Goals and Highlights Pachuca 3-1 Toluca: in Final Liga MX Match
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Raise the trophy

Oscar Ustari lifts the trophy and the seventh for the Tuzos, shaking off the thorn after the lost finals. 
10:46 PM3 months ago

They receive the medals

The Pachuca Tuzos are passing the medals one by one, the Diablos are no longer on the field. 
10:41 PM3 months ago

It's over

Pachuca won 3-1 in the second leg and 8-2 on aggregate, having a very intense duel, where the scarlets proposed, but were unable to finish the plays, trying to sell the defeat, the Tuzos win their seventh league title. 
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The match is over, PACHUCA IS CHAMPION
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Hared Ortega wastes an opportunity, being alone in front of goal, but he doesn't hit it well and it comes out with little power. 
10:26 PM3 months ago


Pachuca substitution, Nico Ibañez comes off for Roberto de la Rosa.
10:21 PM3 months ago


Pachuca substitution, Victor Guzman and Luis Gerardo Chavez for Chofis Lopez and Israel Luna.
10:16 PM3 months ago


Toluca substitution, Claudio Baeza comes off for Omar Rodríguez.
10:11 PM3 months ago


GOOOOOL! for Pachuca, Gustavo Cabral took the kick from the 11-yard line and crossed it to the left post, beating Volpi to make it 3-1 in the second leg. 
10:06 PM3 months ago


Penalty for Pachuca.
10:01 PM3 months ago


Second VAR review for an alleged handball in the area. 
9:56 PM3 months ago


Huerta saves Toluca, Nico Ibañez was alone in front of the goal with a first-time shot, but Huerta saved the ball with his head on the line. 
9:51 PM3 months ago


Pachuca substitution, Romario Ibarra and Paulino de la Fuente for Avilés Hurtado and Marino Hinestroza.
9:46 PM3 months ago


Yellow card for Camilo Sanvezzo, the referee gives them out to control the match. Toluca substitution, Leonardo Fernández López comes off for Jorge Rodríguez.
9:41 PM3 months ago


Yellow card for Luis Gerardo Chávez of Pachuca is cautioned.
9:36 PM3 months ago


Pachuca is in the better position, and the Devils' desperation is beginning to show on the pitch.  Jean Meneses is shown the yellow card after tackling an opponent.
9:31 PM3 months ago


Claudio Baeza was left lying down after a collision, he left the field and is being considered for substitution. 
9:26 PM3 months ago


GOOOOOL! from Pachuca, derived from the previous foul, the Tuzos take advantage to put it in the center of the area and Nico Ibañez blasts a shot into the middle of the goal. 
9:21 PM3 months ago


Yellow card for Hared Ortega
9:16 PM3 months ago


Yellow card for Nico Ibañez after sweeping and crashing into Volpi. 
9:11 PM3 months ago


Toluca substitution, Brayan Angulo, Raúl López Gómez and Fernando Navarro for Daniel Álvarez, Haret Ortega and Camilo Sanvezzo.
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Second half kicks off with the tie in the second leg, 6-2 aggregate for Pachuca vs Toluca. 
9:01 PM3 months ago


The first half is over and the second leg is tied, 6-2 on aggregate for Pachuca vs Toluca. 
8:56 PM3 months ago


GOOOOOL! by Pachuca, after a lot of action after the penalty, Pocho Guzmán shot from the box to the right side, where the defenders were in Volpi's way and the ball went through unobstructed. 
Four minutes of stoppage time were added. 
8:51 PM3 months ago


Nico Ibañez takes a penalty kick from the 11-yard line to the left side, where the Brazilian player slapped the ball out of the net. 
8:46 PM3 months ago


The foul is upheld and Ibañez is the one to collect. 
8:41 PM3 months ago


Many minutes later the referee goes to the VAR. 
8:36 PM3 months ago


Jean Meneses is the one who commits a handball in the area, but the referee does not move anything.
8:31 PM3 months ago


Penalty for pachuca
8:26 PM3 months ago


Possession is very evenly matched, with the Devils slightly ahead, but the Tuzos are looking for a goal to settle the match. 
8:21 PM3 months ago


Pachuca's free kick on the left flank falls into the hands of Volpi. 
8:16 PM3 months ago


Yellow card for Gustavo Cabral after slapping an opponent. 
8:11 PM3 months ago


Toluca are looking more confident on the field, so the Tuzos want a goal to lower their hopes. 
8:06 PM3 months ago


GOOOOOL! by Toluca, Raúl López Gómez went down the right flank to shoot outside the area and hit it but he doesn't react well and the bounce of the ball makes it go into the goal. 
8:01 PM3 months ago


