Highlights and goal: Casa Pia 0-1 Benfica in Primeira Liga
Photo: Publicity / Benfica


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Thank you so much for following Casa Pia e Benfica at VAVEL. A great afternoon to all and until next time.
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17/08 - Dinamo Kiev x Benfica

21/08 - Casa Pia x Boavista.

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With the victory, Benfica reached the 10th victory in a row, joining the last season, the current and the pre-season. The team is leader of the Portuguese Championship at the moment, being able to be passed by Porto, which still plays in the round. Casa Pia suffered its first defeat and now has a point in 11th place.
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Ball possession: 35% - 65%

Submissions: 7-15

On target shots: 2-4

Corners: 4-9

Fouls: 10-9

Yellow cards: 6-4

Red cards: 0-1.

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Casa Pia 0-1 Benfica.
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95' Yellow

Game got nervous at the end. Rafa was missed hard and received a card.
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Otamendi was fouled hard, received the second yellow card and was sent off. Benfica with 10 on the field.
3:01 PM2 months ago

90' Yellow

Anderson received a card.
2:59 PM2 months ago

89' Benfica change

Entered: Vertonghen

Out: Grimaldo.

2:53 PM2 months ago

81' Benfica change

Enter: Henrique Araújo

Out: Gonçalo Ramos.

2:53 PM2 months ago

76' Change at Casa Pia

Enter: Miguel Fernandes

Out: Afonso Taira.

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Rafa released a rocket from outside the area and the ball passed very close to Ricardo Batista's right post.
2:51 PM2 months ago

72' Changes at Casa Pia

Joined: Clayton and Anderson

Out: Rafael Martins and Godwin.

2:47 PM2 months ago


After Bah's cross, Roman Yaremchuk tried the first-time shot and the ball went safely to Casa Pia's goal.
2:46 PM2 months ago

69' Changes at Casa Pia

Entered: Kunimoto and Eteki

Out: Kunimoto and Neto.

2:34 PM2 months ago

61' Yellow

Vasco Fernandes was fouled hard and received a card.
2:34 PM2 months ago

60' Changes at Benfica

Joined: Yaremchuk and Weigl

Out: Diogo Gonçalves and Florentino Luís.

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Enzo Fernandez made a great move and found João Mário, who threw it to Rafa. The attacking midfielder crossed to Gonçalo Ramos and the forward sent it to the back of the goal. Benfica in front.
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53' Yellow

Takahiro Kunimoto received a card.
2:19 PM2 months ago


Alexander Bah and Diogo Gonçalves exchanged passes and Zolotic warded off danger.
2:17 PM2 months ago

Change at Benfica

Entered: Bah

Out: Gilberto.

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The game remains tied with no goals.
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Let's go to 48 minutes.
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Takahiro Kunimoto attempted the submission, but without danger.
1:41 PM2 months ago

31' Yellow

Afonso Taira missed Gonçalo Ramos hard and received a card.
1:40 PM2 months ago

30 Yellow

Florentino received a card.
1:39 PM2 months ago

27' Yellow

Savior Godwin received a card.
1:38 PM2 months ago


Rafael Martins took a risk from outside the area, but without danger.
1:36 PM2 months ago


Rafa entered the area, passed the goalkeeper, but stuck without an angle. The ball was left for Gonçalo Ramos, who tried the kick, but João Nunes took it.
1:29 PM2 months ago


João Mário received a pass, dominated and tried the kick, but he got all in the way when it was time to finish.
1:21 PM2 months ago


Diogo Gonçalves finished with his right foot from outside the area, but the ball deflected in the marking of Vasco Fernandes and Ricardo Batista got the ball.
1:17 PM2 months ago

7' Yellow

Neto was a hard foul on João Mário and received the first card of the game.
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Game without great moments so far. The match is well played in midfield.
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It's Portuguese Championship at VAVEL.
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Casa Pia!

Batista; João Nunes, Vasco Fernandes, Nermin Zolotic; Lucas Soares, Afonso Taira, Neto, Leonardo Lelo; Kunimoto, Godwin, Rafael Martins.
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Tune in here Casa Pia vs Benfica live score

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Letter of Thanks to CD Santa Clara

Casa Pia AC is hereby emphasizing the solidarity shown by CD Santa Clara in our recent visit to the São Miguel Stadium, in the Azores. 

We were received in a dignified and friendly manner by all the directors, staff and fans of your illustrious club. Our supporters were grateful for the same treatment, being an attitude that ennobles and values ​​Portuguese football.

In view of this gesture of fair play and mutual assistance, we hope to reciprocate with the same professionalism when the CD Santa Clara takes place in the 2ª championship round. May the safety, fair play and enthusiasm of the fans continue to be one of our biggest concerns.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish CD Santa Clara an excellent sporting season and that you achieve your goals. 

#We fly together

Photo: Publicity/Casa Pia
Photo: Publicity/Casa Pia
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Likely Casa Pia?

Batista; João Nunes, Vasco Fernandes, Nermin Zolotic; Lucas Soares, Afonso Taira, Neto, Leonardo Lelo; Kumimoto, Godwin, Rafael Martins.
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How does Casa Pia arrive?

After 83 years away from Portugal's first division, Casa Pia debuted in the first round with a goalless draw against Santa Clara. In the last 10 games, there were six victories, three defeats and only one draw - in the last game.
Before the season officially started, the club went to the market and the Casapians were very active in the transfer market. For 2022-23 11 players entered and 10 left.

They are reinforcements Eteki (Granada), Kunimoto (Jeonbuk Hyundai), Anderson (Tsarsko Selo), Fernando Varela (PAOK), Léo Bolgado (Coimbra-MG), Clayton (Vila Nova), Eduardo Ferreira (Caracas FC), João Nunes (Puskás AFC), Rafael Martins (Moreirense), Diogo Pinto (CF Estrela) and Lucas Soares (V. Guimarães B).

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Speak, Roger!

''It was a good job, Midtjylland is not; It's easy, they have a very physical team, very good at set pieces, but I think we did a good job. Said à team to come in seriously and stay focused. We lost some balls, but in total control of the game. We are happy to be in the next round and now we have one more step to take,' said the Benfica coach after the & last game.
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Probably Benfica!

Vlachodimos; Gilberto, Otamendi, Morato e Grimaldo; Enzo Fernández, Florentino Luís, David Neres e João Mário; Rafa Silva e Gonçalo Ramos.
5:41 PM2 months ago

How does Benfica arrive?

O Benfica arrives with high morale, after passing through Midtjylland in the Champions League Qualifiers. Now, the Portuguese team needs to go through one more phase untilé reach the group stage.
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Photo: Publicity / Primeira Liga
Photo: Publicity / Primeira Liga
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The match will be played at Dr. Magalhães Pessoa Stadium

The Casa Pia vs Benfica match will be played at the Dr. Magalhães Stadium Pessoa with a capacity of 25.000 people.
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