Goals and Highlights Rayadas Monterrey (3) 1-1 (2) Portland Thorns: in Women’s International Champions Cup
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Fifth shot

Portland misses and Godínez is the hero, saving three penalties and several decisive ones that gave his team a place in the final, where they will face Lyon. 
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Fourth shot

Portland scored and Godinez, despite diving, did not reach the ball.
Rayadas scored the third goal, Rodriguez scored the third and forced the opponent not to miss.
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Third shot

Portland scored and Godinez did not move.
Rayadas scored the second penalty kick, Franco put the shot hard and to the center.
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Second shot

Portland misses again and Godinez saves the penalty kick.
Rayadas scored the first penalty kick, Solís put the shot into the right corner.
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First shot

Portland is the first to shoot and Godinez saves the penalty kick.
Rayadas also missed their shot, Smith saves from the right side. 
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The match is over, ending in a 1-1 draw, so everything will be defined in penalty kicks. 
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Portland's free kick, on the right flank, may be the last play of the match.
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3 minutes of compensation are added. 
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Monterrey substitution, Diana Evangelista is replaced by Diana Evangelista. 
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The Mexican women's team's morale was crucial, and that's how they're getting ahead.
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GOAL! by Rayadas, Diana García started the play on the right flank, finding space, where she entered the box and decided to shoot. 
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Portland changes, Michele Vasconcelos and Raquel Rodríguez Cedeño come out and Morgan Weaver and Christine Margaret Sinclair enter.
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Portland has not given up the ball, being lethal, where Alejandría Godínez has been the one who has saved the northerners with her saves. 
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The home side came out with confidence, but the Mexican defense has been keeping the ball out at all costs, but Portland's attack is relentless. 
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Portland and Monterrey came out all guns blazing in the second half, and both teams had chances to put the ball in the net. 
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Portland change, Yazmeen Ryan comes off for Hannah Betfort.
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The second half of Portland's victory over the Rayadas begins. 
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The first half of Portland's victory over the Rayadas is over. 
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3 minutes of compensation are added. 
Kelli Hubly is shown the yellow card. 
12:28 AMa month ago


Monterrey have dominated these minutes, playing in the home area, pressuring Portland's.
12:23 AMa month ago


Portland has slowed down the pace, allowing the visitors to have more chances.
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Another hydration break, Portland has the most opportunities to score on goal, the Mexicans have a hard time coming out and looking for the equalizer. 
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Aylin Aviléz is replaced by Bárbara Olivieri.
Monterrey is saved, in a play where it looked like the ball was going to go in, Isabella Echeverri saved practically on the line. 
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Monterrey tries to tie the match, but the local defense does not allow it, having more dangerous opportunities. Portland change, Tegan McGrady comes out for Gabby Provenzano.
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After a collision in which a local player was left on the grass, both teams take the opportunity to rehydrate. 
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Portland has been more dominant than the Mexicans, but the Mexicans are still trying to come out on top, having good chances on goal, but neglecting the defense. 
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GOOOOL! for Portland, the match started with everything, where the home team had their second chance in front of goal, Marissa Everett was in front of the goal and easily beat the goalkeeper. 
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The match kicks off

The match between Portland and Rayadas is ready to kick off at Providence Park, where a good crowd is in attendance.
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Lyon finalist

After a great duel, where in regular time they finished 2-2, despite Chelsea's early lead, the French team came out on top and won 4-3 in the penalty shootout.
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They take the field

Both teams take the field for the start of this match at Providence Park, corresponding to the Women's International Champions Cup.
11:23 PMa month ago

Golden opportunity

The Rayadas have a great opportunity to play against teams that play in the Women's Champions League, so they are looking to do well, with Eva Espejo leading the group that traveled to the United States.
11:12 PMa month ago

Record broken

Liga MX Femenil rectified and ruled out that Christina Burkenroad's goal against León was the fastest goal in the history of the league. The goal was scored after 18 seconds and not after 7 seconds.

"The goal scored by Christina Burkenroad in J7 was officially at the 18 second mark." "So the goal scored by Andrea Villalobos in J12 of AP18 remains the fastest goal in LigaMXFemenil history at 11 seconds."

11:03 PMa month ago

Portland's XI

This is the XI with which the home team will take the field at Providence Park, a match corresponding to the Women's International Champions Cup.
10:55 PMa month ago

Ready for the debut

The Monterrey Rayadas held their training session prior to their debut in the Women's International Championship Cup. The team coached by Eva Espejo trained on Tuesday at the assigned sports complex. A high-intensity intersquad was held in Portland, where Eva Espejo tested different lineups. 
10:48 PMa month ago

Rayadas' starting XI

This is the XI with which the visitors will take the field at Providence Park, a match corresponding to the Women's International Champions Cup.
10:43 PMa month ago

Providence Park

Providence Park is a stadium in the city of Portland, Oregon and has a capacity of 20,438 spectators. Unlike most stadiums in the United States, Providence Park has FieldTurf synthetic turf.
10:38 PMa month ago

International tournament

An international tournament knocked on Rayadas' door and they accepted. The women from the north will play in the 2022 edition of the Women's International Champions Cup, a tournament designed to measure champions from different latitudes of the world.
10:33 PMa month ago

What is the tournament like?

