Highlights: Atlas vs Pumas UNAM in Liga MX Match


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Thank you for following the Atlas vs Pumas game, tonight both teams were looking for the three points, however, they were unable to beat the goalkeeper and they got a draw that is of little use to their aspirations.
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The match ends in a scoreless draw.
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Three minutes are added.
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A dangerous cross by Pumas that the rival defense avoids the goal.
8:55 PM5 months ago


Del Prete headed a shot, but the ball went wide.
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Palermo receives a yellow card.
8:46 PM5 months ago


Del Prete alone in the area sends the ball over the goal.
8:41 PM5 months ago


Atlas comes close with a shot by Quiñones, which hits the crossbar.
8:36 PM5 months ago


Dinenno receives the ball from Alves, however, the shot goes over the top of the goal.
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Trejo receives a yellow card.
8:22 PM5 months ago


Atlas goal disallowed for offside.
8:20 PM5 months ago


Dinenno shoots and the ball hits the post.
8:16 PM5 months ago


Goal disallowed for Pumas for offside.
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The second half begins.
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End of the first half.
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Add 3 minutes.

Dinenno was entering the area, but the defense prevented him from shooting in the box.
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Dinenno was entering the area, but the defense prevented him from shooting in the area.
7:41 PM5 months ago


Salvio arrived with clarity but the defense cut off the pass.
7:35 PM5 months ago


Atlas has possession of the ball, but does not generate danger.
7:25 PM5 months ago


Atlas came close to converting after a header inside the box.
7:23 PM5 months ago


Dinenno receives a yellow card.
7:19 PM5 months ago

Diogo shoots right-footed, but Vargas prevents the ball from going in.
7:15 PM5 months ago

A dangerous play by Pumas, but in the end there was no shot on goal.
7:12 PM5 months ago

Alves' cross goes wide.
7:10 PM5 months ago

The match begins.
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This was the arrival of Pumas

This is how Pumas showed the team's arrival at the stadium:
6:55 PM5 months ago

Pumas does not concede a goal outside the area

The university team is, along with Tigres, one of the teams that have not allowed any goals from outside the box, although they have usually conceded inside the box.
6:50 PM5 months ago

Atlas starting XI

This is how the local team comes out:
atlas starting XI/Image: LigaBBVAMX
atlas starting XI/Image: LigaBBVAMX
6:45 PM5 months ago

Starting XI Pumas

This is how the visiting team comes out:
Pumas starting XI/Image: PumasMX
Pumas starting XI/Image: PumasMX
6:40 PM5 months ago

Atlas with defensive problems

The Rojinegros are one of the teams that concede the most goals in the first fifteen minutes, together with León, they have conceded a total of four goals at the beginning of the first half, something that did not happen in the two championship tournaments, as they stood out for being a very defensive team that conceded few goals.  
6:35 PM5 months ago

Atlas is already at home

This was the arrival of the local team:
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Atlas struggles to score against Pumas

Atlas has not been able to score against Pumas in the last two matches, one of them in the semifinals of the Apertura 2021 where Pumas won 1-0 and in the scoreless draw in the Clausura 2022, with both teams looking for three points, this bad streak will probably be broken.
6:25 PM5 months ago

Pumas with an advantage in recent meetings

Pumas has not been defeated by Atlas in the last eight Liga MX games, this only in the regular season without counting liguilla, the universitarios have achieved four wins and four draws facing the current Mexican soccer champion, since 2017 Atlas has not beaten Pumas.
6:20 PM5 months ago

The most repeated result is a draw

In the regular season of the Liga MX, Atlas and Pumas have played to a goalless draw in the last three matches, and the duels seen in the Liguilla have had few goals, with the winner taking the victory by the minimum.
6:15 PM5 months ago

We continue

Thank you for following the broadcast of the Liga MX game Atlas vs Pumas, this afternoon two teams that are at the bottom of the table will be looking to leave those positions behind and start earning three points as the tournament draws to a close. Stay with us, as we'll tell you everything you need to know before the start of the match.
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Stay tuned for live coverage of the Atlas vs Pumas game

