Goals and Highlights: Pachuca 3-0 America in Liga MX 2022
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The match ends at the Estadio Hidalgo, Pachuca wins at home and eliminates América to qualify for the Grand Final of the Clausura 2022. 
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América begins to put pressure on Pachuca at the back. They play the ball to keep almost the entire team in the defensive zone.
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Corner kick for América down the right that Valdés takes with a cross that is turned away by the defense.
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SHOOTOOO! Ochoa manages to block the powerful shot from Pachuca.
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A long ball down the left flank, but America can't get out and play the ball back to Memo Ochoa.
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América was flagged for a foul when they had shot against the post. The referee did not hesitate to call a handball.
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ZENDEJAS! A powerful shot from the american player that Ustari saves in the background. 
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CHANGE IN AMÉRICA. Cáceres leaves and Meré enters.
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SHOTOOOOOOOO! Viñas sends a powerful long-range shot that goes wide of the goal.
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Ochoa keeps the ball on the throw-in, and the counterattack is initiated, but the ball is lost on the throw-in.
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A corner kick in favor of América is taken with a cross that goes straight into the box and is rejected by the defense. Pachuca's counterattack fails.
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YELLOW. Chávez is cautioned for a hard foul on Viñas.
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Sánchez sends an unplaced shot wide of the goal. Pachuca begins to press.
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Aceves tried to attack with a cross into the box, but the ball sailed over the goal and into the stands.
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OCHOAAAAAAAAAAA! Great save by América's goalkeeper on a shot by Ibáñez.
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USTARI! Richard Sanchez's powerful right-footed shot is deflected for a corner kick by the goalkeeper.
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STILL! Diego Valdés had the first for América, but the Pachuca goalkeeper made two saves. 
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The match kicks off at the Estadio Hidalgo, as América and Pachuca seek to determine the second finalist of the Clausura 2022. 
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In a couple of moments, we will start the rebroadcast of América vs Pachuca, a match corresponding to the second leg of the Liga MX Semifinals from the Hidalgo Stadium. 
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The last time Pachuca and América met was in the Guard1anes 2021 quarterfinals. In the first leg, Pachuca made their home advantage count and beat the Eagles 3-1. In the second leg, the match was full of emotions as the game ended 4-2 in favor of the eagles with a 5-5 aggregate score, giving the winner to Pachuca based on their position in the standings. Today, América will be looking for sporting revenge and to return that elimination to Pachuca at home and in front of their own fans. 
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This is the starting eleven that the Pachuca Tuzos are sending to face América at home and accompanied by their fans, today Pachuca will seek to reach yet another final in their history. 
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As in the previous Liguilla, the away goal is no longer in force as a tie-breaking factor to define a winning team in this series, however, the position factor in the table still continues. Therefore, Pachuca needs only a tie or a win to advance because it finished the regular tournament in first place and América needs to win or win because its position of 4th place overall would not favor it in the event that the duel ends in a tie. 
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This is América's starting eleven to look for the victory in La Bella Airosa, Tano Ortiz and company will go for the victory to reach the Liga MX Grand Final and to be present on Thursday playing 90 more minutes of this group stage. 
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The Ida match between América and Pachuca was a duel that was marked by controversy and by the emotions generated by the match. The eagles managed to get ahead on the scoreboard, however, a controversial penalty ended up affecting the eagles and generating a lot of discussion among the fans, however, it also meant the equalizing goal and hope for the tuzos who were looking not to arrive with disadvantage to Hidalgo Stadium.
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Prior to the day of the match, Avilés Hurtado invited the entire tuza nation to be present at the Hidalgo Stadium so that together they could enjoy a great match and at the end of the 90 minutes they will celebrate the passage to the great final of Mexican soccer.
"Hello fans, your friend Avilés is speaking to you, I want to invite you to support us on Sunday against América, I think that with your support we feel stronger; together we will get this game out," was Avilés' message.
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Atlas of Guadalajara is already in the final of the Liga MX after having witnessed one of the most controversial and exciting matches in the last few leagues. Yesterday, on the grass of the Volcán Universitario, Tigres came back from behind to score 4 goals and tie the aggregate, thus securing their ticket to the next round. However, a penalty kick in the dying moments of the match would ruin Tigres' historic night and put Atlas back in the final. Tigres also used an improper lineup for 43 minutes, which sparked controversy on social networks and there could still be a sanction. 
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The wait is over, Liga MX action returns with the semifinal duel between Club América and Tuzos del Pachuca to define the second finalist of the Clausura 2022 Tournament. In the first leg, América was unable to make its home advantage count and drew against Pachuca, so now the Eagles will have to win the match if they have to, while Pachuca will only need a draw to qualify. Only one will be able to reach the final duel for the title, who will win, América or Pachuca?
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What time is Pachuca vs America match for Liga MX game?

