Highlights and Goals: Colombia 1-1 Comoros in Toulon Tournament
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2:06 PMa month ago

End of transmission

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1:44 PMa month ago

Penalty Shootout

This match ended in a tie and was defined by a penalty shootout that ended 4-5 in favor of Comoros.
1:25 PMa month ago


The regulation time ends in Parsemain.
1:25 PMa month ago


Hadhari (Comoros) sees an effort go just wide.
1:21 PMa month ago


Five minutes are added in France.
1:17 PMa month ago


Comoros misses with a shot wide to the left.
1:15 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Puerta (Colombia).
1:08 PMa month ago


Amir (Comoros) sees his shot from half distance go high.
1:06 PMa month ago


Daou (Comoros) is fouled by Manyoma (Colombia) and receives a yellow card.
12:59 PMa month ago


Foul by Kamardin (Comoros) on Manyoma (Colombia).
12:56 PMa month ago


Salazar's (Colombia) shot is saved by the goalkeeper and rebounds to Tomás Ángel (Colombia) who shoots again and Pandor (Comoros) saves again.
12:53 PMa month ago


Corner for Colombia.
12:53 PMa month ago


Tomás Ángel (Colombia) sees an effort go wide to the left.
12:50 PMa month ago


Colombia's missed shot passes close to the goal line, but goes wide.
12:47 PMa month ago


Kevin Mantilla (Colombia) header is blocked by Comoras.
12:47 PMa month ago


Corner for Colombia.
12:41 PMa month ago


Tomás Ángel (Colombia) shot that ends up in the goalkeeper's hands.
12:39 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Kamardin (Comoras).
12:38 PMa month ago


Foul by Kamardin (Comoros) on Manyoma (Colombia).
12:36 PMa month ago

Start of the second half

The second half is underway at Stade Parsemain!
12:19 PMa month ago


End of the first half.
12:16 PMa month ago


Ahamada (Comoros) fouls Manyoma (Colombia).
12:13 PMa month ago


Tomás Ángel (Colombia) right footed shot from a difficult angle on the right is close, but misses to the right.
12:09 PMa month ago


Foul by Kamardin (Comoros) on Pedrozo (Colombia).
12:04 PMa month ago


Comoros Make: Maoulida

In: Maoulida

Out: Mohamed

12:03 PMa month ago


Angulo (Colombia) misses a shot that passes extremely close to the goal line, but is surprisingly deflected and ends in nothing.
11:58 AMa month ago


Amir (Comoros) sees his shot go high.
11:54 AMa month ago


Foul by Ocampo (Colombia) on Amir (Comoros).
11:54 AMa month ago


Tomás Ángel (Colombia) sees an effort go just wide to the right.
11:52 AMa month ago


Colombia's shot is denied by Comoros.
11:51 AMa month ago


Yellow card for Pedrozo (Colombia).
11:51 AMa month ago


Pedrozo (Colombia) is fouled by Hadhari (Comoros).
11:50 AMa month ago


Said Baco (Comoros) sees his shot go in the hands of Cantillo (Colombia).
11:48 AMa month ago


COMORAS GOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Amir takes advantage of the counterattack and scores the equalizer.
11:46 AMa month ago


Ahmed (Comoros) header misses to the right.
11:44 AMa month ago


Kevin Mantilla (Colombia) sees one of his shots blocked.
11:42 AMa month ago


Shot blocked by Castillo (Colombia).
11:38 AMa month ago


GOOOOOOOOOL FOR COLOMBIA, Alexis Manyoma takes advantage of a filtered pass that ends up in the back of the net to open the scoring.
11:35 AMa month ago


Corner for Colombia.
11:33 AMa month ago


Free kick for Colombia.
11:32 AMa month ago

Start of the match

Match kicks off at the Stade Parsemain!
11:32 AMa month ago


The teams are part of Group C of the tournament, of which Japan is already the leader after its victory over Algeria.
11:30 AMa month ago

Field trip

The teams take the field to begin the ceremonial acts.
11:30 AMa month ago

Arrival at the stadium

Both teams are in the stadium warming up for the match.
11:29 AMa month ago


The Colombian team is the favorite to win this duel because they have won their last two matches and have already been champions of the tournament three times.
11:28 AMa month ago


The designated referee for this match is Oh-Hyeon Jeong.
11:27 AMa month ago

Lineup - Comoros

Pandor; Mohamed, Attoumani, Kamardin, Fritz, Hamada, Ahamada, Mohamed; Said Baco, Ahmed, Amir; Hadari. D. T.:  Hamada Jambay
10:51 AMa month ago

Lineup - Colombia

Juan Diego Castillo; Eder Ocampo, Kevin Mantilla, Daniel Pedrozo, Andrés Salazar; Jhon Vélez, Gustavo Puerta, Luis Sevillano, Alexis Manyoma, Daniel Luna; Tomás Ángel. D. T.: Héctor Cárdenas.
10:48 AMa month ago

45 minutes to go!

In 45 minutes, the match will kick off at the Stade Parsemain. Both teams have already confirmed their lineups. 
9:43 AMa month ago

Tune in here Colombia vs Comores Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Colombia vs Comores match, as well as the latest information from the Stade Parsemain. Don't miss a single detail of the match updates and commentary from VAVEL's coverage.
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How to watch Colombia vs Comores Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch Colombia vs Comores on TV, your options are: ESPN and Star+.                      

If you want to watch it directly on streamig: Star +.   

If you want to watch it online VAVEL is your best option.

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What time is Colombia vs Comores match for Espoirs de Toulon Tournament?

This is the kickoff time for the Colombia vs Comores match on May 31, 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 12:30 PM on ESPN Star +

Bolivia: 11:30 AM on ESPN and Star+

Brazil: 12:30 PM on Star+

Chile: 11:30 AM on ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 10:30 AM on ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 10:30 AM on ESPN and Star +

USA (ET): 11:30 AM on beIN Sports

Mexico: 10:30 AM on Star+

Paraguay: 11:30 AM on ESPN and Star +

Peru: 10:30 AM on ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 12:30 PM on Star +

Venezuela: 11:30 AM on ESPN and Star+

9:28 AMa month ago


Colombia is one of the references of this tournament. It has been champion three times and ranks fifth among the tournament's winners.

9:23 AMa month ago

Squad List - Comoros

This is the list of those called up by Professor Hamada Jambay:

9:18 AMa month ago

Squad List - Colombia

This is the list of those called up by Professor Héctor Cardenas: ​​​​​​​
9:13 AMa month ago


Contrary to Colombia, the Africans are not coming from a good season. They failed to qualify for the 2021 African Youth Championship and only reached the group stage of the COFASA U-20 Cup.

9:08 AMa month ago


The Colombian national team has just been crowned champion of the Raúl Coloma Cup in Chile. The team coached by Héctor Cárdenas is in high spirits after the championship and with the help of Tomás Ángel, they hope to advance in this tournament that is already an old acquaintance for the Colombians.

9:03 AMa month ago

The match will be played at the Stade Parsemain

The Colombia vs Comoros match will be played at the Stade Parsemain, located in the city of Fos-sus-Mer, in Colombia. This venue, inaugurated in 2005, has a capacity for 12,500 spectators.

8:58 AMa month ago

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