Highlights and goals: England 2-0 Austria in 2022 U-19 European Championship
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4:10 PM18 days ago


Our coverage of the England vs Austria match of the U-19 European Championship Group B Matchday 1 comes to an end.

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3:57 PM18 days ago

90+6' End of the match!

The game ends at the Národný Atletický Štadión. ENGLAND WON! Good start for Ian Foster's team in the final stage of the championship.
3:55 PM18 days ago

90+5' England had it again!

Iling-Junior tried Iling-Junior after a pass from Bynoe-Gittens, but Scherf made a save.
3:49 PM18 days ago

90+1' England had it!

Bynoe-Gittens' shot from outside the box was well saved by Scherf to send the ball into the far corner.
3:48 PM18 days ago

90' Additional time

Six more minutes will be played in the match.
3:44 PM18 days ago

85' Last minutes

The end of the match is near. Austria has not been able to generate any scoring chances apart from the one that hit the post.
3:39 PM18 days ago

80' England double substitution

Jamie Bynoe-Gittens and Samuel Illing-Junior come in for Alfie Devine and Carney Chukwuemeka.
3:36 PM18 days ago

75' Triple substitution for Austria

Jakob Knollmüller, Justin Forst and Florian Wustinger replace Nikolas Veratschnig, Yusuf Demir and Ervin Omic.
3:34 PM18 days ago

75' Yellow card

Pascal Fallmann was cautioned in Austria.
3:32 PM18 days ago

72' Double substitution for England

Daniel Oyegoke and Liam Delap replace Brooke Norton-Cuffy and Dane Scarlett.
3:31 PM18 days ago

68' Yellow card

Dane Scarlett was cautioned for England.
3:27 PM18 days ago

67' BALL TO THE POST! Austria had a chance

Yusuf Demir shot inside the box and the ball hit the right post.
3:24 PM18 days ago

65' GOOOOAL for England!

ALFIE DEVINE! The midfielder slammed a shot inside the area and nailed the ball into the corner of the left post.
3:21 PM18 days ago

60' England substitution

Enter Alex Scott in place of Aaron Ramsey.
3:20 PM18 days ago

57' Double substitution for Austria

Dominix Weixelbraun and Justin Omoregie replace Onurhan Babuscu and Benjamin Kanuric.
3:13 PM18 days ago

55' First minutes of the second half

England continues to win by the narrowest of margins. Austria fails to generate danger for now.
3:09 PM18 days ago

47' Yellow card

Harvey Vale in England was cautioned.
3:08 PM18 days ago


Dane Scarlett took advantage of a mistake by the Austrian defense, shot at goal and the ball hit the right post, then on the rebound Aaron Ramsey shot and Ervin Omic saved on the line.
3:04 PM18 days ago

Second half begins

The match restarts. There are no changes in the teams for the second half.
2:48 PM18 days ago

45+1' End of the first half

The first 45 minutes are over. England leads partially 1-0 over Austria.
2:47 PM18 days ago

45' Additional time

One more minute will be played in the first half.
2:46 PM18 days ago

43' GOOOOOAL for England

CARNEY CHUKWUEMEKA! The midfielder scores after receiving Scarlett's pass in the box, which he had previously set up.
2:44 PM18 days ago

40' Last five minutes

The end of the first half is near. The score remains tied for now.
2:39 PM18 days ago

36' Austria came closer

Demir's shot was caught by Cox.
2:37 PM18 days ago

35' England had it!

Chukwuemeka approached the area and shot, but Scherf caught the ball.
2:36 PM18 days ago

31' BALL TO THE POST! England had it

Aaron Ramsey received the ball in the box, turned and shot, but the right post said no to it.
2:34 PM18 days ago

30' Half hour of match

The match is still tied. We don't have much excitement so far.
2:28 PM18 days ago

25' Austria came closer

Kanuric's shot from half distance was saved by Cox.
2:22 PM18 days ago

20' The tie continues

The score remains 0-0. No scoring options for the moment... It's a boring match so far.
2:17 PM18 days ago

15' First quarter of the game

Fifteen minutes have been played. The game is still very short due to fouls.
2:15 PM18 days ago

7' Austria came closer

Wallner headed in a ball from a free kick taken by Jasic, but goalkeeper Cox saved the ball.
2:07 PM18 days ago

5' First minutes

Still no approaches to the penalty area. A lot of friction in the first minutes of the game.
2:02 PM18 days ago

