Goals and Highlights Argentina 3-0 Honduras: in Friendly Match
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It's over

In a duel full of Argentine dominance, the Albiceleste defeated Honduras 3-0. Honduras had very few opportunities, but goalkeeper Lopez saved his team from a bigger defeat. 
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One minute of compensation is added. 
9:49 PM9 days ago


Argentina wants to close this duel with a goal, but the match does not allow it, Messi already had two chances, but he was offside. 
9:44 PM9 days ago


Honduras substitution, Omar Elvir and Romell Quioto, for Franklin Flores and Bryan Róchez.
9:39 PM9 days ago


Honduras tried to get in on a free kick, but the cross fell into the hands of Gerónimo Rulli.
9:34 PM9 days ago


Honduras substitution, Kervin Arriaga and Héctor Castellanos for Germán Mejía and Joseph Rosales.
9:29 PM9 days ago


Argentina substitution, Giovani Lo Celso and Rodrigo De Paul for Ángel Correa and Alexis Mac Allister.
9:24 PM9 days ago


GOOOOL! by Argentina, Leo Messi after a mistake in the defense Messi receives a ball and bites it in front of the advanced goalkeeper.
9:19 PM9 days ago


Argentina substitutions, Leandro Paredes and Germán Pezzella for Enzo Fernández and Nehuén Pérez.
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Head clash between Solano and Tagliafico of both teams, the referee immediately stopped the match and went in to check them. 
9:09 PM9 days ago


Honduras substitution, Andy Najar comes off for Edwin Solano. 
9:04 PM9 days ago


Luis López Fernández was left lying in his area after a blow to the head, he has already been attended to by doctors. 
8:59 PM9 days ago


Honduras has had no chance to get close to Argentina's area, just defending.
8:54 PM9 days ago


Argentina substitution, Alejandro Darío Gómez comes off for Thiago Almada.
8:49 PM9 days ago


Argentina continues to want another goal, with De Paul being the one who has been very consistent in the Honduran area. 
8:44 PM9 days ago


Honduras substitution, Luis Palma comes on for Rigoberto Rivas.
Argentina substitution, Julián Álvarez for Lautaro Martinez.
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Start of the second half of Argentina's partial victory over Honduras in a friendly match. 
8:34 PM9 days ago


The first half of Argentina's partial victory over Honduras in a friendly match is over. 
8:29 PM9 days ago


GOOOOL! by Argentina, Messi's left-footed shot to the right side, beating the goalkeeper and making it 2-0.
The penalty kick came after Lo Celso was pulled in the box.
8:24 PM9 days ago


Penalty for Argentina. 
8:19 PM9 days ago


One minute of compensation is added. 
8:14 PM9 days ago


Third yellow card of the match, Raúl Marcelo Santos is cautioned.
8:09 PM9 days ago


Tempers flare, escalating to pushing and shoving. Deybi Flores delivers a blow to Messi, causing the Argentines to get upset.
Flores is shown the yellow card. 
8:04 PM9 days ago


Luis López Fernández almost gave the ball away, losing it to Martínez, but managed to recover and clear the ball. 
7:59 PM9 days ago


Honduras tries to get out, but the Argentines don't allow it. 
The game is starting to heat up, with several fouls already being called. 
7:54 PM9 days ago


Lautaro Martinez is left lying in the Honduran area after a collision with the goalkeeper, already receiving medical attention. 
7:49 PM9 days ago


Honduras has been cornered in their own area, showing some great runs down the flanks, but the Albiceleste defense has cut them off well. 
7:44 PM9 days ago


Argentina continue to pose a threat, but they have made several mistakes in their final touch, which the Hondurans have taken advantage of.
Messi had a first-time opportunity, but the goalkeeper was well stopped and saved the ball. 
7:39 PM9 days ago


GOOOOOL! for Argentina, Lautaro Martinez popped up in the middle after a great cross from Messi that went in from the left side, for Martinez to just push it in. 
7:34 PM9 days ago


Messi falls in the area, but the referee does not award a penalty, the pulga went down the right flank looking for space between the defenders, but they cut him off.
7:29 PM9 days ago


Argentina had the first chance of the game, with a long shot that went just wide of the goal. 
7:24 PM9 days ago


