Goal and Highlights: Chivas 0-1 Pachuca in Liga MX Femenil 2022
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Chivas Femenil wins its second championship in this Liga MX Femenil.

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95' FT

The match has finished. Chivas 0-1 Pachuca.
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Yellow card for Alicia Cervantes.
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The referee adds five minutes to the match.
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89' Substitution

Pachuca: Linda Bravo leaves and Lucero Cuevas enters.
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BLANCA AGAIN! Blanca Felix keeps Chivas alive with a great save from Alice Soto's goal-bound shot.
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84' Substitution

Pachuca: Lizbeth Ángeles and Yanin Madrid are out; Daniela Arias and Alice Soto are in.
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Chivas is up for it. Joselyn Montoya sends in a cross that the Pachuca defense sends for a corner kick.
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Great save!

This is how Blanca Félix saved Chivas.
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Medical assistance enters to attend Gaby Valenzuela.
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70' FAILS!

BLANCAAAAAAA! Blanca Félix saves Charlyn Corral's penalty kick.
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The referee awards a penalty kick in favor of the Tuzos.
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This was the goal

Scored by Lizbeth Angeles.
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62' Substitution

Chivas: Victoria Acevedo leaves and Susan Bejarano enters.
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60' GOAL

GOAL PACHUCA! Scored by Lizbeth Ángeles.
10:27 PMa month ago

59' Substitution

Chivas: Jacqueline Rodríguez is out, Damaris Godínez is in.
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A corner kick that sails over the top of the Pachuca area. No one is able to finish.
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Blanca hesitates to grab a ball, but reacts quickly and keeps the ball.
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Charlyn gets off the mark with a shot that skims the crossbar.
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46' Substitution

Chivas: Anette Vázquez leaves and Gabriela Valenzuela enters.
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The second half starts!
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45'+1 HT

The first half ends. Chivas 0-0 Pachuca.
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The referee adds one more minute to the first half.
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Final stretch of the match. Las Tuzas are pressing harder in these final minutes.
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BLANCA! An excellent through ball from Charlyn to Viri Salazar, who broke into the box past Bernal and fired a shot that the home keeper sent for a corner kick.
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First half hour of the match. Pachuca continues to search for the first goal that will bring them closer on the scoreboard, but they have not been convincing.
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CORRAL! Mónica Ocampo's pass to Charlyn Corral beats Torres to the ball, but Corral's shot goes wide and misses a clear goal.
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Pachuca has errors at the start and Chivas is pressing high. Las Tuzas can't get out of midfield.
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Viri Salazar's header from inside the box went just wide of the goal.
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MONTOYA! Once again the Pachuca goalkeeper deflects a corner kick after a shot by Joseline that was heading for goal.
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CROSSBAR! Chivas Femenil's corner kick ends in a rebound. Jaramillo shoots and crashes the ball off the crossbar post.
9:18 PMa month ago


Joseline Montoya's shot is correctly deflected by Barreras.
9:13 PMa month ago


First minutes of the match. Pachuca was in the opponent's area, but without depth.
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The match has started!
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Lineup Chivas

Blanca Félix, Diana Rodríguez, Karol Bernal, Angélica Torres, Kimberly Guzmán, Casandra Montero, Carolina Jaramillo, Victoria Acevedo, Anette Vázquez, Joseline Montoya y Alicia Cervantes. 
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Lineup Pachuca

Esthefanny Barreras, Sumiko Gutiérrez, Karen Díaz, Mónica Alvarado, Karla Nieto, Mónica Ocampo, Yanin Madrid, Linda Bravo, Lizbeth Ángeles, Verónica Corral y Esbeydi Salazar. 
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The red-and-white and blue-and-white teams are already on the field at the Akron Stadium warming up before the match, which is just minutes away. In a few more minutes we will share the lineups with you.
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The path of the finalists

Both teams faced great teams that were contenders for the title, but thanks to their talent and the great management of their coaches, Chivas and Tuzas will be the protagonists of this final. This was the path of the Hidalgo and Guadalajara teams:

Pachuca vs América (aggregate 4-2)

Pachuca vs Rayadas (aggregate 3-2)

Chivas vs Pumas (aggregate 5-4)

Chivas vs Tigres (aggregate 2-2)

8:36 PMa month ago

Great gesture!

In the first leg of the final, the image of a child crying when Chivas scored the equalizer at 71' went viral. The red and white board of directors invited the child to attend the second leg of the final and he is already in Jalisco to support the Rebaño Femenil.
8:29 PMa month ago

Repeat in the final

Both Tuzas and Chivas currently have players in their ranks who played in the first Liga MX Femenil final in the now distant Apertur 2017. On the rebaño side, those repeating in the final are Blanca Félix, Victoria Acevedo, Susan Bejarano, Lía Romero and Anette Vázquez, while on the Pachuca side are Mónica Ocampo, Viri Salazar, Lizbeth Ángeles, Karen Díaz, Karla Nieto,Karen Gómez and Yanin Madrid.
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The arrival

The Red-and-White and Blue-and-White have arrived at the Akron stadium with concentration, and are 90 minutes away from playing in this great second leg final.


