Summary and highlights of Moldova 2-4 Latvia in  UEFA Nations League
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Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
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Jaunzems could have scored the fifth after receiving a ball at the far post, but missed an empty net;
1:42 PM25 days ago


Latvian side foul, which Savalnieks put in at the near post, but nobody finished it and the rival defense cleared the danger.
1:40 PM25 days ago


Ten minutes to go and Latvia has a two-goal lead;
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Double of this player


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Ikaunieks volleys home after a good assist from Gutkovskis to bring Latvia closer to the three points;
1:24 PM25 days ago


The Moldovan team closes the gap after a lateral cross from Rata that Motpan finishes with a header to put his team in the match and put fear into the Latvian team;
1:21 PM25 days ago


Ciganiks, who had a yellow card, and Uldrikis leave the field, and Krollis and Jaunzems enter the field.
1:19 PM25 days ago


Gutkovskis extends the lead by pushing the ball after a good assist from Ciganiks
1:13 PM25 days ago


First change in the ranks of the national team of Moldova: Motpan enters the field and Platica leaves in his place.
1:12 PM25 days ago


Igor Armas, the captain of Moldova, had a chance to tie the match, but his header did not find the goalkeeper;
1:08 PM25 days ago


Gutkovskis tried a volley after a good cross, but the acrobatic shot did not go as expected and went wide.
1:05 PM25 days ago


The second 45 minutes started without changes in any team for the moment;
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45' 🟨

Ciganiks receives the second card of the match, the referee gave the advantage law, but soon after showed the card;
12:42 PM25 days ago


Long pass to Ciganics where the left winger did not reach;
12:36 PM25 days ago


Latvia's third goal could have come after Savalnieks' centering corner was cleared off the goal line by Moldova's captain Veaceslav Posmac.
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Latvia turns the scoreboard with a lateral free kick centered by Ikaunieks, where the goalkeeper of Moldova came out to try to catch the ball, but it escapes him and the ball ends up entering, two errors of Railean 
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21' 🟨

Cernomordijs receives the first card of the match;
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Source: ESPN
Source: ESPN
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Gutkovskis takes advantage of Moldova's goal kick mistake and ties the match;
12:19 PM25 days ago


What a save by Railean who flew in to send the ball for a corner, Latvia looks to react quickly;
12:14 PM25 days ago


The match started;
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Match Referee

Madley, the English referee, will be in charge of the match.
12:04 PM25 days ago

Stina will miss the match

The Moldova national team striker will miss the match after being sent off in the 40th minute against Andorra for a straight red card.
11:59 AM25 days ago

XI Moldova

The Moldovan team starts with a lineup of three centerbacks: Railean, Armas, Posmac, Bolohan, Revenco, Rata, Platica, Reabciuk, Caimacov, Platica and Nicolaescu 
11:54 AM25 days ago

XI Letonia

Only two novelties compared to the victory over Liechestenstein 
Source:Futbola federācija
Source:Futbola federācija
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Here are all of today's UEFA Nations League matches

Source: UEFA Nations League
Source: UEFA Nations League
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Group 1

The group is led by Latvia with six points followed by Moldova with four points, Andorra in third place and Lienchenstein in last place with zero points, today the two leaders of each group face each other;
11:39 AM25 days ago

1 hour

In 1 hour the match between Moldova and Latvia will start, both the preview and the minute by minute of the match can be followed here on VAVEL 
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How to watch Moldova vs Latvia live?

If you want to watch Moldova vs Latvia live on TV, your option is UEFA TV

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL is your best option.

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What time is the match of Moldova vs Latvia in UEFA Nations League 2022?

This is the kickoff time for the Modavia vs Latvia match on June 10th in several countries:

Argentina: 1:00 PM 
Bolivia: 12:00 PM 

Brazil: 1:00 PM

Chile: 1:00 PM 

Colombia: 11:00 AM

Ecuador: 11:00 AM 

United States (ET): 12:00 PM

Spain: 6:00 PM

Mexico: 11:00 AM 

Paraguay: 1:00 PM 

Peru: 11:00 AM in

Uruguay: 2:00 PM 

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Summary of Moldova's last match

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UEFA Nations League

This tournament started in 2018 and is played every two years on FIFA international dates. Its format consists of levels, i.e., there are four leagues (A, B, C and D) and each has four groups except D which has two groups: one of four teams and another of three. These leagues are formed according to the level of their teams, with A being the highest level and D the lowest. The winners of categories B, C and D move up to the next category for the following edition and those that lose in each category are relegated. In total, there are 55 selections
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How does Latvia arrive?

With six consecutive matches without defeat, Latvia wants to make the leap in quality and prove that they are ready to fight or at least be in a better division. Latvia's last defeat was in October 2021, when they lost 1-2 at home to Turkey in the qualifiers. In this edition of the UEFA Nations League they have started by winning both their home games, both at home with a 1-0 win against Liechtenstein and 3-0 against Andorra.
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How to get to Moldova ?

Moldova is coming from a pretty bad performance in the European Qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar 2022, because after playing 10 matches they are placed in the last place in Group F, in position 6 with one point; This is the result of not winning any match, drawing one and losing nine, in addition to scoring five goals but conceding 30, for a goal difference of -25. At the start of the UEFA Nations League, they beat Liechtenstein 2-0 and drew against Andorra. They are currently second in the group with 4 points;
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Three clashes between the national teams of Moldova and Latvia throughout history with a favorable balance for the Latvian team that has won twice while Moldova has only won once. In 2007 they met for the first time in a friendly match, which Moldova won 1-2. In the two other meetings they met in the World Cup qualifiers and in both Latvia won, the most recent was in 2019 where the match ended 3-2.
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Venue: The match will be played at the Stadionul Zimbru stadium in Chişinău, Moldova with a capacity of 10,500 people.

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Preview of the match

Moldova and Latvia will face each other in the third match of the UEFA Nations League. Both teams have been drawn in Group 1 of League C alongside Andorra and Liechtenstein.
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