Highlights and Goal: Mongolia 0-1 Philippines in Asian Cup qualifiers
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2:24 AM20 days ago


Thank you so much for following Mongolia and the Philippines on VAVEL. A great Saturday to all and until next time.
2:23 AM20 days ago


Mongolia 0-1 Philippines.
2:22 AM20 days ago


After a corner kick in the area, Gerrit Holtmann took advantage of the opportunity and scored the Philippines' goal in the last minute of the game.
2:18 AM20 days ago


Another submission out of the Philippines.
2:16 AM20 days ago


Let's go to 93 minutes.
2:13 AM20 days ago


Philippines came to the attack, but without danger.
2:10 AM20 days ago


More open game after the penalty missed by the Philippines.
2:06 AM20 days ago

Moving in the Philippines.

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Reichelt took the penalty for the Philippines and Munkh-Erdene Enkhtaivan. Follows 0 to 0.
2:02 AM20 days ago


Penalty for the Philippines.
2:00 AM20 days ago


After a corner, Namsrai Baatartsogt headed in, the Philippines goalkeeper sent it to the back line. Another corner for Mongolia.
1:58 AM20 days ago


Both teams are unable to create more opportunities from the middle of the second half to the end.
1:53 AM20 days ago


Submissions: 6-17.
1:48 AM20 days ago


The game gained more intensity. Both teams are looking to attack.
1:43 AM20 days ago


Another corner for Mongolia. Fourth in the game and fourth in the second half.
1:42 AM20 days ago


After two consecutive corners, Mongolia arrived with danger, the game grows in rhythm in the final stage.
1:41 AM20 days ago


First submission of the Philippines in the second half with Bienve, but it went wide.
1:40 AM20 days ago


The confrontation at the beginning of the second half is more balanced, with Mongolia coming to the attack, which did not happen in the first half.
1:35 AM21 days ago


First corner for Mongolia of the match.
1:35 AM21 days ago


Mongolia continues to attack.
1:33 AM21 days ago


Mongolia started the second half getting into the attack with Oyunbaatar Otgonbayar, who finished wide.
1:31 AM21 days ago


The match remains in a goalless tie.
1:19 AM21 days ago


Dangerous attacks: 23-38

Ball possession: 28%-72%

Submissions: 2-15

Shots on goal: 0-5

Corners: 0-6

Yellow cards: 0-0.

1:17 AM21 days ago


1:16 AM21 days ago


Finally Mongolia came on the attack and got another submission. Second in game.
1:13 AM21 days ago


Marked offside in Philippine attack.
1:12 AM21 days ago


A lot of pressure from the Philippines in the early stage. There are already 15 shots and 75% possession of the ball, but the team can't finish in goals.
1:06 AM21 days ago


The Philippines dominate the match so far. There are 11 shots, 75% of ball possession and four corners for the visiting team. But Mongolia holds on in the confrontation and the game remains tied without goals.
1:04 AM21 days ago


Submissions: 1-10.
1:00 AM21 days ago


Mongolia tries to go more attacking and balance the game more to get out of the initial pressure of the Philippines. Follows 0 to 0.
12:56 AM21 days ago


Philippines increases the pressure. The scoring goes up and has 71% possession of the ball in the game.
12:51 AM21 days ago


The Philippines continues to be better in the match. There are seven shots and 69% possession of the ball during the opening 21 minutes.
12:49 AM21 days ago


Mongolia's first submission is safe. It's still tied.
12:43 AM21 days ago


Another submission from the Philippines, the Mongolian goalkeeper sent it to a corner. Follows 0 to 0.
12:38 AM21 days ago


The Philippines started the game taking the initiative in the confrontation with three submissions, but without great emotions so far.
12:34 AM21 days ago


It's Asian Cup Qualifiers on VAVEL.
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Bad sequel...

Mongolia have scored just one goal in their last six games. In fact, he only won the game that balanced the losses. In the rest, five defeats and 20 goals conceded, leading to a 14-0 victory for Japan playing at home.
2:40 PM21 days ago

Likely Mongolia?

Munkherdene; Orkhon, Bayartsengel, Bat-Orgil, Bilguun; Ganbold, Tasgaatsooj, Khurelbaatar, Batbold; Otgonbayar, Namsrai.
2:35 PM21 days ago

How do you get to Mongolia?

A Mongolia é number 186 in the FIFA ranking, one of the last on the list that contains 211 teams. The team won only one game in the last 10. In the qualifiers for the World Cup, it was runner-up with six points in the group that had Japan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Nyanmar.


2:30 PM21 days ago

Speak, Dooley!

After the opening defeat to Palestine, coach Dooley commented on the game: “If we had all our players absent, we would have won the game.''

“He (Holtman) is perhaps our strongest player in attack. He plays in the Bundesliga. He scored beautiful goals against Dortmund, against Bayern Munich.


“É It's hard to say that if he played, we would definitely have scored, but if we had all together, it would have been a different result.”

& ldquo; even without our absent players, I could have won the I & Ecircion;, added dooley. & nbsp; , I'm satisfied with the way we play."


“We saw a lot of good things in the game. We ran a bit towards the end, we should have played more like we did in the first half, so we could have the goal we wanted to help us reach more near the Asian Cup.''


“But in general, there is not; nothing lost yet. We still have two games; we have to beat Mongolia and maybe beat Palestine. Let's study how they play and move forward.''


“I really want to thank my players for their efforts today, because é a very young team", said the Algerian-born strategist.


“The Philippines were a good opponent for us, a good sparring partner and so it was a good match for both sides. I believe we should have won the game, mainly because of the way we played and for the chances we create, but football é this.''


“We are realistic about our goals; é a young team and we are not too concerned with the results at this stage. We are really focused on building this team step by step for the future.”


“I know we beat them before in 2019, but I wasn't in charge and this é a very young team," he said. "So, we don't focus on the past, we just focus on the future."

“I'm sure it will beá a good game, because Palestine é a good and physical team. I am also personally looking forward to the game because I really love your country and your team, they are like our brothers”.

2:25 PM21 days ago

Likely Philippines!

Etheridge; Bias, Aguinaldo, Tobinas; Sandro Reyes, Ott, Manuel Ott, Sato; Kekkonen, Daniels, Reichelt.
2:20 PM21 days ago

How do you get to the Philippines?

A Philippines é at 133º in the FIFA ranking and arrives for the confrontation with three games without a win - two defeats and a draw. In the competition's debut, they drew 0-0 against Yemen. In the qualifiers for the World Cup, the Philippines finished third with 11 points, behind Syria and China, and ahead of Maldives and Guan. At the Suzuki Cup, he didn't advance either, he was third in the group with Thailand, Singapore, Nyanmar and East Timor.


2:15 PM21 days ago


- Mongolia

- Philippines

- Yemen

- Palestine.

Photo: Publicity/AFCON
Photo: Publicity/AFCON
2:10 PM21 days ago

The match will be played at the MFF Football Centre

The Mongolia vs Philippines match will be played at the MFF Football Centre with a capacity to receive 5.000 people.
2:05 PM21 days ago

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