The match began to even out, Pachuca began to reach the red zone, but the Diablos didn't lag behind and looked for Fernández to create danger. 
7:56 PM3 months ago


Volpi saves for Toluca, the Devils are starting to lose the ball and Sánchez almost gets a shot off that looked like it was going into the goal. 
7:51 PM3 months ago


First yellow card, for Raúl López Gómez.
7:46 PM3 months ago


Toluca owned the ball, but they almost made a mistake that cost them dearly, but it didn't count for offside. 
7:41 PM3 months ago


Toluca starts with the ball looking for space to open the scoreboard immediately, but Los Tuzos press to keep the ball.
7:36 PM3 months ago

The match kicks off

The match between Pachuca and Toluca is ready at the Hidalgo Stadium, where a stadium with a large crowd can be seen. 
7:31 PM3 months ago

All set

Both clubs are already on the field, where the national anthem is sung. 
7:26 PM3 months ago

They take the field

Both teams take the field to kick off this Liga MX match at the Hidalgo Stadium.
The match kicks off
The match between Pachuca and Toluca is ready at the Hidalgo Stadium, where a stadium with a large crowd can be seen. 
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Second goal

This is the second match in which Volpi concedes 5 goals in a final, in 2015 in the first leg final, Santos defeated the Gallos Blancos 5-0 (this result being the largest first leg final goal in the history of Mexican soccer), while in the second leg Querétaro defeated Santos 3-0 for a 5-3 aggregate score, a result with which Santos was crowned champion.
7:16 PM3 months ago

Toluca's starting XI

This is the XI with which the visitors will take the field at the Hidalgo Stadium, a Liga MX duel.
7:11 PM3 months ago

Pachuca's starting XI

This is the XI with which the local team will take the field at the Hidalgo Stadium, a Liga MX duel.
7:06 PM3 months ago

Seeking seventh title

The Tuzos' success story began in Winter 1999, under Javier Aguirre. The man who led the institution to the title match against Cruz Azul, with a 3-2 aggregate score, with a brilliant performance by Alejandro Glaria.
Pachuca's sixth and last Liga MX title came under Diego Alonso, who defeated Víctor Manuel Vucetich and Rayados with a 2-1 aggregate score. The scorers of the match were Franco Jara and Víctor Guzmán.
7:01 PM3 months ago

The wound does not close

Óscar Ustari and Pachuca will meet in their second consecutive Mexican Soccer Final; the first was a 3-2 aggregate defeat against Atlas. Now that they have a big advantage, the Argentine goalkeeper and the Tuzos have a great opportunity for revenge.
"The reality is that when we started the previous 90 minutes, we, and I think you too, have an open wound that we had three months to heal, but it still hasn't healed, it still hasn't healed, we still have 90 minutes to go, we are aware, you also have to be aware that no match is won before it is played", said Ustari to the fans.
6:56 PM3 months ago

Appealing to statistics

The four-goal advantage that the Tuzos achieved against Toluca by beating them 5-1 in the first leg of the Final looks almost impossible to overcome; however, all is not lost, as the Devils are the last team that has been able to defeat the Tuzos by a four-goal difference.
The 2019-20 edition of the MX Cup was being played, the two teams were facing each other in the second leg of the Quarter-Finals at the Nemesio Diez; both teams drew 2-2 in the first leg at the Hidalgo Stadium, so that night, on February 18, 2020, the series would be decided in hell.
6:51 PM3 months ago

They have weapons

Toluca will be looking for the feat of winning the crown against Pachuca, something that former Chilean striker Héctor Mancilla sees as a possibility, despite the big disadvantage.
"Well, I think they have made a good close of the regular tournament and are making a very good liguilla and that allows them to be in the grand final. I think they are well managed; for me, Nacho Ambriz is one of the best coaches in Mexican soccer. He has put together a great squad, which has aspirations to fight for the title and now the last test remains, which is to win the cup".
6:46 PM3 months ago

Ticket madness

Box seats at the Hidalgo stadium are priced at up to 100,000 pesos and general tickets for the second leg of the final between Pachuca and Toluca are priced at 3,000 pesos.
On October 27, the pre-sale of tickets for Tuzocio members only began; however, within a few hours the tickets were sold out. Later, Pachuca announced on its official website that tickets would go on sale to the general public at a cost of 1,700 pesos, which also sold out in a short period of time.
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To face up to the challenge

Ignacio Ambriz, Toluca's technical director, does not lose faith, the scarlet helmsman assured that he is confident that they will do the heroic deed after what happened in the first leg.

"We are not dead, there is life. They may laugh at me, I don't care. Internally, things are screwed up, but there are two 45 or 50-minute halves where we have to go out and play. We have little to lose and a lot to win. I heard that we are considered dead and it's good that we are considered dead because my team will give another face on Sunday.
"We have to play with intelligence and be aware of that, not to look for the fourth without the first. We have to do the heroic deed," he said. 

