Goals and Summary of Ajax 3-0 SV Meppen in Friendly Match.
Image: VAVEL


1:53 PM2 months ago


The match ends Ajax 3-0 Meppen.
1:40 PM2 months ago


Last minutes of the match, Ajax is taking the win in this friendly match.
1:31 PM2 months ago


Several changes are made to the match.
1:29 PM2 months ago


The intensity of the game drops and Ajax continues to dominate the match.
1:21 PM2 months ago


The score remains the same with Ajax leading by 3 goals.
1:16 PM2 months ago


Meppen tries to generate scoring moves, but Ajax defends very well.
1:11 PM2 months ago


Ajax seeks its fourth goal of the match.
1:07 PM2 months ago


Ajax is still in control of the match.
1:04 PM2 months ago


The second half begins.
12:48 PM2 months ago


First half ends Ajax 3-0 Meppen.
12:37 PM2 months ago


Ajax's goal is the third goal.
12:36 PM2 months ago


Meppen fends off the Dutch onslaught.
12:28 PM2 months ago


Ajax becomes the dominant force in the match.
12:24 PM2 months ago


¡Quick goal for Ajax's second goal.
12:20 PM2 months ago


Ajax's goal opens the scoring.
12:16 PM2 months ago


Ajax presses for the first goal but Meppen defends brilliantly.
12:08 PM2 months ago


They fight hard for the ball in the midfield, but have yet to generate scoring plays.
12:04 PM2 months ago


Ajax starts with more ball possession.
12:01 PM2 months ago


The friendly match between Ajax and Meppen kicks off.
11:45 AM2 months ago

All ready

Everything is ready for the start of the match, the two teams get ready in the locker room and prepare to take the field.
11:35 AM2 months ago

Already warming up

The two teams are warming up 25 minutes before kick-off.
11:23 AM2 months ago

Lineup SV Meppen

11:16 AM2 months ago

Lineup Ajax

This is Ajax Lineup

11:15 AM2 months ago

Teams are arriving

The teams are already at the stadium and are getting ready to warm up.
11:10 AM2 months ago


Few fans are present at the stadium for the friendly between Ajax and Meppen.
11:05 AM2 months ago


Both teams will have a full roster, in addition to some youth players who will be looking for a place in their team's senior squad of soccer.
11:00 AM2 months ago

Stay tuned to follow this match live.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Ajax vs Meppen, as well as the latest information from Sportspark De Vondersweijde. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL Mexico's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
10:55 AM2 months ago

Where to watch Ajax vs Meppen?

The match will not be broadcast on television.

If you want to watch the match via streaming, you can watch it on Star+.

If you want to watch the match online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

10:50 AM2 months ago


These two teams have never met before, and this will be the first time they meet in this friendly match. The oddsmakers say that the favorite to win this match is Ajax, which has a more complete team and will undoubtedly be the big favorite.
10:45 AM2 months ago

Both teams with the idea of arriving well.

Ajax in the Eredivise league, and Meppen in the German League 3, both teams with the clear goal of transcending in their tournaments, will face each other with the intention of reaching their leagues in the best possible way.
10:40 AM2 months ago

Last Lineup Meppen

This is the latest lineup of the German squad.

10:35 AM2 months ago

Last Lineup Ajax

This is the latest lineup of the Dutch squad.

10:30 AM2 months ago

Key Player Ajax

Edson Álvarez

Mexican goalkeeper, originally from Tlalnepantla, born on October 24, he is one of the promising players of the Mexican national team, in the last tournament he has 31 games played, 5 goals scored and one assist, with the senior national team he has 55 games and 2 goals scored, without a doubt a great player who has been seen by several European teams.

10:25 AM2 months ago

Key Player SV Meppen

Richard Sukuta-Pasu.

The 32 year old German striker is one of the best players of Meppen, he has 19 games played and 5 goals scored, as well as an assist with the German national team, he only played with the U-20 with which he had 11 games and one goal scored, a player who does not shine so much but who has a lot of talent.

10:20 AM2 months ago

Sportspark De Vondersweijde

Located in the Netherlands is a very small sports complex, will be the scene of this preparation match for Edson Alvarez's team preparing for the start of the Eredivise season, has a capacity for 6,400 people and will be the stadium where the Ajax vs SV Meppen will be played.

10:15 AM2 months ago

Good morning, VAVEL friends!

Welcome to the Ajax vs Meppen live stream, corresponding to the Friendly Match. The match will take place at Sportpark De Vondersweijde, at 11:00 (CDMX).