Goals and Highlights: Queretaro 0-3 Monterrey in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the Liga MX match between Querétaro and Rayados de Monterrey. See you next time.
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End game

Querétaro 0-3 Rayados.
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Add 3 more minutes.
11:39 PM18 days ago


Nahuelpan's shot goes over the goal.
11:34 PM18 days ago


Cárdenas dives to make a great save and save his goal.
11:29 PM18 days ago


Romo and Medina leave

Martinez and Gutierrez come in.

Monterrey changes.

11:24 PM18 days ago


Maxi Meza's shot goes high over the goal.
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Aguerre's shot is saved by Aguerre, but on the rebound, Jesús Gallardo comfortably smashes the shot into the net to make it 3-0.

11:14 PM18 days ago


Gallardo and Meza enter

Berterame and Gonzalez come out

Monterrey changes


Aboagye and Figueroa come in

Escamilla and Barbona leave

Queretaro changes

11:09 PM18 days ago



Berterame's powerful shot goes in off the post to make it 2-0.

11:04 PM18 days ago


Nahuelpan and Calderón enter

Sepúlveda and Sequeira out

Querétaro changes

Kranevitter enters and Ortiz comes out, Rayados change.

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Berterame is encouraged with a mid-range shot that goes wide. Rodolfo Pizarro is then cautioned.
10:54 PM18 days ago


Medina fanned the ball and Sepulveda's shot went wide.
10:49 PM18 days ago


The Roosters' shot from mid-distance passes very close to Sequeira's goal.
10:44 PM18 days ago


Sequeira's header goes right into the goalkeeper's hands.
10:39 PM18 days ago


The second half begins between Querétaro and Monterrey.
10:34 PM18 days ago

Half time

Querétaro 0-1 Monterrey.
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Two more minutes are added.
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Rogelio Funes Mori gets past the goalkeeper and sends the ball into the net to open the scoring 1-0.

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Cárdenas miraculously cleared the ball off the goal line, even though there was an advanced position before the play.
10:14 PM18 days ago


Moreno manages to get a header off a set piece that goes just wide.
10:09 PM18 days ago


Martinez was left with the rebound inside the area and he shot that was saved by goalkeeper Cardenas.
10:04 PM18 days ago


González's free kick goes wide of the goal.
9:59 PM18 days ago


Romo with a shot from outside the area that goes over the top.
9:54 PM18 days ago


Funes Mori's header goes over the top of the goal.
9:49 PM18 days ago


Funes Mori's shot and Aguerre reacts well under the three posts.
9:44 PM18 days ago


A weak cross that Luis Cárdenas controls without bouncing.
9:39 PM18 days ago


Pizarro was going to hit it inside the area, but the defense arrived just in time to prevent him from doing so.
9:34 PM18 days ago


The game between Querétaro and Monterrey begins.
9:29 PM18 days ago

Minutes away

Querétaro and Monterrey are minutes away from kicking off the fourth round of Liga MX.
9:24 PM18 days ago

Monterrey substitutes

  55 Jaziel Martínez

  6 Edson Gutiérrez

  11 Maximiliano Meza

  54 Jacobo Reyes

  24 César Ramos

  17 Jesús Gallardo

  50 Ángel Zapata

  23 Luis Sánchez

  20 Sebastián Vegas

  5 Matías Kranevitter

9:19 PM18 days ago

The preview

Here we bring you the best preview with our correspondent Lore Solórzano:
9:14 PM18 days ago

Queretaro substitutes

  202 Rodrigo López

  10 Clifford Aboagye

  23 David Cabrera

  8 Juan Batista Romagnoli

  35 Kevin Balanta

  4 Antonio Rodríguez

  2 Omar Mendoza

  32 Ariel Nahuelpán

  26 Ettson Ayón

  12 Francisco Figueroa

9:09 PM18 days ago

XI Monterrey

22 Luis Cárdenas, 3 César Montes, 15 Héctor Moreno, 33 John Medina, 14 Erick Aguirre, 16 Celso Ortiz, 21 Arturo González, 27 Luis Romo, 30 Rodolfo Pizarro, 7 Rogelio Funes Mori, 9 Germán Berterame.
9:04 PM18 days ago

XI Queretaro

29 Washigton Aguerre, 3 Jordan Silva, 21 Enzo Martínez, 27 Gabriel Rojas, 5 Kevin Escamilla, 11 Mario Osuna, 14 Jorge Hernández, 20 David Barbona, 7 Leo Sequeira, 15 Ángel Sepúlveda, 18 Pablo Barrera.
8:59 PM18 days ago

Already warming up

The teams, both Querétaro and Rayados, are already on the field warming up.
Foto: Lore Solórzano VAVEL
Image: Lore Solórzano VAVEL
8:54 PM18 days ago


It is important to remember that the games are still behind closed doors, but all personnel covering and working for the game are ready for this game.
Image: Lore Solórzano VAVEL
Foto: Lore Solórzano VAVEL
8:49 PM18 days ago

Why is the game played on Thursday?

