Goals and Highlights: Israel 1-3 England in European U19 Championship 2022 Final
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game corresponding to the U-19 European Championship Final, in an intense game, the English team won in overtime.
4:34 PM2 months ago

TE 120´

The match ends 3-1 in favor of Champion England.
4:31 PM2 months ago

TE 116´

Goooooooool for England! Ramsey sentences the match and practically gives England the title.
4:26 PM2 months ago

TE 111´

Israel close on the left flank.
4:22 PM2 months ago


Chukwuemeka gets on the end of England's great cross.
4:20 PM2 months ago

TE 106´

Second overtime begins.
4:15 PM2 months ago

TE 105´

The first overtime ends.
4:08 PM2 months ago


Israel again puts the danger in the area.
4:00 PM2 months ago

TE 90´

The first overtime begins.
3:55 PM2 months ago


The second half ends and we will have extra time.
3:53 PM2 months ago


Cuffy receives a yellow card.
3:51 PM2 months ago


Five minutes are added.
3:49 PM2 months ago


England make a mistake to seal the match.
3:42 PM2 months ago


Israel let England off the hook and missed a great scoring chance.
3:40 PM2 months ago


Chukwuemeka's post after a great shot.
3:36 PM2 months ago


England is again saved.
3:36 PM2 months ago


Ramsey shoots at goal but the goalkeeper prevents the goal.
3:31 PM2 months ago


England presses on Israel's exit.
3:20 PM2 months ago


England came close with a shot that the defense was able to contain.
3:17 PM2 months ago


England substitution: Ramsey in, Gittens out.
3:16 PM2 months ago


Scott receives a yellow card.
3:12 PM2 months ago


Goooooooooooool for England! Doyle takes advantage of the rebounds inside the box and scores the equalizer.
3:09 PM2 months ago


The second half begins.
2:50 PM2 months ago


The first half ends with a partial victory for Israel.
2:48 PM2 months ago


Three minutes are added.
2:44 PM2 months ago


Doyle receives a yellow card.
2:42 PM2 months ago


Goooooooooooool for Israel! Gloukh on a counter-attack enters the box and after a feint manages to score the first.
2:41 PM2 months ago


Edwards recibe tarjeta amarilla.
2:40 PM2 months ago


England's wasted cross.
2:34 PM2 months ago


England is saved after the arrival of Israel.
2:25 PM2 months ago


Nearby Israel arriving from the left.
2:19 PM2 months ago


Feingold receives a yellow card.
2:17 PM2 months ago


Heavy tackle by an Israel player on Scott.
2:15 PM2 months ago


The game is played in the midfield.
2:09 PM2 months ago

Start the game.
1:51 PM2 months ago

Starting XI Israel

This is how Israel's team comes out:
Starting XI Israel/Image: UEFA
Starting XI Israel/Image: UEFA
1:46 PM2 months ago

Starting XI England

This is how the English take the field:
England starting XI/Image: England
England starting XI/Image: England
1:41 PM2 months ago

The Mundialists

Israel and England have already secured their tickets to the U-20 World Cup, after finishing in the first two positions of the group, while Italy and France also made it through, and Slovakia, in the third place play-off, made it through.
1:36 PM2 months ago

Final details of the final are ready

This is how the preparations look minutes before the final:
1:31 PM2 months ago

Two dangerous players

Dane Scarlett and Carney Chukwuemeka of England, and Oscar Gloukh of Israel have scored two goals each so far, it will be interesting to see if either player can make a difference today and probably take the top scorer trophy.
1:26 PM2 months ago

Israel for glory

Israel is in its second participation in the tournament and for the first time reached the final, and it is also the first time that a national team from Israel, counting all categories, reached the final of such an important competition.
1:21 PM2 months ago

England accustomed to this instance

This is their eleventh U19 Euro and their fourth final for the English national team having only one win in 2017 against Portugal, previously suffering defeats to France in 2005 and Ukraine in 2009.
1:16 PM2 months ago

We continue

Thank you for following the broadcast of the game Israel vs England, this afternoon will be played the final of the European Under-19, both teams have had a great performance, these two saw the faces as they shared group, follow the broadcast as below we will tell you everything you need to know about the game.
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Stay tuned for live coverage of Israel vs. England

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Israel vs England live, as well as the latest information from the Anton Malatinsky Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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Where and how to watch Israel vs England live online

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN Star+.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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Watch out for this England player

Carney Chukwuemeka, an 18-year-old English midfielder from Aston Villa of the Premier League, is the player to watch as he has scored three times in this tournament and has already made his debut in the first division playing 14 games, with only 13 goals in his professional career, this midfielder can make a difference in the final.
12:56 PM2 months ago

Watch out for this player from Israel

Oscar Gluh, an 18-year-old attacking midfielder from Maccabi Tel Aviv, with two goals in the U-19 European Championship, is the player to watch, undoubtedly his team will need him since the previous match they failed to score a goal and being able to beat the English goal will be an extra motivation for Israel, Gluh will look for the rival goal to take the title and thus win the tournament in which they were not favorites.
12:51 PM2 months ago

Latest England lineup

Cox, Quansah, Edwards, Doyle, Cuffy, Iroegbunam, Chukwuemeka, Vale, Devine, Scarlett, Ramsey.
12:46 PM2 months ago

Last alignment of Israel

Tzarfati, Revivo, Israelov, Lemkin, Feingold, Kancepolsky, Madmon, Lugasi, Gloch, Abed, Ebraheim.
12:41 PM2 months ago


England 2-0 Austria Groups

England 4-0 Serbia Groups

Israel 0-1 England Groups

England 2-1 Italy Semifinal

Serbia 2-2 Israel Groups

Israel 4-2 Austria Groups

Israel 0-1 England Groups

France 1-2 Israel Semifinal

12:36 PM2 months ago

Arbitration quartet

Center: Antonio Nobre. Assistants: Pedro Martins and Mathias Hillaert. Fourth official: Vethan Verboomen.
12:31 PM2 months ago

England to close on a high note

We know that English soccer at youth level is a world power, the Premier League and the Championship, are the leagues where great English players emerge every season and the big teams usually keep them in their ranks, that is why we rarely see an English player playing in other leagues, the level is very high and in this U-19 tournament they have shown it, the youth national team managed to qualify first in group B without conceding a goal against, and with the qualification to the World Cup assured, this team has everything to win the championship, the semifinal match against Italy was a great confrontation where the Italians managed to score the first goal in the tournament to the English, England can close this great tournament that they have given with a championship.
England for the title/Image: England
England for the title/Image: England
12:26 PM2 months ago

Israel the black horse

The Israel U-19 team is showing that it has the potential to compete with any team that is put in front of them, this team was in second place in group B, with four points was enough to advance to the semifinals as the rest of the rivals did not have a great group stage, Israel was close to not qualify as they depended on the result between Austria and Serbia, The Serbians needed a victory and a considerable goal difference to advance to the next round, however, Austria won the match and the possibility of fighting for a place in the World Cup. In the Semifinals, Israel defeated France 1-2 and is now 90 minutes away from winning the title, something unthinkable at the beginning of this competition.
Israel dark horse/Image: ISRAELFA
Israel dark horse/Image: ISRAELFA
12:21 PM2 months ago

World Cup qualifiers face off

Israel and England will face each other to define the winner of the U-19 European Championship, both teams in group B had a good group stage and in direct elimination were better than their rivals, now they will try to play their best game to keep their morale high for the U-20 World Cup.
12:16 PM2 months ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the match Israel vs England, corresponding to the UEFA European Under-19 Championship Final. The match will take place at the Anton Malatinsky Stadium at 2:00 P.M. ET.