Highlights: Defensa y Justicia 0-0 River in Liga Profesional 2022


9:30 PM8 months ago


Our coverage of Defensa y Justicia vs River Plate matchday 1 of the 2022 Professional League comes to an end.

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9:24 PM8 months ago

90+4' End of the match

The match is over. Defensa y Justicia and River split honors in a match that undoubtedly deserved to have celebrations.
9:23 PM8 months ago


Pizzini had a chance inside the box with a downward cross shot, but Jonatan Maidana saved his team on the line.
9:20 PM8 months ago

90' Additional time

Four more minutes will be played.
9:19 PM8 months ago

86' Defensa y Justicia came closer

Good shot by Pizzini that went near the left post.
9:14 PM8 months ago

83' Defensa y Justicia substitution

Brahian Cuello replaces Carlos Rotondi.
9:13 PM8 months ago

80' Final stretch of the match

Last 10 minutes of the match. River still can't find a good attacking performance.
9:11 PM8 months ago

75' Half hour of the second half

There are 15 minutes left in the match. River has managed to neutralize Defensa y Justicia a bit, but they are still struggling up top.
9:11 PM8 months ago

74' River substitution

José Paradela replaces Esequiel Barco.
9:07 PM8 months ago

72' Yellow card

Santiago Simón was cautioned for River.
9:00 PM8 months ago

70' River had it

Enzo Fernandez entered the area and shot with his left foot, but without much power.
8:59 PM8 months ago

65' Tie continues

The second half has been very weak on the part of River... Many inaccuracies in attack and fails to connect a ball to Braian Romero.
8:54 PM8 months ago

61' River substitution

Tomás Pochettino replaces Agustín Palavecino.
8:53 PM8 months ago

60' First quarter of the second half

River is in danger in defense, they are being overplayed, but their opponents are not effective and that is why the tie is maintained.
8:50 PM8 months ago

55' Defensa y Justicia substitution

Lucas Albertengo replaces Agustín Fontana.
8:50 PM8 months ago

52' River substitution

Marcelo Herrera replaces Emanuel Mammana.
8:49 PM8 months ago

50' First minutes

Defensa y Justicia comes out with a very offensive attitude and River is not managing to contain their attacks.
8:34 PM8 months ago

Second half begins

The match restarts with a change for Defensa y Justicia after Franco Pizzini replaces Gabriel Alanís.
8:18 PM8 months ago

45+1' Halftime

End of the first half of the match. Goalless draw between Defensa y Justicia and River Plate.
8:18 PM8 months ago

45' Additional time

One more minute will be played in the first half.
8:11 PM8 months ago

37' Defensa y Justicia missed it!

Agustín Fontana had a chance! He received the ball in the center of the area, shot and Ezequiel Centurión saved the shot.
8:09 PM8 months ago

35' Final stretch of the first half

The score remains scoreless. The match has declined in pace and in approaches to the goals.
8:04 PM8 months ago

30' Half hour of match

The match is controlled by River, although it has lacked clarity in the last minutes.
7:59 PM8 months ago

25' The game is still tied

The match is still tied. It is very even so far.
7:51 PM8 months ago

18' Defensa y Justicia missed it!

Fontana again! He received the ball in the middle of the area and shot badly. It was easy for Ezequiel Centurión to save.
7:49 PM8 months ago

17' River missed it!

Opportunity missed by Braian Romero in front of goal. He failed to connect the ball to send it into the goal.
7:49 PM8 months ago

15' River came closer

Esequiel Barco's shot was caught by Ezequiel Unsaín.
7:48 PM8 months ago

15' Defensa y Justicia missed it!

Agustín Fontana missed it! A chance in front of goal after a cross pass from Carlos Rotondi.
7:45 PM8 months ago

12' Defensa y Justicia came closer

Nicolás Tripichio's header was easily caught by Centurión.
7:44 PM8 months ago

12' Yellow card

Enzo Pérez was cautioned for River.
7:43 PM8 months ago

10' The tie continues

For now, the teams are being studied. River from the start tries to put intensity into the game, while Defensa y Justicia tries to be more cautious.
7:38 PM8 months ago

6' Yellow card

Agustín Fontana was cautioned for Defensa y Justicia.
7:36 PM8 months ago

3' River came closer

River came close with a header by Esequiel Barco that went over the goal.
7:32 PM8 months ago

Match starts

The game Defensa y Justicia vs River Plate gets underway.
7:30 PM8 months ago

Teams on the field

The players of Defensa y Justicia and River Plate take the field at the Norberto Tomaghello Stadium.
7:28 PM8 months ago

Substitutes - River Plate

12. Franco Petroli (GK), 05. Bruno Zuculini, 15. Marcelo Herrera, 22. Javier Pinola, 26. José Paradela, 27. Cristian Ferreira, 32. Tomás Pochettino.

