Highlights and goals: Valencia 2-0 Celta Vigo in LaLiga 2021-22
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With the victory, Valencia climbed to 9th place with 48 points. Celta dropped to 11th.
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Valencia 2-0 Celta.
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Valencia exchange passes in attack.
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Let's go up to 95 minutes.
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85' Change at Celta

Entered: Fontan

Out: Brais Mendez.

12:15 PM8 months ago

84' Change at Valencia

Entered: Racic

Out: Diakhaby.

12:14 PM8 months ago

80' Yellow

Thiago Galhardo missed and received a card.
12:13 PM8 months ago

77' Change at Valencia

Entered: Musah

Out: Max Gomez.

12:05 PM8 months ago


Celta exchange passes in the offensive field.
12:02 PM8 months ago

70' Changes at Celta

Entered: Pineda and Murillo

Out: Vazquez and Nolito.

11:58 AM8 months ago

68' Changes at Valencia

Joined: Mario Franco and Gonçalo Guedes

Out: Correia and Marcos André.

11:56 AM8 months ago

64' Yellow cards

Foulquier and Moriba received a yellow card for Valencia.
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In a fast counterattack, Max Gomez received on the right and crossed. Araujo tried to take it off and sent the ball to the back of the net.
11:46 AM8 months ago

53' Yellow

Brais Mendez committed a hard foul and received a card.
11:45 AM8 months ago

52' Change at Celta

Enter: Gabriel Veiga

Out: Solari.

11:39 AM8 months ago

Change in Valencia

Entered: Cheryshev

Out: Bryan Gil.

11:36 AM8 months ago


Valencia 1-0 Celta.
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Valencia 1-0 Celta.
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Soler took a corner and Diakhaby headed in the right corner. The ball passed taking paint off the crossbar.
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Let's go to 47 minutes.
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45' Yellow

Javi Galán committed a hard foul and received a card.
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After crossing the area, Thiago Galhardo fixed it and Nolito with the open goal, finished on top of goalkeeper Domenech, who was already down and saved with his feet. What an unbelievable chance missed by Nolito.


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After the goal, the game cooled down further. Valencia exchange passes in midfield.
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Gaya received on the back line, crossed to the area, Marcos André fixed it and Max Gomez, unmarked on the second post, pushed the ball to the back of the chest goal. Open scoreboard at Mestalla.
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Bryan Gil entered the area, was knocked down by the marker and asked for a penalty. The referee ordered him to go.
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Valencia plays on the offensive field. Celta attacked little in the opening 16 minutes.
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Max Gomes kept the ball inside the area, cleared the mark and finished with his left foot. The ball passed over the left post of Celta. What a chance Valencia missed.
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Gaya received a pass on the left and amended the first kick. Goalkeeper Dituro held on tight.
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Max Gomez took a free-kick and the ball exploded into the wall.
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Max Gomez was fouled on the edge of the area. Dangerous foul for Valencia.
10:33 AM8 months ago


Valencia 0-0 Celta.
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A large part of Valencia fans left the Mestalla stadium, in protest against the owner of the club.
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Open quotes!

Valencia coach José Bordalás, gave the last pre-match press interview of the 2021-22 season and talked about some points:

''I won't comment on that. I'm the team's coach. I'm dressed in tracksuits and I'm just talking about the sporty, everyday side. Obviously, everything that came out is not lost to us. But I won't comment because I don't think it's my place or my job. ''

''Excuse me, but I'm focused on the team playing a good game and the performance is good. I insisted on this until the last session, so that tomorrow the team ends the season in the best possible way. We have a chance to improve our position in the table by beating Celta tomorrow and that's the only thing I'm thinking about.''

''I told the players to try, as captains, to make sure the team doesn't shut down, gives a good performance and achieves victory. We know that practically nothing is at stake for the team, but we can improve in the standings. We also talked about how they were, especially in the case of Paulista, who is now ready to return to the team.''

