Goals and Highlights Bayern Munich 2-0 VfL Wolfsburg: in Bundesliga
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It's over

Bayern took the victory in a very close match, where despite the clear chances, they only managed 2 that gave them the victory, as the rival defense was difficult to pass.
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5 minutes of compensation are added. 
12:23 PM6 months ago


Mathys Tel wanted to make a dangerous one, but his right-footed shot from the inside left went wide. 
12:17 PM6 months ago


Bayern substitution, Jamal Musiala comes off for Ryan Gravenberch.
Wolfsburg substitution, Lukas Nmecha and Maximilian Arnold for Josip Brekalo and Aster Vranckx.
12:13 PM6 months ago


Bayern change, up goes Sadio Mané por Mathys Tel.
12:08 PM6 months ago


After a VAR review, Mané's goal was disallowed, where they took a long time to review. 
12:07 PM6 months ago


Offside, Thomas Müller tries a through ball, but Mané is caught offside.
12:03 PM6 months ago


Wolfsburg substitution, Luca Waldschmidt replaces Omar Marmoush.
12:00 PM6 months ago


Marcel Sabitzer's right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the bottom right corner. 
11:55 AM6 months ago


Wolfsburg substitution, Mattias Svanberg replaces Felix Nmecha.
11:50 AM6 months ago


Bayern is in front looking for the third, they don't give up, they want more. 
11:45 AM6 months ago


Another yellow card, now for the visitors, Mattias Svanberg is cautioned. 
11:43 AM6 months ago


Joshua Kimmich attempted a powerful shot from outside the box, but the keeper sent the ball for a corner. 
11:39 AM6 months ago


Wolfsburg change, Patrick Wimmer goes up and Max Kruse engages.
Bayern change, up goes Serge Gnabry por Leroy Sané.
11:39 AM6 months ago


Start of the second half of Bayern's partial victory over Wolfsburg.
11:23 AM6 months ago


The first half of Bayern's partial victory over Wolfsburg is over.
11:19 AM6 months ago


3 minutes of compensation are added. 
11:19 AM6 months ago


GOOOOL! for Bayern, Thomas Müller's shot deflected off the underside of Joshua Kimmich's left-hand post. 
11:17 AM6 months ago


Wolfsburg are saved, after a Barbaros bombardment, the defense had to intervene and miraculously cleared the ball. 
11:13 AM6 months ago


The visitors are unable to recover from the blow of the goal, looking inferior, so the locals try to take advantage of that. 
11:08 AM6 months ago


GOOOOOOOOL! for Bayern, Jamal Musiala's right-footed shot from outside the box is low and just inside the left-hand post.
11:07 AM6 months ago


Marcel Sabitzer right footed shot from outside the box misses to the right side of the goal.
11:00 AM6 months ago


Offside, Bayern München tries to reach deep with Joshua Kimmich to Thomas Müller who was in an offside position.
10:57 AM6 months ago


Sven Ulreich is shown the yellow card. 
10:55 AM6 months ago


After a VAR review, Mané's goal is disallowed for offside. 
10:54 AM6 months ago


GOOOOOL! from Bayern, after a triangulation Sadio Mané appeared to finish in front of goal. 
10:53 AM6 months ago


Despite having more control of the ball, Los Barbaros were unable to make decisive moves to open the scoring. 
10:48 AM6 months ago


Lucas Hernández gets yellow card after contact with Patrick Wimmer
10:43 AM6 months ago


Bayern try to go forward, but they are unable to beat the defense, which is well stopped. 
10:40 AM6 months ago


Lukas Nmecha's left-footed shot from the left side of the box misses, the visitors try to hit first. 
10:33 AM6 months ago


The match between Bayern and Wolfsburg is ready to start at the Allianz Arena, where a good crowd is in attendance.
10:27 AM6 months ago

They take the field

Both teams take to the field for the start of this Bundesliga match at the Allianz Arena.
10:18 AM6 months ago

New team

Bayern Munich has shown a new face in this tournament, with the new additions and the system of play proposed by Julian Nagelsmann. The most recent performance they have had was against Frankfurt, where they ended up beating them.
10:13 AM6 months ago

Mané makes his debut

Senegalese Sadio Mané saw action for the first time in the Bundesliga after having had a fruitful spell with Liverpool, where he won the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, etc. Now he will try to repeat the same effects with Bayern and conquer Europe again as a Bavarian, in his first official match he managed to score. 
10:08 AM6 months ago

Defending the throne

Another season where Bayern Munich puts its trophy on the line to defend it against the remaining 19 teams in the Bundesliga, the Bavarian team has already dominated Germany for 10 years and will be looking to continue where they started off on the right foot.
10:03 AM6 months ago

Wolfsburg's XI

This is the XI with which the visitors will take the field at the Allianz Arena in the Bundesliga.
9:58 AM6 months ago

Bayern XI

This is the XI with which the home team will take the field at the Allianz Arena in the Bundesliga.
9:53 AM6 months ago

Seeking redemption

VfL Wolfsburg started a new season looking to forget the last one, as they were eliminated in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League and playing in the preliminary round to reach the round of 16 of the UEFA Europa League, but finished in 4th place in their group, ending the Bundesliga in 12th place and closer to the "Relegation".
9:48 AM6 months ago

New project

Wolfsburg's new project, led by coach Niko Kovac, is exciting the fans, who expect their team to fight to enter European competitions, although, for that, they will have to improve the performance shown last season.
From last season, he will not be able to count on: Xaver Schlager, John Brooks, William, Anselmo Garcia, Fabio Di Michele, Yun-Sang and Kevin Mbabu.
9:43 AM6 months ago

Not happy as a substitute

Julian Nagelsmann revealed that Leroy Sané is not happy and would like more continuity, although the coach sees no reason to change his team after the good start.

