Highlights and goals: Kyrgyzstan 2-1 Singapore in Asian Cup qualifiers
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With the victory, Kyrgyzstan joined Tajikistan at the top of Group F with three points. Singapore and Nyanmar share the lantern.
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Kyrgyzstan 2-1 Singapore.
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Let's go up to 95 minutes.
12:46 PM22 days ago


Kyrgyzstan is on the attack. Second corner in a row.
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Submissions: 17-4
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After lifting in the area, Song Ui Young beat the goalkeeper and scored the goal, but the referee fouled the throw.
12:40 PM22 days ago


Viktor Maier received inside the area, turned and hit the right corner of goalkeeper Sunny, who could not reach the ball. It is the turn of Kyrgyzstan.
12:38 PM22 days ago


Valerii Kichin took a penalty in the left corner and goalkeeper Sunny landed on the right. It's Kyrgyzstan's tie.
12:35 PM22 days ago

75' Yellow

Song Ui Young received a card for the penalty he committed.
12:34 PM22 days ago


Song Ui Young committed a foul inside the area and the referee awarded a penalty.
12:32 PM22 days ago


After a corner kick, defender Kozubaev rose more than the mark and headed towards the goal. Sunny made a miraculous save and avoided Kyrgyzstan's equalizer.
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Submissions: 15-4


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What absurd pressure from Kyrgyzstan. Sagynbaev crossed into the area, Singapore's defense cleared badly and Sunny performed a miracle. In the corner kick, after hitting and hitting, the visiting defense took the ball over the line twice.
12:22 PM22 days ago

58' Change at Singapore

Entered: Hafiz Nor

Out: Ramli.

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Song Ui Young opened the scoring for the Singapore team.
12:20 PM22 days ago

Changes in Singapore

Entered: Huizen

Out: Abdullah.

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Follows 0 to 0.
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Kyrgyzstan 0-0 Singapore.
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Let's go to 46 minutes.
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DRAWN AT THE RIGHT TIME! In a fast counterattack, Ahmad received on the right and crossed with danger at the second post, the ball was directed by Ui Young, but Mishchenko arrived first and cleared it. Nearly a goal by Singapore.
11:40 AM22 days ago


Another poisonous highball, this time for Singapore. After a free kick at the second post, Fandi Ahmad deflected and goalkeeper Tokotaev made a miraculous save to save Kyrgyzstan.
11:36 AM22 days ago


After lifting in the area, defender Kozubaev went up alone, but he headed too crookedly and the ball went out the back line.
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Lots of parties in the stands.
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Uulu crossed into the area and Alykulov deflected too weakly. The ball stayed with Sunny.
11:30 AM22 days ago


Kyrgyzstan with 75% possession of the ball in the opening 30 minutes of play.
11:29 AM22 days ago


After initial pressure from Kyrgyzstan, Singapore started to go out more in search of the goal.
11:25 AM22 days ago


Finishing: 7-1
11:22 AM22 days ago


Arrived in Singapore. After a cross on the second post, Ahmad went up along with the marking and headed weakly. Tokotaev got the ball.
11:19 AM22 days ago


Uulu received inside the area from the right side and amended a rocket. The ball went too high. Kyrgyzstan pressure.
11:16 AM22 days ago


Shukurov dropped the bomb from outside the area, but the ball went too high. Goal kick for Singapore.
11:15 AM22 days ago


Defender Harun put the ball out, claiming that it was deflated, but the referee checked and the game went on. Side for Kyrgyzstan.
11:13 AM22 days ago


Alykulov dribbled the mark inside the area, but he hit very weakly and the ball went out on the right, without danger to Singapore's goal.
11:12 AM22 days ago


After getting up in the area, Sunny got the ball.


11:08 AM22 days ago


Faris tried the pass to Ikhsan, but missed.
11:05 AM22 days ago


Singapore starts by taking the initiative in the game.
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It's Asian Cup Qualifiers on VAVEL.
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Kyrgyzstan set!

Tokotaev; Mishchenko, Kozubaev, Kichin, Sagynbaev; Abdurakhmanov, Khyrgalbec Uulu, Musabekov, Shukurov, Alykulov; Batyrkanov.
10:44 AM22 days ago


15 minutes to the start of the game.
10:06 AM22 days ago

Singapore set!