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In the history of matches between Chivas Femenil and Pachuca Femenil, the Red-and-White have the upper hand with 6 wins to only 3 for Las Tuzas. No draws have been recorded. In the regular stage of this tournament, the two teams met on matchday 1, where Guadalajara Femenil won 1-4 at the Hidalgo stadium.

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The Stadium

The Akron Stadium will be the venue for this match, the third Liga MX Femenil final it has hosted. It is located in the city of Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, and is the home of Chivas. It was inaugurated in July 2010 and has a capacity of just over 49 thousand spectators. Today, there is talk of a full house for this final.


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We begin!

We're kicking off our coverage of the final! We are just under an hour away from the second leg of the Liga MX Femenil final at Akron Stadium. Alfaro's Chivas will be looking to embroider their second star, while Juan Carlos Cacho's Tuzas want to make history and win their first championship in this rematch. Will Pachuca Femenil be able to reverse the score? Follow our coverage on VAVEL USA.
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Key player Pachuca Femenil

Charlyn Corral | This experienced player, who has played in the old continent, came to reinforce the Tuzas del Pachuca for this tournament and has been a fundamental part of the great tournament that Juan Carlos Cacho's team has had. The Tuzas finished in sixth place in the standings and Charlyn was involved in rescuing several points. She trailed Licha Cervantes by only one goal (13 goals in the regular phase). The Tuzas forward has a nose for goal and is a driving force in the midfield with deep passes inside and out.


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Key player Chivas Femenil

Alicia Cervantes is nothing more and nothing less than the goal-scoring champion of this competition. Licha accumulated 14 goals in the regular phase and, in this final phase, she has four goals, the most recent being in the first leg of the final with a brace: one in a moving play where she headed and the other from the penalty kick. Alicia is essential in the red and white attack and makes a very good duo with Caro Jaramillo, who also stood out in the last match with two assists. Chivas will be looking for a goal to 'kill' Pachuca and can do so thanks to the goal-scoring instinct of Guadalajara's number 24.

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Last lineup Chivas Femenil

12 Blanca Félix, 2 Diana Rodríguez, 3 Damaris Godínez, 5 Karol Bernal, 26 Angélica Torres, 7 Casandra Montero, 8 Christian Jaramillom 16 Victoria Acevedo, 11 Anette Vázquez, 13 Joseline Montoya, 24 Alicia Cervantes.
10:26 PMa month ago

Last lineup Pachuca Femenil

1 Esthefanny Barreras, 20 Sumiko Gutiérrez, 34 Karen Díaz, 4 Mónica Alvarado, 6 Karla Nieto, 10 Mónica Ocampo, 17 Yanin Madrid, 28 Linda Bravo, 7 Lizbeth Ángeles, 9 Verónica Corral, 30 Esbeydi Salazar.
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Who will be the referee and his assistants?

The central referee for this Chivas Femenil vs Pachuca Femenil match will be Francia María González; Yudilia Carolina Briones, first line; Karla Ángelica Flores, second line; Karen Hernández, fourth assistant. 
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Pachuca Femenil: A complicated task

On the other hand, the Tuzas also did a great job in eliminating other favorites and the reigning champions who finished as leaders of the competition: the Rayadas de Monterrey. A goal by Viri Salazar at the BBVA Stadium was enough to give them a place in the final after winning 2-3 on aggregate. The team coached by Juan Carlos Cacho has a difficult task, as Chivas has not lost at home in this Clausura 2022, however, the Tuzas have a great squad and, with Monica Ocampo and Charlyn Corral, they can achieve the feat at the Akron Stadium. Pachuca Femenil needs at least a two-goal advantage to take the final to over time.
10:11 PMa month ago

Chivas Femenil: One more comeback

Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara achieved the feat of eliminating one of the favorites to win the title and are now 90 minutes away from their second star. Chivas Femenil has come from behind three times in this final phase: they beat Pumas and Tigres on aggregate (both at the Akron Stadium). And, not to lose the habit, the red-and-whites did the same in the first leg of the final against Pachuca Femenil.
After trailing 1-0 and then 2-1, 'Pato' Alfaro's Rebaño had a great capacity for reaction to finish the match 2-4 in their favor with a brace from Licha Cervantes and thus return home with a two-goal advantage.
10:06 PMa month ago

The match will be played at the Stadium Akron

The Chivas femenil vs Pachuca femenil match will be played at the Akron Stadium, in Jalisco, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 9:05 pm ET.
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