Goals and Highlights: Santos 4-3 Monterrey in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the Santos Laguna vs Rayados de Monterrey game.
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End game

Santos 4-3 Monterrey
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The referee reviews a possible penalty kick in Monterrey's favor and does not award a penalty. Medina is cautioned.
9:03 PM9 months ago


Pizarro with a half-chilean inside the area that the goalkeeper saves.
8:58 PM9 months ago


Felix Torres is knocked down by a head-on collision and the concussion protocol is activated.
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Add 7 more minutes.
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Huevo Lozano hits a powerful shot past Cárdenas to make it 4-3.

8:43 PM9 months ago


Penalty for Santos, foul on Preciado.
8:38 PM9 months ago


Rojas enters and Aguirre leaves, Rayados change.
8:33 PM9 months ago



Preciado's header from inside the box is unanswered by Cárdenas to make it 3-3.

8:28 PM9 months ago


Correa's header goes wide of the goal.
8:23 PM9 months ago


Eduardo Fentanes has been cautioned, Santos DT.
8:18 PM9 months ago


Funes Mori was replaced by Moreno, Monterrey's rafter.
8:13 PM9 months ago


Suárez and Orrantia leave

Gonzalez and Franco Pizzichillo enter

Santos Laguna changes.

8:08 PM9 months ago


Suárez hits the wall and Ortiz is left lying on the ground from the impact.
8:03 PM9 months ago


Montes, Meza and González leave

Gutiérrez, Pizarro and Gallardo join the team.

Monterrey changes.

7:58 PM9 months ago



Funes Mori tricks Acevedo with a penalty kick to make it 3-2 at the TSM Corona.

7:53 PM9 months ago


The VAR reviews the push on Funes Mori and sanctions a penalty kick in Monterrey's favor.
7:48 PM9 months ago


Funes Mori inside the area controls the ball and takes the shot that Acevedo saves.
7:43 PM9 months ago


Aguirre leaves, Correa enters, Santos Laguna changes
7:38 PM9 months ago


Gonzalez's free kick goes over the goal.
7:33 PM9 months ago


Gorriarán's direct free kick goes over the goal.
7:28 PM9 months ago


Funes Mori's shot from half distance is deflected and facilitates Acevedo's intervention.
7:23 PM9 months ago


Gorriarán's strong tackle on Ortiz and the Santos player was cautioned.
7:18 PM9 months ago


Aguirre was offside, but missed a clear one-on-one with the goalkeeper.
7:13 PM9 months ago


The second half begins between Santos and Rayados.


Prieto and Carrillo leave

Cervantes and Lozano enter

Santos changes.

7:08 PM9 months ago

Half time

Santos 2-2 Monterrey.
7:03 PM9 months ago


Maxi Meza has been cautioned.
6:58 PM9 months ago


Add 6 more minutes.
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Gorriarán with the shoe that comes out of his foot that is out of shape.
6:48 PM9 months ago


César Montes cuts off a dangerous breakthrough and has been cautioned.
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6:38 PM9 months ago


Preciado's shot goes over the top of the goal.
6:33 PM9 months ago


Close service and the ball goes over thanks to Acevedo's deflection.
6:28 PM9 months ago


The referee called a foul, and the Rayados fans called for a yellow card.
6:23 PM9 months ago



Torres with a header inside the six-yard box from a corner kick to make it 2-2.

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6:08 PM9 months ago


Preciado's header is saved by Cárdenas and sent for a corner kick.
6:03 PM9 months ago


5:58 PM9 months ago



Fernando Gorriarán tricks the goalkeeper to make it 2-1 on penalty kicks.

5:53 PM9 months ago


The referee awards a penalty kick in favor of Santos Laguna.
5:48 PM9 months ago



Aguirre pecks the ball past Acevedo and Los Rayados increase the lead 2-0.

5:43 PM9 months ago


Dória acts as a defender and instead of sending the ball into the goal, he sends it wide in a Santos clear shot.
5:38 PM9 months ago


Preciado's bad contact with his head and the ball goes out the other side.
5:33 PM9 months ago



Funes Mori gets the ball inside the box and sends a shot into the back of the net to make it 1-0.

