Highlights and goals: Cameroon 0-2 Uzbekistan in international friendly
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Thank you very much for accompanying Cameroon and Uzbekistan for an international friendly at VAVEL. A great day to all and until next time.
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09/27 - South Korea vs Cameroon

09/27 - Uzbekistan vs Costa Rica.

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Cameroon 0-2 Uzbekistan.
3:48 AM11 days ago

88' Change in Uzbekistan

Entered: Sergeev

Out: Shomurodov.

3:47 AM11 days ago

88' Change in Cameroon

Entered: Yongwa Ngameni

Out: Nouhou Tolo.

3:42 AM11 days ago


To define the confrontation, Uzbekistan reached the second goal with Oston Urunov, after a pass from Odildzhon Khamrobekov.
3:40 AM11 days ago

74' Changes in Cameroon

Enter: Onana and Pierre Nsame

Out: Ntcham and Vincent Aboubakar.

3:32 AM11 days ago


Cameroon exchanges passes in the defensive sector, without much space in the attack. The African team opened up in search of a tie and I took some dangerous attacks pulled by counterattacks.
3:30 AM11 days ago

66' Change in Uzbekistan

Entered: Abdulla Abdullaev

Out: Rustam Ashurmatov.

3:29 AM11 days ago

Changes in Uzbekistan

Enter: Shakhboz Umarov and Oston Urunov

Out: Oybek Bozorov and Khozhimat Erkinov.

3:27 AM11 days ago

62' Change in Cameroon

Entered: Pierre Kunde

Out: Georges Mandjeck.

3:24 AM11 days ago

55' Yellow

Otabek Shukurov made fouls and received a yellow card, the first of the game.
3:15 AM11 days ago


In a counterattack with a lot of speed through the middle, the ball reached Shomurodov, who received it, entered the area, took it to the left corner and finished. Onana made a great save and avoided Uzbekistan's second goal.
3:09 AM11 days ago


Unlike the first half, Cameroon started the final stage playing in the attack and when they lose the ball, they put pressure on the offensive sector to recover and lower the equalizer.
3:05 AM11 days ago


Uzbekistan is leading 1-0.
2:49 AM11 days ago


Cameroon 0-1 Uzbekistan.
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Let's go to 46 minutes.
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Aboubakar received a pass inside the area, dominated and fixed it for Ncham, who kept the ball, took it to the middle and released the bomb, but the ball stayed with the Uzbekistan goalkeeper in a calm way.
2:43 AM11 days ago


The match is more disputed at this point. Cameroon comes out more for the attack, while Uzbekistan slowed down and waits for the spaces left by the African team.
2:40 AM11 days ago


After a corner kick in the area, forward Mbeumo appeared, completing a free kick at the penalty spot to head, but sent the ball straight out, wasting a great chance for Cameroon to equalize. It follows 1-0 for Uzbekistan.
2:37 AM11 days ago


After scoring the first goal, Uzbekistan does not slow down and continues to play in the offensive sector. Cameroon misses many passes in midfield and defends from the opening minutes.
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Shomurodov received from the right, advanced with speed marked by the defender Cameroon, entered the area and crossed the second post to Bozorov, who completely free, only pushed congratulations the bottom of the goal and opened the scoring for Uzbekistan.
2:22 AM11 days ago


Nouhou Tolo crossed from the right and Vincent Aboubakar appeared alone to head out. Almost the first goal of the match.
2:16 AM11 days ago


Uzbekistan starts with more volume of play in the offensive sector. Cameroon defends itself and acts in the defensive field.
2:10 AM11 days ago


Uzbekistan starts on the offensive field.
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It is an international friendly at VAVEL.
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Uzbekistan has scored at least 2.5 goals in five of the last six games.
12:49 AM11 days ago


Cameroon has scored at least 2.5 goals in five of the last six games.
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Speak, Rigobert Song!

"We are not afraid of Brazil, because this team is not é like the ones we knew in the past. É Of course there are good players. But to go far in a competition like this, you have to need a very united group. Without this collective, there is little point in lining up big names."
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Likely Cameroon!

André Onana; Collins Fai, Michael Ngadeu, Jean-Charles Castelletto, Nouhou Tolo; Samuel Oum Gouet, Zambo Anguissa, Moumie Ngamaleu, Choupo-Moting, Toko Ekambi; Vincent Aboubakar.
5:33 PM12 days ago

How does Cameroon arrive?

Cameroon plays the penultimate game before the Qatar World Cup. The African team fell into the difficult group with Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia. Cameroon won seven of the last 10 official games, with two draws and only one defeat.
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Striker Eldor Shomurodov é the main name of Uzbekistan. He was hired by Roma in August last year for 18 million euros, after a great season with Gênoa. In the current season, he scored just one goal for the Italian team against Ludogorets, in the Europa League.
5:23 PM12 days ago

Likely Uzbekistan!

Utkir Yusupov; Dilshod Saitov, Rustam Ashurmatov, Umar Eshmuradov, Farrukh Sayfiev; Odildzhon Khamrobekov, Otabek Shukurov, Igor Sergeev, Azizbek Turgunboev, Jaloliddin Masharipov; Edor Shormurodov.
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How does Uzbekistan arrive?

 Uzbekistan is going through a good phase at the moment. Won the last six games against South Sudan, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Thailand. In that period, he only suffered a three and scored 19. É leader of the Asian Cup Qualifiers Group C and the team needs to get back on track in official competitions, already; who did not qualify for the World Cup, falling in the second phase, where they placed second in Group D along with Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Singapore and Yemen.
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Goyang Stadium

Photo: Publicity/Goyang Stadium
Photo: Publicity/Goyang Stadium
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The match will be played at Goyang Stadium

The Cameroon vs Uzbekistan match will be played at the Goyang Stadium with a capacity of 41.311 people.
5:03 PM12 days ago

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