Goals and Highlights Queretaro 1-1 Atletico San Luis: in Liga MX
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It's over

Querétaro drew a hard-fought draw, in a game where both teams had chances to score and where Barovero played a key role in keeping the Roosters from scoring more goals. 
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GOOOOL! for Los Gallos, José Enrique Angulo heads a corner kick into the right corner.
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Atlético de San Luis, Jhon Eduard Murillo comes off and Ramón Juárez comes on.
Querétaro substitution, Rafael Eduardo Fernández comes off and Juan Bautista Romagnoli comes on.
Six minutes of stoppage time are added. 
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San Luis is now just defending, while the home team is looking for a draw or a win at all costs. 
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Jordan Silva came close to an equalizer after a corner kick, but his header was met by another teammate and went just wide of the post. 
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Atletico de San Luis, Abel Mathias Hernandez exits and Vitor Samuel Ferreira enters, Sabin Merino enters. and Juan Manuel Sanabria
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Vitinho let the second slip away, shot at goal and hit the post, but the rebound went into the stands. 
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Barovero saves his team, after a great pass from Barrera, Nahuelpán appeared alone to shoot alone, but the goalkeeper saved well and sent the ball for a corner kick. 
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Yellow card for Gabriel Hernan Rojas of Gallos Blancos de Querétaro is cautioned after a VAR review, where a red card was called for.
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The referee stops the match too long, now stopping the match for a VAR review.
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Querétaro tries to level the match, but they are struggling in the second half. 
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Querétaro substitution, Jorge Daniel Hernández and Ángel Baltazar Sepúlveda come out, Rodrigo López and José Enrique Angulo come in.
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GOAL! by Atlético de San Luis, Abel Mathias Hernández scores the penalty kick beating the goalkeeper. 
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After a VAR review, a penalty kick is awarded to San Luis.  Yellow card for Jorge Daniel Hernández of the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro.
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San Luis starts dominating this second half, with the home side saving on one occasion. 
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Atlético de San Luis substitution, Rodrigo Dourado comes off and Javier Güemez enters.
Second half begins.
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The first half of the scoreless draw between Querétaro and San Luis is over.
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One minute of compensation is added. 
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Querétaro continue their dominance, but it's not by much, having the ball divided. 
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The match starts to slow down, with some chances, but with less intensity and clarity.
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Facundo Waller takes a shot outside the area, rushing and sending it over the goal. 
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San Luis tries to create danger, the match is very even, both teams can open the scoring at any time. 
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Barovero saves San Luis, Nahuelpan pulled off a great play after receiving the ball on his chest and playing it with his dominance, he turned and shot, so the goalkeeper from Potosi got his hand to the ball. 
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The Roosters had the best chance to open the scoring first, but the visitors' defense did not let them through. 
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The match is back and forth, both goalkeepers have been in action in the few minutes of play.
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David Barbona replaces Leonardo Sequeira.
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Toño Rodríguez saves Querétaro, Murillo went down the left flank creating danger and putting in a pass that the defense had trouble clearing, so the Mexican goalkeeper came out for the action. 
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Sepúlveda misses the goal, the ball was left behind and the defense ended up taking it out. 
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The match begins

The match between Querétaro and Atlético San Luis is ready to kick off at La Corregidora.
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They take the field

Both teams take the field to kick off this Liga MX match at the Corregidora.
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They fell apart after the goal

Mauro Gerk mentioned that the Gallos played a very good first half, where they dominated Atlas, and it looked like a promising match for Gallos, they were playing with 1 less after a tactical foul by Argentine defender Hugo Nervo, and also, shortly after, Querétaro's first goal fell.
"I think the rivals don't outplay us, and we at times have good football...."
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San Luis' starting XI

This is the XI with which the visitors will take the field at La Corregidora, a Liga MX duel.
9:14 PM2 months ago

Querétaro's starting XI

This is the XI with which the local team will take the field at the Corregidora, a Liga MX duel.
9:09 PM2 months ago

They do not see the light

Mauro Gerk's team is still without a win in this Apertura 2022 despite having the game in their favor, having only two points and the team does not react, a very poor figure for a team that urgently needs to add to get out of the bottom of the percentage table, since if they end up like this, the Gallos would pay a fine of 88 million pesos, which would be a hard blow for Grupo Caliente.
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No jersey

Gallos Blancos fans are still unable to purchase this season's jersey because Charly's official stores are still displaying last season's jerseys and even the jersey that pays tribute to the Atletas Campesinos is not in stock online.
From the beginning it had been announced that there would be a delay in the production of this jersey, but it has not been long, as it is already halfway through the tournament.
8:59 PM2 months ago

Will be summoned

Adolfo Ríos assured that the events between the Querétaro and Atlas fans had been planned. These statements have already had repercussions, as the attorney general of Querétaro, Alejandro Echeverría, confirmed that the former sports director of Gallos Blancos will be summoned to testify to back up his words. 

"It seems to me that Adolfo Ríos will be summoned to clarify his statements and show evidence," said the prosecutor.

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They ask for support from the fans

André Jardine was a sensation last season when he arrived at Atlético San Luis and took them to the playoffs. But this season things have changed, as they have gone 6 games without a win, so the tactician asked the fans for their support.

"When times were good, everyone was together with us, it is time for the fans to continue supporting us. I know we are not delivering the results they want," he said at a press conference after his team's defeat against Necaxa.

