Goals and Highlights: Fortaleza 1-1 Estudiantes in Copa Libertadores
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10:24 PMa month ago

End of transmission

We end tonight's broadcast and invite you to follow us next time.
10:22 PMa month ago

Match ended

The first chapter of this key is over, where neither of them took advantage and everything will be solved in La Plata.

Although Estudiantes played better, was better from the collective point of view, Fortaleza took advantage of the few they had and almost won a match where they were inferior inside the field. 

10:20 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 90+3

Fortaleza looked for it in the last minutes, but Estudiantes looked very good at the back.
10:19 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 90+1

The player Pikachu falls to the ground in the opponent's area, it seems at first glance that there is no penalty, but the VAR is apparently talking to the referee and there is still no continuity.
10:17 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 90

5 more minutes will be played.
10:14 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 88

Not much happens in the last minutes, it seems that the teams are happy with the result.
10:12 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 84

Trouble in the area between Diaz and the home goalkeeper, but the referee resolved it easily with a yellow card for both.
10:08 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 81

The visitors continued to attack and now Diaz's shot in the area went wide.

After this, the assistant raised the flag and the play was disallowed.


10:06 PMa month ago

🔄 Change

There are changes in the local team, Ronald and Capixaba leave, to give way to Felipe and Crispim.
10:05 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 78

Diaz is found on the ground and medical assistance must come in to attend him, he gets up a few seconds later and continues to be attended to outside the field.
10:02 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 76

The level of play rises, both teams are looking for it but the defenses are at a standstill in these last minutes.
10:01 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 73

A pass to the back that seemed to be controlled by the Fortaleza defense, Diaz threaded the ball and Heredia anticipated, shot but the goalkeeper made a good save.
9:58 PMa month ago

🔄 Change

For the visitors, Boselli leaves the field and Heredia takes his place.
9:57 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 70

There is a strong foul by an Estudiantes player, the opponents ask the referee to go to the VAR, but he does not receive a call and the match continues.
9:54 PMa month ago

🔄 Change

For the local team, Landazuri is injured and Romarinho comes in in his place.
9:54 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 66

The home team's spirits drop and now Estudiantes is back in the game.
9:53 PMa month ago


The changes were useful, as Mas filtered a ball to Rollheiser, who simply went all the way to the back, then sent the cross back and Diaz, who had also just entered the field, shot inside the box to tie the game.
9:51 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 62


Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goal for Estudiantes

Goalooooooooooooooooooooooooooo from Diaaaaaaaaaaaaz.

9:47 PMa month ago

🔄 Change

For the visitors, Castro and Zapiola came off the bench to make way for Rollheiser and Díaz.
9:44 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 58

The local team lifted their spirits, got into the game and looked for the second goal.
9:43 PMa month ago


When Estudiantes was playing at its best, Landazuri stole a ball at the start, passed it to Romero, who only had to shoot with his left foot to beat the rival goalkeeper.
9:41 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 55


Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool for Fortaleza

Goalooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo by Romeroooo

9:41 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 54

Estudiantes came out more determined for the victory and wants to score as soon as possible.
9:37 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 52

Strange play in the Fortaleza area, Estudiantes ends up eating it with a shot that hits a rival, but then the flag is raised and the play is over.
9:35 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 50

High pressure from Estudiantes, Boselli won the ball, left it to Castro, who could not finish comfortably and missed the opportunity.
9:35 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 48

Once again Estudiantes took the initiative, took possession of the ball and looked for the opponent's area.
9:33 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 46

With no changes, the second half began with the home team coming out with a different attitude and looking for a quick goal.
9:31 PMa month ago

The second half started

The last 45 minutes of this key to be played in Brazil are underway.
9:18 PMa month ago

First half ended

The first 45 minutes of this exciting match are over and the score has yet to be opened in Brazil.
9:18 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 45+1

Estudiantes was saved!

A great play by Moises, who individually entered the area, took out the goalkeeper, defined as it was, but Rogel came out of nowhere and took it off the line.

9:15 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 45

1 more minute will be played in this first half.
9:12 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 43

The visiting team's intensity dropped, and the home team took advantage of this and began to settle in the opponent's field.
9:12 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 42

The home team had a chance, a cross from a corner kick from the left, Landazuri won with a header, but it hit an opponent and then he took the rebound, shot with a half volley and the ball went over the crossbar.
9:10 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 38

A cross from the left by Estudiantes, they won with their head, but they defined very poorly and that was the end of the game.
9:06 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 36

Although Fortaleza does not dominate and their opponents play in their own half, the Brazilian team does not suffer the game and always tries to get the ball on the ground.
9:04 PMa month ago

🟡 Yellow card

Capixaba is cautioned in Fortaleza, for a strong offensive foul.
9:03 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 32

