Highlights and Best Moments: Boca Juniors 0-0 Rosario Central in Liga Profesional Argentina
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Thank you for following the Boca Juniors vs Rosario Central game in the Argentine League.
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End game

Boca Juniors 0-0 Rosario Central.
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Add 4 more minutes.
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Orsini's cross went all over the penalty area but could not find a recipient.
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Buenanote's long shot is saved by the goalkeeper.

Orsini enters and Vázquez leaves, Boca Jrs. change.

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Marinelli's shot goes wide. Rosario close.
10:08 PMa month ago


Advíncula's shot from half distance is controlled by Rosario's goalkeeper.
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Langoni and Ramírez enter

Fernández and Romero come out

Changes for Boca Jrs.

9:58 PMa month ago


Villa's mid-range shot hits the crossbar.
9:53 PMa month ago


Infantino and Marinelli

Malcorra and Ortiz come out

Rosario Central changes.

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Alan Varela of Boca Juniors has been cautioned.
9:43 PMa month ago


Buenanote's header is saved by Rossi without rebounding.
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The second half begins between Boca Juniors and Rosario Central.
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Half time

Boca Juniors 0-0 Rosario Central.
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Pol Fernández takes the shot that Servio saves and makes up for the mistake he made earlier.
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After reviewing the play, there is a penalty kick in favor of Boca Juniors.
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Add 5 more minutes.
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Romero's right-footed shot goes over the top of the goal.
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They asked for a penalty in favor of Rosario and the referee does not sanction anything. Boca's Fabra was cautioned for a brief brawl.
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Despite the high intensity, the only player cautioned at the moment is Luis Advíncula, of Boca, in the 12th minute for the penalty.
8:58 PMa month ago


Roncaglia's shot is deflected by the goalkeeper and the ball goes over the top.
8:53 PMa month ago


Varela's shot from half distance goes over the top of the goal.
8:48 PMa month ago


Malcorra's shot is smashed and Rossi comes out and catches the ball.
8:43 PMa month ago


Servio, the goalkeeper, took the penalty with no force and through the center of the goal after a great save by Rossi.
8:38 PMa month ago


After reviewing the play in the VAR in Malcorra's action, there is a handball by the defender and there is a penalty.
8:33 PMa month ago


Malcorra's cross shot was saved by Rossi with a firm foot.
8:28 PMa month ago


Buenanote's shot is deflected by Roncaglia and the visitors are awarded a corner kick.
8:23 PMa month ago


Fabra is knocked to the ground after a robbery of Rosario's exit.
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The game between Boca Juniors and Rosario Central begins.
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Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Boca Juniors and Rosario Central in the Argentine League.
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4 Fijal

11 Payero

13 García

14 Rolón

16 Molinas

20 Ramírez

23 González

27 Orsini

29 Briasco

39 Aranda

41 Langoni

57 Weigandt



6 Kornar

17 Marinelli

19 Broun

25 Cerrudo

27 Infantino

28 Ramírez

32 Almada

34 Frías

38 Rodríguez

39 Oviedo

8:03 PMa month ago

XI Rosario Central

23 Servio, 3 Blanco, 21 Rodríguez, 33 Báez, 4 Martínez, 5 Mac Allister, 15 Malcorra, 26 Cortez, 45 Ortiz, 40 Buonanotte, 24 Véliz.
7:58 PMa month ago

XI Boca Juniors

1 Rossi, 17 Advíncula, 2 Roncaglia, 3 Sández, 18 Fabra, 36 Medina, 33 Varela, 8 Fernández, 10 Romero, 38 Vázquez, 22 Villa.
7:53 PMa month ago

The scorers

Marcos Rojo is Boca Juniors' top scorer with four goals and Gaspar Servio is Rosario's top scorer with three goals.
7:48 PMa month ago

They have arrived

Led by coach Carlos Tévez, the former Boca Boca Juniors coach will be looking for his first win as a coach against Boca Juniors.
7:43 PMa month ago

Good entry

Although it has not been the best season ever, a full house is expected for this game at La Bombonera.
7:38 PMa month ago

Today's results

These have been the results that have been generated this day in the First Division of Argentina:

Newells 2-0 Lanús

Tigre 0-0 Atlético Tucumán

Arsenal 0-0 River Plate, second half

Boca vs Rosario Central.