In a few moments, we'll share with you the starting lineups for Atlas vs Pumas live, as well as the latest information from the Jalisco Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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Where and how to watch Atlas vs Pumas live online

The match will be broadcast on TUDN and Azteca.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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Watch out for this Pumas player

Juan Dinenno, center forward from Argentina, has become an idol of the University fans, thanks to his dedication and goals that he has given to the blue and gold team. In this tournament he has not had a great presence on the scoreboard, but Pumas needs to supply him with balls so that he can score and achieve more victories.
5:55 PM5 months ago

Watch out for this Atlas player

Camilo Vargas, 32-year-old Colombian goalkeeper, since his arrival to the red and black team has been in charge of preventing the team from losing points, the national team selection has strengthened the defensive part of the team, in the current tournament he has been key for the team not to have more defeats, without a doubt he is one of the best goalkeepers in Liga MX and in this closing of the season his appearances will have to be more precise to avoid the fall of his goal.
5:50 PM5 months ago


Atlas 0-0 Pumas

Atlas 0-1 Pumas

Pumas 0-1 Atlas

Pumas 0-0 Atlas

Pumas 0-0 Atlas

5:45 PM5 months ago

Arbitration quartet

Central: Luis Enrique Santander. Assistants: Jorge Antonio Sanchez and Jessica Fernanda Morales. Fourth official: Hector Salvador Solorio.
5:40 PM5 months ago

Pumas on a losing streak

Pumas with Andres Lillini had stood out in previous tournaments for being a very competitive team without having renowned players in the team, even their reinforcements did not point as big stars, after the great performances of the university team, where they fought in the semifinals and even lost a final, for the opening tournament 2022 the team made a strong investment to bring better players, the 10 of Boca and the 10 of Estudiantes, were the first players to arrive, offensive profiles was what Lillini's team had brought, But the defensive part was still weakened with the departures of Mozo and Talavera. As the days went by, Dani Alves arrived, a player who had made a lot of noise to join the team, but as the days went by, the results started to be negative and the most pointed player was the Brazilian Alves, Lillini has not found the right performance and in a painful defeat against Chivas his position is in danger, despite having been ratified several weeks ago, now in a new matchday he will face the champion who is going through a similar moment, getting a win could change the team's attitude.
Pumas needs a win/Image: PumasMX
Pumas needs a win/Image: PumasMX
5:35 PM5 months ago

Atlas in doubt for a third title

Atlas, the current Mexican soccer champion, is not going through a good moment after the two-time championship, the red and black team practically plays with the same squad that won the first of the two titles, but injuries to several key players have caused the team not to be the same, Atlas was a team that knew how to keep a clean sheet and took advantage of the speed of its attacking players to counterattack and thus defeat its rivals, the red and blacks in the two championships qualified directly to the playoffs accumulating 7 and 8 wins per tournament, in addition to only being defeated on 4 occasions, in the current tournament they barely have 2 wins and already have 7 defeats, almost equaling the total of defeats in the two championship tournaments, the last game played by Atlas was against Leon which ended with a result of 4-2 in favor of the emerald, Atlas has to wake up or they could even be left without playoffs.
Atlas seeks resurgence/Image:AtlasFC
Atlas seeks resurgence/Image:AtlasFC
5:30 PM5 months ago

The end of the regular season is near

The regular phase of the Liga MX is coming to an end, the teams know what they need to achieve the goal of the playoffs and this time we will see the champion Atlas facing Pumas, both teams have not had a good tournament and are located in positions 16 and 17 after eleven rounds, the classification of both teams is at risk and must close the tournament in the best possible way to have a guaranteed place in the playoffs, the squads of both teams are good with renowned players; However, they have not achieved the performance that was expected, as both teams have been constant in recent tournaments for being on the big stage of Mexican soccer.
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Liga MX match Atlas vs Pumas. The match will take place at Estadio Jalisco at 8:00 PM.