Goals and Highlights: Chelsea 0(5)-(6)0 Liverpool in Final FA Cup 2022
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2:46 PM7 days ago

Relive the penalty shootout

2:38 PM7 days ago


Thanks you for following the Chelsea vs Liverpool FA Cup Final.
2:33 PM7 days ago

End game

By a 6-5 penalty shootout win, Liverpool defeats Chelsea.
2:28 PM7 days ago

7th penalti

Allison saves Mount's shot

Kostas Tsimikas scores and Liverpool are FA Cup champions.

2:23 PM7 days ago

6to penalti

Ziyech scores for Chelsea

Jota scores for Liverpool.

2:18 PM7 days ago

5th penalti

Jorginho takes the fifth penalty

Mané misses the fifth penalty and there will be sudden death.

2:13 PM7 days ago

4th penalti

Barkley scores for Chelsea

Arnold tricks the goalkeeper and scores for Liverpool

2:08 PM7 days ago

3rd penal

James scores for Chelsea

Firmino scores for Liverpool.

2:03 PM7 days ago

2nd penal

Azpillicueta with the shot to the post 

Alcántara tricks the goalkeeper and scores for Liverpool.

1:58 PM7 days ago

1st penalti

Alonso scores for Chelsea

Milner scores for Liverpool.

1:53 PM7 days ago

End game

Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool and there will be penalties.
1:48 PM7 days ago


A free-kick cross is wasted by the Reds and the ball reaches the goalkeeper.
1:43 PM7 days ago


Kostas Tsimikas enters

Robertson leaves

Liverpool change

1:38 PM7 days ago


In Azpillicueta and Loftus

Pulisic and Chalobah come off.

Chelsea changes

Second half kicks off between Chelsea and Liverpool

1:33 PM7 days ago

Half time

Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool.
1:28 PM7 days ago


Mount with a mid-range shot that goes high.
1:23 PM7 days ago


Firmino enters and Diaz leaves, Liverpool change.
1:18 PM7 days ago


Little clarity from both teams in the end zone at the moment.
1:13 PM7 days ago


Second extra time starts.

In comes Matip and out comes van Djik, Liverpool change.

1:08 PM7 days ago

End game

Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool.
1:03 PM7 days ago


Add 3 more minutes.
12:58 PM7 days ago


Diaz's shot from the outside of the box goes just past the post, but the ball does not go in.
12:53 PM7 days ago


Virgil van Dijk's header goes wide.
12:48 PM7 days ago


Milner arrives at the far post and takes a shot that hits the post and miraculously misses the first.
12:43 PM7 days ago


Luis Diaz's shot hits the base of the post, Liverpool close.
12:38 PM7 days ago


Free kick wasted by Liverpool after the short cross to the near post.
12:33 PM7 days ago


James with a strong tackle and is cautioned.
12:28 PM7 days ago


Keita goes off and Milner comes on, Liverpool change.
12:23 PM7 days ago


Luis Díaz with a shot from half distance that barely goes over the top of the goal.
12:18 PM7 days ago


A delayed diagonal that Pulisic hits into the side of the goal.
12:13 PM7 days ago


In comes Kanté and out comes Kovasic, Chelsea change.
12:08 PM7 days ago


Keita's shot that the goalkeeper leans back to save his goal.
12:03 PM7 days ago


Mount's dangerous cross is blocked by Arnold inside the area.
11:58 AM7 days ago


Mount's dangerous cross is blocked by Arnold inside the area.
11:53 AM7 days ago


Diaz's shot goes wide of the goal.
11:48 AM7 days ago


Precise service to the far post but Robertson ducks his head and the ball goes out of bounds.
11:43 AM7 days ago


Alonso takes it down with his chest and shoots the shot that goes over the side of the goal.
11:38 AM7 days ago


Second half kicks off between Chelsea and Liverpool.
11:33 AM7 days ago

End game

Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool.
11:28 AM7 days ago


Lukaku's shot goes over the top of the goal.
11:23 AM7 days ago


Add 4 more minutes.
11:18 AM7 days ago


Jota anticipates at the near post and takes the shot that goes high.
11:13 AM7 days ago