Fortaleza enjoyed sparks that at times brought them close to the opponent's area, but they did not take advantage of them and ended up giving the ball away badly in the last zone of the field.
9:01 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 30

Collectively, Estudiantes does very well, but if it lacks collective depth, it also lacks individuals who can help it to get a stronger foothold in the opponent's area.
8:58 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 28

Fortaleza could only breathe easy for a few minutes, but Estudiantes put them back in their own half.
8:57 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 26

Fortaleza improves a little, as they are no longer so deep in the back and they also have a foot in the opponent's area.
8:56 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 25

Lima found a ball in the area, took a beautiful shot, the ball went to the back of the goal, but the assistant raised the flag and the play was over.
8:55 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 24

Fortaleza was saved!

Godoy found a ball on the right flank, faced the ball and entered the area, he shot hard and low, but the goalkeeper made a save and on the rebound Zapiola could not control because he was not expecting the ball and the play was over.

8:52 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 22

The visitors are playing much better, not giving their opponents space, recovering quickly and not suffering in defense.
8:50 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 20

Castro's shot from half distance, but the ball went wide and Estudiantes missed it.
8:49 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 18

At times the game is a bit strong and with friction, the referee tries to continue, but there are fouls that he must whistle and stop the game.
8:46 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 16

Fortaleza takes a breather and has possession of the ball in the opponent's half.
8:45 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 14

The Argentine team is getting closer and closer to their opponents' goal, but still lacks the necessary depth to create real danger.
8:42 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 12

The visiting team played in the opposing half, with a very centralized game and little use of the flanks.
8:41 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 10

Defensive miscues by Estudiantes, allowing Fortaleza to get close to the opponent's area with ball control.
8:39 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 8

Estudiantes tries to find the rhythm of the game, does everything en bloc, but does not manage to dominate completely.
8:37 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 6

Back and forth play but no presence in the penalty area, both teams lacked depth.
8:34 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 4

Estudiantes dropped the pressure a little, so the home team could start to circulate the ball in the midfield and look for space in the opponent's half.
8:32 PMa month ago

⏱ Min 2

The first minutes of the game, with Estudiante pressing high, trying to stifle its rival and succeeding in these first moments of the game.
8:30 PMa month ago

The match has started!

The ball is moving in Fortaleza and the first leg of the first leg, valid for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores 2022, is underway.
8:27 PMa month ago

It's time to play

The protocol acts have already been done, the drawing of captains, so everything is ready and only the referee's order is missing, to start tonight's commitment.
8:26 PMa month ago

Mixed zone

Teams in the mixed zone, the players greet each other, they are friends and colleagues, only the order of the central referee is missing, so that they go out to the field and the match begins.
8:14 PMa month ago

All set

Everything is ready for the teams to take the field, it is expected that at any moment they will be in the mixed zone and together with the referee team, they will take the field to start tonight's match. 

The stadium has a good atmosphere and the only thing missing is for the protagonists to move the ball.

8:14 PMa month ago

This is how Estudiantes presents its headlines


8:10 PMa month ago

This is how Fortaleza presents its headlines

8:07 PMa month ago

Ready headlines

Goalkeeper: Boeck

Defenders: Landazuri, Benevenuto, Titi

Midfielders: Yago, Welison, Lima, Ronald, Capixaba

Forward: Romero, Moisés


Goalkeeper: Andujar

Defenders: Rogel, Godoy, Noguera, Lollo, Mas

Midfielders: Zuqui, Castro, Rodríguez

Forward: Boselli, Zapiola

8:00 PMa month ago

Preview of the visit

7:59 PMa month ago

Local preview

7:56 PMa month ago


The teams are already living with intensity this game valid for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores 2022. The teams are using social networks to live a preview with their fans and have a good relationship with their supporters.
7:51 PMa month ago

Welcome back

We are ready to bring you all the action from this match between Fortaleza vs Estudiantes.
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In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Fortaleza vs Estudiantes live match, as well as the latest information from the Castelão Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
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How to watch Fortaleza vs Estudiantes live?

The match between Fortaleza vs Estudiantes, you can watch it live on ESPN.
If you want to follow it on streaming, you can follow Star +.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL Colombia is your best option. 
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What time is Fortaleza vs Estudiantes?

This is the kick-off time for the Fortaleza vs Estudiantes match on June 30, 2022 in several countries.
Argentina: 21:30 hours
Bolivia: 21:30 hours
Brazil: 21:30 hours
Chile: 21:30 hours
Colombia: 7:30 p.m. (ESPN)
Ecuador: 7:30 p.m.
United States: 7:30 p.m. PT 
Spain: 1:30 a.m.
Mexico: 7:30 p.m.
Paraguay: 8:30 p.m.
Peru: 7:30 p.m.
Uruguay: 9:30 p.m. PT
Venezuela: 7:30 p.m.
11:41 PMa month ago


  • Estudiantes will kick off a CONMEBOL Libertadores round of 16 tie as visitors for the third time, after having been knocked out in 2008 against LDU Quito and having qualified in 2010 against Atlético San Luis.
  • Fortaleza and Estudiantes have never met in CONMEBOL competitions. El Pincharrata won three of their last four games against Brazilian opponents in Libertadores (1D), keeping a clean sheet in the two most recent (2V).


