Goals and Highlights: Leon 3-1 Queretaro in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the Liga MX match between León and Querétaro.
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Nahuelpan's shot hits the crossbar.
9:48 PM17 days ago



Moreno with a mid-range shot that the goalkeeper can't save and La Fiera sentences the game and almost their pass to re-qualification.

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Add 6 more minutes.
9:38 PM17 days ago


Angulo has just entered and has already been cautioned for complaining.
9:33 PM17 days ago


One more, now from Sequeira, who misses the ball after Barrera's cross.
9:28 PM17 days ago


Osuna and Mendoza leave

Angulo and Escamilla enter

Querétaro changes

9:23 PM17 days ago


Campbell, Alvarado and Cervantes are in.

Mena, Dávila and Castillo come out.

Changes for León

9:18 PM17 days ago


Aboagyé has been cautioned by Querétaro.
9:13 PM17 days ago


Ariel Nahuelpán's cross is easily cleared by the ball.
9:08 PM17 days ago


QUERÉTARO GOAL, but it is disallowed for offside by Nahuelpán, who had taken the shot and Sepúlveda had appeared on the rebound for the goal.
9:03 PM17 days ago


Di Yorio's header into Aguerre's hands.
8:58 PM17 days ago


Kevin Balanta is cautioned for a bad collision.
8:53 PM17 days ago


Pablo Barrera's shot hits the net, but on the outside.
8:48 PM17 days ago


Aboagyé and Nahuelpán were added

Mendoza and Ayón left

Querétaro changes.

8:43 PM17 days ago


Di Yorio's shot goes wide. The Lion came close.
8:38 PM17 days ago


Sepúlveda's cross was deflected by Cota, who deflected the ball for a corner kick.
8:33 PM17 days ago


Querétaro gradually moved forward in search of an equalizer.
8:28 PM17 days ago


Tesillo in, Barreiro out, León change

Sequeira in and Romagnoli out, Querétaro substitution

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Second half kicks off between León and Querétaro
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Add 1 minute more.
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Rodriguez's service is a bit long and the ball goes wide.
8:03 PM17 days ago


A good start by Aguerre and Di Yorio could not convert it when it seemed to be the third, although there was a previous foul.
7:58 PM17 days ago


Mena overstepped the ball and when it was time to put in the cross, the defender rejected it.
7:53 PM17 days ago


Romagnoli's free kick shot goes over the top of the goal.
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7:43 PM17 days ago


Sepúlveda's header goes over the top of the goal.
7:38 PM17 days ago



Víctor Dávila's mid-range goal to put it in the corner and regain the lead 2-1.

7:33 PM17 days ago


Di Yorio's shot hits the net from the outside
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Sepúlveda was unable to find the back of Cota's net, but on the rebound Ayón appeared to make it 1-1.

7:13 PM17 days ago


A cross from a direct free kick is disallowed because there was a second contact and the Roosters were already offside.
7:08 PM17 days ago


Barreiro's header goes wide as Leon continues to press.
7:03 PM17 days ago


Querétaro's Rodrigo López is cautioned.
6:58 PM17 days ago


Mena's direct free kick goes low and wide.
6:53 PM17 days ago



Dávila's cross is delivered to Di Yorio and before the first minute of action, La Fiera is already leading 1-0.

6:48 PM17 days ago


The game begins between León and Querétaro.
6:43 PM17 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kick-off between León and Querétaro.
6:38 PM17 days ago

Queretaro substitutes

21 Enzo Martínez

17 Erik Vera

14 Jorge Hernández

5 Kevin Escamilla

4 Antonio Rodríguez

16 Raúl Damián Torres

10 Clifford Aboagye

19 José Angulo

32 Ariel Nahuelpán

7 Leonardo Sequeira

6:33 PM17 days ago

Leon substitutes

1 Alfonso Blanco

2 Julien Celestine

6 William Tesillo

185 Luis Cervantes

10 Luis Montes

11 Elías Hernández

18 Javier Ibarra

19 Yairo Moreno

12 Joel Campbell

20 José Alvarado

6:28 PM17 days ago

XI Queretaro

29 Washington Aguerre, 2 Omar Mendoza, 3 Jordan Silva, 27 Gabriel Rojas, 11 Mario Osuna, 35 Kevin Balanta, 202 Rodrigo López, 8 Juan Romagnoli, 15 Ángel Sepúlveda, 18 Pablo Barrera, 26 Ettson Ayón.
6:23 PM17 days ago

