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Goals and summary

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it's over

Cruz Azul leaves Carlos Iturralde Stadium with a loss, Venados maintains a good pace in its second friendly of the preseason, with this good result in its favor, with a week to go before the expansion league season begins.

8:52 PM2 years ago


3 minutes and the game is over. Venados started to fade and that allowed Cruz Azul to get closer to the scoreboard. 
8:46 PM2 years ago


The first goal for La Maquina came, which shortened the score, Alan Zubiri pushed the ball, after a series of rebounds. 
8:38 PM2 years ago


Revolution in the starting lineups, Venados and Cruz Azul have two different lineups. The starters are on the bench. Corona returns to the field after a long time without playing. 
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Mañon's cross is found by Manuel Pérez, who shoots alone in the area and the locals go up on the scoreboard. There are 10 changes for the light blue team.  
8:21 PM2 years ago


GOAL! Venados, who had been insisting from the start, Neri Cardozo turns around in the box and beats Jurado.
8:11 PM2 years ago


A free kick is wasted by the home team, Jurado only sees the ball go by.
7:51 PM2 years ago


The alarms go off, Mayorga falls badly on a set piece, medical assistance is called, Rodrigo Noya is cautioned for this occasion. We go to halftime with a scoreless draw, with Venados closer to scoring the first goal.  

7:35 PM2 years ago


They tried to surprise Jurado, sending him a sobrerito, but the Celeste goalkeeper kept the ball. 
7:33 PM2 years ago


They were left with no chance!
In the cross that was sent by Mañon, he sends it wide, another dangerous play escapes him, which could have been the first goal of the night. 
7:30 PM2 years ago


Mañon slipped in the six-yard box, which meant he couldn't get his shot on target.  
7:28 PM2 years ago


A break for rehydration, in a few minutes the match will be resumed and the score is still a scoreless draw.   
7:25 PM2 years ago


Morales had a chance, showing himself to be one of the protagonists of this first half, playing on the wing, looking for a cross into the small area, but Vega cut out the Chilean's cross.
7:22 PM2 years ago


First substitution!
The first substitution for Cruz Azul, Juan Escobar comes on for Luis Rey. 
7:19 PM2 years ago


It was a close call!

On a free kick for Venados, Lopez took courage and shot at goal. It ended up on the crossbar. The locals get closer to the first goal.  

7:16 PM2 years ago


Iván Morales is encouraged and shoots, but to no avail. Goalkeeper Ramirez stretches to cover the ball. 
7:10 PM2 years ago


Venados has been more aggressive on offense, preventing the Cementeros from reaching the goal defended by goalkeeper Ramírez. 
7:03 PM2 years ago


A corner kick for the home team is cleared by Jurado. 
7:00 PM2 years ago


The ball is rolling at Stadium Carlos Iturralde.

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Venados' lineup

Ramírez, León, Noya, Vega, Reyna, Fernández, Cardozo, Perez, Micolta, López and Mañon.
6:46 PM2 years ago

Cruz Azul's lineup

Jurado, Martínez, Guerrero, Escobar, Mayorga, Baca, Tabó, Huescas, Seseña and Morales.
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Did you know?

Cruz Azul the two times they have visited the Carlos Iturralde Stadium they have generated a win in 2021, another lost in 2015 which was in the MX Cup, two to one. But this will be their fourth duel. Two wins for the Celestes and one win for Venados.
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With high expectations

For this second friendly match, Venados is expecting a large number of fans at the Carlos Iturralde Stadium. They arrive with more game rhythm, after the match they played against the Bravos, tying 1-1.

With this match against the Celestes, they have registered great performances, being a great rehearsal for the Expansion League.

Photo: Venados
Photo: Venados
6:24 PM2 years ago

First rehearsal

Cruz Azul has this game as a method of preparation for the Champion of Champions against Atlas on June 26 at the Dignity Health Sports Park.

The Cementeros squad will have a full squad on that date, after the end of the Mexican national team's training camp, players such as Giménez, Antuna, Lira and Domínguez, who were active, will have a few days' vacation and will then be integrated into the group to prepare for this final against the Academia.

Photo: Cruz Azul
Photo: Cruz Azul
6:18 PM2 years ago

They have already arrived

The two teams are already at the Carlos Iturralde Stadium, just minutes away from warming up and then kicking off the match. In addition, we have several surprises in the lineups.


6:11 PM2 years ago

Historic duels

The history between these two teams is short, with few games played, in 2015 was their first duel in Copa MX, where Venados won by two goals to one, the goals were scored by Joffre Guerrón and a brace by Quiñones.

The most recent clash was in a friendly duel, last year, Cruz Azul won by two goals to one, being the last game of Cabecito Rodríguez and Huescas.