These first minutes began moving the ball, Honduras looked for the first opportunities, but Argentina began to control the ball. 
7:19 PM9 days ago

The match kicks off

The match between Argentina and Honduras is ready to kick off at Sun Life Stadium, where there is a good attendance.
7:14 PM9 days ago

They take the field

Both teams take the field for the start of this friendly match at Sun Life Stadium.
7:09 PM9 days ago

Upcoming matches for Honduras

The visitors are motivated after a 2-1 draw against Canada in the CONCACAF Nations League, but still have several friendly matches to close out the year.
Tue, Sep. 27 Honduras vs Guatemala, International Friendlies
Sun., Oct. 30, Saudi Arabia vs Honduras, International Friendlies    
2023, Tue., Mar. 28. Canada vs. Honduras, CONCACAF Nations League
7:04 PM9 days ago

Argentina's upcoming matches

The hosts are coming off a 5-0 win over Estonia, but still have several matches to play before the start of the World Cup.
Tue, Sep. 27, Jamaica vs. Argentina, International Friendlies
Wed., Nov. 16 United Arab Emirates vs. Argentina, International Friendlies    
Tue., Nov. 22 Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia, FIFA World Cup    
Sat., Nov. 26 Argentina vs Mexico, FIFA World Cup?    
Wed., Nov. 30 Poland vs Argentina, FIFA World Cup?
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Argentina's XI

This is the XI with which the local team will take the field at the Sun Life Stadium in a friendly match.
6:54 PM9 days ago

The XI of Honduras

This is the XI with which the visitors will take the field at Sun Life Stadium in a friendly match.
6:49 PM9 days ago

It bothers him

Lionel Scaloni, coach of the Argentina National Team, spoke at a press conference held in Miami, prior to the friendly match against Honduras, the penultimate test before the Qatar 2022 World Cup.
"Romero's situation really bothers me, because I would like to have him here and he is stuck in Argentina with the visa issue and cannot travel. It's a real problem, because it's the last date we have to get together and train and we won't be able to have him. Lisandro arrived early this morning; we will see how he is, and I would like him to be able to play if he is fit. I haven't been able to talk to him yet, but if he is fit he will surely play. I have to talk and define everything".
6:44 PM9 days ago

He does not compare it to Mexico

Lionel Scaloni gave something to talk about, before the media he mentioned that the selection of Honduras was not chosen because it is similar to Mexico.
"Honduras is a good team. We didn't look to play Honduras because they are similar to Mexico, but because they came up as a rival and we were really interested in them. They don't have to play the same way because they are from the same confederation".
6:39 PM9 days ago

Special visit

Gonzalo Higuaín, Inter Miami player, took advantage of the Argentine National Team's stay at his club's facilities, which was the perfect reason to visit his former teammates. 
El Pipita visited the facilities and started hugging all the members of the Albiceleste. 
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Coach Diego Vázquez had to make a last-minute change in the Honduras squad for the FIFA match against Argentina. Marcelo Pereira had to leave the training camp due to an injury against Motagua and Honduras Progreso, so he will not only miss the match against the Albiceleste, but also against Guatemala.
6:29 PM9 days ago

I dream of facing Messi

Looking ahead to the match against Argentina in Miami, one of the players who could be key for the Hondurans is Minnesota United midfielder Kervin Arriaga, as he has become one of the pillars of the 'H'. In addition, he spoke about what it represents to face Lionel Messi.
"It's a dream to face Messi, it's nice to see those people that as kids we only watched on TV. I don't know how we will play tactically; it would be something nice if I get to play."
6:24 PM9 days ago

They are criticized for everything

Kervin Arriaga took the time to talk about the pressure that falls on the shoulders of the players of the Honduran national team and the criticism they are exposed to for facing different rivals: 
"The truth is that we get criticized for everything. If we play a friendly against Guatemala, without belittling, or against whoever, they don't criticize. Now we have to enjoy this match".
6:19 PM9 days ago

With everything

Coach Lionel Scaloni led Argentina's first practice for the match against Honduras. And in it he made clear his idea of consolidating the work on the team that could start playing the World Cup in Qatar against Saudi Arabia.
Most of the players that Scaloni considers as starters will start: Emiliano Martínez in goal, Nicolás Otamendi in the central defense, Rodrigo De Paul and Leandro Paredes in the middle and Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María and Lautaro Martínez in attack.
6:14 PM9 days ago