7:28 PM8 months ago

Starting XI - River Plate

| 33. Ezequiel Centurión |
| 23. Emanuel Mammana | 04. Jonatan Maidana | 14. González Pírez | 29. Elías Gómez |
| 24. Enzo Pérez |
| 31. Santiago Simón | 13. Enzo Fernández | 08. Agustín Palavecino | 21. Esequiel Barco |
| 19. Braian Romero |

Coach: Marcelo Gallardo

7:28 PM8 months ago

Substitutes - Defensa y Justicia

To be confirmed.
7:28 PM8 months ago

Starting XI - Defensa y Justicia

| 22. Ezequiel Unsaín |
| 14. Nicolás Tripichio | 02. Adonis Frías | 06. Nazareno Colombi | 13. Alexis Soto |
| 05. Kevin Gutiérrez | 15. Raúl Loaiza |
| 17. Gabriel Alanis | 10. Walter Bou | 11. Carlos Rotondi |
| 32. Agustín Fontana |

Coach: Sebastián Beccacece

7:25 PM8 months ago

Teams warm-up

7:20 PM8 months ago

Last five matches - River Plate

May 25 - Copa Libertadores: 8-1 vs Alianza Lima (Won)

May 19 - Copa Libertadores: 4-0 vs Colo Colo (Won)

May 11 - Copa Binance: 1-2 vs Tigre (Lost)

May 8 - Copa Binance: 2-1 vs Platense (Won)

May 5 - Copa Libertadores: 1-1 vs Fortaleza

7:15 PM8 months ago

Last five matches - Defensa y Justicia

May 24 - Copa Sudamericana: 0-2 vs Antofagasta (Lost)

May 18 - Copa Sudamericana: 2-2 vs LDU Quito (Lost)

May 10 - Copa Binance: 2-0 vs Boca (Lost)

May 8 - Copa Binance: 1-0 vs Patronato (Won)

May 4 - Copa Sudamericana: 3-2 vs Altético-GO (Lost)

7:10 PM8 months ago

This is how the players arrived at the field of play

7:05 PM8 months ago

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What time is Defensa y Justicia vs River Plate match for Liga Profesional?

This is the start time of the game Defensa y Justicia vs River Plate of June 5th, 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 9:30 PM on ESPN Premium, Star + and ViX
Bolivia: 8:30 PM on ESPN, Star + and ViX
Brazil: 9:30 PM
Chile: 8:30 PM on ESPN, Star+ and ViX
Colombia: 7:30 PM on ESPN, Star + and ViX
Ecuador: 7:30 PM on ESPN, Star + and ViX
USA (ET): 8:30 PM on Paramount+, TyC Sports Internacional, ViX
Spain: 1:30 AM (June 6)
Mexico: 7:30 PM on Fanatiz and ViX
Paraguay: 8:30 PM on ESPN, Star + and ViX
Peru: 7:30 PM on ESPN, Star + and ViX
Uruguay: 9:30 PM on ESPN, Star + and ViX

6:45 PM8 months ago

Key player - River Plate

The presence of Francisco Pizzini stands out in Defensa y Justicia. The 28 year-old player was one of the scorers of the team in the previous semester and will try to take advantage of his qualities to help his team to be one of the best in the world. 

6:40 PM8 months ago

Key player - Defensa y Justicia

The presence of Esequiel Barco stands out in River. The Argentinean player is one of the most important players of the team to take advantage of his speed and the balance he generates.

6:35 PM8 months ago

Squad List - River Plate

6:30 PM8 months ago

Squad List - Defensa y Justicia

6:25 PM8 months ago

Defensa y Justicia vs River Plate history

Referring only to the times these teams have faced each other in the professionalism, we count seven matches, where Defensa y Justicia has the advantage with three wins, while River has been victorious on two occasions, for a total of two draws.

6:20 PM8 months ago

River Plate


Luego de algunos días de descanso en el calendario, River vuelve a la actividad. Los dirigidos por Marcelo Gallardo salen a buscar repetir la misma historia de hace un año, en una liga donde fue mayormente superior al resto de equipos. El equipo del 'Muñeco' trata de dejar atrás aquella noche que significó la eliminación en cuartos de final a manos de Tigre e intentará comenzar con el pie derecho para generar presión en sus rivales.

6:15 PM8 months ago

Defensa y Justicia

Defensa y Justicia intentará dar el primer paso positivo en frente de su público. Los dirigidos por Sebastián Beccacece tienen una tarea importante y con su estilo de juego segramente le hará un buen partido a su rival.

6:10 PM8 months ago

The match will be played at the Norberto Tomaghello Stadium

The match Defensa y Justicia vs River Plate will be played at the Norberto Tomaghello Stadium, located in the town of Gobernador Costa, Florencio Varela district, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This stadium, inaugurated in 1978, has a capacity for 20,000 spectators.
6:05 PM8 months ago

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