Highlights and goals: Turkey 2-0 Lithuania in UEFA Nations League
Photo: Publicity/Lithuania


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With the victory, Turkey did not guarantee a place in the first division of the Nations League in this round due to Luxembourg's victory against Faroe Islands, but they only need a draw in the next game to guarantee classification. Lithuania remains without points and at the bottom of the group.
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Turkey 2-0 Lithuania.
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Dursun submitted and Bartkus saved.
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Let's go to 96 minutes.
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84' Change in Lithuania

Entered: Tutyskinas

Out: Milasius.

4:30 PM23 days ago

84' Changes in Turkey

Entered: Muldur and Çukur

Out: Under and Kadioglu.

4:26 PM23 days ago

82' LOST

Cengiz Ünder missed the possibility of the third Turkish goal.
4:25 PM23 days ago


Another penalty for Turkey in the game.
4:24 PM23 days ago

80' Yellow

Milašius received a card.
4:22 PM23 days ago

78' Change in Lithuania

Entered: Satkus

Out: Klimavičius.

4:19 PM23 days ago


Serdar Dursun finished well and Bartkus made a good save.
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Shootings: 26-6.
4:16 PM23 days ago

71' Changes in Lithuania

Entered: Klimavicius

Out: Golubickas.

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Cengiz Ünder dropped the bomb and Bartkus defended.
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Çalhanoğlu finished again.
4:05 PM23 days ago

62' Changes in Turkey

Entered: Sinik and Akgun

Out: Akturkoglu and Dervisoglu.

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Çalhanoğlu took a penalty and scored the second goal for Turkey.
3:57 PM23 days ago

53' Yellow

Armanavičius received a card for the penalty he committed.
3:56 PM23 days ago


Armanavičius awarded a penalty, after a VAR review, the foul inside the area was confirmed.
3:53 PM23 days ago

48' Yellow

Černych was fouled hard and received a card.
3:52 PM23 days ago

Moving in Lithuania

Entered: Armanavicius and Sirvys

Out: Lasuckas and Baravykas.

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It follows 1-0 for Turkey.
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Turkey 1-0 Lithuania.
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Dervişoğlu reached the attack, but without danger.
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Let's go to 47 minutes.


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Kaan Ayhan received a pass from Cengiz Ünde opened the scoring for Turkey, after so much pressure.
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Aktürkoğlu received a pass, but the flag got offside.
3:18 PM23 days ago

31' Yellow

Baravykas was fouled hard and received the first card of the game.
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Another submission from Turkey, Çalhanoğlu shot wide.
3:10 PM23 days ago


Cengiz Ünder finished and Lithuania's defense blocked.
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Submissions: 6-3.
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After lifting, Söyüncü headed out.


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Dursun submitted once again for Turkey, but he also missed the target.
2:57 PM23 days ago


Çalhanoğlu finished, but missed the target.
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First corner of the game is for Turkey.


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Turkey with 79% possession of the ball.
2:48 PM23 days ago


Lasickas finished and the Turkish goalkeeper made the save.
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It's League of Nations at VAVEL. Turkey vs Lithuania.
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In Turkey's three current Nations League victories, all have been clean sheets.



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Less than 15 minutes to the start of the game.


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Turkey has scored at least 2.5 goals in seven of the last eight games.
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Lithuania have conceded goals in the last 21 matches. The last time he didn't concede a goal in a match was on October 14, 2020, in the goalless draw against Albania.


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Bartkus; Baravykas, Girdvainis, Klimavicius, Barauskas; Lasickas, Megelaitis, Uzela, Milasius; Golubickas, Cernych.
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Less than 35 minutes to the start of the game.
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Open quotes!

Turkish coach Stefan Kuntz commented on some important points at the pre-game press conference: "As I said before, our doors are open to all good artists". Kuntz said at a press conference at Gürsel Aksel Stadium, where the match will take place; disputed, that all players called up for the selection of candidates deserve the chance to play for the national team with their performances in their clubs.''

"Calling these training matches would also underestimate the value of the match. After all, they are international matches between national teams. The analysis we do after the matches é important. É It's important that we tell players about the information we've given them and the aspects they need to improve. How to create differences in certain positions, how to act differently, we were able to transfer them to our players. As I said before, our doors are open to all good artists. I even told a joke to the players here. Play so perfectly here that your other friends can't come.

