Goal and Highlights: Central Cordoba 1-0 Boca Juniors in Liga Profesional
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9:32 PM24 days ago

This was the only goal of the game

9:29 PM24 days ago


Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Central and Boca Juniors in the Argentine League.
9:24 PM24 days ago

End game

Central 1-0 Boca Juniors.
9:19 PM24 days ago


Vázquez ended up missing a clear shot and his shot went wide.
9:14 PM24 days ago


Rojo's header goes over the top of the goal.
9:09 PM24 days ago


Add 8 more minutes.
9:04 PM24 days ago


Gómez and Eugenio enter

Besozzi and Gonzalez leave

Central's changes


Figal and Vázquez come in

Varela and Weigandt come out

Boca changes.

8:59 PM24 days ago


Villa's shot from half distance was saved by the goalkeeper and sent wide.
8:54 PM24 days ago


Ribas enters and Lopez leaves, change of Central.
8:49 PM24 days ago


Villa's free kick hits the wall.
8:44 PM24 days ago


Ramírez leaves and Molinas enters, change for Boca.
8:39 PM24 days ago


Central's Kalinski has been painted yellow.
8:34 PM24 days ago


Martínez leaves and Verón enters, Central Córdoba changes.
8:29 PM24 days ago


Villa with a free kick cross that goes wide.
8:24 PM24 days ago


Villa came in and Orsini came out, Boca's change

González Metilli of Central was cautioned.

8:19 PM24 days ago


The play is reviewed in the VAR and is invalidated because the attacker entered the area before and Boca is saved. The game is still 1-0.
8:14 PM24 days ago



Lopez misses the penalty against Rossi, however, but Soraire capitalizes on the rebound to make it 2-0.

8:09 PM24 days ago


The play was reviewed on the VAR and the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of Central Córdoba.
8:04 PM24 days ago



González Metilli takes advantage of the goalkeeper's rebound and sends the ball into the net for the 1-0.

7:59 PM24 days ago


Pol Fernández's cutback and shot hit the crossbar and the cry for the first was drowned out.
7:54 PM24 days ago


A shot from half distance that Rossi controls at two times.
7:49 PM24 days ago


Benedetto's shot hits the post.
7:44 PM24 days ago


The second half begins between Central and Boca.

Besozzi enters and Cruz leaves, Central's substitution.

7:39 PM24 days ago

Half time

Central 0-0 Boca.
7:34 PM24 days ago


Zeballos' shot from half distance goes wide, but again there will be a corner.
7:29 PM24 days ago


Benedetto's cross is not finished well by Ramírez and he ends up flying it alone in front of the goal.
7:24 PM24 days ago


Izquierdoz's volley shot is deflected by the goalkeeper and sent upwards.
7:19 PM24 days ago


Benedetto's shot hits a defender again and there will be a corner kick.
7:14 PM24 days ago


Orsini with a cross shot that is blocked by the defense at the near post.
7:09 PM24 days ago


Boca's direct free kick that reaches the goalkeeper's hands, missed by Izquierdoz.
7:04 PM24 days ago


Ramirez's shot from half distance goes over the top.
6:59 PM24 days ago


Nicolás Orsini with a header from a corner kick that goes wide.
6:54 PM24 days ago


Lopez with a broken shot that does not go in the direction of the goal.
6:49 PM24 days ago


The play is reviewed in the VAR but no penalty is awarded.
6:44 PM24 days ago


They called for a penalty on the Central Córdoba striker, but the referee did not sanction anything.
6:39 PM24 days ago


Kick-off between Central Córdoba and Boca Juniors.
6:34 PM24 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Central Córdoba and Boca Juniors.
6:29 PM24 days ago

Boca Juniors substitutes

13 Javier García

28 Vicente Taborda

16 Aaron Molinas

35 Gabriel Vega

22 Sebastián Villa

14 Esteban Rolón

36 Cristian Medina

21 Jorman Campuzano

4 Jorge Figal

41 Luca Langoni

38 Luis Vázquez

3 Gonzalo Sandez

6:24 PM24 days ago

XI Boca Juniors

6:19 PM24 days ago

XI Central Córdoba

6:14 PM24 days ago


This is how Boca left the hotel where they received a standing ovation for this afternoon's match:
6:09 PM24 days ago

What you need to know for the game

6:04 PM24 days ago

The dressing rooms

The locker rooms are ready to host Central Córdoba in its first home game of the second round.
5:59 PM24 days ago


After the grandfather was scammed, Boca Juniors made a great gesture to him so that he could meet the whole team:
5:54 PM24 days ago

Bad streak

Although Central Córdoba started with a draw, it has gone four games in a row without a win, as it has not won since April 20 when it defeated Vélez as a visitor.
5:49 PM24 days ago

How did Boca fare in its debut?