Photo: Cruz Azul
Photo: Cruz Azul
6:07 PM2 years ago

Minutes away from kickoff

We are just minutes away from kickoff for this game between Venados vs Cruz Azul from Carlos Iturralde Stadium in a friendly match between an Expansion League and Liga MX team.
Photo: Cruz Azul
Photo: Cruz Azul
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We're back!

We're back for minute-by-minute coverage of Venados vs Cruz Azul. We will shortly share with you the confirmed lineups, as well as relevant facts about the clash between these two teams.
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Tune in here Venados vs Cruz Azul in the Friendly match

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Venados vs Cruz Azul live, as well as the latest information from the Carlos Iturralde Stadium, including statements from the players and some interesting facts about this great match between these two great national team powers.

 Don't miss any detail of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.

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How to watch Venados vs Cruz Azul Live Stream on TV andOnline?

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!
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What time is Venados vs Cruz Azul match for the Friendly match?

This is the start time of the game Venados vs Cruz Azul of June 11th 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 19:00 PM

Bolivia: 18:00 PM

Brazil: 20:00 PM

Colombia: 17:00 PM  

Ecuador: 17:00 PM

USA (ET): 18:00 PM

Spain: 23:00 PM

México: 17:00 PM

Paraguay: 18:00 PM

Peru: 17:00 PM

Uruguay: 19:00 PM

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Watch out for this Venados player

The new nine-goaler for Venados, Víctor Mañón, who arrived as a hope for the team's lack of goals after the retirement of Eduardo Herrera, a gap that the Mexican striker is beginning to fill, scoring a goal for the first time against Juárez. In this tournament that is just beginning, there will surely be a lot of talk about this nine-goaler.

9:46 PM2 years ago

Watch out for this Cruz Azul player

The goalkeeper who was key for the Cementeros in the Liguilla, Sebastián Jurado, who in 8 games in the regular season kept 3 clean sheets and conceded 7 goals. Jurado had to come in for Corona, who suffered a knee injury that kept him out of the field. With the return of Gudiño to La Noria, the competition in goal will be very tight this semester.
Photo: Cruz Azul
Photo: Cruz Azul
9:41 PM2 years ago

Venados' last lineup

In their last game against Atlante this was the eleven that was presented in the one-nil loss.

González, Fernández, Cardozo, Luna, Ramírez, Pérez, Nota, Guadarrama, Herrera, Martínez and López.

9:36 PM2 years ago

Cruz Azul's last lineup

The most recent lineup used by the Uruguayan coach is still unknown, but the last one in the league period was against Tigres, standing as follows.

Jurado, Escobar, Domínguez, Abram, Aldrete, Antuna, Rivero, Tabó, Giménez and Romero.

9:31 PM2 years ago

First rehearsal

The start of the tournament for both teams is just around the corner, the Expansion League begins on June 24 and Liga MX starts on July 22. The Cementeros have been working on the field and the beach to continue fine-tuning previous details; it is expected that after the end of the Mexican National Team's calendar, the players who are in the training camp will have a few days of vacation and will be integrated into the group as soon as possible, in order to arrive at the match against Atlas on June 26 in the United States.

Venados, with time running out, only has one more week of preseason, with the possibility of adding a few more players to their ranks and closing the roster. The team will begin its stage in the tournament, with whom it is not yet known who it will debut. 

Photo: Venados
Photo: Venados
9:26 PM2 years ago

A renewed Venados

If we are talking about teams that have been reinforced quite well, the incorporations of the Venados team have given a lot to talk about, the arrival of one of the most accomplished forwards in this Expansion League, Víctor Mañón, who stayed in Tepa last semester.

In the defensive line, there are some very young players with experience in the national team, such as Oswaldo León, Juan Vega and former university player Mauricio Reyna. Adding elements in that area left free by one of the veterans in our Mexican soccer, Jorge Enriquez 'El Chaton'.

The Titanes Del Sureste already had a friendly match a few days ago against the team from the border, directed by Hernán Cristante, a match that ended in a 1-1 draw, with Mañón making his debut as a goal scorer.

Photo: Venados
Photo: Venados
9:21 PM2 years ago

A new beginning

Cruz Azul is renewing itself, with the last departure of Peruvian coach Juan Reynoso, causing a surprise, the Celestial team found a new coach directly from Uruguay, Diego Aguirre, who has already had a few days of preparation for this match.

The 'Maquina' is currently doing preseason training in Cancun, with a very reduced squad due to the absence of national team players, in addition to the four recent departures of Aldrete, Aguilar, Mendoza and Otero. In addition, three new players have joined the team: Charly Rodríguez, who left last season due to injury, Jesús Corona and the return of goalkeeper Gudiño from his session in Tepatitlán. 

This will be Aguirre's first game, using an alternate squad, with first team players and some U-20 players.

Photo: Cruz Azul
Photo: Cruz Azul
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