Match starts

The game between England and Austria is underway.
2:00 PM18 days ago

Match Officials

Referee: Manfredas Lukjančukas - Lithuania

Assistant No.1: Edgaras Bučinskas - Lithuania

Assistant No.2: Luke Portelli - Malta

Fourth official: Matthew De Gabriele - Malta

1:55 PM18 days ago

Teams on the field

The England and Austria players take the field at the Národný Atletický Štadión.
1:50 PM18 days ago

Substitutes - Austria

21. Patrick Moser (GK), 04. Leonardo Ivkic, 07. Dominik Weixelbraun, 09. Justin Forst, 11. Jakob Knollmüller, 13. Justin Omoregie, 15. Nico Wiesinger, 16. Florian Wustinger, 19. Sandro Schendl.
1:45 PM18 days ago

Starting XI - Austria

| 01. Elias Scherf |
| 14. Leopold Querfeld | 06. Ervin Omic | 05. Lukas Wallner |
| 03. Samuel Mischitz | 08. Adis Jasic | 18. Benjamin Kanuric | 17. Pascal Fallmann |
| 10. Yusuf Demir | 22. Nikolas Veratschnig | 20. Onurhan Babuscu |

Coach: Martin Scherb

1:40 PM18 days ago

Substitutes - England

13. Ted Sharman-Lowe (GK), 12. Daniel Oyegoke, 14. Alex Scott, 15. Luke Chambers, 16. Bashir Humphreys, 17. Samuel Iling-Junior, 18. Jamie Bynoe-Gittens, 19. Liam Delap, 20. Daniel Jebbison.
1:35 PM18 days ago

Starting XI - England

| 01. Matthew Cox |
| 02. Norton-Cuffy | 05. Ronnie Edwards | 06. Jarell Quansah | 03. Callum Doyle |
| 04. Timothy Iroegbunam | 08. Carney Chukwuemeka |
| 07. Alfie Devine | 10. Aaron Ramsey | 11. Harvey Vale |
| 09. Dane Scarlett |

Coach: Ian Foster

1:30 PM18 days ago

Welcome back

We are now ready to bring you the action from this match between England and Austria, from the first day of Group B of the U19 European Championship.
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Tune in here England vs Austria Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the England vs Austria live match, as well as the latest information from the Národný Atletický Štadión. Do not miss a detail of the match live updates and commentaries of VAVEL coverage.
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What time is England vs Austria match for U-19 European Championship?

This is the start time of the game England vs Austria of June 19th 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 3:00 PM on Star +
Bolivia: 2:00 PM on Star +
Brazil: 3:00 PM
Chile: 2:00 PM on Star +
Colombia: 1:00 PM on Star +
Ecuador: 1:00 PM on Star +
USA (ET): 2:00 PM on TUDN.com, ESPN3, TUDN USA, TUDN App
Spain: 8:00 PM
Mexico: 1:00 PM on Star +
Paraguay: 2:00 PM on Star +
Peru: 1:00 PM on Star +
Uruguay: 3:00 PM on Star +

1:10 PM18 days ago

Key player - Austria

In Austria, the presence of Adis Jasic stands out. The midfielder has been one of the most important players of the team for his contribution in terms of goals for the qualification to the final phase of the U19 European Championship.
1:05 PM18 days ago

Key player - England

In England, the presence of Dane Scarlett stands out. The striker from Tottenham's youth academy has been one of the most important players in the process to reach the final phase of the European Championship, as he scored six goals in the qualifying phase and is the main attacking player.
1:00 PM18 days ago

England vs Austria history

These two teams have met twice, talking about the U19 European Championship. The statistics are even, as each team has won one match.

The first time they met was in the 2003 edition on July 16, with the Austrians winning 2-1, while the other duel was in the 2010 edition on July 18, with the English winning 3-2.

12:55 PM18 days ago

Preview of the match

England has booked its ticket to the U19 European Championship finals after emerging victorious in Group A of the qualifying round and first in Group C of the elite round. The English team is looking for its second title, after the one obtained in 2017.

Austria had to suffer a bit more to be able to be in this part of the championship, as they came second in group C of the qualifying round. They did, however, achieve the epic feat of leaving behind Spain and Denmark in Group G of the elite round.

12:50 PM18 days ago

Group B

The group B of the competition is made up of:
  • Austria
  • England
  • Israel
  • Serbia
12:45 PM18 days ago

The match will be played at the Národný Atletický Štadión

The England vs. Austria match will be played at the Národný Atletický Štadión, located in the city of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. This venue, inaugurated in 1959, has a capacity for 9,800 spectators.
12:40 PM18 days ago

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