7:33 PMa month ago

Great reception

Some media in Argentina have reported that some fences and houses have been painted to give Carlos Tevez the welcome he deserves, who will return to La Bombonera, but now as coach of Rosario Central.
7:28 PMa month ago


Boca Juniors looks to return to winning ways when they take on Rosario Central in the Argentine League. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game from La Bombonera.
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Tune in here Boca Juniors vs Rosario Central Live Score in Liga Profesional Argentina 2022

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What time is Boca Juniors vs Rosario Central match for Liga Profesional Argentina 2022?

This is the start time of the game Boca Juniors vs Rosario Central of August 17th in several countries:

Argentina: 9:30 PM on ESPN and Star +

Bolivia: 8:30 PM on ESPN and Star +

Brazil: 9:30 PM

Chile: 9:30 PM on ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 7:30 PM on ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 7:30 PM on ESPN and Star +

United States (ET): 8:30 PM on ViX

Spain: 2:30 AM

Mexico: 7:30 PM on Star +

Paraguay: 9:30 PM on ESPN and Star +

Peru: 7:30 PM on ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 9:30 PM on ESPN and Star +

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Background Boca Juniors vs Rosario Central

Los Xeneizes have the advantage in the history of the last five matches with two wins, two draws and one loss, highlighting that this setback occurred on the road.

Boca Juniors 2-1 Rosario Central, 2022

Rosario Central 1-2 Boca Juniors, 2021

Rosario Central 1-0 Boca Juniors, 2019

Boca Juniors 0-0 Rosario Central, 2019 (Super Cup)

Boca Juniors 0-0 Rosario Central, 2018

7:08 PMa month ago

Key Player Rosario Central

Rosario Central goalkeeper Gaspar Servio is expected to get plenty of action for this match between the posts, so he should have a rounded night to help his team get some positive away results.
7:03 PMa month ago

Key player Boca Juniors

Guillermo Fernandez is the most unbalanced player and the one who can make the difference because of his touch to filter passes and his mid-range shot that could be the key to get three points that they urgently need.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
6:58 PMa month ago

Last lineup Rosario Central

23 Gaspar Servio, 21 Juan Rodríguez, 33 Cristian Báez, 16 Mateo Tanlongo, 3 Lautaro Blanco, 4 Damián Martínez, 40 Facundo Buonanotte, 45 Kevin Ortíz, 34 Franco Farías, 25 Juan Cruz Cerrudo, 39 Fabricio Oviedo,
6:53 PMa month ago

Last lineup Boca Juniors

1 Agustín Rossi, 4 Jorge Figal, 5 Carlos Zambrano, 18 Frank Fabra, 17 Luis Advíncula, 22 Sebastián Villa, 33 Alan Varela, 10 Óscar Romero, 8 Guillermo Fernández, 11 Martín Payero, 9 Darío Benedetto.
6:48 PMa month ago

Rosario Central: taking the pressure off

Rosario Central took some of the pressure off last weekend with a home win over Barracas Central, but they need to continue the good run now as visitors, as they are in 17th place with just 17 points, but still on a mission to climb up the standings.
6:43 PMa month ago

Boca Juniors: take advantage of home advantage

Boca Juniors has not fully reacted and has only 19 points in the championship to be placed in the 11th position, remembering that last Sunday in a controversial match with a penalty that was not scored and two players that almost came to blows, they drew 0-0 against Racing as visitors.
6:38 PMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Boca Juniors vs Rosario Central match will be played at the La Bombonera Stadium, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:30 pm ET.
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