 "But we are in a transfer season, youê know, where the result of these transfers will lead. Therefore, if players continue to play regularly wherever they go, there may be problems such as injuries. So it wouldn't be right to express an opinion about the September games right now, but the squad we call the core is here with us."

"I asked all of them, which one of you is? tired, and 26 of them responded 'we are not tired'. It shows how much they play wholeheartedly for the national team.

"Haverá a very special atmosphere in this stadium too. Because there is not; a game in Izmir há a long time, é of course there is; an emotion that it will bring. I hope all players are ready to play. É of course we'll see too, everyone said 'I'm ready', but let's also look at who's ready. really honest, who isá lying."

"This kind of support é importantly, the support that our fans of Turkish origin will give us everywhere é very important. But I think our players should make the first fire, the first spark here with their performance and their approach to matches. During the Luxembourg game, many of my family and friends were there; and they gave me pictures. In other words, they wore their shirts back then, my friends until then; they wore the Turkish national team shirt. There was a great time, an environment where everyone was flying with happiness. É untilé It's a little difficult to put older people in that mood. Give them a special happiness to enter this atmosphere of enthusiasm and follow along. One of the funniest stories I can tell is: 4 of my teammates, we played football on Wednesdays for the movement. These friends of mine also came to the game. There are usually á Usual times for drinking beer. We accommodate them at the hotel. Although I thought they would probably want a beer again, all four ordered tea; suddenly, and I was incredibly surprised."

The goalkeeper Altay Bayındır also participated in the press conference.

 "É better serve this flag, this coat of arms, which are é important to us.''

"We look at him in a professional way. Our friendship is also; on the field, as it should be. Of course, everyone has their own positive or negative opinions. É I need to respect him. What matters to us é serve this flag, this coat of arms to the best of my ability. Whoever vá to the field, whoever our coach is, I want to go out and do our best untilé the end."

"É a difficult process for us. Because the football player needs to hear as much as he works, as much as he trains, in certain periods. It was a short period for us. But we are in the national team, after all, and é a great honor, a great honor, a great honor to be here. Therefore, we will do our job professionally. Yes, it will be time to rest, but now é the time to work. What do we need to focus on é in the games we are going to play, we spend the games we play in a good way. We will have a short holiday after playing our last game in a healthy way. After that, let's start the season, God willing."

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Likely Turkey!

Çakir; Çelik, Demiral, Soyuncu, Kadroglu; Under, Tokoz, Çalhanoglu; Rursun, Sinik, Dervisoglu.
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How do you get to Turkey?

Turkey continues swimming with arms in the third division group of the Nations League. A victory today can give great peace of mind to the remaining games. Depending on the outcome of the other game, with a triumph, the Turkish team can guarantee themselves in League B today.


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Speak, Paulius Golubickas!

"Defensive mistakes, six goals lost, we really achieved too much. We also didn't have so many opportunities, we had to make them happen. We need more compactness, more unity, we need to fight for each other.  Só so we can resist rivals", said defender Paulius Golubickas.

"The psychological condition is not; good, we suffered three losses in a row, but a new day awaits us, a new match, I think we have nothing to lose, we have to fight until; the end.''

Photo: Publicity/Lithuania
Photo: Publicity/Lithuania

"There is not; much to say about the ten goals lost, one of them scored", said the defender who plays in Croatia.''

"Personally, I will not have these problems, maybe the ball passes differently in different fields, but it will beá enough to do a warm-up and it will beá enough.''

"He just came to our attention then.  "The coach didn't see me in this game, I'll wait for my opportunity in the others,' he said.

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Likely Lithuania!

Bartkus; Baravykas, Utkus, Klimavicius, Barauskas; Slivka, Megelaitis, Lasickas, Cernych, Novikovas; Klimavicius.
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How do you get to Lithuania?

Lithuania é bottom of the group with no points conquered, only one goal scored and 10 conceded. At the moment, it would be dropping to League D of the Nations League, a sort of fourth tier of competition. In the last 10 games, there were seven defeats, two victories and one draw.
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Group D

1. Turkey - 9 points

2. Luxembourg - 6 points

3. Faroe Islands - 3 points

4. Lithuania - 0 points.

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The match will be played at Göztepe Gürsel Aksel Stadı

The Turkey vs Lithuania match will be played at the Göztepe Gürsel Aksel Stadı with a capacity of 25.035 people.
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