Goals and Highlights: Pumas
0-3 America in Liga MX 2022
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10:21 PM2 months ago

Goals and summary

10:00 PM2 months ago

America leaves with the win!

The capital city derby belongs to Club América, with 3 goals from the Azulcrema team, the team led by Tano Ortiz continues to score 3 points. Pumas has still not reacted after their defeat in Barcelona. 

9:52 PM2 months ago


He's off!
Richard Sánchez leaves, leaving his place to Dos Santos, El Cabecita leaves with that goal and Layún enters. 
9:45 PM2 months ago


Alejandro Zendejas scores the third goal of the night, leaving the home side with no options.   
9:42 PM2 months ago


The bench moves!
Tano Ortiz takes off Henry Martín giving him entry Viñas, a few minutes ago after Del Prete left. In addition Fidalgo left.  
9:32 PM2 months ago


Pumas had a chance!
Diogo misses, as his shot goes into Ochoa's hands. Pumas are looking for the first goal that will bring them closer on the scoreboard.     
9:24 PM2 months ago


GOOOOOOOOL for Cabecita!
America's second goal, Cabecita Rodriguez was minutes away from scoring the second, but now he goes all out against Julio Gonzalez, shooting and sending the ball into the goal.    
9:21 PM2 months ago


Ochoa puts on his hero's cape and Salvio as a bullfighter!
Great cutback by Toto Salvio, who leaves some american players on the way, shooting at goal, but without danger for the Mexican goalkeeper, Ochoa covers it.   
9:18 PM2 months ago


He's off!
 Sebastián Enzo Cáceres after a shot on goal with quite a bit of danger, is withdrawn and Bruno Valdez enters. 
9:12 PM2 months ago


Surprising changes!
 Pumas' bench moves, with Juan Ignacio Dinenno coming off and Diogo De Oliveira coming on. In addition, Aldrete and Huerta came off the bench. With Jerónimo Rodríguez and Leonel López as new options. 
8:57 PM2 months ago

Part Time

America's advantage!
The visitors go up with that goal by Diego Valdés, América has been more present in attack, and could have scored more goals in this first half.    

8:46 PM2 months ago


América is already ahead with a goal by Chilean Diego Valdés, taking advantage of the rebound from Henry Martín's shot.   
8:42 PM2 months ago


Zendejas had it!
Once again America wasted an opportunity, with no shot on goal, beating Gonzalez. 
8:36 PM2 months ago


America keeps attacking!
Henry Martín shoots and with a cross. But the ball goes wide, America is looking for the first. 
8:31 PM2 months ago


He sent it out of the stadium!
Luis Fuentes, alone against the goalkeeper, sends a cross shot that goes wide of the goal. 
8:23 PM2 months ago


Julio González saves the ball, with a great shot by Casares, which almost ended in a goal.
8:20 PM2 months ago


Cabecita Rodriguez takes his chance and shoots from outside the area, but it goes just wide of Julio Gonzalez's post.  
8:15 PM2 months ago


Hand in hand!
As América and Pumas attack consecutively, two corner kicks and let's go. Del Prete misses a clear one in front of Ochoa, with Alves' cross. 
8:09 PM2 months ago


He wanted to surprise! 
Richard Sánchez sends a shot towards Julio González, on the goal kick, with no problem for the university goalkeeper.
8:06 PM2 months ago


The ball is rolling at CU. América and Pumas are in a new version of the capital city derby. 
7:49 PM2 months ago

Referee List

Adonai Escobedo González, Oscar Macías Romo, Miguel Ángel Hernández Paredes and Edgar Magdaleno Castrejon.
7:46 PM2 months ago

Pumas Lineup

Dani Alves will have his first clásico capitalino as a starter, Dinenno, Del Prete and Salvio are Pumas' attacking trident.
7:43 PM2 months ago

América Lineup

This is América's eleven, which Tano Ortiz is not holding back at all, with Henry Martin as starter.
7:35 PM2 months ago

They are already warming up

Both América and Pumas have already taken to the field at the Olímpico Universitario to do stretching exercises, so that they can begin a complete warm-up before the start of this new edition of the capital city derby. 
7:29 PM2 months ago

A full house is expected

CU Stadium will be at maximum capacity, a few days ago the university club announced that the game was sold out, so we will have a full house in this version of the capital classic.
7:22 PM2 months ago

They want to win

Néstor Araujo spoke at a press conference regarding tonight's clásico, showing his joy at playing another clásico in the Mexican league. 

"Very happy to play a clásico, returning to these situations with an América vs Pumas. We are focused on what we have to do to win. 

 "Pumas has a goal, a good balance, good crosses, they are a very complete team, we have to be focused, very careful, it will be a good match for both teams, hopefully for América". 

7:15 PM2 months ago

They have already arrived

Both teams are already at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario, just minutes away from warming up, after which the action will begin at the home of the universitarios.

7:13 PM2 months ago

Minutes away from kick-off

We are just minutes away from kick-off for this match between Pumas vs América, from the Estadio Olímpico Universitario, corresponding to the 8th round of Liga MX. In a few moments we will share with you the lineups of the teams, with many surprises on both sides.
7:08 PM2 months ago

We're back!

