Goals and Highlights: Israel 4-2 Austria in UEFA European U19 Championship 2022
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End game

Israel 4-2 Austria.
1:18 PM6 days ago


An additional 6 minutes will be added.
1:13 PM6 days ago


Tomer enters and Ebraheim leaves, change of Israel.
1:08 PM6 days ago



Yusuf Demir takes the direct free kick and nails it into the corner to close the gap and make the scoreboard more decorative.

1:03 PM6 days ago


Navie and Infrah enter

Lugasi and Gluh out

Israel changes


Israel's Israelov has been cautioned.

12:58 PM6 days ago


Mucha and Edri enter

Revivo and Madmon leave.

Israel changes.

12:53 PM6 days ago


Fallman and Schendl join

Weixelbraun and Revivo come off.

Austria changes

12:48 PM6 days ago



A powerful counter-attack by the blue team that ends with a powerful shot by Oscar Gluh after getting past the goalkeeper and just sending the ball into the net 4-1.

12:43 PM6 days ago



Ilay Madmon takes a low, well-placed penalty kick to extend the lead 3-1 against Austria.

12:38 PM6 days ago


The referee awarded Israel a penalty kick.
12:33 PM6 days ago


The second half begins between Israel and Austria.
12:28 PM6 days ago

Half time

Israel 2-1 Austria.
12:23 PM6 days ago


Add one more minute.
12:18 PM6 days ago


Florian Wustinger's header from inside the six-yard box goes over the opponent's goal.
12:13 PM6 days ago


Adis Jasic's direct free kick goes over the top of the goal.
12:08 PM6 days ago


A weak header that lands in the hands of goalkeeper Tomer Zarfati.
12:03 PM6 days ago



Ariel Lugassy is left alone at the far post and one-on-one in front of the goalkeeper sends the ball wide, regaining the lead 2-1.

11:58 AM6 days ago


Yusuf Demir makes the long drive to put in the shot that covers the defense.
11:53 AM6 days ago



Adis Jasic with the cross to the far post that none of his teammates touch the ball and it ends up sneaking into the back of the net for 1-1.

11:48 AM6 days ago


Ariel Lugasi's shot from outside the area goes wide.
11:43 AM6 days ago


Dominik Weixelbraun's shot from half distance is saved by the Israeli goalkeeper.
11:38 AM6 days ago


Austria tries to react with a set piece that goes wide.
11:33 AM6 days ago



A cross to the far post is awkwardly headed into the back of the net by Tai Abed to make it 1-0.

11:28 AM6 days ago


Good play by Israel, with a series of touches that Ahmad Ebraheim defines and covers the defense.
11:23 AM6 days ago


The game between Israel and Austria U-19 kicks off.
11:18 AM6 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Israel and Austria for the U-19 European Championship. Don't miss all the details on VAVEL.
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Austria substitutes

11 Jakob Knollmüller

18 Benjamin Kanuric

19 Sandro Schendl

3 Samuel Mischitz

17 Pascal Fallmann

21 Patrick Moser

9 Justin Forst

15 Nico Wiesinger

4 Leonardo Ivkic

11:08 AM6 days ago

Israel substitutes

2 Tomer Ilay

9 Dor Turgeman

19 Idan Gorno

5 Shon Edri

7 Nehorai Ifrah

14 Roy Navi

16 Noam Muche

17 Uriel Baya

1 Lior Gliklich

11:03 AM6 days ago

XI Austria

1 Elias Scherf, 5 Lukas Wallner, 14 Leopold Querfeld, 13 Justin Omoregie, 8 Adis Jasic, 6 Ervin Omic, 16 Florian Wustinger, 22 Nikolas Veratschnig, 7 Dominik Weixelbraun, 20 Onurhan Babuscu, 10 Yusuf Demir.
10:58 AM6 days ago

XI Israel

18 Tomer Zarfati, 3 Or Alon Israelov, 4 Stav Lamkin, 12 Roy Revivo, 13 Ilay Faingold, 10 Oscar Gluh, 6 El Yam Kancepolsky, 8 Ilay Madmon, 20 Ahmad Ebraheim, 11 Ariel Lugasi, 15 Tai Abed.
10:53 AM6 days ago

The scorers

Oscar Gluh and Ahmad Ebraheim are Israel's scorers so far, each scoring once in the last game.
10:48 AM6 days ago

How is the other group doing?

