Highlights and goal: Colombia 0-1 Brazil in 2022 Copa America Femenina Final
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10:03 PM18 days ago


Our coverage of the Colombia vs Brazil match of the final of the Copa America Femenina 2022 comes to an end.

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9:57 PM18 days ago

90+4' End of the match!

The match ends at the Alfonso Lopez Stadium. BRAZIL WINS AND IS THE 2022 COPA AMERICA FEMANINA CHAMPIONS!

The favorites win by the narrowest of margins and fulfill the prediction and despite not being dominant, they win the title.

9:52 PM18 days ago

90+4' Brazil came closer!

Luana's shot went over the goal.
9:47 PM18 days ago

90' Additional time

Four more minutes will be played in the match.
9:47 PM18 days ago

89' Colombia had it!

Catalina Usme's shot was well saved by Lorena.
9:45 PM18 days ago

87' Brazil substitution

Geyse Ferreira replaces Beatriz.
9:44 PM18 days ago

85' Colombia substitution

Gisela Robledo replaces Lorena Bedoya.
9:43 PM18 days ago

80' Final stretch of the match

Last ten minutes of the match. Colombia keeps trying as hard as it can, but time is running out.
9:33 PM18 days ago

76' Colombia comes close again!

Linda Caicedo's shot went over the goal.
9:31 PM18 days ago

74' Colombia comes close again

Catalina Usme's shot went just wide of the right post.
9:28 PM18 days ago

71' Colombia came closer

Catalina Usme's shot went wide right.
9:24 PM18 days ago

67' Double change for Brazil

Gabi Portilho and Luana replace Ari and Kerolin.
9:20 PM18 days ago

63' Colombia substitution

Diana Ospina replaces Mayra Ramírez.
9:16 PM18 days ago

59' Yellow card

Antonia was cautioned in Brazil.
9:15 PM18 days ago

55' Yellow card

Beatriz was cautioned in Brazil.
9:14 PM18 days ago

55' Brazil had it!

Debinha had a great chance after breaking down the left side of the box and shot, but Catalina Perez made a save.
9:12 PM18 days ago

54' Brazil had it!

Beatriz's shot from a free kick went just wide of the left post.
9:09 PM18 days ago

52' Yellow card

Lorena Bedoya was cautioned for Colombia.
9:06 PM18 days ago

49' Brazil came closer

Adriana's shot was well saved by Catalina Pérez.
9:04 PM18 days ago

Second half begins

The match restarts at the Alfonso López Stadium. There were no changes in the teams.
8:48 PM18 days ago

45+2' End of the first half

The first 45 minutes are over. Brazil now leads Colombia 1-0.
8:46 PM18 days ago

45' Additional time

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.
8:41 PM18 days ago

40' Yellow card

Tainara was cautioned in Brazil.
8:40 PM18 days ago

39' GOOOAL for Brazil

DEBINHA! The striker shot the penalty towards the right post, Catalina Perez jumped to the other post and the score was opened.
8:37 PM18 days ago

37' Penalty for Brazil

Manuela Vanegas brought down Debinha in the area and the referee did not hesitate to whistle.
8:35 PM18 days ago

35' Final stretch of the first half

The end of the first half is approaching with parity still on the scoreboard.
8:33 PM18 days ago

32' Brazil came closer

Adriana's good shot from underneath went just wide of the right post.
8:31 PM18 days ago

30' Colombia came closer

Catalina Usme's shot was caught by Lorena.
8:25 PM18 days ago

25' Colombia came closer

Lorena Bedoya's shot from half distance was calmly caught by Lorena.

8:21 PM18 days ago

20' Colombia had it

Catalina Usme had a good shot from distance and goalkeeper Lorena made a save to send it to the corner kick.
8:15 PM18 days ago

14' Colombia came closer

Linda Caicedo tried her luck, overflowing down the left side, entering the area and shooting, but the ball went wide.
8:09 PM18 days ago

8' Brazil substitution

Enter Duda in place of Angelina.
8:08 PM18 days ago

5' Match stopped

There was a collision between Lorena Bedoya and Angelina and it seems that the Brazilian player will not be able to continue.
8:04 PM18 days ago

3' Very frantic start

Colombia and Brazil put intensity at the beginning of the match. Each team already had a close approach.
8:00 PM18 days ago

Match starts!

