Highlights: Boca 0-0 Huracan in Liga Profesional 2022
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8:00 PM17 days ago


Our coverage of Boca Juniors and Huracán matchday 20 of the Liga Profesional 2022 comes to an end.

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7:58 PM17 days ago

90+5' End of the match

Match ends at La Bombonera. Goalless draw between Boca and Huracán in the matchday 20 of the Liga Profesional Argentina.
7:57 PM17 days ago


Huracán wasted an unbeatable chance to win it! Nicolás Cordero commanded a counter-attack with two teammates in front of two rivals, decided to take the individual shot and sent it wide.
7:55 PM17 days ago

90+4' Boca missed it

Pol Fernández shot, but goalkeeper Lucas Chávez kept the ball.
7:51 PM17 days ago

90' Additional time

Five more minutes will be played in the match.
7:45 PM17 days ago

85' Final stretch of the match

Five minutes left to the end of the match. Huracán has played well, but lacked the ability to resolve the plays to be able to unbalance the scoreboard.
7:45 PM17 days ago

83' Huracán double substitution

Nicolás Cordero and Gabriel Gudiño are replacing Matías Cóccaro and Franco Cristaldo.
7:44 PM17 days ago

82' Yellow card

Pol Fernández was cautioned for Boca.
7:41 PM17 days ago

78' Double substitution for Boca

Nicolás Orsini and Cristian Medina replace Luca Langoni and Martín Payero.
7:40 PM17 days ago

77' Yellow card

Frank Fabra is cautioned for Boca.
7:40 PM17 days ago

75' Huracán substitution

Patricio Pizarro replaces Martín Payero.
7:40 PM17 days ago

75' Yellow card

Lucas Merolla is cautioned for Huracán.
7:40 PM17 days ago

71' Yellow card

Luca Langoni is cautioned for Boca.
7:31 PM17 days ago

70' Yellow card

Luca Langoni was cautioned for Boca.
7:26 PM17 days ago

65' Huracán substitution

Enzo Luna replaces Rodrigo Cabral.
7:25 PM17 days ago

65' Yellow card

Santiago Hezze was cautioned in Huracán.
7:19 PM17 days ago

58' Double change for Boca

Oscar Romero and Juan Ramirez replace Aaron Molinas and Alan Varela.
7:18 PM17 days ago

51' Yellow card

Benjamín Garré was cautioned in Huracán.
7:17 PM17 days ago

47' Boca came closer

Aaron Molinas' shot went wide.
7:15 PM17 days ago

Second half begins

The match restarts at La Bombonera. There was a change in Boca with the entry of Luis Vázquez in place of Darío Benedetto.
6:49 PM17 days ago

45+1' End of the first half

The first half of the match at La Bombonera is over. Goalless draw for now between Boca and Huracán.
6:48 PM17 days ago

45+1' Yellow card

Guillermo Soto was cautioned in Huracán.
6:47 PM17 days ago

45' Additional time

One more minute will be played in the first half.
6:40 PM17 days ago

39' Yellow card

Facundo Roncaglia was cautioned for Boca.
6:39 PM17 days ago

37' Huracán missed it!

Franco Cristaldo's shot after a counterattack, but the ball went high.
6:35 PM17 days ago

33' Yellow card

Aaron Molinas was cautioned for Boca.
6:34 PM17 days ago

30' Half hour of match

Huracán tries to be more dynamic and dares to play in the opponent's field.
6:30 PM17 days ago

28' Boca came closer

Darío Benedetto's shot went just wide of the right post.
6:28 PM17 days ago

26' Boca came closer

Aaron Molinas' shot went wide.
6:26 PM17 days ago

22' Huracán missed it!

MATÍAS CÓCCARO HAD IT! The striker received a low cross from Guillermo Soto, tried a back-heel and the ball went just wide of the right post.
6:20 PM17 days ago

17' Huracán came closer

Benjamin Garré's shot went just wide of the left post.
6:16 PM17 days ago

14' Boca came closer

Luca Langoni's shot was saved by Lucas Chaves.
6:15 PM17 days ago

10' Not much happens

So far there are no scoring chances. Boca intends to play a lot on the left flank and Huracán tries to play collectively.
6:07 PM17 days ago

5' Boca came closer

Aaron Molinas' shot went just wide of the left post.
6:01 PM17 days ago

Match starts

The game between Boca and Huracán gets underway.
5:58 PM17 days ago

Teams on the field

Boca Juniors and Huracán players take the field at La Bombonera.
5:56 PM17 days ago

Match officials

Referee: Yael Falcón Pérez
Assistant No.1: Pablo González
Assistant No.2: Marcelo Bistocco
Fourth Official: Mauro Biasutto
VAR: Héctor Paletta
Assistant VAR: Cristian Navarro

5:45 PM17 days ago

Locker rooms ready

5:40 PM17 days ago

Substitutes - Huracán

32. Dante Campisi (GK), 03. Lucas Carrizo, 04. Ignacio Quílez, 09. Nicolás Cordero, 11. Fernando Godoy, 17. Valentín Sánchez, 18. Gabriel Gudiño, 20. Maicol Cabrera, 33. Juan Gauto, 35. Patricio Pizarro, 36. Enzo Luna, 39. Matías Gómez.

