Goals and Highlights: Bournemouth 2-0 Aston Villa in Premier League Match


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Thank you for following the Bournemouth vs Aston Villa game, today showed that it will be a very intense campaign and no team will give anything away no matter how inferior they are, as Bournemouth proved at home beating Aston Villa.
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The match ends with victory for newly promoted Bournemouth.
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Add 6 minutes.
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Goooooooooooool Bournemouth! Moore with a great header increases the lead.
11:43 AMa day ago


Countinho tries to equalize with a deflected shot.
11:38 AMa day ago


After a lot of pressure, Aston Villa gets a corner kick.
11:33 AMa day ago


Kamara shoots at goal, but it goes wide.
11:28 AMa day ago


A dangerous cross that Martinez ends up cutting out.
11:23 AMa day ago


Diego Carlos shoots wide outside the area.
11:18 AMa day ago


The game is disputed with arrivals in both areas.
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The second half begins.
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End of the first half.
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Ramsey receives a yellow card.
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Perason receives a yellow card.
10:53 AMa day ago


Bailey was attempting a shot inside the box, however, the defense avoids the move.
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Smith receives a yellow card.
10:43 AMa day ago


Aston Villa gets the ball, but fails to threaten.
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Ings receives a yellow card.
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Ramsey shoots outside the area and the goalkeeper makes a great save.
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McGinn shoots outside the area and the ball goes wide.
10:23 AMa day ago

Martinez saves his team after a powerful shot. 
10:18 AMa day ago

Ings arrives easily in the box and shoots, but the goalkeeper keeps a good save.
10:13 AMa day ago

Aston Villa arrives on the right flank and gets a corner kick.
10:08 AMa day ago

Goooooooooooool Bournemouth! Lerma takes advantage of a rebound and shoots with his left foot to beat the goalkeeper.
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The match begins.
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Starting XI Aston Villa

This is how the visiting team comes out:
Aston Villa starting XI/Image: AVFCOfficial
Aston Villa starting XI/Image: AVFCOfficial
9:53 AMa day ago

Starting XI Bournemouth

This is how the home team comes out:
Starting XI Bournemouth/Image: afcbournemouth
Starting XI Bournemouth/Image: afcbournemouth
9:48 AMa day ago

Bad debuts for Aston Villa

Aston Villa have been unlucky in starts to the season and have been defeated in two of three games since returning to the Premier League in the 2019 season, plus in those defeats they have conceded three goals from their opponents.
9:43 AMa day ago

Bournemouth is already at the stadium

The home team is already at home for the match against Aston Villa:
9:38 AMa day ago

Aston Villa can score

Gerrard's side have scored at least one goal in the last eight games facing Bournemouth in all competitions, second halves in particular are where the goals have fallen as they have scored 9 of 11 goals.
9:33 AMa day ago

Aston Villa with complications facing newly promoted teams

Aston Villa has only been able to win on one occasion in the last five games facing a newly promoted team, that lone victory coming against Bournemouth in the 2015-16 season.
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Gerrard spoke about his captain

"I think John McGinn is universally respected, he's been at the club for a long time, the fans love him, everyone around Bodymoor Heath and Villa Park has great respect for John."
9:23 AMa day ago

We continue

Thank you for following the Bournemouth vs Aston Villa game, in this start of a new season, both teams will seek to start with the right foot as they do not want to start down on the first day, stay as below we will tell you everything you need to know before the start.
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Stay tuned to follow Bournemouth vs Aston Villa live on TV

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Bournemouth vs Aston Villa live, as well as the latest information from Dean Court. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch Bournemouth vs Aston Villa live online

The match will be broadcasted through Paramount +.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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Watch out for this Aston Villa player

Ollie Watkins, 26-year-old English striker, has established himself as the team's benchmark last season, he finished the season as the team's top scorer, the striker is one of the players who shoots the most shots on goal, his right foot is lethal so defenses will have to pay attention to this player.
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Watch out for this Bournemouth player

Dominic Solanke, 24-year-old striker, at his young age has delivered an impressive season in the Championship being the top scorer of his team with 29 goals in 46 games, the player has been instrumental for the team to be in the Premier League, we will see if he continues with his great scoring quota. 
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Latest Aston Villa lineup

Martinez, Cash, Konsa, Diego Carlos, Digne, Mcginn, Kamara, Luiz, Bailey, Watkins, Coutinho.
8:53 AMa day ago

Arbitration quartet

Central: Peter Bankes. Assistants: Eddie Smart and Nick Greenhalgh. Fourth official: James Linington.
8:48 AMa day ago

Aston Villa to demonstrate the quality of the squad

Aston Villa, led by Steven Gerrard, wants to forget the difficult season since they were fighting at the bottom of the table and now they will look to stay in the upper half of the table, the Premier League has a maximum level of demand and this team cannot let points go in the first days since to be a relevant team, they need to get victories to be at the top, last season they dropped many points and won others surprisingly, but the team cannot afford to be irregular, so for this start of the season the team arrives with a preseason behind them facing Manchester United and Rennes, in both matches they did not suffer defeat and showed good soccer volume, Gerrard's team will look to start with an away victory.
Aston Villa prepares for a better season/Image: AVFCOfficial
Aston Villa prepares for a better season/Image: AVFCOfficial
8:43 AMa day ago

Bournemouth wants to remain a solid team

The newly promoted Bournemouth returns to the Premier League after two seasons in the Championship, the second season in the second division was very good for the team as it was the only team that put at risk the first position of Fulham, even had fewer lost games than the leader, the key to Bournemouth was the defensive solidity as they were the team that conceded fewer goals, now in this new path in Premier League, they start with an opponent that has good players and is well managed, however they could not capitalize with victories, we will see if this newly promoted team can continue competing in a good way with new reinforcements, certainly for their first season the main objective is not to fall back into the Championship.
Bournemouth with good atmosphere/ Image: afcbournemouth
Bournemouth with good atmosphere/ Image: afcbournemouth
8:38 AMa day ago

A new season begins with new objectives

Bournemouth vs Aston Villa will be the first duel of the season 2022-23 of both teams, on the one hand we have Bournemouth who will not want to return to the Championship and seeks not to be involved in relegation on the other hand Aston Villa a team that fought at the bottom of the table and this season will seek to be in the mid-table fight upwards, what awaits us will be a very nice meeting.
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Good morning to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Bournemouth vs Aston Villa match, corresponding to the Premier League. The match will take place at Dean Court at 10:00 AM ET.