Goals and Highlights: Leon 3-2 America in Liga MX 2022
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Game over

The referee whistles the end of the game, León wins the match.
12:12 AM13 days ago


Leon goal!
12:11 AM13 days ago


Penalty for Leon.
12:10 AM13 days ago


Review in the VAR for a possible penalty for León.
11:59 PM13 days ago


10 minutes of compensation are added.
11:56 PM13 days ago


Red card for José Rodríguez de León.
11:54 PM13 days ago


VAR reviews possible red card for León.
11:53 PM13 days ago

Fourth Goal

Henry Martín scores his second goal of the match.
11:48 PM13 days ago


America's goal!
11:43 PM13 days ago


America tries to tie the game, several dangerous attacks have made Leon worry.
11:38 PM13 days ago

Third Goal

Osvaldo Rodríguez's shot inside the box ends in a goal and is assisted by José Rodríguez.
11:34 PM13 days ago


Leon goal!
11:29 PM13 days ago

Second Goal

Henry Martín shot inside the area and managed to tie the game.
11:29 PM13 days ago


León plays long positions to cool down América who had several dangerous attacks.
11:24 PM13 days ago


América maintains pressure all over the court in search of a defensive error.
11:16 PM13 days ago


The second time begins.
11:00 PM13 days ago


The teams go to rest and the score is Leon 1-1 America.
10:59 PM13 days ago


America's goal!
10:51 PM13 days ago


5 minutes of compensation are added.
10:46 PM13 days ago


América seeks to score its first goal and presses the entire field.
10:42 PM13 days ago

First Goal

Víctor Dávila's shot from outside the area ends in a goal.
10:37 PM13 days ago


Leon goal!
10:35 PM13 days ago


León has played a little better than América, they have more dangerous attacks and shots on goal.
10:32 PM13 days ago


First yellow card of the game and it is for the player Byron Castillo del León.
10:24 PM13 days ago


Very even game, no team dominates the game and we are still waiting for the first goal of the game.
10:16 PM13 days ago


Tight game in midfield, both teams looking for their first scoring opportunities.
10:08 PM13 days ago


First corner kick of the game for America.
10:06 PM13 days ago


The match begins, both teams will seek to stay with the victory.
9:58 PM13 days ago


These are the players who will be on the bench:

America: Jonathan dos Santos, Federico Viñas, Óscar Jiménez, Román Martínez, Sebastián Cáceres, Mauricio Reyes, Richard Sánchez, Jürgen Damm, Bruno Valdez and Miguel Layún.


Leon: Elías Hernández, Federico Martínez, Jorge Díaz, Javier Ibarra, Oscar Villa, José Alvarado, José David Ramírez, Ángel Mena, Alfonso Blanco and Julien Celestine.

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Leon lineup

9:48 PM13 days ago

America lineup

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The referee designation for today's game is as follows:

Oscar Macías Romo (Center Referee)
Christian Kiabek Espinosa Zavala (Assistant One)
Marco Antonio Bisguerra Mendiola (Assistant Two)
Brian Omar Gonzalez Veles (Fourth Referee)
Jorge Antonio Perez Duran (VAR)
Victor Alfonso Caceres Hernandez (AVAR)

9:38 PM13 days ago

Battle for victory

A great match between these two Liga MX teams is approaching. Do not take off and then we share the statistics of the last game where these two teams faced each other.
Photo: ESPN
Photo: ESPN
9:33 PM13 days ago

Last showdown!

