Goals and Highlights Mazatlan 2-1 Chivas: in Liga MX
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It's over

Mazatlan gets its first win against Chivas Guadalajara in a game full of controversy due to the refereeing decisions, where 2 of the 3 goals of the game were involved in controversy, one for an expulsion that should have been scored and the other for a penalty that was not. 
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Mazatlan substitution, Edgar Yoel Bárcenas and Nicolás Benedetti out, Eduard Alexander Bello in. and Enrique de Jesús Cedillo
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6 minutes of compensation are added. 
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GOOOOL! for Mazatlán, Osvaldo Alanís made it 2-1, after a free kick where Benedetti moves the ball and Mozo ends up grazing the ball, deflecting it away.  
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Yellow card for Mazatlán FC's Brian Alejandro Rubio and Jesús Gilberto Orozco of Guadalajara is cautioned with a yellow card.
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Guadalajara substitution, Fernando Beltrán and Ángel Zaldívar come out, Isaác Brizuela and Alan Eduardo Torres come in.
11:35 PM9 days ago


Carlos Alonso Vargas of Mazatlán FC is yellow carded.
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Yellow card for Nicolás Vikonis of Mazatlán FC is cautioned after complaining to the referee. 
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GOAL! by Chivas, Ángel Zaldívar shoots inside the box after a great save by Vikonis and the rebound was left at the feet of Zaldivar. 
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The penalty is awarded after a VAR review:
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The VAR proceeds to review the penalty kick. 
11:10 PM9 days ago


Penalty for Chivas. 
11:05 PM9 days ago


Mazatlán FC substitution, Alfonso Emilio Sánchez exits and Roberto Ismael Meráz enters.
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GOOOOL! by Mazatlán, Alfonso Emilio Sánchez heads down, leaving the red-and-whites with no options, Sánchez found himself in controversy for an earlier foul, as many called for him to be sent off. 
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The match is being cut short by fouls between the two teams. 
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Guadalajara substitution, Luis Alejandro Olivas comes out and Pavel Uriel Perez enters
10:45 PM9 days ago


Fernando Rubén González of Guadalajara is sent off for a double yellow card.
10:40 PM9 days ago


Mazatlan FC substitution, Marco Fabian and Gonzalo Ariel Sosa come out, David Josue Colman and Brian Alejandro Rubio come in.
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Blunder in the defense, Vikonis tries to clear the ball, but the defender tries to return it, but sent it into the goal and the goalkeeper reacted to clear it. 
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Another yellow card for Mazatlan, Alfonso Emilio Sanchez after cutting off Chivas' advance. 
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Chivas tries to open the scoring, but they can't find the net. 
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Chivas substitute Cristian Calderón and Sebastián Pérez Bouquet for Roberto Alvarado and Carlos Cisneros.
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The second half of the tie between Cañoneros and Rojinegros begins.
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The first half of the scoreless draw between Mazatlan and Chivas is over.
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3 minutes of compensation are added.
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Sosa came close to scoring, after a cross from the right flank, but missed the ball by a whisker. 
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Mazatlan has turned the game around, coming closer to scoring in these final minutes.  
9:50 PM9 days ago


The pace of the game has slowed, Chivas are becoming demotivated and Mazatlan is trying to take advantage.  
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Another yellow card for Fernando Gonzalez after a foul in his area. 
9:40 PM9 days ago


Collision between Alexis Vega and Nicolás Vikonis leaves the Mazatlán goalkeeper lying on the ground. 
9:35 PM9 days ago


Yellow card for Mazatlán FC's Néstor Vicente Vidrio is cautioned after pulling his opponent. 
9:30 PM9 days ago


Yellow Card, Guadalajara's Luis Alejandro Olivas is cautioned after a foul in the red and white area. 
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Chivas keeps the ball in midfield, trying to create danger on the flanks, but the local defenders have been good and committed several fouls. 
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Vikonis saves Mazatlán, on the free kick after Alanís' foul, the goalkeeper didn't let himself be beaten and took a low ball that looked like it was going in, but was blocked by the defense.   
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First yellow card of the match, barely a minute in and Osvaldo Alanís is yellow after extending his leg in a red and white advance. 
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The match kicks off