France and Italy have already qualified for the semifinals after two victories, although Slovakia and Romania still have a chance to play in the Playoff should either of them win the direct duel between them.
10:43 AM6 days ago

The stadium

The stadium for this match will be the Futbalový štadión Žiar nad Hronom in Slovakia.
10:38 AM6 days ago

Closing of the group stage

The group stage will close on Saturday at 13:00 hours in Mexico and 14:00 in the USA at the same time, when Austria takes on Serbia and Israel faces England.
10:33 AM6 days ago

The other game

At 1:00 p.m. Mexico time and 2:00 p.m. United States time, we will be bringing you what happens in the other game of this group between England and Serbia.
10:28 AM6 days ago


The second day of the U-19 European Championship kicks off with the clash between Israel and Austria, teams that are coming off the back of a winless debut. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
10:23 AM6 days ago

Tune in here Israel vs Austria Live Score in UEFA European U19 Championship 2022

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What time is Israel vs Austria match for UEFA European U19 Championship 2022?

This is the start time of the game Israel vs Austria of June 22nd in several countries:

Argentina: 12:30 PM On ESPN and Star +

Bolivia: 11:30 PM On ESPN and Star +

Brazil: 12:30 PM On ESPN and Star +

Chile: 12:30 PM On ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 10:30 AM On ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 10:30 AM On ESPN and Star +

United States (ET): 11:30 AM On ESPN and ESPN +

Spain: 5:30 PM On ESPN and Star +

Mexico: 10:30 AM On ESPN and Star +

Paraguay: 12:30 PM On ESPN and Star +

Peru: 10:30 AM On ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 1:30 PM On ESPN and Star +

10:13 AM6 days ago

Last Games

Austria will be closing out the UEFA U-19 Championship against Serbia and Israel will have a tough match against England.
10:08 AM6 days ago

Key Player Austria

If the defeat in the first game was not more heavy, it was thanks to goalkeeper Elias Scherf, who had some important interventions to avoid a catastrophe in the goal difference of the tournament.
10:03 AM6 days ago

Key Player Israel

Undoubtedly the most skillful player in the squad is Oscar Gluh, who is capable of generating unbalance in the midfield and scored one of the goals with which they drew 2-2 against Serbia in their debut in this tournament.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
9:58 AM6 days ago

Last lineup Austria

1 Elias Scherf, 5 Lukas Wallner, 17 Pascal Fallmann, 14 Leopold Querfeld, 6 Ervin Omic, 8 Adis Jasic, 18 Benjamin Kanuric, 3 Samuel Mischitz, 22 Nikolas Veratschnig, 20 Onurhan Babuscu, 10 Yusuf Demir.
9:53 AM6 days ago

Last lineup Israel

1 Lior Gliklich, 3 Or Alon Israelov, 4 Stav Lamkin, 5 Shon Edri, 2 Tomer Ilay, 10 Oscar Gluh, 6 El Yam Kancepolsky, 8 Ilay Madmon, 9 Dor Turgeman, 11 Ariel Lugasi, 7 Nehorai Ifrah.
9:48 AM6 days ago

Austria: getting back on track

After facing the toughest opponent in the section where they lost 2-0 to England, Austria must win this game if they want to advance to the next round, otherwise they will have to rely on a miracle for the last game.
9:43 AM6 days ago

Israel: handling the game

When it seemed they had the victory in their hands against Serbia, a last-minute goal snatched that right away and now they will have to come out forced to win if they want to think about advancing to the next round of the UEFA U-19.
9:38 AM6 days ago

The Kick-off

The Israel vs Austria match will be played at the Futbalový štadión Žiar nad Hronom Stadium, in Slovakia, Slovakia. The kick-off is scheduled at 11:30 am ET.
9:33 AM6 days ago

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