Ibrahima Konaté's shot from half distance goes over the top of the goal.
11:08 AM7 days ago


Salah goes off and Jota comes on, Liverpool change.
11:03 AM7 days ago


Salah is left lying on the field and assistance is called. Concerned faces of his teammates.
10:58 AM7 days ago


Alonso had the first, but Allison made the save to save his goal.
10:53 AM7 days ago


Pulisic had the first but hit it too hard and the ball went wide.
10:48 AM7 days ago


Robertson with a mid-range shot that goes over the top of the goal.
10:43 AM7 days ago


Pulisic's shot goes wide of the goal.
10:38 AM7 days ago


Diaz with the shot that covers the Blues' defense, today dressed in yellow.
10:33 AM7 days ago


Diaz's shot is saved by the goalkeeper and the defense rejects it in the small area, then Keita's shot on the rebound goes wide.
10:28 AM7 days ago


Diaz's delayed diagonal shot is wide of Salah, but Liverpool are still lurking.
10:23 AM7 days ago


Salah's header went over the frame, although Diaz had previously taken the cross that Alcántara was unable to get a shot on target.
10:18 AM7 days ago


The game between Chelsea and Liverpool kicks off.
10:13 AM7 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Chelsea and Liverpool for the FA Cup final.
10:08 AM7 days ago

Liverpool substitutes

20 Diogo Jota

12 Joe Gomez

32 Joël Matip

62 Caoimhin Kelleher

17 Curtis Jones

21 Konstantinos Tsimikas

27 Divock Origi

9 Roberto Firmino

10:03 AM7 days ago

Chelsea substitutes

16 Édouard Mendy

6 Thiago Silva

2 Antonio Rüdiger

14 Trevoh Chalobah

8 Mateo Kovacic

5 Jorginho

3 Marcos Alonso

24 Reece James

9 Romelu Lukaku

10 Christian Pulisic

19 Mason Mount

9:58 AM7 days ago

XI Liverpool

1 Alisson, 4 Virgil van Dijk, 5 Ibrahima Konaté, 26 Andy Robertson, 66 Trent Alexander-Arnold, 14 Jordan Henderson, 6 Thiago Alcántara, 8 Naby Keita, 10 Sadio Mané, 23 Luis Díaz, 11 Mohamed Salah.
9:53 AM7 days ago

XI Chelsea

16 Édouard Mendy, 6 Thiago Silva, 2 Antonio Rüdiger, 14 Trevoh Chalobah, 8 Mateo Kovacic, 5 Jorginho, 3 Marcos Alonso, 24 Reece James, 9 Romelu Lukaku, 10 Christian Pulisic, 19 Mason Mount.
9:48 AM7 days ago

With the traditional

Although they will be the away team, Liverpool will take the field in their traditional all-red uniform.
9:43 AM7 days ago

They jump to warm up

Chelsea takes the field with a lot of motivation to win another title:
9:38 AM7 days ago

One step down

Liverpool have seven trophies, although the last one was won in 2006 when they beat West Ham United on penalties; they have also lost seven finals.
9:33 AM7 days ago

Of the top winners

Chelsea is the team with the third most trophies behind only Arsenal and Manchester United with eight titles, however, they have lost on seven occasions throughout their history.
9:28 AM7 days ago

Blue domain

Chelsea have contested, with this edition, five of the last six finals, but have only been able to win the one in 2017-18, so they will try to add another trophy to their trophy cabinet, noting that they lost last year to Leicester City
9:23 AM7 days ago

Last finals

These have been the last FA Cup finals:
  • Leicester City 1-0 Chelsea, 2021
  • Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea, 2020
  • Manchester City 6-0 Watford, 2019
  • Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United, 2018
  • Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea, 2017.
9:18 AM7 days ago


One of the oldest tournaments in England, the FA Cup, defines the new champion when Chelsea and Liverpool meet in London. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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What time is Chelsea vs Liverpool match for Final FA Cup 2022?