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Tribute to Sambueza

Rubens Sambueza was recognized for his 450 official matches in Liga MX. As part of the celebration, he gathered players to dedicate a few words to Sambueza.
Rubens Sambueza was recognized for his 450 official matches in Liga MX. As part of the celebration, Atlético San Luis gathered several players to dedicate a few words to Sambueza.
Pony Ruiz was the first to appear in the video. "It was an honor to have been your teammate, to have enjoyed your soccer," he said.
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Escorted in Querétaro

Due to security issues, the National Guard escorted Atletico San Luis in Queretaro, due to security conditions in the area. The Potosí team left on Wednesday escorted by the National Guard. To avoid any incident, the U-18, 20 and senior categories traveled together in the same group, consisting of three different trucks to avoid incidents.
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MLS beats Liga MX again

MLS and Liga MX faced each other with their best players in a new edition of the All Star Game, where the Americans won 2-1.
MLS struck the first blow of authority with a 'dressing room goal', which came from a cross headed in by Carlos Vela to make it 1-0 after just 3 minutes.
8:34 PM2 months ago

Tune in here Queretaro vs Atletico San Luis in the Liga MX

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Queretaro vs Atletico San Luis match in the Liga MX Matchday 8.
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What time is Queretaro vs Atletico San Luis match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game Queretaro vs Atletico San Luis of August 12th 2022 in several countries:

México: 21:00 horas CDMX, Fox Sports

Argentina: 00:00 horas

Chile: 00:00 horas

Colombia: 21:00 horas

Perú: 21:00 horas

EE.UU.: 22:00 horas ET

Ecuador: 21:00 horas

Uruguay: 23:00 horas

Paraguay: 22:00 horas

España: 05:00 horas

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Where and how to watch Querétaro vs Atletico San Luis live

The match will be broadcasted on Fox Sports.
If you want to watch Queretaro vs Atletico San Luis in streaming you can watch it on Fox Sports Premium.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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Queretaro and San Luis have met 93 times in what is known as the "clásico del centro", with 35 wins for the Potosinos, 35 draws and 25 victories for Los Gallos, maintaining a dominance over Queretaro, which is why the locals will be looking for a win to close the gap.
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Last 5 meetings

In the last 5 meetings, the scales are very even, with both teams having won twice and only one draw.
Querétaro 2-1 Atlético San Luis, 17 Mar, 2022, Liga MX
Atlético San Luis 1-1 Querétaro, 2 Aug, 2021, Liga MX
Querétaro 2-1 Atlético San Luis, 14 Mar, 2021, Liga MX
Atlético San Luis 2-1 Querétaro, 15 Oct, 2020, Liga MX
Querétaro 0-1 Atlético San Luis 23 Feb, 2020, Liga MX
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How is Querétaro coming?

The roosters are coming off a loss against Rojinegros del Atlas, having in their last 5 matches 2 draws and 3 defeats, they have not known what it is to win.
Atlas 3-1 Querétaro, 4 Aug, 2022, Liga MX
Tigres 2-1 Querétaro, 30 Jul, 2022, Liga MX
Querétaro 2-2 Chivas, 27 Jul, 2022, Liga MX
Querétaro 0-3 Monterrey, 21 Jul, 2022, Liga MX
Bravos 1-1 Querétaro, 15 Jul, 2022, Liga MX
8:04 PM2 months ago

How is San Luis doing?

The rojiblancos lost 2-1 against the Necaxa rays in the last round of the Apertura 2022, in their last 5 matches they have not known victory, having 4 draws and one defeat, so they will be looking for the 3 points.
San Luis 1-2 Necaxa, 7 Aug, 2022, Liga MX
Juárez 1-1 San Luis, 3 Aug, 2022, Liga MX
Puebla 0-0 San Luis, 30 Jul, 2022, Liga MX
San Luis 0-0 Cruz Azul, 26 Jul, 2022, Liga MX
Mazatlan 1-1 San Luis, 22 Jul, 2022, Liga MX
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Watch out for this Gallos player

Midfielder Pablo Barrera seeks to be offensive, as he fulfills the function of connecting the midfield with the forwards and providing goal services. His arrival was one of the most eye-catching for the Queretanos and little by little he has been earning a place in the team.
Source: Imago 7
Source: Imago 7
7:54 PM2 months ago

Watch out for this San Luis player

Jhon Murillo plays as a forward, but he has been in charge of distributing the attack, as he has made the most assists in his team, so he will be fundamental in the match.
Source: @AtletideSanLuis
Source: @AtletideSanLuis
7:49 PM2 months ago

Latest Lineups

Querétaro: 17 Erik Vera, 19 José Ángulo, 25 Daniel Cervantes, 12 Francisco Figueroa, 3 Jordan Silva, 29 Washington Aguerre, 10 Clifford Aboagye, 11 Mario Osuna, 202 Rodrigo López, 26 Ettson Ayón.
San Luis: Marcelo Barovero, Rodrigo González, Ramón Juarez, Aldo Cruz, Ricardo Chávez, Juan Manuel Sanabria, Javier Güemez, Jhon Murillo, Facundo Waller, Sabin Merino and Rubens Sambueza.
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the broadcast of the Querétaro vs Atlético San Luis match, corresponding to Day 8 of the Liga MX. The match will take place at La Corregidora at 22:00.