The match between Mazatlan and Chivas is ready to kick off at the Kraken, where a good crowd is in attendance.
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They take the field

Both teams take the field for the start of this Liga MX match at the Kraken.
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Mazatlan's starting XI

This is the XI with which the local team will take the field at the Kraken, a Liga MX duel.
8:55 PM9 days ago

Chivas' starting XI

This is the XI with which the visitors will take the field at the Kraken, a Liga MX duel.
8:50 PM9 days ago

Ygor Noriega leaves

Prior to their match against Pumas in match day 5, Mazatlan announced the departure of defender Ygor Noriega, who will go on loan to Juventude of Brazil, for which the Mexican club wishes him the best. 
8:45 PM9 days ago

Maximum respect

Nicolás Benedetti, Mazatlán FC midfielder, did not stand still and silenced the Cañoneros' social media manager. After the Sinaloa account uploaded a photo of Dani Alves next to Benedetti "demeriting" the Brazilian crack and praising the young Colombian. 

"Maximum respect. The maximum winner of this sport," responded Nicolás Benedetti to the Mazatlán FC publication.

8:40 PM9 days ago

Jorge Meré arrives

América was finally able to accommodate the Spaniard Jorge Meré, who will be a new player for Mazatlán, as he was not part of Fernando Ortiz's plans. The Iberian will be on loan for 6 months, as he was not part of the plans, Meré did not close to being found a place, and after not making the tour of the United States, he stayed in search of a team. 
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No win without Angulo

Chivas has suffered a lot without Jesús Angulo, since his injury, they have not been able to win in Liga MX. The 'Canelo' suffered a fractured fibula against Pumas in the playoffs of the Clausura 2022, and underwent surgery on May 9, where he was scheduled to recover for 12 weeks. Los Rojiblancos have accumulated 8 matches without a win, counting the two games of the Quarterfinals of the Clausura 2022 and the first six of the Apertura 2022.
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Unexpected visit

Prior to their duel against the LA Galaxy in the United States in the Leagues Cup, they had a visit from Rey Misterio during training. Through social networks they shared the video where Rey Misterio sent a greeting to the fans. He received the Chivas shirt accompanied by Antonio 'Pollo' Briseño and Hiram Mier, confessing that he is a fan of the Guadalajara team. 

"How are you, how are my Chivahermanos, here is your friend Rey Misterio sending you a big greeting. You know where I am, right? Let's go Chivas," he said.

8:25 PM9 days ago

Believe in the project

Ricardo Cadena has asked his players to believe in the team's project after the complicated moment they are going through. Chivas is immersed in problems up front, however, as the Mexican tactician mentioned in a press conference prior to the match against the LA Galaxy. 

"What to do? Keep believing, keep trusting, keep being guys with personality, with character, ambitious... The boys are hungry to transcend, excel and look to other types of soccer to be an option in their careers," he said.

8:20 PM9 days ago

Chivas fall to the Galaxy

Chivas was unable to break their losing streak, as they lost 0-2 against the LA Galaxy in the Leagues Cup Showcase. The last time Javier Hernández did not face Guadalajara was when he was at Manchester United and it was at the Akron Stadium on July 31, 2010, now he only played until the 46th minute and could not score.
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Toxic social networks

Ricardo Peláez, sports director of Chivas, explained that social networks and media have affected the performance of soccer players in general. David Medrano, launched the question about whether there is a 'toxic' environment due to the digital era, to which the leader Pelaez answered: 

"Yes, we are working on it with some tools, we have had talks with the players. But yes, what they read, what they see, what is said in networks often affects them. We have to work a lot on the psychological aspect".

