Goals and Highlights: El Salvador 1-1 USMNT in CONCACAF Nations League 2022
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12:26 AM20 days ago

Goals and Highlights

12:00 AM20 days ago


It's over! The match at the Cuscatlán ends in a 1-1 draw.
11:58 PM20 days ago


Molina tried to generate danger, but the defense ended up rejecting the ball.
11:54 PM20 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for the United States! Morris heads in a cross on the final stretch.
11:42 PM20 days ago


He's leaving! The referee sends off Rodriguez after bringing down Musah as the last man.
11:37 PM20 days ago


Musah fails to control the ball and misses the chance to tie the game.
11:34 PM20 days ago


He's leaving! The referee shows Arriola the red card after a strong sweep on Larín.
11:31 PM20 days ago


Molina and Cerén look to generate danger, but U.S. keeps them from shooting
11:22 PM20 days ago


Close! Musah came close to tying the game after a good move, but Martinez prevented the goal.
11:14 PM20 days ago


Ferreira gets a through ball past the goalkeeper, but Domínguez cuts off the shot that was heading straight for the goal.
11:08 PM20 days ago


The action resumes for the second half.
11:08 PM20 days ago


Changes for the United States. Aaronson and Wright come on for McKennie and Ferreira.
10:52 PM20 days ago


At the end of the first half, El Salvador surprises at halftime and defeats the United States by the minimum.
10:48 PM20 days ago


Pulisic and Weah fail to generate much danger in the home area
10:40 PM20 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for El Salvador! Larín's shot to the near post and the ball ends up in the goal.
10:36 PM20 days ago


A powerful shot by Reyes, but Horvath ends up deflecting the ball.
10:29 PM20 days ago


Musah's shot deflected by the home keeper
10:24 PM20 days ago


A very tight match, the United States tries to reach the opponent's goal, but the locals do not allow them to do so.
10:14 PM20 days ago


Excellent defensive sweep preventing the U.S. attack from growing.
10:05 PM20 days ago


The ball is in play at the Cuscatlán stadium.
10:05 PM20 days ago

USA: LineUp

Horvath, Robinson, Long, Carter-Vickers, Cannon, Musah, Adams, Aaronson, Weah, Wright, Pulisic
9:54 PM20 days ago

El Salvador: LineUp

González, Domínguez, Rodríguez, Larín, Tamacas, Orellana, Landaverde, Henríquez, Martínez, Reyes, Bonilla
9:52 PM20 days ago

To the court

Both El Salvador and the United States are already on the field warming up before the start of this important match.
9:47 PM20 days ago

At home

El Salvador has already arrived at the stadium with Perez, who will be looking to surprise and defeat their rival.
9:42 PM20 days ago


The United States is already at the Cuscatlán, the Stars and Stripes will go all out in search of victory and to make it three out of three.
9:37 PM20 days ago

Last time

The last time these teams met, the score was two goals to zero in favor of the U.S. team.
9:32 PM20 days ago

They are arriving

The fans of both teams are already beginning to arrive at the San Salvador venue, looking to support their team in search of victory.
9:27 PM20 days ago

What a beauty!

The Cuscatlán will host this match of the fourth day of the Nations League, which will host the United States and El Salvador.

9:22 PM20 days ago

One more time!

This will be Pulisic's tenth time as captain of the national team.
9:17 PM20 days ago

Come back!

Ethan Horvath returns to the U.S. national team since September 6 of last year, so he will be looking to put on a good game.
9:12 PM20 days ago

We are back!

We're back to bring you up-to-the-minute coverage of the match between El Salvador and the United States. We will shortly share with you the most relevant information, as well as the confirmed lineups.
9:07 PM20 days ago

Stay tuned for El Salvador vs United States live coverage of the match.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for El Salvador vs United States live, as well as the latest information from the Cuscatlan Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL. 
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What time is the match El Salvador vs United States matchday 4 of the CONCACAF Nations League?

This is the kickoff time for the El Salvador vs United States match on June 14, 2022 in several countries:

United States: 7:00 p.m. PT and 10:00 p.m. ET

Costa Rica: 20:00 hours

El Salvador: 20:00 hours

Colombia: 21:00 hours

Ecuador: 21:00 hours

Mexico: 21:00 hours

Panama: 21:00 hours

Peru: 9:00 p.m.

Bolivia: 10:00 p.m.

Chile: 10:00 p.m.

Paraguay: 10:00 p.m.

Venezuela: 22:00 hours

Argentina: 23:00 hours

Brazil: 23:00 hours

Uruguay: 23:00 hours

8:52 PM21 days ago

Statements El Salvador

Hugo Perez spoke ahead of the match against the Americans: "The United States plays the same way against any team: against Grenada or Mexico? It's the same for them, in terms of speed, the dynamic to attack up front. Grenada held them for 42 minutes, with a 4-5-1 line. They finished with a convincing 5-0. That's the United States we're going to see, even though there weren't several starters, but in the end it's a team that plays the same way, with starters, substitutes, B or A as the media call it."

"Perfection, with God's help, can be achieved. If you get up that day and do what you have to do, that is a perfect day. In soccer, both teams make mistakes, what happens is that we have to take advantage of them. Hopefully on Tuesday we will make fewer mistakes than them and we will take advantage of their mistakes".

"The players are responsible, they know that we did not play well on Tuesday (in Grenada) defensively, we failed, we could have lost the match and thank God we tied it, which is positive for me because we are almost in the Gold Cup."

"Every player has a special way to motivate himself. When you play against Mexico, the United States or the classics in Central America, as a player you know that you are playing against teams that in some way are better than us. So you have to take away the fear of playing against them and be inspired.

"It is good that people think we are a disaster, that we are useless. That has to motivate the player. There are things that, when you hear them, motivate you or bring you down, you have to be in the middle and be strong".

"We want to win, first because we want to do it at home, with our people. Second, we are almost qualified for the 2023 Gold Cup, but we are also playing for qualification in this Nations League. It would be nice to win on Tuesday and arrive next March, God willing, with the possibility of advancing to the Quarterfinals."

8:47 PM21 days ago

Latest U.S. lineup

Turner, Robinson, Carter, Vicekrs-Long, Cannon, Acosta, De La Torre, McKennie, Arriola, Ferreira, Morris.
8:42 PM21 days ago

El Salvador's final lineup

Romero; Clavel, Dominguez, Rodriguez, Larin; Orellana, Landaverde, Calvillo; Pineda, Rivas, Bonilla. 
8:37 PM21 days ago

How is the United States coming along?

The United States beat Grenada five goals to nil in their last match, their debut match in this edition of the CONCACAF Nations League.


8:32 PM21 days ago

How does El Salvador fare?

El Salvador arrives to this match after tying their last match against Grenada by two goals, but previously defeated them in Cuscatlan by three goals to one, in this match they will be looking to surprise the United States.

8:27 PM21 days ago

The match will be played at the Cuscatlán Stadium.

The match El Salvador vs United States will be played at the Cuscatlán Stadium located in San Salvador, El Salvador. The stadium has a capacity for 44,836 people. 
8:22 PM21 days ago

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