We're back for minute-by-minute coverage of Pumas vs América. We will shortly share with you the confirmed line-ups, as well as relevant facts about the clash between these two teams.
6:11 PM2 months ago

Tune in here Pumas vs America Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Pumas vs America live, as well as the latest information from the Olympic University Stadium, including statements from the players and some interesting facts about this great match between these two great clubs.

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What time is Pumas vs America match for the Liga MX match?

This is the start time of the game Pumas vs America of August 13th 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 21:05 PM

Bolivia: 20:05 PM

Brasil: 11:05 PM

Colombia: 19:05 PM

Ecuador: 19:05 PM

USA (ET): 20:05 PM enTUDN.com, TUDN App, TUDNxtra, TUDN USA and Univision in Univision NOW

España: 01:05 AM

México: 19:05 PM en Canal 5 Televisa, TUDN, TUDN En Vivo in Blim TV

Paraguay: 20:05 PM

Perú: 19:05 PM

Uruguay: 19:05 PM

5:56 PM2 months ago


This rivalry of the capital derby dates back to the winter of 1996, with a two-all draw. Pumas' first win was in the summer of 1997, by two goals to one. América won its first clásico until the winter of 1997, the final score was one to two.

In 66 games against América, the Pedregal team has won 17 times.

There have only been two occasions where Pumas won by more than four goals, the first was in the summer of 2000, four to one, and the last was in the opening game of 2003, winning four to three.

The most recent win for the Blue and Gold was in the 2021 season opener, winning one to three, at the Azteca Stadium.

The eagles have 27 wins against Pumas, the most controversial of those victories was in the 2018 season opener, winning six to one.

However, in this long history of capital city derbies, only 22 draws have been recorded.

5:51 PM2 months ago

América's final lineup

Ochoa, Cáceres, Fuentes, Araujo, Lara, Fidalgo, Valdés, Zendejas, Sánchez, Rodríguez and Martín.
5:46 PM2 months ago

Pumas' final lineup

González, Bennevendo, Palermo Ortiz, Freire, Aldrete, López, Higor, Alves, Dinenno, Salvio and Del Prete.
5:41 PM2 months ago

Watch out for this Pumas player

Juan Ignacio Dinneno, the Argentinean has not been very good at scoring goals in this tournament, because in 6 games he has scored only 1 goal in 540 minutes played in Liga MX. But in this game against the eagles it is expected that the 'commander' can return to the way of the goal, because Pumas will need to win this game after the last performance in Barcelona.
Photo: Pumas
Photo: Pumas
5:36 PM2 months ago

Watch out for this America player

Henry Martin in six games with the eagles, accumulating 316 minutes, he has scored two goals, showing a resurgence, against León he scored two goals, as well as against Bravos de Juarez.

He has been a key element in these last league games against La Fiera and Bravos. His goals have given a different face to the Blue and Whites, scoring in the last two games, but against Juarez, his goals gave America the 3 points in the league. 

This is a key tournament for the Yucatecan striker, who wants to earn his place on the Mexican national team's final roster for the World Cup in Qatar.

Looking ahead to the clásico, Henry commented the following: "Classics are won, on Saturday we have to prove it on the field, we have to win the game by doing things right. If it helps a lot (the time change) it's very hard to play at 12 o'clock at CU. 

Photo: America
Photo: America
5:31 PM2 months ago

The trip to Barcelona affected

Pumas are in a good position in the table, in 10th place with 8 points, but after that tie against Monterrey in CU, the university team went to Barcelona to play the Joan Gamper against the azulgrana team, where they lost by a scandalous score, six to zero.

The team from El Pedregal arrives to this capital classic hurting, after that defeat, but within the group, professor Andrés Lillini assures that there are no problems on the emotional level, on the contrary, this type of game motivates them to turn around the role of the university team: "Very well, in this type of games the mental aspect is at its best. It's a nice scenario to reverse the situation".

For Gustavo del Prete, it will be a nice experience to face América, being the Argentine player's first clásico: "The match against América will be very nice, there is great expectation".

He also commented that there should be no margin for error, the important thing is to win it no matter what.

"What the boys told me, because of what the fans show you, that it is an important match, it is the classic, we have to win it, I have great expectations".

Photo: Pumas
Photo: Pumas
5:26 PM2 months ago

They are back on track

The América Eagles have returned to scoring three points, after a bad streak in the tournament. With this victory against Juárez, the team from Coapa took a great leap forward, with two goals from Henry Martín, who has scored four goals in the last two games.

A few days ago, the Mexican striker spoke about this upcoming game against Pumas, with a great desire to win, surprising the university fans who will make a great entrance at CU.

"Now comes Pumas, a complicated opponent, even more so at home and a great rival. You can never leave América for dead".

"We want to win every match, add the clásico, Pumas, Dani Alves, it's a richer flavor to win".

The Azulcrema's agenda goes next against Pachuca away from home, returning to the Azteca to experience the duel against Cruz Azul in the young clásico.

América is in 15th place with 7 points, 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 defeats. This is a bad position for the fans, who want their team to be at the top of the table.

Photo: America
Photo: America
5:21 PM2 months ago

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