The last time these two teams met was on April 20, 2022 and on that occasion América won the match 2-0 at the Azteca Stadium. That confrontation was full of fouls, yellow cards, corner kicks and many goals that we hope will be repeated today.
9:28 PM13 days ago

History between both teams

Today the sixth game of Apertura 2022 is played, León and América have faced each other on several occasions. The last 5 matches have ended in a victory for León, two draws and two other victories for Club América.
9:23 PM13 days ago

Arrival Club America

"Las Águilas" are already at the León Stadium and are ready for their sixth game of the tournament.
9:18 PM13 days ago


We are a little less than an hour before the game between León vs América kicks off at the León Stadium. Both teams will go out in search of victory. Who will make it tonight? Follow our coverage on VAVEL.
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Tune in here Leon vs America Live Score

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Leon vs America match for the Liga MX.
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What time is the Leon vs America match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Leon vs America of July 31st in several countries:

Argentina: 11:05 PM on Claro Sports.
Bolivia: 10:05 PM on Claro Sports.
Chile: 11:05 PM on Claro Sports.
Colombia: 9:05 PM on Claro Sports.
Ecuador: 9:05 PM on Claro Sports.
United States (ET): 10:05 PM on TUDN USA.
Mexico: 9:05 PM on Claro Sports.
Paraguay: 11:05 PM on Claro Sports.
Peru: 10:05 PM on Claro Sports.
Uruguay: 11:05 PM on Claro Sports.

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America's latest lineup

These were the players who started last game:
Guillermo Ochoa, Néstor Araujo, Bruno Valdez, Luis Fuentes, Jorge Sánchez, Diego Valdés, Richard Sánchez, Jonathan dos Santos, Jonathan Rodríguez, Álvaro Fidalgo and Alejandro Zendejas.
8:58 PM13 days ago

Leon's Last Lineup

These were the players who started last game:
Rodolfo Cota, Paul Saracho, Jaine Barreiro, Osvaldo Rodríguez, Byron Castillo, Luis Montes, Fidel Ambríz, Joel Campbell, Ángel Mena, Víctor Dávila and Lucas Di Yorio.
8:53 PM13 days ago

America's Players to Watch

There are three players who stand out within the team and are responsible for America's offense and defense. The first is the 24-year-old Alejandro Zendejas (#17), he plays in the forward position and is in charge of distributing the attack. He is the team's top scorer with a goal in 4 games. The next player is defender Miguel Layún (#19), in 4 games played in the tournament he got an assist that makes him the team's biggest assister. Finally, the legendary Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa (#13), is a very experienced player. In the tournament he has played two of the four games for America that he does not allow a single goal in the entire game, it is very important that he defends the goal on Sunday if America wants to win.
8:48 PM13 days ago

America in the tournament

"Las Águilas" del América had a somewhat weak start to the season. After 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, they have 4 points, which establishes them in the fifteenth position of Liga MX. America did very well in the last tournament, but they failed to become champions and their goal this year is to reach the semifinals, so they must take advantage of each game to get at least one point. Their last game in Liga MX was against Tijuana, the game ended 2-0 for Tijuana at home. They come to this game as the least favorite to win it, however they could surprise and win.
8:43 PM13 days ago

Leon players to watch

The next three players are considered key to León's offensive attack and it is likely that any of them could score or assist in the game against América. Player Lucas Di Yorio (#18) is a fundamental piece for the team because of his experience. He is the team's highest scorer in the tournament with 4 goals in 4 games played. Next up is Ecuadorian Byron Castillo (#23), he plays in the defender position, he is the team's biggest assister with an assist in 4 games and we could see him get the second assist from him on Sunday. He is another very experienced player who has played multiple times against St. Louis. Lastly, Joel Campbell (#12) who plays as a forward and is the team's second highest scorer with a goal.
8:38 PM13 days ago

Leon in the tournament

They had a good start to the tournament, they are in tenth position in the general table with 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss, which gives them 6 points. In Clausura 2022 they did not have the season they expected, they were left out of the league and playoffs. This year they dream of reaching the playoffs and entering the Liguilla, to achieve that they must continue adding points. Their last game of the season was on matchday 5 which resulted in a 1-0 away loss against Toluca and thus they lost their undefeated record. They arrive as favorites to win this game and stay with the victory because of the incredible team they have and the good time they are going through.
8:33 PM13 days ago

The Stadium

The León Stadium is located in the city of León, Mexico. It will be the venue for this match, it has a capacity of 31,297 spectators and it is the home of Club León. It was inaugurated on March 1, 1967 and cost 12 million Mexican pesos.
Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia
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