM14 days ago

28' - Substitution

Leeds Substitution:


Out: Gelhardt

Enter: Stuijk

9:04 AM14 days ago

26' - Yellow card!

Yellow card for Raphinha for complaint.
8:59 AM14 days ago

26' - Red card!

The referee cancels the yellow card and applies the red card. Ayling is expelled!
8:54 AM14 days ago

25' - VAR!

VAR is looking into a possible dismissal of Ayling.
8:49 AM14 days ago

24' - Yellow card!

Ayling fouls and receives a yellow card.
8:44 AM14 days ago


Odegaard crosses in the small area, the defense removes the danger, the ball lands at Saka's feet and he shoots over the goal.
8:39 AM14 days ago


Raphinha crosses the ball in the area and nobody kicks it into the goal. Goal shooting!
8:34 AM14 days ago


Martinelli crosses the ball in the area, Nketiah tries to reach the ball and fails.
8:29 AM14 days ago

16' - Yellow card!

Gabriel Magalhães commits a foul and receives a yellow card.
8:24 AM14 days ago


Odegaard passes to Martinelli, he tries to enter the area and commits an attack foul.
8:19 AM14 days ago

9' - GOOOOAL!!

Martinelli dribbles on the side of the field, wins the mark, crosses into the area and Nketiah shoots hard for the goal!
8:14 AM14 days ago

4' - GOOOOAL!!

Leeds does poorly with the ball, retreats to Meslier, Nketiah steals the ball and scores. Goalkeeper error!
8:09 AM14 days ago

0' - Started!

The referee whistles and starts the match.
8:04 AM14 days ago

Ready to go!

7:59 AM14 days ago

Lineup: Leeds

7:54 AM14 days ago

Lineup: Arsenal

7:49 AM14 days ago

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How and where to watch the Arsenal vs Leeds match live?

If you want to watch the game Arsenal vs Leeds live on TV, your options is: ESPN+

If you want to directly stream it: TUDN app

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

7:39 AM14 days ago

What time is Arsenal vs Leeds match for Premier League?

This is the start time of the game Arsenal vs Leeds of 8th may 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 10:00 PM in ESPN2 Sur, Star +
Brazil: 10:00 PM in ESPN4, Star +
USA (ET): 9:00 PM in ESPN+
Spain: 15:00 PM in Movistar+
Mexico: 8:00 PM in ESPN2 Sur, Star +

7:34 AM14 days ago

Latest games between Arsenal and Leeds

In the last 4 matches Arsenal had 3 wins and 1 draw.
7:29 AM14 days ago

Key player of Leeds

The best Leeds player for this match is Raphinha.
7:24 AM14 days ago

Key player of Arsenal

The best Arsenal player for this match is Martinelli.
7:19 AM14 days ago

Probable lineups of Leeds

Meslier; Dallas, Ayling, Koch, Strujik and Junior Firpo; Raphinha, Klich, Phillips and Harrison; Rodrigo.
7:14 AM14 days ago

Probable lineups of Arsenal

Ramsdale; Tomiyasu, Holding, Gabriel Magalhães and Nuno Tavares; Elneny, Xhaka and Odegaard; Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Nketiah.
7:09 AM14 days ago


"In the situation they are in, they (Leeds) are going to show how much they want to get out of this zone as quickly as possible. For us, this is the defining moment of the season after everything we've done, so we want to capitalize on what we've done in the last nine or 10 months.", said Arteta.
7:04 AM14 days ago

Leeds in the Premier League

Leeds are in 17th place with 34 points. The team needs to win the last 3 games to escape relegation depending only on itself. If it goes wrong, you'll need Everton not to win. In the last 5 games there were 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.
6:59 AM14 days ago

Arsenal in the Premier League

Arsenal are in 4th place with 63 points. The team needs to win the last three games of the championship to depend only on itself to guarantee a spot in the Champions League. If he has any setbacks, he will have to cheer against Tottenham so that he doesn't overtake them. In the last 5 games, there were 3 wins and 2 losses.
6:54 AM14 days ago

The match will be played at the Emirates Stadium

The Arsenal vs Leeds match will be played at the Emirates Stadium, England with a capacity of 63,000 people.
6:49 AM14 days ago

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