5:28 PM9 months ago


Montes takes a corner kick that goes just wide of the goal.
5:23 PM9 months ago


Aguirre's header is saved by Acevedo.
5:18 PM9 months ago


Heavy collision on the field and a Rayados player has been left lying on the field.
5:13 PM9 months ago


The yellow card came out quickly and Ronaldo Prieto has been cautioned.
5:08 PM9 months ago


Orrantia's cross to the far post into the hands of Luis Cárdenas.
5:03 PM9 months ago


The game between Santos and Rayados de Monterrey begins.
4:58 PM9 months ago

Minutes away

Estamos a minutos de que inicie el juego entre Santos y Rayados de Monterrey por la Liga MX.
4:53 PM9 months ago

Results Day 1

These are the results at the moment of Day 1

Mazatlan 2-4 Puebla

Chivas 0-0 Juárez

Tigres 2-3 Cruz Azul

Necaxa 1-3 Toluca

America 0-0 Atlas

Pumas 1-1 Xolos

San Luis 1-1 Leon

Pachuca vs Querétaro (Monday)

4:48 PM9 months ago

Rayados substitutes

30 Rodolfo Pizarro

50 Ángel Zapata

24 César Ramos

15 Héctor Moreno

23 Luis Sánchez

8 Joao Rojas López

5 Matías Kranevitter

54 Jacobo Reyes

6 Edson Gutiérrez

17 Jesús Gallardo

4:43 PM9 months ago

Santos Laguna substitutes

20 Hugo Rodríguez

17 José Ávila

25 Gibrán Lajud

27 Marcelo Correa

28 Franco Pizzichillo

221 Jair González

10 Brian Lozano

18 Jose Rivaldo Lozano Silva

6 Alan Cervantes

15 Eduardo Pérez

4:38 PM9 months ago

XI Rayados Monterrey

22 Luis Cárdenas, 33 Stefan Medina, 20 Sebastián Vegas, 3 César Montes, 27 Luís Romo, 11 Maximiliano Meza, 21 Alfonso González, 14 Érick Aguirre, 16 Celso Ortiz, 29 Rodrigo Aguirre, 7 Rogelio Funes Mori.
4:33 PM9 months ago

XI Santos Laguna

1 Carlos Acevedo, 2 Omar Campos, 21 Matheus Dória, 5 Félix Torres, 8 Carlos Orrantia, 22 Ronaldo Prieto, 11 Fernando Gorriarán, 9 Leo Suárez, 23 Jordan Carillo Rodríguez, 7 Harold Preciado, 19 Eduardo Aguirre.
4:28 PM9 months ago

Attention with...

Watch out for Rayados de Monterrey, who have arrived at the TSM Corona and, led by Pizarro, want to steal the three points.
4:23 PM9 months ago

The Warriors are here

De esta forma llegó el equipo de casa a su territorio, con la misión de arrancan con el pie derecho el Apertura 2022 de la Liga MX.
4:18 PM9 months ago

Getting into the playoffs

Two teams that have been protagonists in the last decade in Liga MX were unable to qualify for the playoffs, León was left out and Monterrey in re-qualification, so the Apertura 2022 will be a time of vindication for both of them.
4:13 PM9 months ago

Already arrived

On Sunday morning, Germán Berterame arrived and will join Rayados de Monterrey, although obviously he will not be active for this match.
4:08 PM9 months ago


Santos Laguna makes its presentation at home with the mission of having a better tournament against the reinforced Rayados de Monterrey. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
4:03 PM9 months ago

Tune in here Santos Laguna vs Rayados Monterrey Live Score in Apertura Liga MX 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Santos Laguna vs Rayados of Monterrey match for the Liga MX 2022 in Apertura; on VAVEL US.
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What time is Santos vs Monterrey match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Santos vs Monterrey of July 3rd in several countries:

Argentina: 9:05 PM To be confirmed

Bolivia: 8:05 PM To be confirmed

Brazil: 9:05 PM

Chile: 9:05 PM To be confirmed

Colombia: 7:05 PM To be confirmed

Ecuador: 7:05 PM To be confirmed

United States (ET): 8:05 PM on FOX Sports

Spain: 2:05 AM

Mexico: 7:05 PM on VIX

Paraguay: 9:05 PM To be confirmed

Peru: 7:05 PM To be confirmed

Uruguay: 9:05 PM To be confirmed

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Last games Santos Laguna vs Rayados de Monterrey

These two teams have had a lot of rivalry in the last decade as they have contested CONCACAF Champions League finals as well as Liga MX finals, so to start the championship it will be a good test for both teams.