5:35 PM17 days ago

Starting XI - Huracán

| 01. Lucas Chávez |
| 12. Guillermo Soto | 02. Fernando Tobio | 06. Lucas Merolla | 13. Walter Pérez |
| 05. Santiago Hezze | 24. Federico Fattori | 10. Franco Cristaldo |
| 22. Benjamín Garré | 07. Matías Cóccaro | 16. Rodrigo Cabral |

Coach: Diego Dabove

5:30 PM17 days ago

Substitutes - Boca Juniors

13. Javier García (GK), 03. Agustín Sandez, 10. Óscar Romero, 14. Esteban Rolón, 20. Juan Ramírez, 27. Nicolás Orsini, 31. Brandon Cortés, 36. Cristian Medina, 38. Luis Vázquez, 39. Gabriel Aranda, 43. Maximiliano Zalazar, 57. Marcelo Weigandt.

5:25 PM17 days ago

Starting XI - Boca Juniors

| 01. Agustín Rossi |
| 17. Luis Advíncula | 02. Facundo Roncaglia | 05. Carlos Zambrano | 18. Frank Fabra |
| 33. Alan Varela |
| 08. Pol Fernández |                 | 11. Martín Payero |
| 16. Aaron Molinas |
| 41. Luca Langoni | 09. Darío Benedetto |

Coach: Hugo Ibarra

5:20 PM17 days ago

Match day!

5:15 PM17 days ago

Last five matches - Huracán

September 13 - Torneo Binance: 1-1 vs. Barracas Central

September 9 - Torneo Binance: 1-1 vs Tigre

September 1 - Torneo Binance: 2-0 vs Central Córdoba (Won)

August 26 - Torneo Binance: 1-1 vs Arsenal

August 20 - Torneo Binance: 1-0 vs Newell's (Won)

5:10 PM17 days ago

Last five matches - Boca Juniors

September 14 - Torneo Binance: 0-1 vs Lanús (Lost)

September 11 - Torneo Binance: 1-0 vs River (Won)

September 4 - Torneo Binance: 1-2 vs Colón (Won)

August 28 - Torneo Binance: 2-1 vs Atl. Tucumán (Won)

August 21 - Torneo Binance: 0-1 vs Defensa y Justicia (Won)

5:05 PM17 days ago

All set at La Bombonera

5:00 PM17 days ago

Welcome back

We are ready to bring you the action of this match between Boca Juniors and Huracán, from the 20th matchday of the Torneo Binance 2022.
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What time is Boca Juniors vs Huracán match for Liga Profesional?

This is the start time of the game Boca Juniors vs Huracán of September 19th, 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 7:00 PM on TNT Sports and ViX
Bolivia: 6:00 PM on ViX
Brazil: 7:00 PM on Star +, ESPN4
Chile: 6:00 PM on ESPN, Star + and ViX
Colombia: 5:00 PM on ESPN, Star + and ViX
Ecuador: 5:00 PM on ESPN, Star + and ViX
USA (ET): 6:00 PM on Paramount+, TyC Sports International, VIX+
Spain: 12:00 AM (September 20)
Mexico: 5:00 PM on Star+, Fanatiz and ViX
Paraguay: 6:00 PM on ViX
Peru: 5:00 PM on ViX
Uruguay: 7:00 PM on ViX

4:40 PM17 days ago

Key player - Huracán

In Huracán, the presence of Franco Cristaldo stands out. The 26 year-old midfielder is the team's main attacking talent, as he has contributed his talent as well as his eye for goal throughout the season, in which he has scored 14 goals.

4:35 PM17 days ago

Key player - Boca Juniors

In Boca Juniors, the presence of Darío Benedetto stands out. The 32-year-old striker has become the team's most important man in recent games with his goals, and thanks to this, the xeneize is fighting for the title. In the whole season, he has scored 14 goals.

4:30 PM17 days ago

Boca Juniors vs Huracán history

If we take into account the number of times these two teams have faced each other since amateurism, we count 176 matches. The statistics are in favor of Boca Juniors, who have come out victorious on 92 occasions, while Huracán has won on 33 occasions, leaving a balance of 51 draws.

In professionalism...

Referring only to the times these teams have faced each other in the professionalism, we count 154 matches, where Boca Juniors has been victorious on 81 occasions, while Huracán has won on 29 occasions, for a total of 44 draws.

4:25 PM17 days ago


Huracán is also involved in the conversation for the fight for the title and faces a direct rival in that objective. The globo, coached by Diego Dabove, has not lost in eight games, but has dropped key points in three of the last five games, so it is obliged to win if it does not want to give up its chances.

4:20 PM17 days ago

Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors is in an unbeatable form. Since the arrival of Hugo Ibarra to the coaching staff, the team has not stopped winning and its good moment is reflected in the standings, where it is fighting for the leadership, which it could win in any of the remaining dates if the results go its way, that is why every victory it can get is important.

4:15 PM17 days ago

The match will be played at La Bombonera

The Boca Juniors vs Huracán match will be played at the Alberto J. Armando Stadium, popularly known as La Bombonera, located in the neighborhood of La Boca, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This stadium, inaugurated in 1940, has a capacity for 57,200 spectators.
4:10 PM17 days ago

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