Goals and Highlights: Leon 2-2 Tijuana in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the León vs. Tijuana Liga MX Date 17 telecast.
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Alvarado takes a corner kick to tie La Fiera 2-2.

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Rubio enters and Vázquez leaves, change for Tijuana.
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Renato Ibarra's counterattack by the visitors put it into the net for the 2-1 victory.

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Add 5 more minutes.
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Di Yorio's double attempt goes wide. León has gone forward in search of the win.
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Mena with a shot from half distance that Orozco covers.
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Moreno reached the area and was unable to stop Orozco's good save.
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Mena and Bellón enter

Campbell and Villa leave

León's changes

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Lucas Rodriguez defines the delayed diagonal to make it 1-1, but defender Moreno is injured.

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Fantasy play by Montes who hits the ball over the top of the goal from half distance.
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Di Santo with the shot that hits the base of the post despite the exit of Cota.
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Rodriguez and Castillo enter

Dominguez and Montecinos come out

Tijuana's changes

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Yairo Moreno's free kick goes over the goal.
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Lucas di Yorio inside the box, deflects the ball past the goalkeeper to make it 1-0 after a poor save by Orozco.

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Pedro Canelo is fouled and yellow carded.
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The second half begins between León and Tijuana, still without changes.
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Add 5 more minutes.
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Leon called for a penalty on Castillo, but the referee did not award a penalty.
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No goal due to a previous advanced position by Joel Campbell.
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The ball is left to Di Yorio and he shoots through the middle of his legs to make it 1-0 in favor of La Fiera.

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Jair Díaz brought down Byron Castillo and was cautioned.
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Canelo is left lying down and has to leave the field of play.
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Di Yorio wanted to define it on his own and smashed it against Orozco in a one-on-one situation.
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The goal was not scored due to a previous offside in the development of the play.
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Barreiro with a mid-range shot that goes into the corner and La Fiera is already leading 1-0.

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Di Santos's cross shot goes wide, but Tijuana continues to stalk.
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Tijuana's goal was not scored due to an advanced position by Canelo.
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Canelo's decomposed shot goes wide.
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Campbell's cross and Di Yorio at the far post fails to close well to push the ball in.
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León vs. Tijuana game kicks off
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Minutes away

We are just minutes away from the start of the match between León and Xolos at the Nou Camp.
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Tijuana substitutes

211 Alam Galindo

29 Edgar López

14 Christian Rivera

35 Jesús Everado Rubio Quintero

8 Kevin Castañeda

11 Lucas Rodríguez

24 Benny Díaz

21 Francisco Contreras

7 Fabián Castillo

30 Renato Ibarra

6:56 PM2 months ago

León susbtitutes

9 Federico Martínez

20 José Alvarado

2 Julien Celestine

11 Elías Hernández

1 Alfonso Blanco

16 Javier Ibarra

25 Paul Saracho

26 Fidel Ambríz

13 Ángel Mena

185 Luís Cervantes

6:51 PM2 months ago

XI Tijuana

1 Jonathan Orozco, 6 Nicolás Diaz, 4 Lisandro López, 27 Jair Díaz, 3 Ismael Govea, 5 Federico Lértora, 20 Josué Domínguez, 23 José Vázquez, 9 Franco Di Santo, 10 Joaquín Montecinos, 25 Pedro Canelo.
6:46 PM2 months ago

XI Leon

30 Rodolfo Cota, 23 Byron Castillo, 21 Jaine Barreiro, 34 Oscar Villa, 6 William Tesillo, 8 José Rodríguez, 10 Luis Montes, 19 Yairo Moreno, 18 Lucas Di Yorio, 7 Víctor Dávila, 12 Joel Campbell.
6:41 PM2 months ago

Xolos will have support

Tijuana announced on their social networks that they will have support for this game, where they will be playing their last chance to advance.
6:36 PM2 months ago

For breast cancer

Now it's time for the month of October to raise awareness with the fight against breast cancer and here is the sample of the Lion.
6:31 PM2 months ago

How does Tijuana arrive?

