Goals and Highlights: PSV 3-2 NEC in Eredivisie
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4:22 PM12 days ago

Relive the goal of Mexico's Erick Gutiérrez

3:52 PM12 days ago


Thank you for following the Eredivisie match between PSV and NEC. See you next time.
3:47 PM12 days ago

End game

PSV 3-2 NEC.
3:42 PM12 days ago


Doan and Drommel left

Ledesma and Gakpo come in

PSV changes.

3:37 PM12 days ago


Add 4 more minutes.
3:32 PM12 days ago


NEC are on the prowl in the final minutes, but with little clarity in the end zone.
3:27 PM12 days ago


Heavy collision on the pitch and one player per team has been left lying on the pitch.
3:22 PM12 days ago


NEC goal

Jonathan Okita capitalises on the penalty and takes it low and low to bring NEC to within one goal.

3:17 PM12 days ago


Romero comes on and Zahavi goes off, PSV change.
3:12 PM12 days ago


NEC goal

Mikkel Duelund's cross into the box is solitary for Mikkel Duelund to score the equaliser.

3:07 PM12 days ago


PSV goal

Eran Zahavi's delayed diagonal shot into the net to make it 3-0.

3:02 PM12 days ago


Dueland, Vet and Sissoko come in.

Brujin, Proper and Aikman come off.

NEC changes.

2:57 PM12 days ago


A great save by Erick Gutiérrez who clears the ball off the line.
2:52 PM12 days ago


Tué comes on and Madueke comes off, PSV change.
2:47 PM12 days ago


Second half kicks off between PSV and NEC.
2:42 PM12 days ago

Half time

Nothing more is added and the first half is over. PSV 2-0 NEC.
2:37 PM12 days ago


Elayis Tavsan's shot is saved by the goalkeeper.
2:32 PM12 days ago


Lasse Schöne's direct free kick goes over the top of the goal.
2:27 PM12 days ago


PSV goal

Erick Gutiérrez's long-range shot that goes into the corner of the net to make it 2-0.

2:22 PM12 days ago


Dirk Proper's powerful shot from the edge of the area, but it goes over the top of the goal.
2:17 PM12 days ago


Ibrahim Sangaré's cross hits the base of the post, but the ball ends up going wide.
2:12 PM12 days ago


PSV goal

Ritsu Doan's low shot from close range to open the scoring after they hadn't had much depth.

2:07 PM12 days ago


Mexico's Erick Gutierrez attempted a long ball that easily reached the goalkeeper's hands.

The bad news is that Ajax are already beating Heerenveen 1-0 with Tagliafico scoring.

2:02 PM12 days ago


Cody Gakpo's shot from half distance is deflected by the defence for a corner.
1:57 PM12 days ago


Defensive cut back and PSV will have a corner kick down the left wing.
1:52 PM12 days ago


High pressure from the Farmers where Cody Gakpo gets into the six-yard box and the goalkeeper makes the save to prevent the first.
1:47 PM12 days ago


Gotze's overlong service goes wide.
1:42 PM12 days ago


The game between PSV and NEC kicks off.
1:37 PM12 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of action between PSV and NEC in the penultimate round of the Eredivisie.
1:32 PM12 days ago

NEC substitutes

31 Robin Roefs

14 Mikkel Duelund

18 Mathias de Wolf

27 Danny Vukovic

15 Javier Vet

3 Rens van Eijden

22 Joep van der Sluijs

26 Cas Odenthal

2 Ilias Bronkhorst

8 Édgar Barreto

32 Ibrahima Cissoko

1:27 PM12 days ago

PSV substitutes

58 Jenson Seelt, 54 Johan Bakayoko, 20 Maxi Romero, 16 Joel Drommel, 19 Bruma, 43 Dennis Vos, 21 Maxime Delanghe, 37 Richard Ledezma.
1:22 PM12 days ago


1 Mattijs Branderhorst, 5 Rodrigo Guth, 4 Iván Márquez, 16 Souffian El Karouani, 28 Bart van Rooij, 6 Jordy Bruijn, 71 Dirk Proper, 20 Lasse Schöne, 9 Ali Akman, 10 Jonathan Okita, 7 Elayis Tavsan.
1:17 PM12 days ago