"I don't see any reason to change anything. We are still at the start of the season, in the good phase of the season, so there is no need to make any big changes," said the former Leipzig coach at a press conference ahead of Sunday's clash with Wolfsburg.

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I left to fulfill a dream'.

Polish striker Robert Lewandowski cannot shake off his past with Bayern Munich, clarifying the reasons for his departure and assured that at no time did the club's interests affect his decisions.

"For me it was not a problem. I didn't leave because Bayern were interested in Haaland, that's something I understand. I left because I wanted to fulfill my dream," said the Catalan side's new striker.

9:33 AM6 months ago

It was a tough encounter

Lukas Nmecha gave a talking point after the season opener against Bremer, where it was hard for them to keep up.

"It was difficult to access. As soon as we put pressure on them, the eights always run. It was difficult for our six to keep up with them," "With the two goals scored, I wouldn't say we didn't have grip. But things could be better. The last pass wasn't always the best, we'll work on that."

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Jewel Stolen

Bayern Munich is betting on the future, in addition to closing the incorporation of some of the outstanding players, the Bavarian team is very attentive to young opportunities.

And the new pearl is Javier Fernandez, a player of Atletico Madrid who is very close to join the youth categories of the champion Bayer, arrived from Madrid from the academy of Celta de Vigo, the 15-year-old midfielder will have to wait until next January, because he does not reach 16 until next November 28.


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What time is Bayern Munich vs VfL Wolfsburgmatch for Bundesliga?

This is the start time of the game Bayern Munich vs VfL Wolfsburg of August 14th, in several countries:

México: 10:30 horas CDMX

Argentina: 12:30 horas

Chile: 11:30 horas

Colombia: 10:30 horas

Perú: 10:30 horas

EE.UU.: 11:30 horas ET

Ecuador: 10:30 horas

Uruguay: 12:30 horas

Paraguay: 11:30 horas

España: 17:30 horas

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Where and how to watch Bayern Munich vs VfL Wolfsburg live and in real time

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN.
If you want to watch Bayern Munich vs VfL Wolfsburg in streaming you can watch it on Star+.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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The two teams have met on 57 occasions, with the Munich side holding the upper hand with 44 wins, 9 draws and 4 defeats, keeping the balance in their favor.
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Last 5 matches

In the last 5 meetings the dominance has been total for the Barbaros, with 4 wins and a draw, their last meeting being on May 14, 2022.
VfL Wolfsburg 2-2 Bayern Munich, 14 May, 2022, Bundesliga
Bayern Munich 4-0 VfL Wolfsburg, 17 Dec, 2021, Bundesliga
VfL Wolfsburg 2-3 Bayern Munich, 17 Apr, 2021, Bundesliga
Bayern Munich 2-1 VfL Wolfsburg, 16 Dec, 2020, Bundesliga
VfL Wolfsburg 0-4 Bayern Munich, 27 Jun, 2020, Bundesliga
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How are Bayer coming along?

Bayer Munich is coming from a good streak in friendlies and start of the season, they are coming from 1-6 away to Frankfurt, they beat Leipzig 3-5, their last defeat was against Manchester City in a friendly.
Eintracht Frankfurt 1-6 Bayern Munich, 5 Aug, 2022, Bundesliga
RB Leipzig 3-5 Bayern Munich, 30 Jul, 2022, German DFB Ligapokal
Bayern Munich 0-1 Manchester City, 23 Jul, 2022 , Friendlies
D.C. United 2-6 Bayern Munich, 20 Jul, 2022, Friendly Match
VfL Wolfsburg 2-2 Bayern Munich, 14 May, 2022, Bundesliga
8:53 AM6 months ago

How are Wolfsburg coming along?

Wolfsburg in their last 5 matches, have performed well, having 3 wins against FC Carl Zeiss Jena, Brentford and Cologne being their last match against Bremen where they drew in the league opener. 
VfL Wolfsburg 2-2 Werder Bremen, 6 Aug, 2022, Bundesliga
FC Carl Zeiss Jena 0-1 VfL Wolfsburg, 30 Jul, 2022, German Cup
VfL Wolfsburg 4-0 Brentford, 23 Jul, 2022, Friendlies
VfL Wolfsburg 2-2 Bayern Munich, 14 May, 2022, Bundesliga
FC Cologne 0-1 VfL Wolfsburg, 7 May, 2022, Bundesliga
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Watch out for this Munich player

Jamal Musiala, the young German had a good start of the season, as he scored two goals in the defeat against Frankfurt and one against Leipzig, being a starter in both matches, gradually gaining confidence and the position, replacing a great loss for the Barbarians, that of the Polish Robert Lewandowski.
Source: picture Alliance/Getty
Source: picture Alliance/Getty
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Watch out for this Wolfsburg player

Lukas Nmecha, was clear about Wolfsburg's problems in their opening game against promoted Werder, despite scoring a goal. 
"Bremen came with a lot of fire, played with a lot of pace. They did well with their deep runs," analyzed the VfL striker.
Source: IMAGO/Christian Schroedter
Source: IMAGO/Christian Schroedter
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