Goals and Highlights: Japan 0-0 Ecuador in Friendly Match
Byron Castillo in the UAE vs Ecuador // Source: GettyImages


8:52 AM2 months ago

93'|Game end

The match ends in Germany. A good game for both teams, although neither side has managed to score. Japan 0-0 Ecuador
8:51 AM2 months ago

90'|Three extra minutes

We reached the 90th minute. We will go to the 93rd minute.
8:46 AM2 months ago

84'| Schidt again

What a save, again, from the Japanese goalkeeper. Valencia headed and the ball went off the line, but Schmidt ducked his fingers to save his team.
8:44 AM2 months ago

82'|Schmidt stops it

Schmidt made the save. What a save by the Japanese goalkeeper. Valencia took a shot to his right and guessed right to keep the score level at 0-0.
8:43 AM2 months ago

81'| Penalty for Ecuador

Ecuador had a chance from eleven yards for Ecuador. The referee pointed out the penalty. Valencia will take it...
8:41 AM2 months ago

80'| Double chance for Japan

The Japanese have had it doubly. First, Doan, and then Kamada. Both shots were stopped by Galindez.
8:30 AM2 months ago

68'|Cifuentes tries again

Ecuador's No. 5 once again took another shot from the edge of the area. This time, the shot went over the goal. The match is still goalless 
8:20 AM2 months ago

58'|Minamino, out

Now, Japan pressed. Minamino shot, inside the area, but the shot was not on target. Galíndez will kick out of the goal
8:06 AM2 months ago

46'|Second half begins

The last 45 minutes start in Germany. The match is still tied but if it continues at the same pace as the first half we will start to see goals. 
7:52 AM2 months ago


Ecuador had the last chance, but it hit the post. Great game, so far, from both teams but the goals do not come. 0-0 draw
7:45 AM2 months ago

41'|Furuhashi had it

What a mistake Ecuador made at the exit of the ball. Furuhashi took the defender's clearance and shot. The shot is easily saved by the goalkeeper.
7:40 AM2 months ago

37'|Cifuentes tries it

Another chance for the tricolor. Cifuentes shot from the half moon and the goalkeeper sends the ball for a corner. 
7:34 AM2 months ago

31'|Ecuador approaches

Good chance for Ecuador. Castillo came in like a bullet down the right side and assisted Estrada but he was offside.
7:29 AM2 months ago

28'|Possession for Japan

Japan is in control of the ball but Alfaro's team is doing a good job defensively and is only pushing them back. The score is still 0-0
7:19 AM2 months ago

16'|Testing minutes

Both teams wanted possession of the ball. Both have approached the opponent's goal but without any clear chances.
7:16 AM2 months ago

6'|Yellow card

First yellow card of the match. Castillo, Ecuador's right back, is shown the yellow card. 
7:01 AM2 months ago

0'|Meeting begins

The match kicks off in Germany. Japan and Ecuador meet in this friendly match. Let's see what the match has in store 
6:51 AM2 months ago

Ecuador lineup

For his part, Alfaro has chosen his eleven for this match. This will be the starting eleven: Galíndez. Castillo, Porozo, Hincapié, Estupiñán, Cifuentes, Méndez, Caicedo, Mena, Ibarra and Estrada.
6:50 AM2 months ago

Japan Lineup

Japan has already selected its starting eleven. Schmidt, Yamane, Taniguchi, Nagatomo, Shibasaki, Furuhashi, Minamino, Tanaka, Mitoma, Doan, Ito
6:50 AM2 months ago

We already have lineups

Less than thirty minutes to go before kickoff and both coaches have already selected their starting lineups. First, let's take a look at Japan's lineup 
6:24 AM2 months ago

Next Match

Both teams will compete in the next World Cup. The Japanese will face Germany, while Ecuador will open the competition against Qatar. 
6:24 AM2 months ago


The match between Japan vs Ecuador will be played in Germany at the Merkur Spiel-Arena. The match will start at 13:55 Spanish time. 
6:23 AM2 months ago

Players to highlight

Japan's striker Maeda, a Celtic player, stands out. On the other hand, from Ecuador, Plata, a Valladolid player, stands out. Both will raise the level of this match, which is expected to be different. 
6:01 AM2 months ago

Who will win?