This is the start time of the game Pachuca vs America of 22th May in several countries:

Argentina: 22:00 PM

Bolivia: 20:00 PM

Brazil: 22:00 PM

Chile: 21:00 PM

Colombia: 22:00 PM

Ecuador: 20:00 PM

USA (ET): 21:00 PM in TUDN USA

Spain: 2:00 AM

Mexico: 20:00 PM

Paraguay: 20:00 PM

Peru: 21:00 PM

Uruguay: 22:00 PM

Venezuela: 20:00 PM

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Watch out for this América player:

For this match, Diego Valdes will be the player to watch for the America Eagles. The attacking midfielder is one of the most important pieces of the Azulcremas as he is in charge of being the creative player looking for passes between lines, opening spaces and distributing possession of the ball. In addition, he has become one of América's goal scorers, which makes him a man to watch out for against the rival team.

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Watch out for this Pachuca player:

For this match, center forward and Liga MX goalscorer Nicolás Ibáñez will be the player to watch for Los Tuzos del Pachuca. The Tuzos killer has become one of the most dangerous men in the box, being one of the key players in the quarterfinals for his team as well as being in charge of most of the goals scored by the Pachuca team, so the defensive saga of America must be careful at all times with him if they do not want to receive damage in their goal.

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America's last lineup:

G. Ochoa; J. Sánchez, B. Valdez, S. Cáceres, L. Fuentes; R. Sánchez, P. Aquino; A. Zendejas, D. Váldes, A. Fidalgo; F. Viñas. 
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Pachuca's last lineup:

O. Ustari; D. Patiño, M. Tapias, G. Cabral, K. Álvarez; L. Chávez, E. Sánchez, V. Guzman; R. Ibarra, N. Ibáñez, A. Hurtado. 
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América and Pachuca have met on a total of 56 occasions (18 wins for América, 24 wins for Pachuca and 14 draws) where the advantage is in favor of the Tuzos, also, in goals, it is the América team who has the advantage with 88 goals scored over Puebla's 86. Their last meeting was in the first leg of the Semifinal, where Pachuca and América drew 1-1 at the Estadio Azteca.
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About the Stadium

Hidalgo Stadium is a soccer stadium located in the city of Pachuca, in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico. It is mainly used for soccer, and is the home of the Pachuca Football Club, better known as the "Tuzos del Pachuca".

Its name is Estadio Hidalgo because it represents the maximum sports center of the State of Hidalgo; and because the State of Hidalgo received this name in honor of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, father of the Independence of Mexico. It also receives the marketing name of El Huracán.

It was inaugurated on February 14, 1993 and became the home of Pachuca, which previously played its home games at the Mexican Revolution Stadium. The inaugural game was between the Tuzos and the Pumas of the UNAM, with a score of 0-2. It has since been rebuilt and modernized. In the past the Toros Hidalgo also played there, during the period when the Toros Neza moved to the city of Pachuca.

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The flight to the 14th place continues

Club América will seek to reach yet another final in its history this Sunday, but in order to do so it will have to overcome the Tuzos del Pachuca in one of the most difficult stadiums in its history, the Hidalgo Stadium, however, it is not impossible to achieve for the bird of storms. América needs to win against Los Tuzos, as a draw would qualify Pachuca by virtue of their position in the table, while the Azulcrema team feels calm and confident after what they did in the first leg, as they dominated most of the match and showed they have the quality of players to stop Pachuca and qualify for the Mexican soccer Grand Final.
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Los Tuzos look to win at home

The Pachuca team will be looking to crown yet another season with the championship, but in order to do so, they must win or tie against América if they want to seal their qualification ticket to the grand final of Mexican soccer. The Tuzos took to the Estadio Azteca pitch to try to take advantage of the aggregate score, but they never imagined that América would come out and take control of the match to such an extent that they found themselves down first and for a moment with the possibility of conceding several goals at the Coloso de Santa Úrsula, However, a mistake in the Azulcrema backline gave them a penalty kick that was not wasted by goal scorer Nicolás Ibáñez, who would tie the match so that everything would be decided at the Hidalgo Stadium.
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The road to the title begins

Liga MX has reached the final phase of the tournament to start the exciting Liguilla of Mexican soccer, the 4 remaining teams that will fight for the championship of the Clausura 2022 Tournament are ready, however, to reach the top of the Liga MX, they must overcome the first obstacle called Semifinals, where only 2 teams will continue on the road to obtain the Cup that accredits them as champions of the tournament. In this match, Tuzos and Águilas will face each other again to define the lucky team to advance to the Grand Final, but to do so, they will have to overcome their rival, Pachuca only needs a tie or a win to reach the Mexican football final, while América has to win if they want to fly to the final.
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Kick-off time

The Pachuca vs America match will be played at the Estadio Hidalgo, in Pachuca de Soto, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 21:00 pm ET.
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