Goals and Highlights: Tijuana 3-4 León in Friendly Match 2022
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Match ends with León's victory
1:26 PM16 days ago


Gooooooal for Leon

Yael Uribe scores to put them ahead on the scoreboard. 

1:21 PM16 days ago


Again in the first 10 minutes, goals were scored by both teams, Alam Galindo for Tijuana and Armando León for León.
1:05 PM16 days ago


Increased intensity with young people looking for a place in the team
1:04 PM16 days ago


León and Tijuana scores respectively and the score remains tied
12:55 PM16 days ago

45 minutes will be played with the youth teams.
12:42 PM16 days ago


Substitute teams like León's enter: Blanco, Juárez, Luna, Ramírez, Villa, Álvarez, Díaz, Rangel, Uribe, Muñiz, León.
12:42 PM16 days ago


The second half ends and the starting teams come out.
12:27 PM16 days ago


Modifications to the match begin and the teams move their pieces
12:17 PM16 days ago


one hour of soccer and the game is still tied at one goal with goals by López and Martínez.
12:16 PM16 days ago


Tijuana seeks to respond but is hampered by Leon's defense
12:06 PM16 days ago


Start of the second half, which will last 30 minutes.
12:00 PM16 days ago


The first half ends with a momentary tie at 1 goal.
11:43 AM16 days ago


Goooooooooal for Tijuana

Penalty kick for the Xolos and scored by Lisandro López 

11:39 AM16 days ago


Goooooooal for Leon

Federico Martinez scores and Paiva's team is already in the lead. 

11:35 AM16 days ago


the match remains tied with a lot of intensity between the two teams.
11:25 AM16 days ago


El León is playing with this team: Blanco, Cervantes, Barreiro, Tesillo, Osvaldo, Colombatto, Iván, Mena, Moreno, Fede, Dávila.
11:16 AM16 days ago


Lion approaches the opponent's goal and Renato Paiva's team is looking to open the scoring
11:15 AM16 days ago

Tijuana-León preparation match kicks off
11:07 AM16 days ago

Everything ready for the preseason game

We are minutes away from the start of Tijuana vs León, follow all the action on VAVEL
11:01 AM16 days ago

Different format for this Liga MX tournament

This Liga MX Apertura 2022 tournament will have a shorter duration due to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, so it will have 3 double dates and will end a month earlier than usual.
10:57 AM16 days ago

Rumors and transfers in Liga MX

The big signing of this tournament would be striker Luuk de Jong if he arrives at Toluca, which has announced several signings so far and has taken Meneses and Navarro from Leon.
10:53 AM16 days ago

The format of the meeting

The match will be played for 120 minutes, with up to 4 halves of 30 minutes with half-time.
10:50 AM16 days ago

The first days for both teams

Leon to debut at Atletico San Luis, while Tijuana will play against Pumas on the road
10:47 AM16 days ago

The future of both teams

The two teams did not make it to the playoffs, so this is the minimum they must achieve in the upcoming tournament
10:46 AM16 days ago

The stadium of the day

The match will be played in Querétaro at the La Corregidora stadium, which was a World Cup stadium in 1986 but has been closed due to various problems in the last tournament.
10:45 AM16 days ago

Best assistants

El León will rely on Luis Montes to assist the forwards, while Tijuana will look to Christian Rivera to provide the ball to the forwards.
10:40 AM16 days ago

Top scorers

For Tijuana, Manotas will be in charge of the goals, while for León, Victor Dávila will be in charge of the goals.
10:35 AM16 days ago

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What time is Tijuana vs Leon match for Friendly Match?

This is the start time of the game Tijuana vs Leon of 15th June in several countries:


Argentina: 12:00 PM

Bolivia: 11:00 AM

Brazil: 12:00 PM

Chile: 11:00 AM

Colombia: 11:00 AM

Ecuador: 11:00 AM

USA (ET): 11:00 AM

Spain: 17:00 PM

Mexico: 10:00 AM

Paraguay: 12:00 PM

Peru: 11:00 AM

Uruguay: 12:00 PM

10:25 AM16 days ago

Watch out for this Tijuana player

Mauro Manotas will have the obligation to score goals with the Tijuana shirt, as he will have a second chance to win over the fans of the border who miss and need a team that is once again a protagonist in the Mx league. 
10:20 AM16 days ago

Watch out for this Leon player

Luis Montes is the player with the most heart and is the image of the León team. Montes will surely be a starter in Paiva's team at the beginning of the tournament and will continue to be the brains of his team. 
10:15 AM16 days ago

Leon's 11 in Liga Mx

1 Luis García, 2 Raúl López, 23 Haret Ortega, 4 Valter Huerta, 194 Jorge Rodríguez, 10 Leonardo Fernández, 15 Jordan Sierra, 20 Claudio Baeza, 30 Alan Rodríguez, 19 Ian González, 25 Alexis Canelo.
10:10 AM16 days ago

Tijuana's last 11 in Liga Mx

1 Jonathan Orozco, 22 Vladimir Loroña, 34 Victor Guzmán, 3 Eduardo Tercero, 2 Brayan Angulo, 35 José Juan Vázquez, 14 Christian Rivera, 5 Renato Ibarra, 6 Marcel Ruíz, 10 Joaquín Montecinos, 9 Mauro Manotas.
10:05 AM16 days ago

Liga MX is ready for its return

The Mexican tournament is about to start again with a 2022 opening that will be shorter due to the Qatar 2022 World Cup and that will have many question marks with Atlas winning the championship twice, America, Cruz Azul, Pumas and Chivas looking for a star and Monterrey and Tigres as the teams that will spend the most.
10:00 AM16 days ago

León to return to the top

León did not qualify for the playoffs last tournament after finishing in 13th place with 21 points, having a major debacle after they were finalists in the Apertura 2021 and lost to Atlas.
La Fiera hired the Portuguese Renato Paiva to replace Ariel Holan as León's technical director.
9:55 AM16 days ago

Tijuana with outstanding debts

The Xolos de Tijuana finished the last Mexican tournament in 17th place with 17 points, one of their worst tournaments, which is why they made the decision to hire players and change their coach to Ricardo Valiño, who had good results with Atlético Morelia of the Expansion league.
9:50 AM16 days ago

Friendly match

A friendly match is being played in Querétaro between Xolos de Tijuana and Club León, which will serve as a chance for each team to get ready for the upcoming Liga MX tournament.
9:45 AM16 days ago

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