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Tune in here Mazatlan vs Chivas in the Liga MX

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What time is Mazatlan vs Chivas match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game Mazatlan vs Chivas of August 5th 2022 in several countries:

México: 21:00 horas CDMX, ESPN

Argentina: 00:00 horas

Chile: 00:00 horas

Colombia: 21:00 horas

Perú: 21:00 horas

EE.UU.: 22:00 horas ET

Ecuador: 21:00 horas

Uruguay: 23:00 horas

Paraguay: 22:00 horas

España: 05:00 horas

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Where and how to watch Mazatlan vs Chivas live

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN.
If you want to watch Mazatlan vs Chivas in streaming you can watch it on Star+.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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Cañoneros and Rojiblancos have faced each other on 4 occasions, leaving 3 wins for the Jalisco team and 1 draw for Cañoneros, maintaining a dominance over Mazatlán, so the locals will be looking for a win to close the gap.
Guadalajaran3-0 Mazatlan, 09.Jan.22, Cla22
Mazatlan 0-1 Guadalajara, 05.Nov.21, Ape21
Mazatlan 1-1 Guadalajara,06.Mar.21, Cla21
Guadalajara 2-1 Mazatlan, 26.Sep.20, Ape20
7:50 PM9 days ago

How is Mazatlan coming?

The "cañoneros" are coming off a loss against Xolos de Tijuana, having in their last 5 matches 3 ties and 2 defeats, they have not known what it means to win.
Tijuana 2-0 Mazatlan, 30.Jul.22
UNAM 1-1 Mazatlan, 27.Jul.22 
Mazatlan 1-1 Atletico San Luis, 22.Jul.22
Pachuca 1-1 Mazatlan, 18.Jul.22
Mazatlan 0-1Tigres, 08.Jul.22
7:45 PM9 days ago

How are Chivas doing?

The Rojiblancos tied goalless with Pachuca on matchday 5 of the Apertura 2022 at the Akron Stadium, and in their last 5 matches they have not known victory, having 4 draws and one defeat, so they will be looking for the 3 points.
Guadalajara 0-0 Pachuca, 30.Jul.22 
Querétaro 2-2 Guadalajara, 27.Jul.22
Guadalajara 0-0 León, 20.Jul.22
Santos 1-1 Guadalajara, 16.Jul.22
Guadalajara 0-1 Atletico San Luis, 09.Jul.22
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Watch out for this Chivas player

Alexis Vega, looking forward to the World Cup, the player wants to earn a place in Mexico's final roster, so he wants to consolidate a great season. With the absence of Macías, he is proving to be a decisive player, but he will also have competition in the club with the arrival of Santiago Ormeño.
Source: Imago 7
Source: Imago 7
7:35 PM9 days ago

Watch out for this player from Mazatlán

Marco Fabián, the player will be playing against an old acquaintance, as he played with the Rojiblancos from 2007 to 2013 and his second stint was in 2015, so he will have a special occasion to shine in this match, making a lethal duo with Nicolás Benedetti, who currently has 5 matches played and one assist.
Source: Imago 7
Source: Imago 7
7:30 PM9 days ago

Filling the infirmary

Ricardo Cadena, Chivas' DT, will have one limitation, as he will not have a full squad for this matchday, Sergio Flores, Jesús Molina, Jesús Ángulo and José Juan Macías will not be available due to injuries, but not everything is bad news, as they already have Santiago Ormeño, the Rebaño's new signing.
7:25 PM9 days ago

More reinforcements?

On the subject of Giovani Dos Santos, the Argentinean coach pointed out that it is still up in the air, as there was no response, if there is the possibility of another player, but the board will decide.

"The Giovanni thing is still in the air, a proposal was made on the part of the club, but there has been no response. The possibility of another player can be, but we will see together with the directive".

Giovani Dos Santos has lost the course of his career, because he rejected several offers, although doors have been opened, the reality is that at the moment he has not ended up accepting any.

7:20 PM9 days ago

There is a need for role models

Chivas will visit Mazatlán, where Marco Fabián played, and he spoke about the current situation of the Rebaño Sagrado, which has not won a game so far in the Apertura 2022. And for Fabián, Guadalajara's crisis is based on the lack of leaders.

"I will never deny it, in my heart there will always be Chivas, that shield, with that great love I have for it and that great respect, I believe that Club Guadalajara has been working well, but I think there is a need for more players who feel the colors, as there were in the past.

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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the broadcast of the Mazatlan vs Chivas match, corresponding to Day 7 of the Liga MX. The match will take place at the Kraken, at 22:05 hours.