  • After losing its first two games in CONMEBOL Libertadores, Fortaleza has gone four games without defeat in the tournament (3V 1E), scoring 2.3 goals per game during that span.


  • Estudiantes was the team that won the most individual duels in the group stage of CONMEBOL Libertadores 2022 (406), 20 more than the next team in question (Velez).


  • Fortaleza's Yago Pikachu was the second-highest assisting player in the group stage of the current edition of the CONMEBOL Libertadores, with four assists. He participated, with two goals and four assists, in six of the 10 goals scored by his team.


11:36 PMa month ago

Outstanding player of Estudiantes

Leandro Díaz is the outstanding player in Estudiantes de la Plata, as he is an important player in the team's set-up area. He has already scored 1 goal and provided 3 assists.

His average rating is 6.9 per game.

11:31 PMa month ago

Featured player of Fortaleza

The outstanding player is Moises, the Brazilian team's player is important in the offensive zone, he has already scored 3 goals and also provided an assist.

His average rating per game is 7.3.

11:26 PMa month ago

Possible alignments

Goalkeeper: Boeck
Defenders: Ceballos, Benevenuto, Titi

Midfielders: Pikachu, Ronald, Felipe, Capixaba

Forward: Lima, Romarinho, Moises


Goalkeeper: Andujar

Defenders: Godoy, Rogel, Noguera, Mas

Midfielders: Castro, Zuqui, Rodriguez, Pellegrini

Forward: Diaz, Boselli

11:21 PMa month ago

Arbitration group

Center: Andrés Matonte (Uru)
Assistant No. 1: Nicolas Taran (Uru)
Assistant No. 2: MArtín Soppi (Uru)
Fourth official: Jose Burgos (Uru)
VAR: Nicolas Gallo (Col)
AVAR: David Rodríguez (Col)
11:16 PMa month ago


The two teams have never met, while the Brazilian team has had few encounters with Argentinian teams.

Fortaleza has only played against Argentine teams four times... There they have one win, one draw and two defeats.

Estudiantes, on the other hand, has played 25 matches against Brazilian teams, with 11 wins, 2 draws and 12 defeats.

11:11 PMa month ago

Estudiantes es el favorito

The team from Rio de la Plata has a slightly different present, as it was first in its group and has not fared badly at the start of the Argentine League.

Estudiantes was leader of group C with 13 points and a difference of +3, and was one of the qualified teams with the fewest goals against (together with River Plate, Boca Juniors and Corinthians).

In Liga it is ranked 16th out of 28 teams and after 5 disputed matches has 7 points, it is 6 behind the leader which is Newell's Old Boys.

Last 5 matches:

  • Estudiantes 1-1 Gimnasia 
  • Aldosivi 0-1 Estudiantes
  • Estudiantes 2-1 Sarmiento
  • Independiente 2-1 Estudiantes
  • Estudiantes 0-2 Newell's Old Boys
11:06 PMa month ago

Fortaleza to save the season

Fortaleza has two faces, the one it shows at international level and the one it has in the Brasileirao, since in the first tournament it is doing well and advanced to the next round, but in the second it is in the relegation zone.

The Brazilian team qualified second in group F, obtained 10 points out of a possible 18 and had a difference of +1.

Fortaleza has been irregular in its play in the last 5 games. For they won 2 games, drew 2 and drew 1.

Last 5 games:

  • Fortaleza 0-0 Paranaense
  • Avaí 3-2 Fortaleza
  • Fortaleza 1-0 América-MG
  • Fortaleza 2-0 Ceará
  • Atletico Mineiro 3-2 Fortaleza
11:01 PMa month ago

The match will be played at Castelão Stadium.

Governador Aderaldo Plácido Castelo Stadium is a soccer stadium located in the city of Fortaleza, state of Ceará, Brazil, popularly known as Castelão, Arena Castelão or Gigante da Boa Vista.

This stadium is one of the largest in the country and has a capacity of 65,000 spectators. 


10:56 PMa month ago

Starts transmission

Hello everyone! Welcome to the live broadcast of the match Fortaleza EC vs Estudiantes de la Plata, valid for the first leg of the round of 16 of Copa Libertadores.

My name is Andrés Mesa and I will be your host for this match. We will offer you pre-match analysis, score updates and live news, here on VAVEL.