Highlights and goals: Wolves 0-3 Manchester City in Premier League
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Thank you so much for following Wolves and Manchester City at VAVEL. A great Saturday to all and until next time.
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10/01 - West Ham vs Wolves 02/10 - City vs United.
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With the victory, City reached 17 points and took the provisional lead of the Premier League, passing Arsenal, who will still play. Wolves continue with six points and in 16th position.
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Wolves 0-3 City.
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João Cancelo crossed at the bottom line and Palmer finished with no angle straight out.
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Let's go to 93 minutes.
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86' Wolves change

Entered: Campbell

Out: Pedro Neto.

5:35 AM5 months ago


Álvarez finished from the edge of the area, but without danger and the ball was in Sá's hands.
5:34 AM5 months ago

81' Wolves change

Enter: Nélson Semedo

Out: Nouri.

5:34 AM5 months ago

81' Change at City

In: Sergio Gomez

Out: Rodri.

5:28 AM5 months ago

77' Change at City

Entered: Palmer

Out: Grealish.

5:27 AM5 months ago

72' Changes at City

Entered: Julian Álvarez, Gundogan and Mahrez

Out: Bernardo Silva, De Bruyne and Phil Foden.

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In the 70th minute, Queen Elizabeth II's reign, the game was stopped and the entire stadium applauded for one minute.
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69' Changes at Wolves

Entered: Traoré and Hee-Chang Hwang

Out: Podence and Gonçalo Guedes.

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De Bruyne crossed low, Phil Foden finished inside the small area in the right corner and scored City's third.
6:18 AM5 months ago


Haaland charged to the edge of the area, finished in the right corner and Sá made a great save. On the rebound, Phil Foden shot, but it was blocked.
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65' Yellow

Ruben Neves received a card for a complaint.
6:16 AM5 months ago

65' Yellow

Matheus Nunes received a card for foul.
6:15 AM5 months ago


Matheus Nunes crossed dangerously in the area and Ruben Dias cut at the right time.
6:13 AM5 months ago


João Cancelo took the risk from afar, but straight out, without danger.
6:10 AM5 months ago


Podence crossed to Gonçalo Guedes, who freed himself inside the area, finished, but kicked the wrong way.
6:09 AM5 months ago


Wolves pressure City.
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I take Pedro Neto to the middle, but he was disarmed at the time of the kick.
6:01 AM5 months ago


Wolves tries to get out playing and leaves spaces.
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City beat Wolves 2-0.
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Wolves 0-2 City.
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De Bruyne took a risk from the edge of the area and the ball went out without danger.
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Let's go to 48 minutes.
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De Bruyne received it at the edge of the area, took it to the left foot and finished, but the ball deflected and went out.
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City is exchanging passes in the attack.
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Nathan Collins from a flying kick to the abdomen on Grealish and was sent straight off.
6:21 AM5 months ago


Grealish received on the left in the middle, fixed and finished, but the ball went too high.
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Ruben Neves took a free-kick from the edge of the area and the ball passed over without danger.
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Pedro Neto won by two markers and activated Gonçalo Guedes on the right, who invaded the area and hit a cross to the outside.
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Rodri dropped a bomb from outside the area and Sá got the ball.
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Bernardo Silva found Haaland, who dominated, faced the marking and finished with a right foot in the right corner of Sá to make it 2-0 for City.
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13' Yellow

Rodri was missed and received a card.
5:59 AM5 months ago


Rodri disputed the ball with Sá, scored the goal, but the referee missed the Manchester City player.
5:57 AM5 months ago


Gonçalo Guedes received on the left, entered the area and finished, but Ederson made a good save.
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Phil Foden gave a pass and a heel to De Bruyne on the right, who crossed in the measure for Grealish to finish freely inside the small area.
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It's Premier League at VAVEL.
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One minute of silence!

Homage to Queen Elizabeth II.
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Manchester City!

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Speak Bruno Lage!

“I think all games around the UK will do a good job to respect and make a good tribute to the Queen. The best tribute we can do is the respect the Queen had during her life. Not just here, but the respect she had from everyone around the world.''

“I am living in the UK, but I am 46 and have lived in the UK for five years. I know the culture she had in the UK, but I also know the respect she had, especially in my country.”