Tijuana still has a slim hope of qualifying if it wins by a five-goal margin to overcome Necaxa.
6:26 PM2 months ago

How does León arrive?

León defeated Querétaro last week and is currently in tenth place with 21 points, but if it wins, it would jump to seventh place, hence the importance of this game.
6:21 PM2 months ago


The final match of the day follows when León does the honors against Xolos de Tijuana in Liga MX Matchday 17. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Leon vs Xolos Tijuana Live Score in Liga MX 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Leon vs Xolos Tijuana match for the Liga MX 2022 on VAVEL US.
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What time is Leon vs Tijuana match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Leon vs Tijuana of October 2nd in several countries:

Argentina: 10:05 PM on Claro Sports

Bolivia: 9:05 PM on Claro Sports

Brazil: 10:05 PM on Claro Sports

Chile: 10:05 PM on Claro Sports

Colombia: 8:05 PM on Claro Sports

Ecuador: 8:05 PM on Claro Sports

United States (ET): 9:05 PM on TUDN

Spain: 3:05 AM

Mexico: 8:05 PM on Fox Sports, Fox Sports Premium, Marca Claro and Claro Sports

Paraguay: 10:05 PM on Claro Sports

Peru: 8:05 PM on Claro Sports

Uruguay: 10:05 PM on Claro Sports

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Background Leon vs Tijuana

La Fiera has dominated the series in the last five games with three wins to one draw and one loss, having won the last three at home in a row.

Tijuana 1-1 León, Clausura 2022

León 2-1 Tijuana, Apertura 2021

Tijuana 2-0 León, Clausura 2021

León 2-1 Tijuana, Apertura 2020

Tijuana 1-2 León, Clausura 2019

6:01 PM2 months ago

Key player Tijuana

If there is one man who stands out in this championship it has been Jonathan Orozco, who continues to be an effective goalkeeper and thanks to his saves the defeats were not so heavy, or allowed them to rescue some points when it seemed unthinkable.
5:56 PM2 months ago

Key player Leon

It may not have been his best season in terms of productivity, but the reality is that the Chilean Víctor Dávila has become accustomed to scoring goals with León and has just scored against Querétaro, a situation he will try to repeat this Sunday.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
5:51 PM2 months ago

Last lineup Tijuana

1 Jonathan Orozco, 6 Nicolás Diaz, 4 Lisandro López, 27 Jair Díaz, 3 Ismael Govea, 20 Josué Domínguez, 5 Federico Lértora, 23 José Vázquez, 9 Franco Di Santo, 25 Pedro Canelo, 10 Joaquín Montecinos.
5:46 PM2 months ago

Last lineup Leon

30 Rodolfo Cota, 25 Paul Saracho, 21 Jaine Barreiro, 24 Osvaldo Rodríguez, 23 Byron Castillo, 26 Fidel Ambríz, 13 Ángel Mena, 8 José Rodríguez, 18 Lucas Di Yorio, 9 Federico Martínez, 7 Víctor Dávila.
5:41 PM2 months ago

Xolos de Tijuana: little to fight for

The same will be the case for Xolos de Tijuana, as they will need to hope for a good combination that includes defeats by Mazatlán, Juárez and San Luis or Necaxa, to win and try to be one of the best teams, remembering that their campaign has gone from strength to strength and in recent dates they have not been able to find victory again.
5:36 PM2 months ago

Leon: to play the playoffs at home

It should be remembered that this will be the last game of the Apertura 2022 regular season and by this time León will already know what it needs to know to know if it can play the Playoffs at home, considering that it has already secured a place in the top 12. They need Puebla, Toluca or Chivas, one of them not to win their game and Renato Paiva's team to win at home, as they did 15 days ago when they defeated Querétaro.
5:31 PM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The Leon vs Tijuana match will be played at the Nou Camp Stadium, in Leon, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 21:05 pm ET.
5:26 PM2 months ago

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