XI Leon

30 Rodolfo Cota, 21 Jaine Barreiro, 23 Byron Castillo, 24 Osvaldo Rodríguez, 25 Paul Bellón, 8 José Rodríguez, 13 Ángel Mena, 26 Fidel Ambriz, 7 Víctor Dávila, 9 Federico Martínez, 18 Lucas Di Yorio.
6:18 PM17 days ago

Thus they arrived

Thus, the Roosters arrived with the mission of breaking the malaria as visitors.
6:13 PM17 days ago

Dressing room ready

This is what the León dressing room looks like before the start of this game, they will be wearing the traditional green.
6:08 PM17 days ago

Do not end up in the basement

If the Gallos draw or win, they will be leaving the basement of the general table and, therefore, beyond the fact that they are eliminated, they will be doing it for pride.
6:03 PM17 days ago

What happens if León wins?

León is currently in 11th place with 18 points, but if they win, they could climb momentarily to eighth place, hence the importance of this match.
5:58 PM17 days ago


León will be looking to return to winning ways to consolidate their position in the qualification zone when they host the worst away team of the tournament for several seasons, the Querétaro Roosters. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Leon vs Queretaro Live Score in Liga MX 2022

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What time is Leon vs Queretaro match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Leon vs Queretaro of Septiember 18th in several countries:

Argentina: 9:05 PM

Bolivia: 8:05 PM

Brazil: 9:05 PM

Chile: 9:05 PM

Colombia: 7:05 PM

Ecuador: 7:05 PM

United States (ET): 8:05 PM on TUDN

Spain: 2:05 AM

Mexico: 7:05 PM on Fox Sports and Fox Sports Premium

Paraguay: 9:05 PM

Peru: 7:05 PM

Uruguay: 9:05 PM

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Background Leon vs Queretaro

The Gallos have not beaten La Fiera in seven consecutive games and, in their most recent three visits to Guanajuato, they have accumulated one draw and two losses.

Club Leon 1-1 Queretaro, Clausura 2022

Queretaro 0-1 Club Leon, Apertura 2021

Club Leon 2-1 Queretaro, Clausura 2021

Queretaro 2-3 Club Leon, Apertura 2020

Club Leon 2-1 Queretaro, Clausura 2020

5:38 PM17 days ago

Key player Queretaro

Despite the fact that it has not been a good season collectively, the reality is that Angel Sepulveda continues to get minutes on the attacking front and reflects them either with approaches, volume of play or with goals, as he did last Saturday against Santos Laguna.
5:33 PM17 days ago

Key player Leon

Despite his seniority, Luis Montes continues to make a difference by being the point of balance and talent that could set the tone in a game in which they need to win to take a step forward towards requalification for the Apertura 2022.
Image: Mexsport
Image: Mexsport
5:28 PM17 days ago

Last lineup Queretaro

29 Washington Aguerre, 3 Jordan Silva, 35 Kevin Balanta, 27 Gabriel Rojas, 2 Omar Mendoza, 202 Rodrigo López, 11 Mario Osuna, 18 Pablo Barrera, 8 Juan Batista Romagnoli, 26 Ettson Ayón, 15 Ángel Sepúlveda.
5:23 PM17 days ago

Last lineup Leon

30 Rodolfo Cota, 25 Paul Saracho, 21 Jaine Barreiro, 24 Osvaldo Rodríguez, 185 Luís Cervantes, 10 Luis Montes, 8 José Rodríguez, 19 Yairo Moreno, 12 Joel Campbell, 18 Lucas Di Yorio, 20 José Alvarado.
5:18 PM17 days ago

He regretted the last draw

Mauro Gerk, Queretaro's technical director, lamented the draw they suffered in the last minute and by a goalkeeper on a corner kick play when they had the table served to win the match at home against Santos Laguna:

"A totally controlled match where we played against one of the best teams in the tournament where the difference in the table was not even seen, on the contrary, it seemed that we were above them," he commented.

5:13 PM17 days ago

Queretaro: break the losing streak

The Gallos Blancos of Queretaro, at the bottom of the general table, will try to win to get out of the basement in one of the worst tournaments in recent championships, although they will also try to break the curse of more than 40 matches and 2 years without a win away from the Gallinero, one of the worst streaks in the history of Liga MX.
5:08 PM17 days ago

Leon: to remain in the top 10

Although they lost 2-1 at Cruz Azul in midweek, Leon was in ninth place at the start of this matchday and a win would at least keep them in that position and bring them closer to qualification for the playoffs.
5:03 PM17 days ago

The Kick-off

The Leon vs Queretaro match will be played at the Nou Camp Stadium, in Leon, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:05 pm ET.
4:58 PM17 days ago

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