It's on! The final of the Copa América Femenina 2022 between Colombia and Brazil is already underway.
7:55 PM18 days ago

Match officials

Referee: María Laura Fortunato - Argentina
Assistant No.1: Mariana De Almeida - Argentina
Assistant No.2: Daina Milone - Argentina
Fourth Official: Adriana Farfán - Bolivia
Referee Advisor: Olga Miranda - Paraguay
VAR: Zulma Quiñonez - Paraguay
Assistant VAR: Susana Corella - Ecuador
Assistant VAR 2: Monica Amboya - Ecuador
Quality Manager: Barbra Bastias - Ecuador
7:50 PM18 days ago

Match officials

The players of Colombia and Brazil take the field at the Alfonso Lopez Stadium.
7:45 PM18 days ago

Substitutes - Brazil

To be confirmed.
7:40 PM18 days ago

Starting XI - Brazil

To be confirmed.
7:35 PM18 days ago

Substitutes - Colombia

To be confirmed.
7:30 PM18 days ago

Starting XI - Colombia

To be confirmed.
7:25 PM18 days ago

This is how the teams arrived at the Alfonso López stadium

7:20 PM18 days ago

Brazil's road to the Copa America final

Matchday 1: 4-0 vs Argentina (Won)

Matchday 2: 0-3 vs Uruguay (Won)

Matchday 3: Rest

Matchday 4: 0-4 vs Venezuela (Won)

Matchday 5: 6-0 vs Peru (Won)

Semifinal: 2-0 vs Paraguay (Won)

7:15 PM18 days ago

Colombia's road to the Copa America final

Matchday 1: 4-2 vs Paraguay (Won)

Matchday 2: 0-3 vs Bolivia (Won)

Matchday 3: Rest

Matchday 4: 1-2 vs Ecuador (Won)

Matchday 5: 4-0 vs Chile (Won)

Semifinal: 1-0 vs Argentina (Won)

7:10 PM18 days ago

The Alfonso Lopez Stadium, impeccable

7:05 PM18 days ago

Welcome back

We are ready to bring you the action of this match between Colombia and Brazil, which decides the champion of the Copa América Femenina 2022.
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What time is Colombia vs Brasil match for 2022 Copa America Femenina?

This is the start time of the game Colombia vs Brasil of July 30th 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 9:00 PM on DirecTV
Bolivia: 8:00 PM on Tigo Sports
Brazil: 9:00 PM on SBT and Sportv
Chile: 9:00 PM on DirecTV and Canal 13
Colombia: 7:00 PM on DirecTV, Win Sports, Telepacífico, Teleantioquia, Telecaribe, Telecafe, Canal Capital, Canal 13, Señal Colombia, TRO, Teleislas.
Ecuador: 7:00 PM on DirecTV
USA (ET): 8:00 PM on Univisión and Fox Sports
Spain: 1:00 AM (July 26)
Mexico: 7:00 PM on Sky HD
Paraguay: 8:00 PM
Peru: 7:00 PM on DirecTV and América TV
Uruguay: 9:00 PM on DirecTV

6:45 PM18 days ago

Key player - Brazil

In Brazil, the presence of Adriana stands out. The 25-year-old midfielder has demonstrated her talent and hierarchy. So far she is her team's top scorer in the competition with five celebrations.

6:40 PM18 days ago

Key player - Colombia

In Colombia, the presence of Linda Caicedo stands out. The 17-year-old striker is one of the revelations of the tournament due to her talent, which has been impressing for several years. She is a player with a lot of mobility and dribbling, who can contribute to her team in the attacking front. She scored the goal that qualified her team to the final.
6:35 PM18 days ago

Colombia vs Brazil history

These two teams have met nine times. The statistics are in favor of Brazil, which has emerged victorious on eight occasions, while the remaining match ended in a draw.

In the Copa América Femenina...

Referring only to the times they have faced each other in the Copa América Femenina, we count six duels, where the numbers are in favor of the Brazilians, who were victorious on five occasions, while the other match ended in a draw.

6:30 PM18 days ago


Brazil has confirmed its favoritism in this tournament. Coached by Pia Sundghage, they have reached the final almost without suffering and are emerging as the candidates to win the title. However, they cannot be confident against the home team, who will have the atmosphere in their favor and will try to snatch the crown, something that has been almost impossible to achieve so far.

6:25 PM18 days ago


Colombia has fulfilled one of the objectives it set for itself as the host of the Copa America Femenina, to be a finalist. The team coached by Nelson Abadía has had a perfect tournament and in addition to being included in the next World Cup and the next Olympic Games, they hope to crown their work with the main objective: to win the title.

6:20 PM18 days ago

The match will be played at the Alfonso López stadium

The Colombia vs. Brazil match will be played at the Alfonso López Stadium, located in the city of Bucaramanga, in the department of Santander, Colombia. This venue, inaugurated in 1941, has a capacity for 28,000 spectators.
6:15 PM18 days ago

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