38 Yvon Mvogo, 15 Érick Gutiérrez, 3 Jordan Teze, 31 Philipp Max, 17 Mauro Júnior, 27 Mario Götze, 6 Ibrahim Sangaré, 25 Ritsu Doan, 7 Eran Zahavi, 11 Cody Gakpo, 10 Noni Madueke.
1:12 PM12 days ago

The scorers

PSV's top scorer so far this season is Cody Gakpo with 12 goals in 25 games, while for NEC it has been Jordy Bruijn, albeit with just six goals in 26 games.
1:07 PM12 days ago

The stadium

Spectacular weather at the Philips Stadion for the last game of the regular season:
1:02 PM12 days ago

The farewell

PSV DT Roger Schmidt will be playing his last game in this stadium as he will be moving to Portuguese football for the next tournament.
12:57 PM12 days ago

For the last date

Closing the championship, PSV will visit Zwolle on Sunday and NEC will play at home against Fortuna Sittaard.

If the championship is still up for grabs, Ajax will play Vitesse for the title.

12:52 PM12 days ago

Very much on the lookout

The Farmers will be keeping a close eye on Ajax, who play Heerenveen at the same time and, should they win, would become champions later in the day.
12:47 PM12 days ago


PSV need to win their last two games to think about the championship when they take on NEC in the first game. We begin our Eredivisie coverage on VAVEL.
12:42 PM12 days ago

Tune in here PSV vs NEC Nijmegen Live Score in Eredivisie 2022

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What time is PSV vs NEC Nijmegen match for Eredivisie 2022?

This is the start time of the game PSV vs NEC Nijmegen of May 11th in several countries:

Argentina: 3:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

Bolivia: 2:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

Brazil: 3:00 PM

Chile: 3:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 1:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 1:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

United States (ET): 2:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

Spain: 8:00 PM

Mexico: 1:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

Paraguay: 3:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

Peru: 1:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 4:00 PM on ESPN and Star +

12:32 PM12 days ago

Last games

That's eight matches in a row that the Farmers have come away with the win on either field, although from 2018-2020 they did not meet due to NEC's time in the Second Division.

NEC Nijmegen 1-2 PSV, 2021

PSV 3-1 NEC Nijmegen, 2017

NEC Nijmegen 0-4 PSV, 2016

NEC Nijmegen 0-3 PSV, 2016

PSV 2-1 NEC Nijmegen, 2015

12:27 PM12 days ago

Key player NEC Nijmegen

The goal-scoring quota has not been so productive this season, but one of the best attackers is Jordy Bruijn with six goals and three assists, who could be one of the differences for this match.

12:22 PM12 days ago

Key player PSV

When it seemed that he was leaving the team, the Mexican Érick Gutiérrez found regularity and closed with a good level in the starting eleven, although in the last match he finished as a central defender, very different from the midfielder role he always plays.
Image: Infobae
Image: Infobae
12:17 PM12 days ago

Last lineup NEC Nijmegen

1 Mattijs Branderhorst, 5 Rodrigo Guth, 4 Ivan Marquez, 16 Souffian El Karouani, 28 Bart van Rooij, 6 Jordy Bruijn, 71 Dirk Proper, 20 Lasse Schöne, 9 Ali Akman, 10 Jonathan Okita, 7 Elayis Tavsan.
12:12 PM12 days ago

Last lineup PSV

38 Yvon Mvogo, 15 Érick Gutiérrez, 3 Jordan Teze, 31 Philipp Max, 17 Mauro Júnior, 27 Mario Götze, 6 Ibrahim Sangaré, 23 Joey Veerman, 7 Eran Zahavi, 11 Cody Gakpo.
12:07 PM12 days ago

NEC Nijmegen: moving up

With no relegation problems but no chance of advancing to the European places, NEC Nijmegen want to spoil the party for the Farmers and, at the same time, link victories, as last Sunday they defeated GO Eagles Ahead by the narrowest of margins at home.
12:02 PM12 days ago

PSV: Depend on a miracle

With the last minute draw they suffered at the hands of Feyenoord last Sunday, PSV need a miracle to become champions as they will have to win both their matches and hope that Ajax does not get more than one point to think about winning the title; any other combination will leave them in second place.
11:57 AM12 days ago

The Kick-off

The PSV vs NEC Nijmegen match will be played at the Philips Stadium, in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 am ET.
11:52 AM12 days ago

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