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Understand the Playoffs!

The champions of each group and the top five runners-up will join the other 11 teams in the Asian Cup.


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Likely Kyrgyzstan!

Erzhan Tokotaev; Aleksandr Mishchenko, Tamirlan Kozubaev, Ayzar Akmatov, Bekzhan Sagynbaev; Idulzhon Abdurakhmanov, Zhyrgalbeck Uulu, Farthat Musabekov, Alimardon Shukurov, Gulzhigit Alukulov; Mirlan Murzaev.
7:24 PM22 days ago

How does Kyrgyzstan arrive?

The Kyrgyz National Team is at 95º in the FIFA Ranking. It comes from three consecutive defeats to Bahrain, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in friendlies. In the qualifiers for the World Cup, the team finished in third place with 10 points, in the group that had Japan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Myanmar. In the last 10 matches, there were five defeats, four victories and one draw.
7:19 PM22 days ago

Open quotes!

After the friendly in preparation for the Asian Cup Qualifiers, which resulted in a 2-0 defeat to Kuwait, Singapore coach Takayuki Nishigaya commented on the match:

"I think everyone knows we played well and é that we were not relentless in front of the goal", said the 38-year-old. "Coach Gaya tried to instill a lot of aggression in our pressure... (and we are) working hard on transitions; the minute we win the ball, we need to head towards the goal as fast as possible.

"Personally, I feel we did well... we had chances and were in scoring positions. So I hope that in the days to come we can work on our finish and try to achieve some goals in the Playoffs."

"Our fitness levels are not (very) ready to play 90 minutes (yet) so we have to focus on getting our fitness back as quickly as possible. possible," he said. "Of course, I have good coaching and background stuff so we can definitely do it. I'm not satisfied with today's result, but I want us to continue (from now on) to play like (as we did) today à night. I want to deliver to Singapore fans our commitment and our desire to go to the next level."

Photo: Publicity/Singapore
Photo: Publicity/Singapore

Photo: Publicity/Singapore
Photo: Publicity/Singapore

Takayuki Nishigaya highlighted some areas for improvement after the defeat in the United Arab Emirates, with the importance of qualifiers not lost on it. "Untilé now the preparation has been good," he said.FAS.org.sg. "We have reminded players of our attack and defense concepts; yesterday we focused on how the Kyrgyz Republic plays and today we will focus on attack. We are not going to change our style of play, but é of course we have to adjust and make some changes in our strategies against them."

"He isá making us move better (both) between defense and offense, and offense and defense; he's asking us to be a little sharper in that sense," he said FAS.org.sg. "Já we've done this before and we're definitely able to. I don't think there is; a lot of difference in terms of what we're used to with coach Tatsuma (Yoshida)... it shouldn't take that long. What matters are the three crucial games, we want to be there; (Asia Cup) and we know that we have to prepare well and get the results.

"I think we are in a good mood and having been in the hotel together here for some time now. some time, it helps (the union). É a new place with new things that we're being exposed to, but nonetheless I think it's been good in terms of preparation. We're just waiting for the games to start and continue."

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Likely Singapore!

Sunny; Ahmad, Harun, Baharudin; Zuzliman, Sulaiman, Swandi, Nazari; Young, Ahmad, Recha.
7:09 PM22 days ago

How do you get to Singapore?

A Singapore é at 158º in the FIFA Ranking, one of the worst teams in the tournament. In the qualifiers for the World Cup, the Singapore team was in fourth place with seven points, in the group that had Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Palestine and Yemen. At the 2021 Suzuki Cup, he finished second in the group with Thailand, Philippines, Neynmar and East Timor. The team fell in the semifinals to Indonesia, where they lost 4-2 on the return and said goodbye à title chance. In the last 10 official games, there were five victories and five defeats.


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- Kyrgyzstan

- Singapore

- Nyanmar

- Tajikistan.

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The match will be played at the Spartak Stadium

The Kyrgyzstan vs Singapore match will be played at the Spartak Stadium with a capacity to receive 23.000 people.
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