“When I first came to Wolves, one of my first calls was to Joao Felix to ask about Diego Costa. Joao said good things about him, about his personality and the way he continued to play. In that moment he wanted to go back to his country to play, but after what happened with Sasa, I noticed Diego was available and it was a time to talk with him and convince him to come to us.''

“We are very happy with him. We know he needs time to be ready to compete at this level. I can use what he said, he said it is his destiny [to return to Premier League]. 15 months ago, when I think about him, we didn’t have any chance [of signing him] because he was in a different idea of his career, now he said to me what happened is because it is meant to be.''

“I hope he is now ready to compete at this level and I believe we can bring the old Diego Costa to us, because that’s what we need, we need a reference in the box, we need one guy to compete with Raul, and Diego has that profile and he has a different profile to Raul. We have one more day. Let’s see if he can be available.”

“That’s a good point. If you want to press and be more aggressive, sometimes you cannot be too nice. We were talking about that last season with how we pressed sometimes and it became too easy for the other team to come out of our pressure because we were not aggressive.''

“Not aggressive to kick the opponent, but aggressive to be close. You need to be aggressive in the duels and he [Costa] said that to me: ‘I know you ask about my profile, my personality, I am one of the best guys outside the pitch, but inside the pitch, I am very hard.’

“That is the kind of man I want also with the quality that he has. It was a simple talk and it was very easy to convince him to join us.”

“It was [very useful]. We were asking about time, especially when we recovered from those three games in a row. Matheus [Nunes], Guedes and some of the new players when they arrived, they were training just two days with us and they played three games in a week.''

“It was a good time to work, especially for ourselves because it was a new system, especially the dynamics, the way we work, the way we want to attack, the way we want to defend, and also a little bit more time to have to recover from that period, work together and understand each other better.''

“It was very good in one way, but we were ready to play against Liverpool, but more important things happened than football and we have to respect that. We had a good period to work and a good period to prepare the game.”

“I wasn’t there that night because I was with Covid. I was watching the game here at the training ground and my assistants were at the stadium. I know it’s not easy for us to see where the threat comes from, but this is the team we need to look at because they work like a collective.''

“Sometimes the threat comes from Ederson because he just makes a long pass and create a situation to score. They work as a team, they change the first 11 and the dynamic is still there, in the game they change the positions and the dynamic is still there, now with the new striker we can see a big difference but the dynamic is still there.”

“We can still see the same things and it was important for Man City, especially in this modern football, because Pep Guardiola was one of the first managers who played with a false nine.''

“Now they have a striker, we can see him in the box, we can see the goals that he’s scored, we see him between the lines of the defenders, outside of the strikers, first post, second post, he’s scoring goals from those situations, so those are the things we also need to pay attention to.''

“We know how they create chances, we know what kind of spaces, we know what kind of runs they want to find in our box, and now they have a striker like him, they can score a goal like he scored two nights ago.”

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Likely Wolverhampton?

Joseé Sá, Jonny, Collins, Kilman, Ait Nouri, Moutinho, Neves, Matheus Nunes, Neto, Guedes and Podence.
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How does Wolverhampton arrive?

Wolverhampton is off to a bad start to the season with just two wins in seven matches, three draws and two losses. The team occupies the 16° Premier League placement with just six points.
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Speak up, Guardiola!

“É a completely different team from previous seasons," said Pep.

“They used to play five on defense with Conor Coady, now they play with four.''

“I'm really impressed with the way they play. Their position in the table is; because football é unpredictable and sometimes you You don't get what you deserve.

“They have a lot of good things, like central defenders doing a good process; they have amazing runners and a lot of talent.

“They are great competitors with the Portuguese mentality that they have.''

“(They are) one of the toughest teams we've faced in the last few seasons and we have to be prepared because they've had all week to prepare for this game.”

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Likely Manchester City!

Ederson, Stones (Walker), Akanji, Aké (Laporte), Cancelo, Gundogan, Rodri, De Bruyne, Mahrez, Haaland and Grealish.
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How does Manchester City arrive?

City haven't lost a game in a while; nine matches, six wins and three draws. Guardiola's team won the last two games against Sevilla and Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League. Manchester City currently é runner-up in the Premier League with 14 points, one behind Arsenal.
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Photo: Disclosure / Premier League
Photo: Disclosure / Premier League
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The match will be played at Molineux Stadium

The Wolverhampton vs Manchester City match will be played at the Molineux Stadium with a capacity of 32.050 people.
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