Goals and Highlights: Juventus 3-0 Sassuolo in Serie A Match


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Thank you for following the Juventus vs Sassuolo webcast, today's game was won by Juventus, however, the visitors showed that they can compete, as they were in great shape on the field and had several chances to score, keep visiting VAVEL for all the Serie A action.
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The match ends with Juventus winning 3-0.
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Add 4 minutes.
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Vlahovic's left-footed shot is deflected for a corner kick.
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Sassuolo tries on the right, but the ball goes wide.
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Juventus pass the ball near the opponent's area.
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Vlahovic inside the area misses a clear opportunity.
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With twenty minutes to go, Juventus continue to dominate the match.
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Frattesi tries with his head, but the goalkeeper takes the ball.
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Goooooooooooooooool for Juventus! Di Maria assists Vlahovic after a mistake at the start.
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The second half begins.
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End of the first half.
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Berardi shoots with power, but the ball goes into the goalkeeper's hands.
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Goooooooooooool for Juventus! Vlahovic converts the penalty into a goal to make it a two-goal lead.
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Penalty for Juventus.
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Locatelli shoots wide.
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Sassuolo is looking for an equalizer and presses in the box.
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Goooooooooooool for Juventus! Di Maria with a great shot inside the box beats the goalkeeper and the home team wins it.
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Juventus is saved after a shot inside the box.
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Di María crosses, but there is no finisher inside the area.
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Vlahovic's header was headed into the box, but was flagged offside.
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The match begins.
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Sassuolo XI inicial

This is how the visiting team comes out:
XI inicial Sassuolo/Imagen: SassuoloUS
XI inicial Sassuolo/Imagen: SassuoloUS
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Juventus Starting XI

This is how the home team comes out:
Juventus starting XI/Image: JuventusFC
Juventus starting XI/Image: JuventusFC
2:28 PMa month ago

Allegri spoke about Di Maria

"Di Maria will have to be exploited for his technical characteristics, which are clearly above average, he will have to sew up our game."
2:23 PMa month ago

Juventus is already at home

The home team has already arrived at the stadium for their match against Sassuolo:
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New reinforcement for Sassuolo

Andrea Piamonti was acquired on loan with an obligation to buy from Inter.
The striker signed a contract that binds him to the Neroverdi until June 30, 2027.
2:13 PMa month ago

The objectives according to Allegri

"Compared to previous years, one thing changes: before the main course was March, now we will have to be in the top four on November 13 and in the meantime have gone through the Champions League round."
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Allegri spoke ahead of the game

"The three points count, it's a race that intrigues because it's the first of the season. We will have to be good at team play, there will be a full stadium and we want to start with a win."
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We continue

Thank you for following the Juventus vs Sassuolo game, this afternoon the historic Juventus will make its debut in a new season, with the opportunity to get a new title the team will seek victory at home against a Sassuolo that needs to overcome the mid-table, stay because below we will tell you everything you need to know before the start.
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Stay tuned for Juventus vs Sassuolo live streaming

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Juventus vs Sassuolo live, as well as the latest information from the Juventus Stadium. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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Where and how to watch Juventus vs Sassuolo Online and Live

The match will be broadcasted through Star +.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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Watch out for this Sassuolo player

Domenico Berardi, 28-year-old right winger, is a skillful player who belongs to the team since the youth, now with all the experience he can be the reference of the team to overcome the mid-table, the player was part of the process for the 2018 World Cup, where he scored 6 goals, his level became so good that at some point Juventus bought the player, no doubt he will want to take advantage of the game to score to the team that at some point bought his letter.
1:43 PMa month ago

Watch out for this Juventus player

Angel di Maria, 34 year old right winger, is the new reinforcement from PSG, the "fideo" is one of the most skilled players in Europe, his speed and driving ability are one of his best attributes, the Argentinean is looking to have a great season before the World Cup, so he can provide the team with many goals and assists, we know that in PSG he was a key player, but in recent seasons he lost prominence. 
1:38 PMa month ago

Last Sassuolo lineup

Consigli, Kiriakopoulos, Ferrari, Ayhan, Muldur, Thorstvedt, Frattesi, Henrique, Ceide, Raspadori, Berardi.
1:33 PMa month ago

Latest Juventus lineup

Szczesny, Danilo, Bremer, Bremer, Bonucci, Alex Sandro, Locatelli, Zakaria, Fagioli, Di Maria, Vlahovic, Soule.
1:28 PMa month ago


Sassuolo 1-2 Juventus

Juventus 2-1 Sassuolo

Juventus 1-3 Sassuolo

Sassuolo 1-3 Juventus

Juventus 3-1 Sassuolo

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Arbitration Quartet

To be confirmed.
1:18 PMa month ago

Sassuolo to leave mid-table

Sassuolo is a team that is not used to fight at the top of the championship, their fight is clearly in the mid-table, but all teams must seek improvement and this season the team could look for a European tournament such as the Conference League, last season the team was in eleventh position with fifty points, twelve points away from a UEFA place, for this new season the team could surprise Italy and sneak into the top places, It is a very complicated job and even more when it starts against one of the teams with the highest payroll, but nothing is impossible and in case of stealing the three points, it would be injecting a great motivation, Lecce was very close to steal points from Inter, also Cremonesse was very close to draw against Fiorentina, it seems that the distances have been cut in the teams and without problem this team can be the dark horse of Serie A.
Sassuolo seeks to improve/Image: SassuoloUS
Sassuolo seeks to improve/Image: SassuoloUS
1:13 PMa month ago

Juventus renewed

Juventus comes from two very complicated seasons where they have not found their best version, even with Cristiano Ronaldo, the team was not able to dominate in the championship and the results were less and less positive, at the end of this season Ronaldo left the institution, their best player in recent seasons would no longer be there, there began to wobble the project, for the previous season Juventus was no longer the terror of Serie A, For this new season the team has the task of fighting closer to the first places, to achieve this the team needs to be reinforced in a better way, since several players left the institution, mainly in the defense, the first match against Sassuolo could give them the necessary confidence to seek the championship, in a World Cup year the players must take care of themselves even though Italy will not be in Qatar.
Juventus trains with intensity/Image: juventusfc
Juventus trains with intensity/Image: juventusfc
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Day 1 action continues

Juventus vs Sassuolo will be the game that closes the first day of Serie A, both teams are looking to have a better season, on the side of Juventus for the second consecutive year could not take the title after having won eight consecutive times, the team entered a transition stage and many players left to make room for others, on the side of Sassuolo mid-table is no longer a challenge and should try to fight for a place in Europe this season the day showed a lot of competitiveness so much is expected of these two teams.
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Good morning to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the Juventus vs Sassuolo live stream of the Serie A match. The match will take place at the Juventus Stadium at 2:45 PM ET.