Highlights and goal: Nantes 0-3 PSG in Ligue 1
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Thank you very much for following Nantes and PSG at VAVEL. A great night to all and until next time.
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06/09 - PSG vs Juventus

08/09 - Nantes vs Olympiacos.

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With the victory, PSG remains in the lead and undefeated in Ligue 1. Nantes occupies the 10th place with six points.
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Nantes 0-3 PSG.
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Let's go to 92 minutes.
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85' Change at Nantes

Entered: Bouakline

Out: Blas.

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Messi entered the area and dropped the bomb. Lafont made a good save.
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80' Changes at Nantes

Entered: Coco and Doucet

Out: Mohamed and Moutoussamy.

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71' Change at PSG

Entered: Ekitike

Out: Sarabia.

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70' Yellow

Sergio Ramos was fouled hard and received a card.
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Hakimi crossed in the area and Neymar finished on the post, without a goalkeeper. On the rebound, Nuno Mendes dominated and finished with his left foot inside the area to score PSG's third.
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67' Changes at Nantes

Entered: Ganago and Corchia

Out: Guessamd and Castelletto.

3:23 PM5 months ago

62' Changes at PSG

Entered: Neymar and Sergio Ramos

Out: Mbappe and Verratti.

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61' AWAY

Mbappe received, dribbled Lafont down the back line and hit the goal. Pallois pulled over the line and avoided PSG's third.
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56' Yellow

Mbappe received card.
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Mbappe triggered Messi on the right and the defense deflected. In the sequence, the Argentine dominated, looked inside the area and returned the ball to the Frenchman, who completed almost inside the goal to extend to PSG.
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50' Yellow

Verratti received a card.
3:12 PM5 months ago

Change at PSG

Entered: Nuno Mendes

Out: Bernat.

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PSG won 1-0.
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Nantes 0-1 PSG.
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47' Yellow

Bernat was fouled hard and received a card.
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Let's go to 49 minutes.
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Bernat gave a beautiful deep pass to Messi, who arrived with a first strike and Lafont sent it to a corner.
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PSG play in attack. Nantes defends with 10 on the field.
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33' PSG change

Enter: Renato Sanches

Out: Vitinha.

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33' Yellow

Pallois received a card after a tough foul at Sarabia.
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Vitinha went straight to the locker room. The Portuguese will not continue in the game, after the entry of Fábio that generated a red card.
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Fábio raised his leg in the dispute and hit Vitinha. The referee gave the Brazilian a direct red card.
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Messi pulled the counterattack through the midfield, advanced to the midfield and found Mbappe, who on the left, dominated and amended a beautiful shot in the left corner of goalkeeper Lafont.
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Messi activated Mbappe on the left, who crossed for Danilo Pereira. The PSG midfielder finished with the first shot and goalkeeper Lafont performed a miracle to save Nantes.
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Kimpembe got away badly, Marquinhos hesitated and the ball fell to Mohamed, who fixed it for Moutoussamu. Shirt eight from Nantes arrived hitting the ball at first and the ball went close to PSG's goal.
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Game stopped. Two lighters were thrown on the lawn and the referee stopped to remove the objects.
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PSG exchange passes in attack.
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It's Ligue 1 on VAVEL.
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Speak up, Antoine Kombouaré!

''We didn't lose anyone after Strasbourg and therefore we have the same absentees: Charles, Moussa, Moses and Quentin. They are working to recover as soon as possible. possible. Moussa, the question é for Olympiakos. We'll see later. Pedro suffered from pubalgia with a complicated recovery for him. We continue to be careful. Complicated to chain every three days. But it is; operational for tomorrow. Against Toulouse, he made a great match. But his preparation was hampered with one session a day. The only remedy é rest. He had the holidays, é need to avoid the operation and the stop which can be very long. We managed very well, but we have to be careful.''

''The first thing é believe. Otherwise, do not play this game. You will not play this game.  have to believe. If the breach é done... but even led, youê have to believe in it. Dá strength and energy. É It's true that the start of the PSG season é incredible. 17 goals after three matches played! They have an average of 5 goals per game away from home. É a formidable team. Congratulations to Christophe Galtier and his team.''

''The state of mind, mentality, attitude they have on the field. É a team that likes to play and defend together. And mainly to attack.''

We can count on that. But do we have the same players? No. All games are different. The important thing for PSG is; win. In Toulouse, he won 3-0 after being cursed.''