It is atypical for Liga MX soccer to be played on Thursdays, but this time it is because there will be a double-header the following week, which will begin on Tuesday.
8:44 PM18 days ago

Complicated situation

The Rayados de Monterrey are facing a complicated start, beyond results, as both Joao Rojas and Rodrigo Aguirre, who had arrived for this campaign as reinforcements, were injured for the entire season.
8:39 PM18 days ago


Liga MX Matchday 4 activity continues with an attractive clash when Querétaro seeks its first win of the tournament against an inspired Rayados de Monterrey. We begin our coverage of the Liga MX game on VAVEL.
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Tune in here Queretaro vs Monterrey Live Score in Liga MX 2022

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What time is Queretaro vs Monterrey match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Queretaro vs Monterrey of July 21st in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 PM FOX Sports

Bolivia: 10:00 PM FOX Sports

Brazil: 11:00 PM

Chile: 11:00 PM FOX Sports

Colombia: 9:00 PM FOX Sports

Ecuador: 9:00 PM FOX Sports

United States (ET): 10:00 PM on ViX

Spain: 4:00 AM

Mexico: 9:00 PM on FOX Sports

Paraguay: 11:00 PM FOX Sports

Peru: 9:00 PM FOX Sports

Uruguay: 11:00 PM FOX Sports

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Background Querétaro vs Monterrey

Despite the difference in the teams' squads, the history between the two teams is very even, with two wins each side and a draw in both Gallos and Rayados.

Rayados Monterrey 0-0 Querétaro, Clausura 2022

Querétaro 1-0 Rayados Monterrey, Apertura 2021

Rayados Monterrey 2-1 Queretaro, Clausura 2021

Querétaro 1-2 Rayados Monterrey, Apertura 2020

Rayados Monterrey 1-2 Queretaro, Clausura 2020

Image: Agency
Image: Agency
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Key Player Monterrey

Rogelio Funes Mori is gradually regaining his rhythm and has already scored three goals in the championship, so he hopes to continue with this momentum in order to help his team, as well as to be called up again to the Mexican National Team.
8:14 PM18 days ago

Key player Queretaro

Ángel Sepúlveda has not had any luck in getting the ball in this Apertura 2022, however, he could wake up at any moment, although he will have to be supplied with balls, something that has not happened in the first few games.
8:09 PM18 days ago

Last lineup Monterrey

22 Luis Cárdenas, 20 Sebastián Vegas, 3 César Montes, 14 Érick Aguirre, 33 Stefan Medina, 29 Rodrigo Aguirre, 16 Celso Ortiz, 27 Luís Romo, 7 Rogelio Funes Mori, 21 Alfonso González, 11 Maximiliano Meza.
8:04 PM18 days ago

Last lineup Queretaro

29 Washington Aguerre, 11 Mario Osuna, 21 Enzo Martínez, 3 Jordan Silva, 14 Jorge Hernández, 20 David Barbona, 5 Kevin Escamilla, 27 Gabriel Rojas, 18 Pablo Barrera, 15 Ángel Sepúlveda, 7 Leonardo Sequeira.
7:59 PM18 days ago

Revenge was exacted

Víctor Manuel Vucetich commented at the end of the game against the Potosinos that he was unaware of the seriousness of Rodrigo Aguirre's injury, as well as stressing that they exacted revenge for what happened in last season's playoff.

"A good victory on a difficult field, we had a pending matter with San Luis for having eliminated us in the last tournament, they did it, and now it was our turn to win," said the "King Midas".

7:54 PM18 days ago

He highlighted the defensive order

Mauro Gerk emphasized that the change of system worked well and they will try to replicate it this Thursday when they return to the Gallinero:

"Happy to score a point away, but well we still have a lot of work to do: today we changed the system and the truth is that at times it worked out well, so we are happy because in the second half they did not create goal situations for us and we had a very clear one that could have been the win," he highlighted in a press conference.

7:49 PM18 days ago

Monterrey: to get back on track

Although there have been injuries to reinforcements such as Joao Rojas and Rodrigo Aguirre, the Rayados de Monterrey have two wins in a row after defeating Atlético de San Luis by the minimum penalty and will now be looking for a third, in their second consecutive away game in the Apertura 2022.
7:44 PM18 days ago

Querétaro: defensive order

The Querétaro Roosters looked like the main victims against the Bravos of Ciudad Juárez, however, they managed to find a good defensive order to get their first point of the championship and now they want to continue with that momentum and take advantage of their home ground to give confidence to Mauro Gerk's project.
7:39 PM18 days ago

The Kick-off

The Queretaro vs Monterrey match will be played at the Corregidora Stadium, in Queretaro, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 22:00 pm ET.
7:34 PM18 days ago

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