Goals and Highlights: Freiburg 1-3 Borussia Dortmund in Bundesliga
Photo: Freiburg


4:42 PMa month ago

Upcoming games

Both teams will take the field next Saturday (20). Borussia Dortmund host Werder Bremen, while Freiburg visit Stuttgart.
4:37 PMa month ago

How it looks

With the victory, Borussia Dortmund sleeps at the top of the Bundesliga, with six points earned. Freiburg, meanwhile, is third with the same three points.
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Wolf dribbles past Günter as he invades the box, cuts in and hits the goalkeeper's corner
4:20 PMa month ago

86' Yellow card for Freiburg

4:19 PMa month ago

85' Substitutions in Freiburg

Out: Grifo and Doan

In: Weisshaupt and Kyereh

4:14 PMa month ago


Bynoe-Gittens passes through two, plays to Brandt, who hands off to Moukoko turns to Dortmund
4:07 PMa month ago


Bynoe-Gittens shoots from distance. Flekken sprawls high, but can't hold on and sees the ball die in the net
4:04 PMa month ago

76' Substitution in Borussia Dortmund

Out: Dahoud

In: Brandt

4:03 PMa month ago

74' Substitution in Freiburg

Out: Gregoritsch

In: Petersen

4:00 PMa month ago

70' Substitution in Borussia Dortmund

Out: Malen

In: Moukoko

3:59 PMa month ago


Sildillia throws the ball to Gregoritsch, but the number 38 throws it away
3:56 PMa month ago

67' Yellow card for Borussia Dortmund

3:55 PMa month ago


Sallai receives the ball on the edge of the box, takes it into the middle and hits a cross. Kopel drops to make the save
3:54 PMa month ago

64' Substitutions for Borussia Dortmund

Out: Hazard

In: Bynoe-Gittens

3:50 PMa month ago

60' Yellow card for Borussia Dortmund

3:50 PMa month ago


Tight game. No good chances created
3:44 PMa month ago


Dahoud makes a good individual move, gets rid of the marking and finds space when he reaches the edge of the area and shoots dangerously to the right of the goal
3:43 PMa month ago


Modeste receives a lateral pass in the area, Lienhart takes the lead and protects it until the goalkeeper catches it
3:36 PMa month ago


Ball in play
3:36 PMa month ago

Substitution at Borussia Dortmund

Out: Meunier

In: Wolf

3:23 PMa month ago


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3:19 PMa month ago


The first half ends
3:19 PMa month ago


Bellingham shoots low. Flekken pulls off a save
3:17 PMa month ago


Dahoud opens with Modeste on the left and the forward sends it out
3:09 PMa month ago


Günter is able to head the ball into the box and Gregoritsch completes, also with his head, over the goalkeeper
3:07 PMa month ago


Grifo takes a free-kick which is placed well clear of the barrier. Kobel stretches all the way and prevents the ball from dying in the corner
3:05 PMa month ago

32' Yellow card for Borussia Dortmund

3:04 PMa month ago


Guerreiro crosses too hard from the right and Modeste can't head the ball into the goal
2:56 PMa month ago


Reus plays the ball to Modeste in the box, who hits a cross. Flekken makes a great save
2:50 PMa month ago


Günter crosses dangerously from the left. Kopel avoids the danger by pushing away with his leg
2:44 PMa month ago


Eggestein shoots from distance. Kobel saves without problems
2:41 PMa month ago


Grifo receives the ball at speed, goes to the end line and crosses low. Hummels struggles to make the cut
2:39 PMa month ago


Dortmund exchanges passes around the Freiburg box. The defense does not let the opponents threaten dangerously
2:37 PMa month ago


Malen gets in the middle, finds space and shoots from the edge of the box. Flekken holds firm
2:34 PMa month ago


Ball rolling
2:27 PMa month ago


Players entering the field
2:07 PMa month ago


BlackYellow fans in attendance
2:00 PMa month ago


Europa-Park Stadion
1:56 PMa month ago

Dortmund Reserves

Meyer; Coulibaly, Passlack, Brandt, Can, Özcan, Wolf, Bynoe-Gittens, Moukoko
1:54 PMa month ago