The tournament will be held from August 17 to 20, with a double day, where the two Semifinals will be played, followed by the game for the Third Place and the respective Final.
10:28 PMa month ago

Looking for another win

The Thorns won the tournament last year with a 1-0 win over Lyon in the title game at Providence Park. Janine Beckie has been to this tournament before when she was a member of Manchester City.
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Change of pace

Janine Beckie, speaking ahead of the match against the Rayadas, noted that it's a nice change of pace for her team in the middle of the season.

"I played in the ICC tournament when I was with Manchester City, and obviously they have a very different perspective in that this is their preseason tournament," Beckie said. "For us, it's a nice change of pace in the middle of the season to play against different opposition and have different challenges. It's a great opportunity as a player to play against the best teams around the world."

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Possible Final

If Portland wins, they will face the winner of Chelsea and Lyon in the championship game on Saturday. If the Thorns lose, they will face the loser in the third-place game later that day.
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Who is OL Lyonnais?

Reigning European champions Olympique Lyonnais Femenil are back in Portland looking for their 2022-23 season trophy. The French club last played on May 22 in Turin, Italy, where they defeated FC Barcelona 3-1 in the UEFA Women's Champions League final.
10:08 PMa month ago

Who is Chelsea?

Chelsea FC Women, winners of the FA Women's Super League three seasons in a row, and all but one title since 2017, Chelsea will compete in their first WICC, kicking off the tournament fast against European powerhouse Olympique Lyonnais Féminin on August 17
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What time is Rayadas vs Portland Thorns match for Women’s International Champions Cup?

This is the start time of the game Rayadas vs Portland Thorns of August 17th, in several countries:

México: 22:00 horas CDMX

Argentina: 01:00 horas

Chile: 01:00 horas

Colombia: 22:00 horas

Perú: 22:00 horas

EE.UU.: 23:00 horas ET

Ecuador: 22:00 horas

Uruguay: 00:00 horas

Paraguay: 23:00 horas

España: 06:00 horas

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Where and how to watch Rayadas vs Portland Thorns live and in real time

The match will be broadcast on TUDN.
If you want to watch Rayadas vs Portland Thorns in streaming you can watch it on Vix+.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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The two teams have not met on any occasion, with this being the first time that both squads have met and what better way than in the final of the Women's International Champions Cup.
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How is Portland coming?

Portland is coming off a good run in the beginning of the season, coming off a 1-2 win against Washington, they tied against Carolina 3-3, having a streak of 3 wins and 2 draws in the United States NWSL.
Washington Spirit 1-2 Portland Thorns FC, 10 Aug, 2022, United States NWSL
Portland Thorns FC 3-3 North Carolina Courage, 5 Aug, 2022, United States NWSL
Racing Louisville FC 1-2 Portland Thorns FC, 29 Jul, 2022, United States NWSL
Portland Thorns FC 5-0 NJ/NY Gotham FC, 16 Jul, 2022, United States NWSL
OL Reign 2-2 Portland Thorns FC, 10 Jul, 2022, United States NWSL
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How are Rayadas doing?

The Rayadas have performed well in their last 5 matches, with 3 wins against Leon, Necaxa and Puebla, with their last match being a winless performance against Juarez.
Monterrey 3-0 Leon, 11 Aug, 2022, Liga MX Femenil
Necaxa 0-4 Monterrey, 08 Aug, 2022, Liga MX Femenil
Monterrey 1-1 Juárez, 01 Aug, 2022, Liga MX Femenil
Tijuana 2-2 Monterrey, 28 Jul, 2022, Liga MX Femenil
Monterrey 3-1 Puebla, 25 Jul, 2022, Liga MX Femenil
9:33 PMa month ago

Keep an eye on this Portland player

Sophia Olivia Smith is the striker for Portland Thorns FC of the National Women's Soccer League in the United States, having the experience of 2016, where she was part of the U.S. U-17 national team at the 2016 U-17 Women's World Cup. Being the club's main striker, scoring 11 goals in 11 games. 
Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images
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Watch out for this Rayadas player

Christina Burkenroad, scored the fastest goal in Liga MX Femenil, when the referee started the match, Rayadas started with the dominance and in just two touches they put the ball in the hands of Christina, who from the right put it into the goal with a quick and direct movement.
Source: Rayadas
Source: Rayadas
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European experience

Isabella Echeverri, a Colombian central defender, is one of the most emblematic players in her country, being a key player in Sevilla's scheme. Las Rayadas did not hesitate to bring her to Mexican soccer after her contract ended in Spain.
Silvana Flores, developed in England, but was formed in the academies of Arsenal and Chelsea to join Reading, moving to Tottenham Hotspur one season and then came to Monterrey in June 2022.  These two players can be crucial for their team to be protagonists.
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They travel to Portland

Rayadas have already started the road to their next international adventure, as last Monday they traveled to Portland, United States. The girls from the north began their journey, where they had a stopover in Guadalajara. Whatever the result, Monterrey will see action, because if they win they will advance to the Final, but if they lose, they will fight for third place on August 20. Their opponent will come out of the match between Olympique Lyon and Chelsea in this short international tournament. 
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the broadcast of the Rayadas vs Portland Thorns match, corresponding to the Women's International Champions Cup. The match will take place at Providence Park Stadium at 23:00.