Goals and Highlights: Uruguay 0-3 Brazil in Women's America's Cup
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Thank you here for your audience in another Copa América match. Stay tuned here on VAVEL for the repercussions of this match. Have a good night and see you next time!
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Next games

Uruguay returns to the field on Friday (15), when it faces Argentina. Brazil plays on Monday (18), when it plays against Venezuela. With the victory Brazil has six points, leading group B, while Uruguay is at the bottom, with no points.
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With two goals from Adriana and one from Debinha, Brazil wins against Uruguay and adds two more points in the Women's Copa América!
6:41 PMa year ago


Yellow for Rafaelle, for a hard tackle on Aquino on the right.
6:39 PMa year ago


Velazco came too hard on Angelina and received her second yellow, being sent off! In Brazil, Angelina left and Duda Sampaio entered.
6:37 PMa year ago


Bia Zaneratto took a shot from outside the box and sent it to the left corner, but Sofía sprawled far away and saved Uruguay!
6:32 PMa year ago


Aquino got the pass to Birizamberri in the middle of the area and got the shot, hitting the left post!
6:18 PMa year ago


Substitution in Brazil: Debinha left and Gio came in.
6:17 PMa year ago


Yellow for Aquino, now for a foul in the midfield.
6:15 PMa year ago


Yellow for Duda, for a strong arrival in the field of attack.
6:14 PMa year ago


Double substitution in Uruguay: Pizarro and Martínez left for Carina and Aquino
6:09 PMa year ago


In a long throw-in Debinha received inside the area and crossed low for Adriana's arrival at the second post to stew the net!
6:07 PMa year ago


Debinha gives the first touch and we have the ball rolling for the second half of the match!
6:07 PMa year ago

Teams on the pitch!

The teams return to the field to start the second half. In Brazil left Tainara and Ary for the entry of Kathellen and Duda. In Uruguay, Pion was out and Gonzalez was in.
5:48 PMa year ago


Bia Zaneratto got a beautiful pass to Debinha, through the middle, who came out face to face and hit a low shot into the back of the net!
5:42 PMa year ago


Ary got the shot and was stopped by the defense, herself getting the rebound and sending the ball over the goal!
5:40 PMa year ago


In a cross in the area Ary Borges managed to finish the ball into the net, but the goal was disallowed for offside.
5:40 PMa year ago


And once again due to injury Uruguay needs to make a substitution. Now Bermudez is out and Pamela Gonzalez is in.
5:37 PMa year ago


Tamires received the pass inside the area, took out the defender and hit a cross, but Sofía caught it! And confirming that in the next play Antonia was yellow carded for a strong foul in the midfield.
5:33 PMa year ago


Kerolin got the pass to Antônia, who took two defenders on the back line and crossed low into the small area, where the ball went past Debinha but not past Adriana at the second post, who sent it into the back of the goal!
5:29 PMa year ago


Now it was Debinha's turn to shoot from outside the area and send it through the right side of the goal, with great danger!
5:24 PMa year ago


Ary shot from outside the area and forced Sofía to save and send the ball over the goal!
5:23 PMa year ago


In a frontal free-kick, on the edge of the area, Bia Zaneratto managed to send it over the barrier and the ball grazed the left post, with great danger!
5:14 PMa year ago


Rafaelle, from the edge of the area, hit hard and sent it over the goal!
5:12 PMa year ago


Pizarro got the first shot of the match, but it fell into the hands of Lorena!
5:09 PMa year ago


Due to an injury, Tregartten left and Ramondegui came in. We have the first substitution in Uruguay.
5:01 PMa year ago


Pizarro makes the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the first half of the match!
4:55 PMa year ago

National Anthems!

Now the national anthems are played before the ball starts to roll, first the Uruguayan and then the Brazilian!
4:55 PMa year ago

Teams on the pitch!

The teams take the field to start the match!
4:44 PMa year ago

2nd round

Round two began yesterday, with Paraguay beating Chile 3-2 and Colombia beating Bolivia 3-0. Closing out the second round, later today, we have Argentina facing Peru.
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The players take to the field to start the warm-up work!
4:30 PMa year ago

Uruguay lined-up!

Uruguay is lined up and will field:

4:25 PMa year ago

Brazil lined-up!

Brazil is lined-up and will field:

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Now begins the broadcast of the Women's Copa America match between Uruguay and Brazil!
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If you want to watch the game Uruguay vs Brazil live on TV, your options is: Fox Sports 1.

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What time is Uruguay vs Brazil match for Women's America's Cup?

This is the start time of the game Uruguay vs Brazil of 12th July 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 6PM in DirecTV Sports Argentina, DIRECTV Sports APP
Brazil: 6PM in SBT, Sportv
Chile: 5PM in DirecTV Sports Chile, DIRECTV Sports App
Colombia: 4PM in DirecTV Sports Colombia, DIRECTV Sports App, Win Sports +, Win Sports Online
Ecuador: 4PM in DirecTV Sports Ecuador, DIRECTV Sports APP
USA (ET): 5PM in Foxsports.com, TUDN USA, Fox Sports 1, TUDN App, TUDN.com, Fox Sports App
Mexico: 9PM in Blue To Go Video Everywhere, Sky HD
Peru: 4PM in DirecTV Sports Peru, DIRCTV Sports App
Uruguay: 6PM in DirecTV Sports Uruguay, DIRECTV Sports APP
Venezuela: 5PM in DirecTV Sports Venezuela, DIRECTV Sports App

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Zulma Quiñonez will be the match referee, with Laura Miranda and Nadia Weiler as referees.
3:55 PMa year ago

Probable Brazil

The probable Brazilian team for the match is: Lorena, Fê Palermo, Tainara, Rafaelle and Tamires; Ary Borges, Adriana, Kerolin and Giovana; Debinha and Bia Zaneratto.
3:50 PMa year ago

Probavle Uruguay

The probable Uruguayan team for the match is: Sofia Oliveira, Carina Felipe, Lacoste, Ramondegui and Tregartten; González, Velazco, Carballo, Jennifer Gómez and Birizamberri; Luciana Gómez.
3:45 PMa year ago

Only one out

The Uruguayan team has all its players available, while the Brazilian team will not have only Geyse, who tested positive for Covid-19.
3:40 PMa year ago

Group B

Brazil and Uruguay are in group B of the competition. Brazil leads the group with three points, tied with Venezuela, while Peru (which did not play in the opening round), Uruguay and Argentina have zero points.
3:35 PMa year ago

Sentence: Brazil

Brazil, in friendly matches in preparation for the competition, was defeated twice, on June 24 to Denmark, 2-1, and on June 28 to Sweden, 3-1. In the opening game of the America's Cup, also last Saturday (9), the victory was over Argentina, 4-0, with goals from Adriana, Bia Zaneratto and Debinha.

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Sentence: Uruguay

Uruguay comes into this match on the back of two wins and one loss in their last matches. Before the Copa América, in two matches against Bolivia, the Uruguayans won comfortably by a score, the first match on June 23 by 5-0 and the second, on June 26, by 7-0. In the Copa America debut, last Saturday (9), the loss was to Venezuela, 1-0, with a goal by Castellanos.

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