Borussia Dortmund lineup

Kobel; Meunier, Hummels, Schlotterbeck, Guerreiro; Dahoud, Bellingham, Reus,Hazard, Malen; Modeste
1:52 PMa month ago

Freiburg Reserves

Uphoff; Gulde,  Schlotterbeck, Siquet, Jeong, Keitel, Kyereh, Weisshaupt, Petersen
1:50 PMa month ago

Freiburg lineup

Flekken; Sildillia, Ginter, Lienhart, Günter; Eggestein, Höfler, Doan, Grifo, Sallai; Gregoritsch
1:45 PMa month ago

Video Refereeing

Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Günter Perl

Video Assistant Referee (AVAR): Norbert Grudzinski

1:40 PMa month ago

Field Referee

Referee: Tobias Welz

Assistant Referee 1: Jonas Weickenmeier

Assistant Referee 2: Jan Clemens Neitzel-Petersen

Fourth official: Michael Bacher

1:35 PMa month ago

How and where to watch the Freiburg vs Borussia Dortmund match live?

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN+

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What time is Freiburg vs Borussia Dortmund match for Bundesliga?

This is the start time of the game Freiburg vs Borussia Dortmund of 12th August 2022in several countries:

Argentina 3:30 pm: ESPN2, Star +

Bolivia 2:30 pm: ESPN2, Star +

Brazil 3:30 pm:  Onefootball

Chile 2:30 pm: ESPN2, Star +

Colombia 1:30 pm: ESPN2, Star +

Ecuador 1:30  pm: ESPN2, Star +

Germany 8:30 pm CET: DAZN, DAZN1

USA 2:30 pm ET: ESPN+

Spain 8:30 pm: Movistar Liga de Campeones, Movistar+

Mexico 1:30 pm: Sky HD, Blue To Go Video Everywhere

Paraguay 2:30 pm: ESPN2, Star +

Peru 1:30 pm: ESPN2, Star +

Uruguay 3:30 pm: ESPN2, Star +

Venezuela 2:30 pm: ESPN2, Star +

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Terzic cites importance of keeping possession

"Freiburg are just as aggressive as Leverkusen. Against Leverkusen, we were chasing a lot in the second half, we lost possession quickly. At some point you need strength, so we have to protect ourselves a little better and stay with the ball. They (Freiburg) are extremely dangerous and effective with set pieces. We have to be ready to hit back and do better to go home with three points."
1:20 PMa month ago

Probable lineup for Borussia Dortmund

Kobel; Meunier, Hummels, Schlotterbeck, Guerreiro; Dahoud, Bellingham; Malen, Reus, Hazard; Modeste.
1:15 PMa month ago

Dortmund's Situation

Haller, Süle and Adeyemi are not at Edin Terzic's disposal. The young striker, 20, was ruled out after feeling the tendon in his left foot in the meeting with Leverkusen. Özcan has recovered from a foot injury.
1:10 PMa month ago

Streich on not losing for three home games against Dortmund

"It's better when you have a sense of achievement. I can't say what percentage that represents. We showed good performances against Dortmund in recent years, but we also had five goals conceded in the second half of last season."
1:05 PMa month ago

Probable lineup for Freiburg

Flekken; Sildillia, Ginter, Lienhart, Günter; Eggestein, Höfler; Sallai, Doan, Grifo; Gregoritsch.
1:00 PMa month ago

Freiburg's Situation

Christian Streich will be without the injured Ezekwem, Höler and Schade. Kübler is a doubt due to a thigh strain.
12:55 PMa month ago


12:50 PMa month ago


Borussia Dortmund have won four friendlies and one official Pokal match, with four wins, one draw and three defeats. In the Bundesliga, Marco Reus' goal in the first minutes and Kobel's fine saves ensured a 1-0 victory over Bayer Leverkusen.
12:45 PMa month ago


Freiburg started the competition on the right foot, thrashing Augsburg, 4-0. The Breisgau-Brasilianer (Brazilians from Brisgovia) is undefeated since the pre-season, in addition to the positive result by the DFB Pokal. In six games, they have won five and drawn one.
12:40 PMa month ago

Opening round

Freiburg vs Borussia Dortmund, live this Saturday (12), at the Europa-Park Stadion, at 2:30 pm ET, for the Bundesliga. The match is valid for the 2th round of the competition.
12:35 PMa month ago

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