Working apart

Paulo Dybala, the only one who worked apart, said he chose to continue his career in Italy's Roma thinking about the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the possibility of having a place among the 26 final call-ups.
"I made the decision thinking about the World Cup and the National Team. I played many years at Juventus and I knew it was difficult to continue in Italy, but I knew the competition and the adaptation was not going to cost me," Dybala explained.
6:09 PM9 days ago

He was not angry

Paulo Dybala after being left out of the last Copa America in Brazil, confessed that: 
"At no time did I get angry or have a bad reaction towards the coaching staff. That year had not been the best because of injuries", "I am a very self-critical person and I always try to improve to be able to give my best. When I saw the result I was very happy for the group. They were my teammates and I have good friends for a long time".
6:04 PM9 days ago

They will miss the friendly

Lionel Scaloni's squad trained at the Pink facility, which belongs to Inter in Miami. In the last few hours Nicolás González joined the group, while the coaching staff is still on tenterhooks about the visa situation of Cristian Romero and Lisandro Martínez, who will miss the friendly against Honduras.
El Cuti and Licha remain in Argentina as they could not process their visa to enter the United States after the papers could not be certified in the offices where they are documented due to the fact that they were closed during the last week because of the mourning for the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
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What time is Argentina vs Honduras match for Friendly Match?

This is the start time of the game Argentina vs Honduras of September 23rd, in several countries:
México: 19:00 horas CDMX
Argentina: 22:00 horas
Chile: 22:00 horas
Colombia: 19:00 horas
Perú: 19:00 horas
EE.UU.: 20:00 horas ET
Ecuador: 19:00 horas
Uruguay: 21:00 horas
Paraguay: 20:00 horas
España: 03:00 horas
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Where and how to watch Argentina vs Honduras live

The match will not be broadcasted on television.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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This will be the second time that these two teams meet in a friendly match, so it will be a great commitment for both teams that will seek to grow the record, all this to arrive in good condition for the World Cup.
Argentina 1-0 Honduras, 27 May, 2016, International friendlies
5:34 PM9 days ago

How is Argentina coming?

The locals are coming from a good streak, coming from a 5-0 win against Estonia FC, having a streak of 4 wins, 1 draw and 0 defeats, so they will want to continue this streak, avoiding defeats.
Argentina 5-0 Estonia, 5 Jun, 2022, International Friendlies
Italy 0-3 Argentina, 1 Jun, 2022, CONMEBOL-UEFA Cup of Champions
Ecuador 1-1 Argentina, Mar 29, 2022, CONMEBOL Qualifiers
Argentina 3-0 Venezuela, 25 Mar, 2022, CONMEBOL Playoffs
Argentina 1-0 Colombia, 1 Feb, 2022, CONMEBOL Playoffs
5:29 PM9 days ago

How is Honduras doing?

The visitors in their last 5 matches have not performed well, having their recent win against Canada in the CONCACAF Nations League, having a streak of 2 wins, 0 draws and 3 losses in their last 5 matches, a very unfavorable streak for the team.
Honduras 2-1 Canada, 13 Jun, 2022, CONCACAF Nations League
Honduras 1-2 Curacao, 6 Jun, 2022, CONCACAF Nations League
Curacao 0-1 Honduras, 3 Jun, 2022, CONCACAF Nations League
Jamaica 2-1 Honduras, Mar 30, 2022, CONCACAF Qualifiers
Honduras 0-1 Mexico, 27 Mar, 2022, CONCACAF Qualifiers
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Watch out for this Argentina player

Lionel Messi, 35 year old striker, has become the reference of the Albiceleste national team, this player is fundamental in his country's forward line, playing 15 games as a starter he has only scored 7 goals in the World Cup Qualifiers.
5:19 PM9 days ago

Watch out for these Honduras players

Striker Alberth Elis has had an acceptable performance, playing in 8 games, scoring only one goal in the World Cup Qualifiers, being the main striker of the team, he is not going through a great moment, but this could be a great opportunity to turn it around. 


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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the Argentina vs Honduras friendly match. The match will take place at Sun Life Stadium, at 8:00 pm.