Goals and Highlights: Porto 3-0 Sporting in Primeira Liga
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4:34 PM7 months ago


Thank you here for your audience in this match of the Primeira Liga. Have a good night and see you next time!
4:33 PM7 months ago


With one more to go, Porto thrash Sporting and win another Premier League match!
4:29 PM7 months ago


Veron was stealing the ball, dribbling around the goalkeeper and scoring, but the referee gave a foul and disallowed the goal.
4:27 PM7 months ago


Sporting change: Ugarte out, Esgaio in.
4:25 PM7 months ago


Triple substitution in Porto: Zaidu, Pepê and Evanilson left to enter Veron, Wendell and Martínez.
4:22 PM7 months ago


Galeno hit it hard, in the middle of the goal, with no chance of defense for Adán, increasing the score!
4:21 PM7 months ago


On the counter-attack, Galeno was launched on the left, invaded the area and was brought down by Adán, suffering the penalty!
4:20 PM7 months ago


Abdul came out face to face with Diogo Costa, but he hit hard and the goalkeeper saved Porto!
4:20 PM7 months ago


Double substitution in Sporting: Matheus Reis and Edwards left for Juste and Abdul.
4:14 PM7 months ago


Uribe hit it into the left corner, while Adán went out to the right, increasing the score of the match!
4:11 PM7 months ago


Eustáquio tried to shoot and the ball went up, and Galeno headed the ball into the back of the goal and Pedro Porro made a spectacular save on the line, but he is not a goalkeeper and his save becomes a penalty, and a red card! And for complaining Matheus Reis was yellow carded.
4:08 PM7 months ago


Double substitution in Porto: Bruno Costa and Taremi left for the entrance of Estáquio and Galeno.
4:06 PM7 months ago


Double substitution in Sporting: left Morita and Neto for the entry of Rochinha and Nuno Santos.
3:49 PM7 months ago


Inácio tried to shoot and sent it far away, over the goal.
3:48 PM7 months ago


Bruno Costa, inside the area, received the ball and hit it hard, but over the goal!
3:41 PM7 months ago


Edwards makes the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the second half of the match!
3:38 PM7 months ago

Teams on the pitch!

The teams return to the field to start the second half of the match.
3:21 PM7 months ago


With Evanilson's goal, Porto is beating Sporting and taking all three points home at the moment!
3:20 PM7 months ago


And in the corner taken from the right, Inácio headed a strong ball and Diogo Costa deflected, also getting the rebound in the small area!
3:20 PM7 months ago


Matheus Reis crossed from the left, Trincão shot and Diogo Costa saved it in the left corner!
3:17 PM7 months ago


João Mário's cross, Adán disputed with Taremi and the ball was left to Evanilson with the goal empty to put the ball in the back of the net!
3:16 PM7 months ago


Yellow for Morita for a foul in the midfield.
3:11 PM7 months ago


Yellow for Neto, for a strong foul in the midfield.
3:05 PM7 months ago


Pepê, even though he was off balance, hit the ball into the goal, in the hands of Adán. A foul was called on the shot and it was hit, but straight into the barrier.
2:48 PM7 months ago


Yellow for Ugarte, for a violent foul in the midfield.
2:43 PM7 months ago


Morita managed to get the ball inside the box and hit it hard, hitting the right post!
2:32 PM7 months ago


Taremi makes the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the first half of the match!
2:30 PM7 months ago

Teams on the pitch!

The teams take the field to start the match!
2:06 PM7 months ago


The players appear on the field to begin their warm-up work.
2:01 PM7 months ago

Sporting lined-up!

Sporting is scheduled and will field with:

1:56 PM7 months ago

Porto lined-up!

Porto is scheduled and will field with:

1:51 PM7 months ago


Now begins the broadcast of the Primeira Liga match between Porto and Sporting!
1:46 PM7 months ago

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If you want to watch the game Porto vs Sporting live on TV, your options is: none.

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What time is Porto vs Sporting match for Primeira Liga?

This is the start time of the game Portp vs Sporting of 20th August 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 4:30PM in GolTV Latinoamerica
Bolivia: 3:30PM in GolTV Latinoamerica
Brazil: 4:30PM in ESPN4, Star+
Chile: 3:30PM in GolTV Latinoamerica
Colombia: 2:30PM in GolTV Latinoamerica
Ecuador: 2:30PM in GolTV Latinoamerica
USA (ET): 3:30PM in GolTV, GolTV Español
Mexico: 2:30PM in GolTV Latinoamerica
Paraguay: 4:30PM in GolTV Latinoamerica
Peru: 2:30PM in GolTV Latinoamerica
Uruguay: 4:30PM in GolTV Latinoamerica
Venezuela: 3:30PM in GolTV Latinoameric

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Nuno Almeida will be the referee in charge of this match, with André Campos and Pedro Felisberto as assistants.
1:26 PM7 months ago

Probable Sporting

The probable Sporting team for the match is: Adán, Coates, Inácio, and Luís Neto; Pedro Porro, Morita, Ugarte, and Ries; Trincão, Pote Gonçalves, and Edwards.
1:21 PM7 months ago

Probable Porto

The probable Porto team for the match is: Diogo Costa, João Mário, Pepe, Marcano, and Sanusi; Otávio, Uribe, Grujic, and Pepê; Evanilson and Taremi.
1:16 PM7 months ago


Sérgio Conceição will not be able to use Manafá, injured, and Grujic, who is doubtful for the match. Rúben Amorim will not have Bragança, injured, while Paulinho is doubtful for the match.
1:11 PM7 months ago

Primeira Liga

Porto leads the competition with six points, in the block of teams that have this score, tied with Benfica, Boavista and Vitória. In sixth is Sporting, with four points, tied with Braga and Estoril.
1:06 PM7 months ago

Last matches: Sporting

Sporting tied the first game on Sunday (7), with Braga, in 3 to 3, scoring with Pedro Gonçalves opening the scoring, Banza equalizing, Nuno Miguel putting Sporting ahead, Niakaté equalizing once again and, finally, Edwards putting Sporting ahead and Abel Ruiz equalizing once again. After that, on Saturday (13), they beat Rio Ave 3-0, with goals from Pedro Gonçalves (2) and Matheus Nunes.
1:01 PM7 months ago

Last matches: Porto

Porto comes from two wins in the championship. Porto first won against Marítimo, 5-1, on Saturday (6), with goals from Taremi (2), Evanilson, Marcano and Martínez, while Claudio Winck deducted. After that, against Vizela, last Sunday (14), with Marcano's goal in the last minute, Porto got its second victory.
12:56 PM7 months ago

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