Less than an hour to go until the match between Japan vs Ecuador. Who will win the match between Japan vs Ecuador?


6:01 AM2 months ago

Already at the stadium

Both teams have recently arrived at the stadium. They will soon start the warm-up exercises in preparation for the match.
6:00 AM2 months ago

We are here

Hello again. We are back to report on the match between Japan vs Ecuador. Follow the online broadcast of this match on VAVEL. 
4:27 PM2 months ago

EAU vs Ecuador

EAU vs Ecuador // Source: GettyImages
EAU vs Ecuador // Source: GettyImages
4:22 PM2 months ago

Stay tuned to follow Japan vs Ecuador live here

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Japan vs Ecuador live, as well as the latest information coming out of Japan. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's up-to-the-minute live online coverage.
4:17 PM2 months ago

Ecuador's possible lineup

For his part, Gustavo Alfaro may line up with the following eleven to face Japan. Dominguez, Preciado, Porozo, Hincapié, Estupiñán, Franco, Gruezo, Caicedo, Plata, Ibarra and Valencia.
4:12 PM2 months ago

Japan's possible lineup

Moriyasu may field the following eleven to face Ecuador. Gonda, Sakai, Yoshida, Tomiyasu, Nakayama, Ito, Endo, Morita, Kubo, Maeda and Kamada.
4:07 PM2 months ago

Match Schedule

This is the start time of the game Japón vs Ecuador of 27th September 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 9:55 AM,
Bolivia: 9:55 AM.
Brasil: 9:55 AM.
Chile: 8:55 AM.
Colombia: 7:55 AM.
Ecuador: 7:55 AM.
USA (ET): 7:55 AM.
Spain: 1:55 PM,
Mexico: 6:55 AM.
Paraguay: 9:55 AM.
Peru: 9:55 AM.
Uruguay: 9:55 AM.
Venezuela: 8:55 AM.

4:02 PM2 months ago

Where to watch

The match between Japan vs Ecuador can be watched on Japan's Youtube channel. Also, if you want to follow the match online, you can keep up to date with what is happening in the match and the score on VAVEL.
3:57 PM2 months ago

Last match between them

The last time they faced each other was in 2019 on Matchday 3 of Group C of the Copa America. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, where the goals were seen in the first half. 
The Japanese side scored in the first quarter of an hour, thanks to Nakajima. Twenty minutes later, Mena equalized to earn his team a point. In the end, the two sides shared a point that was more useful to the visitors than to the home side.
3:52 PM2 months ago

History between them

These teams have met a total of three times. Japan have won twice, while Ecuador have never beaten the Japanese team. In one match they played to a draw. 
3:47 PM2 months ago

East Asian Cup

Japan won the East Asian Cup after finishing first in a group with South Korea, China and Hong Kong. Japan collected seven points, one more than their rivals, who had six points.
3:42 PM2 months ago

Ecuador's last match

The chances were not enough for either Saudi Arabia or Ecuador as they played out a goalless draw in a friendly match. The home side had five shots and the American side had 11 shots, but none of them were able to open the scoring. The pace of the match was that of a friendly, without much intensity and with both sides fighting for possession.
3:37 PM2 months ago

Japan's last match

Japan defeated the United States 2-0 in their previous match. The match was dominated by Moriyasu's team, who took the lead with Kamada's goal on the half-hour mark. The Americans were unable to react in a match in which they only had four shots. The home side put the game to bed with a late goal from Mitona.
3:32 PM2 months ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Welcome to the online broadcast of Japan vs Ecuador this Tuesday, September 27 at 13.55 Spanish time. The match is part of a new round of friendly matches. Follow the online broadcast and all the information about both teams on VAVEL.