In the last five matches, the series has been extremely close, with two wins on each side and one draw, with the regios winning the most recent two matches. It is worth remembering that they also faced each other in the preseason, where the Guerreros won by the narrowest of margins.

Rayados Monterrey 1-0 Santos Laguna, Clausura 2022

Santos Laguna 1-2 Rayados Monterrey, Apertura 2021

Rayados Monterrey 1-1 Santos Laguna, Clausura 2021

Santos Laguna 2-1 Rayados Monterrey, Clausura 2021

Santos Laguna 1-0 Rayados Monterrey, Clausura 2021

3:48 PM9 months ago

Key Player Rayados Monterrey

Rodrigo Aguirre was synonymous with goals last season with Necaxa and so far in the preseason he has responded with goals, which is why the Rayados board and fans expect the charrúa to continue in this way, especially to create competition for Rogelio Funes Mori.
3:43 PM9 months ago

Key player Santos Laguna

Fernando Gorriarán is the man of balance in the midfield, who gives fluidity to the offensive generation and who, in addition, has the ability to step on the opponent's area to also generate damage in this way.
Image: Excelsior
Image: Excelsior
3:38 PM9 months ago

Last lineup Rayados Monterrey

1 Esteban Andrada, 3 César Montes, 20 Sebastián Vegas, 33 Stefan Medina, 14 Erick Aguirre, 15 Celso Ortiz, 21 Arturo González, 27 Luis Romo, 11 Maximiliano Meza, 29 Rodrigo Aguirre, 7 Rogelio Funes Mori.
3:33 PM9 months ago

Last lineup Santos Laguna

1 Carlos Acevedo, 8 Carlos Orrantia, 21 Matheus Doria, 5 Félix Torres, 190 Omar Campos, 22 Ronaldo Prieto, 11 Fernando Gorriarán, 10 Brian Lozano, 9 Leo Suárez, 15 Harold Preciado, 19 Eduardo Aguirre.
3:28 PM9 months ago

Signings Rayados de Monterrey

Transfers: Rodrigo Aguirre (Necaxa) and Joao Rojas

Transfers: Daniel Parra (Necaxa), Vincent Janssen, Alfonso Alvarado (Club León).

3:23 PM9 months ago

Santos signings Apertura 2022

These were the movements of Eduardo Fentanes' team for this tournament

Transfers: Eduardo Pérez, Rivaldo Lozano, Aldo López (Tampico), Javier Correa, Juan Brunetta (Parma).

Deregistrations: Ulises Rivas (Free), Ignacio Jeraldino (Coquimbo Unido).

3:18 PM9 months ago

Monterrey: a new opportunity

Now, Víctor Manuel Vucetich has the task of getting these Rayados de Monterrey, at least, to the semifinal round after a Club World Cup in which they finished in fifth place and in the Clausura 2022 they were relegated after losing to Atlético de San Luis.

It is worth noting that a week ago the Rayados had one last game against América de Cali at home, which they defeated 4-0, in what was also Nicolás Sánchez's farewell to the Pandilla jersey.

3:13 PM9 months ago

Santos Laguna: vindication

Santos Laguna has a debt pending both with them and with their fans, as they were not even able to get into the top 12 of the table, being a team that has become accustomed in recent decades to being in the playoffs and fighting to be in the finals of Mexican soccer.
3:08 PM9 months ago

The Kick-off

The Santos vs Monterrey match will be played at the TSM Corona Stadium, in Coahuila, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:05 pm ET.
3:03 PM9 months ago

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