''No. This week we have had virtually no contact because of everything that has happened. I imagine that, starting next week, we will talk and meet to see what the next season will be like. Obviously, the future is the only thing that worries me. The team spent three seasons on the edge. We're not thinking about falling, but we're not looking at Europe either. Valencia CF is my concern.''

''I understand that the club has to sell for economic reasons, but Valencia CF have to improve and strengthen themselves to try to finish in the top positions. That is my only concern and what I will focus on in the meetings that will take place going forward.''

''I'm not going to talk about the audios, nor will I get into any debates. It's not my job. My only concern is that the team does its best and that Valencia CF manages to be where the club deserves to be. The fans, who are incredible, and the club deserves not to be where we have been in recent seasons. If you don't strengthen and weaken, your chances are reduced.''

''I am currently the coach of Valencia CF and I have no other thought than to continue. My obligation as coach and team boss is to analyze things. We had a very good season. We managed to reach the final of the Copa del Rey, but in the championship we couldn't overcome that barrier. We had no problems, but we need to improve. My obligation as a coach is to demand that. I'm not the one making the decisions. That's the reality we've all been able to verify over the past three seasons. My mission is to direct, train and demand what I think is necessary for Valencia to get emotional again and be able to fight for good positions.''

''I'm not a person who changes my mind unless shown otherwise. I still think the same way, obviously. I am not a person who has two faces. I am not a person who does not tell the truth or who lies. The emotion is the same because I love my profession, football. I'm Valencian and I want the best for Valencia CF. What I demand is always done with the best in mind for Valencia CF. I demand the best for Valencia CF, not just to complain, but because that's what I think is best. It's my obligation as a coach. Then we'll see if the club has the possibility to improve the squad.''

''There can be opinions of all kinds. I can guarantee that the team gave everything. We could have done better, obviously, but we have to be critical to improve things. As a coach, I try to improve every season. What is clear is that the Spanish league does not forgive mistakes. Teams want to be better every year. And if not, if you want miracles, go to Lourdes.''

On the future at the club, the coach said: ''I cannot comment. I just have to worry about the sporting side, with the squad, trying to play at the highest level and that Valencia CF don't have any difficulties. I cannot comment on any initiative that has nothing to do with sport.''

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Likely Valencia!

Cillessen; Correia, Foulquier, Comert, Alderete, Gayà; Soler, Racic, Moriba; Gomez, Marcos André.
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How the Valencia arrives!

Like Celta, Valencia no longer have great goals in LaLiga other than to end the competition with a victory in front of their fans at the Mestalla Stadium. In the last 10 games, the team led by José Bordalás won only one game, lost four and drew five times. In that period, he lost the Copa del Rey final to Betis on penalties.


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Fran Beltrán won the Estrella Galicia Award of the month of April for his great performance in the matches against Real Madrid, Espanyol, Athletic Club and Getafe.

“Thanks to the fans, my teammates and the coaching staff, I got these trophies that, although they are individual, in the end is thanks to everyone. I'm happy and excited because in the end it shows that the work being done is good,” said Fran Beltrán.

Photo: Disclosure / Celta
Photo: Disclosure / Celta
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Likely Celta!

Dituro; Vázquez, Aidoo, Néstor Araujo, Galán; Beltrán, Solari, Denis Suárez, Brais Méndez; Iago Aspas, Thiago Galhardo.
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How the Celta arrives!

href="https://www.vavel.com/br/search?query=Celta%20de%20Vigo">Celta Vigo alreadyá has nothing more to play for in LaLiga 2021-22. The team occupies the 10º place with 46 points and even if it wins, it will go up; only one position, depending on the result of Osasuna. In the last 10 games, the team lost five times, won three and drew two.


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Photo: Publicity/LaLiga
Photo: Publicity/LaLiga
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The match will be played at the Estádio de Mestalla

The Valencia vs Celta Vigo match will be played at the Estádio de Mestalla with a capacity to receive 55.000 people.
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