''I don't think so. Already; it's not the same opponents, the same matches... we were in a dynamic that we don't have today.  the same PSG. They had just played against Real Madrid, with difficulty. They are now very motivated. É an impressive team. But we are not going to Beaujoire as victims. We want to show a different face from the Trophée des Champions. I think they are even stronger today. We hope a very complicated game. They now have automatisms in their tactical scheme and a well-oiled collective. And above all a mentality that there is; we didn't see much.

We have to take revenge, first on ourselves, for the Trophée des Champions. We don't play at our level.  many things where we were below. Already we have revenge against us. Then we know that when PSG play at their level, é very complicated for the opponent, in the French championship.''

I thought I was living a dream. All the great players were there. I had imagined all the scenarios, but not this one. And above everything, we resisted. They had opportunities everywhere. It was a great night of sharing with our supporters. I didn't expect this score. We prepared many scenarios, but not this one. Winning 3-0 at halftime.''

''Against this team, be you low or high, they know how to make the difference being precise and efficient. They have speed players, counterattack players... danger comes from everywhere. Whatever the position; block  É I need to be in a duel, control players without the ball and a lot of concentration to anticipate and make the right plays.''

''The motivation is there. the. The fear of carrying a suitcase makes the players concentrate. Above all, youê you have to be able to break free and play the game. We'll have to play a great football game. Everyone thinks we lost. We assume we have 0 points. Therefore, we lose 0 points. It should be approached as a cup game. There is no such thing as a cup game.  no point, but youê have to qualify. We will work to get a point, as much as possible.''

''I speak like all trainers: é a difficult period. Players are expected, management has a different point of view. The feeling is? Há disappointment. But I'm happy with the group I have. The best recruitment é have kept Alban, Moses and Ludovic. Last year, 8 matches. There, we have only one starting party - Randal Kolo Muani - and 4 very good players who arrived, all potentially starting. Management provides me with a team. We'll see in season finale. É more in terms of quantity... Players who are there, that's; good.

The moods, we put them aside. We have a work force. We are working with this one. We will see this winter if é necessary to complete. The new ones are integrating faster than I thought. Há some interesting things happening. We should have a calm championship. But there is; also the Champion's Cup with the difficulty in the first trip. I'm at Nantes, a club to which I owe everything. We played PSG and Europe. The transfer window is over. Let's move on to something else. My work é find solutions with the group I have. I'm not here to be friends with the president. We all work to be as efficient as possible. No players were imposed on me. Above all, Alban, Moses and Ludovic are there. I expected more than the new 4. But I won't be in a bad mood. We have a great season ahead.''

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Probably Nantes!

Lafont; Corchia, Castelletto, Pallois, Appiah; Girotto, Moutoussamy, Guessand, Blas, Bamba; Mohamed.
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How does Nantes arrive?

O Nantes started very badly in the season. In five games, there were three draws, one defeat and only one victory. The team currently occupies the 10º placement with only six points. In the last 10 games, there were four defeats, four draws and only two victories.
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Speak up, Christophe Galtier!

"We are all working very calmly from the beginning. The transfer window is now open. closed, let's move forward with the cast we have available, a quality cast, and we'll keep working. some players were sold and many were loaned out. Already; we know who we are going to work with, which is also é a relief for a coach.''
Photo: Publicity/PSG
Photo: Publicity/PSG

"An important quality for a coach é be able to adapt, in terms of situation, shape, injuries and suspensions. É always better to work with a framework in which youê worked for a while. But sometimes you need sometimes to adapt à situation. But I hope to continue working with this arrangement. I have a quality squad, with two players who joined us, Fabian Ruiz and Carlos Soler. We will have to be careful à condition of this and that. We can't always say there's a shortage of players. Also é I need to know how to adapt, but I have a quality squad."

"Always é It is unusual to have two consecutive away games, and we will play again on Tuesday. Of course there will beá changes in personnel. Let's talk to the medical team. The players are in good shape, but we'll need to introduce some freshness, and the starting eleven will be; naturally different from that against Toulouse.''

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Likely PSG!

Donnarumma; Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos, Danilo Pereira; Hakimi, Vitinha, Verrati, Nuno Mendes; Messi, Neymar, Mbappe.
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How does PSG arrive?

PSG continues to fly in Ligue 1, the team from the French capital continues to play well and in the last round, they beat Toulouse 3-0 away from home. Currently, the Galtier é leader of the competition with four wins and one draw, having scored 21 goals scored.
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Photo: Publicity/Call 1
Photo: Publicity/Call 1
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The match will be played at Stade de la Beaujoire - Louis Fonteneau

The Nantes vs PSG match will be played at the Stade de la Beaujoire - Louis Fonteneau with a capacity of 38.285 people.
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