Highlights and goals: Hong Kong 2-1 Afghanistan in Asian Cup qualifiers
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After seven straight defeats, Hong Kong won again and in the debut of the Qualifiers. The team is the leader of the group, until the start of the other game between Cambodia and India.
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Hong Kong 2-1 Afghanistan.
9:26 AMa month ago

93' Yellow

Ngan Lok Fung received card.
9:24 AMa month ago


Let's go up to 95 minutes.
9:23 AMa month ago

88' Change at Hong Kong

Enter: Tomas Maronesi.

Out: Huang Yang.

9:21 AMa month ago

87' Yellow

Ming-Hum Sun received the first card of the game.
9:20 AMa month ago


The game became more open in the final stretch. Hong Kong trying for the third to kill the match once and for all and Afghanistan looking for the equalizer.
9:17 AMa month ago


After pressing in the second half, Afghanistan reached the first goal with Farshad Noor.
9:10 AMa month ago


Afghanistan continues to have more possession in the offensive field, but cannot create plays or finish on target.
9:07 AMa month ago


Game stopped.
9:03 AMa month ago

68' Changes at Hong Kong

Joined: Ngan Lok Fung and Leung Kwun Chung

Out: Wong Wai and Wong Tsz Ho.

9:00 AMa month ago


Sharif Mukhammad finishes wide. Afghanistan continues to come on the attack.
8:59 AMa month ago


Submissions: 7-3.
8:58 AMa month ago


Afghanistan continues to press and attack more easily than the first half. The team has less possession and Hong Kong has more shots.
8:50 AMa month ago

Changes in afghanistan

Entered: Amiri and Ahmadi

Out: Husin and Azadzoy.

8:43 AMa month ago


Afghanistan starts the second half in the attack.
8:39 AMa month ago


It follows 2 to 0 for Hong Kong.


8:21 AMa month ago


Hong Kong 2-0 Afghanistan.
8:21 AMa month ago


Let's go to 46 minutes.
8:17 AMa month ago


After Hong Kong's second goal, the match became more open, with Afghanistan trying to get to the attack to reduce the damage.
8:08 AMa month ago


Afghanistan's first submission in the game.
8:04 AMa month ago


It's not replay. Matthew Orr scored Hong Kong's second goal, four after the first.
8:02 AMa month ago


Wong Wai opened the scoring for Hong Kong.
7:55 AMa month ago


Game continues without creation. Just a finish. Now, Hong Kong has more ownership with 51%.
7:47 AMa month ago


Only one submission in the game, which was from Hong Kong. Afghanistan lacks a lot in creation.
7:44 AMa month ago


Ball possession very balanced. 51% for Afghanistan.
7:41 AMa month ago


After a corner taken in the area, Fung Hing Wa finished wide and without danger.
7:40 AMa month ago


Corner for Hong Kong.
7:36 AMa month ago


A hard-fought match in midfield. Both teams miss a lot of passes early in the game.
7:35 AMa month ago


Hong Kong plays red, while Afghanistan plays white.
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It's Asian Cup Qualifiers on VAVEL.
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In the seven straight defeats, in addition to conceding goals in all of them, Hong Kong only managed to score in three matches.


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Hong Kong arrives for the duel with seven straight defeats.


7:13 AMa month ago

Hong Kong set!

Argolo; Law, Wo Fung, Tsz-Ho; Yue, Ju, Wong, Yang, Tse; Orr, Sun.
7:12 AMa month ago

Afghanistan set!

Azizi; Haidary, Kouhyar, Najem; Husin, Noor, Nazary, Popalzay, Mukhammad; Ahmadi, Haydary.
9:44 PMa month ago

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Speak up, Jorn Andersen!

"We're not coming here with high expectations," said the former North Korea coach, whose team lost 2-0 in a friendly against Malaysia last week. &ldquo ;We know our situation, we know that we cannot play with the best team here.''
Photo: Publicity/Hong Kong
Photo: Publicity/Hong Kong

Photo: Publicity/Hong Kong
Photo: Disclosure/Hong Kong


“For a team like Hong Kong not to play with seven, eight best players é hard. Every team has a hard time when they take seven or eight top callers out.


“So our expectations here aren't too high right now, but we're going to try our best. We've been together for now; five weeks and if we can, in this time, get back to a good level I'm not so sure. But we'll try our best.”

9:34 PMa month ago

Likely Hong Kong!

Paulo Cesar; Chun Law, Huang Yang, Wa Fung, Tsz-Ho; Wai-Lim Yu, Nam Yue, Philip Chan, Wai Wong, Khan; Matthew Orr.
9:29 PMa month ago

How does Hong Kong arrive?

Hong Kong's ranking in the FIFA not é very far from Afghanistan. The é at 147º placed, three more positions. The last official competition disputed by the team was the Qualifiers for the World Cup, in which they finished in runner-up with only five points conquered against Go, Iraq, Bahrain and Cambodia. In the last 10 official games, Hong Kong lost eight times, drew another and won only once - against Cambodia 2-0.
9:24 PMa month ago

Speak, Anoush Dastgir!

“For the last four years we have been training for this, we have played for this, to qualify for the first time in the history of football at Afghanist for Asia Cup and for us this is; all or nothing," he said. "So, let's play the game and hope for the best result."


“This é the first time I have 20 players in shape. I took the strongest squad, not only for quality, but also for players who can adapt to the weather. So there is; different factors to think about, but I can say that the team I have now é the best team I've had in the "last four or five years."


9:19 PMa month ago

Likely Afghanistan!

Azizi; David Najem, Mashi Saighani, Haroon Amiri, Milad Intezar; Noor Husin, Faysal Shayesteh, Sharif Mukhammad, Farshad Noor, Omid Poplzay; Amiruddin Sharifi.
9:14 PMa month ago

How does Afghanistan arrive?

Afghanistan occupies the 150º placement in the FIFA Ranking. Out of 200 teams in the world, the Afghan team é one of the 50 worst. In the last official competition, Afefanistao finished second in Group E of the World Cup Qualifiers. It won just six points against teams like Qatar, Omã, India and Bangladesh. In the last 10 games, the Asian team won only two games, lost five and drew three.
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- Hong Kong

- Afghanistan

- ÍIndia

- Cambodia.

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The match will be played at the Salt Lake Stadium

The Hong Kong vs Afghanistan match will be played at the Salt Lake Stadium with a capacity to receive 85.000 people.
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