With many substitutes, Boca defeated Arsenal 2-1 at home and in midweek beat Ferro by the minimum score in the Argentine Cup.
5:44 PM24 days ago


Boca Juniors, on the second date of the championship, will try to get their first 3 points as visitors against Central Córdoba. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
5:39 PM24 days ago

Tune in here Central Cordoba vs Boca Juniors Live Score in Liga Profesional Argentina 2022

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What time is Central Cordoba vs Boca Juniors match for Liga Profesional Argentina 2022?

This is the start time of the game Central Cordoba vs Boca Juniors of June 12th in several countries:
  • Argentina: 8:30 PM on ESPN and Star +
  • Bolivia: 7:30 PM on ESPN and Star +
  • Brazil: 8:30 PM
  • Chile: 8:30 PM on ESPN and Star +
  • Colombia: 6:30 PM on ESPN and Star +
  • Ecuador: 6:30 PM on ESPN and Star +
  • United States (ET): 7:30 PM on VIX
  • Spain: 1:30 AM
  • Mexico: 6:30 PM on ESPN and Star +
  • Paraguay: 8:30 PM on ESPN and Star +
  • Peru: 6:30 PM on ESPN and Star +
  • Uruguay: 8:30 PM on ESPN and Star +
5:29 PM24 days ago

Last games

Los Xeneizes' dominance has been dominant over the past decade as they have won all four meetings, including a scandalous seven-goal home win.
  • Central Córdoba 1-2 Boca Juniors, 2022
  • Boca Juniors 8-1 Central Córdoba, 2021
  • Central Córdoba 0-4 Boca Juniors, 2020
  • Boca Juniors 2-0 Central Cordoba, 2012 Argentine Cup, 2012
5:24 PM24 days ago

Key player Boca Juniors

If there is a leader at the back, it is Carlos Izquierdoz, who has a lot of experience including Mexican soccer, besides having a very good aerial game and in this type of plays he is an extra tool that the Xeneize team has.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
5:19 PM24 days ago

Key player Central Cordoba

Renzo López was the hero of the first match, as with one of his goals they rescued the tie as visitors and they hope that this goal-scoring inertia is maintained so that they can get a positive result at home.
5:14 PM24 days ago

Last lineup Boca Juniors

13 Javier García, 24 Carlos Izquierdoz, 4 Jorge Figal, 3 Gonzalo Sandez, 57 Marcelo Weigandt, 14 Esteban Rolón, 16 Aaron Molinas, 36 Cristian Medina, 38 Luis Vázquez, 22 Sebastián Villa, 7 Exequiel Zeballos.
5:09 PM24 days ago

Last lineup Central Cordoba

1 Cristopher Toselli, 20 Matías Di Bennedetto, 2 Fabio Pereyra, 12 Jonathan Bay, 36 José Goméz, 27 Nicolás Linares, 8 Jesús Soraire, 7 Silvio Martínez, 24 Francisco Gonzalez Metilli, 31 Renzo López, 28 Pablo Argañaraz.
5:04 PM24 days ago

Boca Juniors: stop experimenting

After making changes to the starting lineup on the first matchday in which they beat Arsenal de Sarandí by a score of 2-1, Boca Juniors will have to take the field with their best players because they have a double date coming up and at the end of the month they will face the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores.
4:59 PM24 days ago

Central Cordoba: to make a splash

One of the modest teams in the championship, Central Cordoba, will quickly face its acid test when it takes on one of the big teams in Argentina, so it will be a great opportunity to show that they are ready to fight against anyone.
4:54 PM24 days ago

The Kick-off

The Central Cordoba vs Boca Juniors match will be played at the La Alfredo Terrero Stadium, in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. The kick-off is scheduled at 19:30 pm ET.
4:49 PM24 days ago

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