This is the start time of the game Chelsea vs Liverpool of May 14th in several countries:

Argentina: 12:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

Bolivia: 11:45 AM on ESPN and Star +

Brazil: 12:45 PM

Chile: 12:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 10:45 AM on ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 10:45 AM on ESPN and Star +

United States (ET): 11:45 AM on ESPN and Star +

Spain: 5:45 PM

Mexico: 10:45 AM on ESPN and Star +

Paraguay: 12:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

Peru: 10:45 AM on ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 12:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

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Last games

The games between these two teams have been very close, with three of the last five meetings ending in draws and one win apiece, meaning the final could be extremely tight.

Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool, EFL Cup 2022

Chelsea 2-2 Liverpool, Premier League 2022

Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea, Premier League 2021

Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea, Premier League 2021

Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool, Premier League 2020

Image: Agency
Image: Agency
8:58 AM7 days ago

Key player Liverpool

Since joining Liverpool, Colombian Luis Diaz has responded with goals and assists on the pitch and will be looking for his first cup title in England after scoring some key goals that were important in getting to this stage.
8:53 AM7 days ago

Key player Chelsea

Although he has struggled for consistency in recent months, "Captain America" Christian Pulisic is usually up to the task in this type of game and the Blues will be hoping he can come out on fire in what looks set to be a tight game.
8:48 AM7 days ago

Last lineup Liverpool

1 Alisson, 4 Virgil van Dijk, 32 Joël Matip, 21 Konstantinos Tsimikas, 66 Trent Alexander-Arnold, 3 Fabinho, 17 Curtis Jones, 8 Naby Keita, 10 Sadio Mané, 20 Diogo Jota, 23 Luis Díaz.
8:43 AM7 days ago

Last lineup Chelsea

16 Édouard Mendy, 4 Andreas Christensen, 2 Antonio Rüdiger, 14 Trevoh Chalobah, 8 Mateo Kovacic, 5 Jorginho, 3 Marcos Alonso, 24 Reece James, 9 Romelu Lukaku, 10 Christian Pulisic, 19 Mason Mount.
8:38 AM7 days ago

He rules him out for the final

While Thomas Tuchel advanced that Croatian Mateo Kovacic will most likely be out through injury, where he confessed he was one of the immovable elements for this clash:

"I tell you not as a coach or as a pundit, but I think it's very unlikely that we will see him [in the FA Cup final]. If Mateo misses I'll be very disappointed because he was a clear starter. You could see the quality with Jorgi and him in midfield when it was eleven against eleven. We will see. Maybe we will have a miracle," he confessed.

8:33 AM7 days ago

I wanted him in the final

A few days ago when Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was interviewed what he thought about Thomas Tuchel, he didn't hesitate to say that he wanted to face him again because he has had close encounters with him.

"It will be great to meet Thomas Tuchel again, as we have met three times during this campaign. All of those games ended in draws, by the way, which shows how competitive our games are," he said in an interview for the FA Cup.

8:28 AM7 days ago

Liverpool: crucial weeks

Liverpool will contest the first title they can win over the next three weeks and Jurgen Klopp has already threatened to put his best on the pitch after they narrowly beat Aston Villa 2-1 in midweek in the Premier League; the Reds beat Nottingham Forest 1-0 in the quarter-finals and beat Manchester City 3-2 in the semi-finals.
8:23 AM7 days ago

Chelsea: to hit the ground running

Although it has not been the best year in football for Chelsea and after having announced the sale of the team for the tranquility of many players, the Blues will try to add one more trophy to their trophy cabinet where they will have to give high priority to the defensive part against the explosive attack of the rival; to reach this stage they beat Middlesbrough in the quarterfinals and Crystal Palace in the semifinals, both by a score of 2-0.
8:18 AM7 days ago

The Kick-off

The Chelsea vs Liverpool match will be played at the Wembley Stadium, in London, England. The kick-off is scheduled at 11:45 am ET.
8:13 AM7 days ago

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