6:36 PM3 months ago

Curse of sixth place

The weight of the "curse" of sixth place will continue to take its toll on teams in the Liga Mx, since out of 79 tournaments played since 1970-71, only in the 1988-89 season was América able to shake off this curse and win the crown starting from sixth place in the general table.
Obviously, the strength of these numbers has wreaked havoc on the Diablos Rojos del Toluca, who after arriving as the favorite team for having eliminated América in the semifinals, it was thought that they could get rid of it, but now they not only have the weight of the victory, but also the weight of sixth place.
6:31 PM3 months ago

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What time is Pachuca vs Toluca match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game Pachuca vs Toluca of October 30th 2022 in several countries:
México: 19:36 horas CDMX 
Argentina: 22:36 horas
Chile: 22:36 horas
Colombia: 19:36 horas
Perú: 19:36 horas
EE.UU.: 20:36 horas ET
Ecuador: 19:36 horas
Uruguay: 20:36 horas
Paraguay: 19:36 horas
España: 03:36 horas
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Where and how to watch Pachuca vs Toluca live and in real time

The match will be broadcasted on Fox Sports and Claro.
If you want to watch Pachuca vs Toluca in streaming you can watch it on Fox and Claro Video.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option
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The Tuzos and Diablos have only met on 63 occasions, leaving 25 wins for Toluca, 18 draws and 20 wins for the Tuzos, so both teams will be looking for a win to close the gap and win the coveted Liga MX title.
6:11 PM3 months ago

Last 5 encounters

In the last 5 meetings between these two teams, 4 wins have gone to Los Tuzos, while Los Choriceros have just one victory, a very unfavorable balance for Los Diablos Rojos. 
Toluca 1-5 Pachuca, 27 Oct, 2022, Liga MX
Toluca 1-4 Pachuca, 28 Aug, 2022, Liga MX
Toluca 0-3 Pachuca, 13 Mar, 2022, Liga MX
Pachuca 1-2 Toluca, 13 Sep, 2021, Liga MX
Toluca 0-2 Pachuca, Mar 14, 2021, Liga MX
6:06 PM3 months ago

How is Pachuca doing?

The Tuzos are coming off a 5-1 win in the first leg against Venados in the last match, with 4 wins, 0 ties and 1 loss in their last 5 matches, so they can continue with their confidence in this liguilla and be able to win the league title.
Toluca 1-5 Pachuca, 27 Oct, 2022. Liga MX
Monterrey 0-1 Pachuca, 23 Oct, 2022, Liga MX
Pachuca 5-2 Monterrey, 20 Oct, 2022, MX League
Pachuca 2-1 Tigres UANL, 16 Oct, 2022, MX League
Tigres UANL 1-0 Pachuca, 13 Oct, 2022, MX League
6:01 PM3 months ago

How is Toluca doing?

Los Diablos lost 5-1 against Tuzos del Pachuca in the previous match of the Grand Final of the Apertura 2022, in their last 5 matches they have had a very good streak, with 1 draw, 1 loss and 3 wins.
Toluca 1-5 Pachuca, 27 Oct, 2022, Liga MX
América 1-1 Toluca, 22 Oct, 2022, Liga MX
Toluca 2-1 America, 19 Oct, 2022, Liga MX
Santos 1-2 Toluca, 16 Oct, 2022, Liga MX
Toluca 4-3 Santos, 13 Oct, 2022, Liga MX
5:56 PM3 months ago

Watch out for this Pachuca player

Nico Ibáñez, 28 year old Argentinean forward, has been in charge of being the scorer of his team in the last seasons, his performance in the team has been good, in 16 games played he scored 9 goals and 2 assists, so the player needs to close the tournament in a better way and lead his team to the title.
5:51 PM3 months ago

Watch out for this Toluca player

Camilo Sanvezzo, 34-year-old Brazilian center forward, has been in charge of being the scorer of the choriceros in the last seasons, his performance in the team has been good, in 12 games played he scored 3 goals and one assist, the player needs to close the tournament in a better way, because in the last game against the Tuzos, he could not score, so that can give him confidence for this duel.
5:46 PM3 months ago

Favorite victims

The Diablos were the Tuzos' favorite victim, in three matches in 2022 they have scored 12 goals against Toluca. The first duel was on matchday 10 of the Clausura 2022, when the Tuzos visited La Bombonera and won 0-3. In the Apertura 2022, on matchday 11, Pachuca came out inspired and scored 1-4.
5:41 PM3 months ago

As in the first leg

Romario Ibarra opened the scoring in the 8th minute, giving the Devils an early start and they did not know how to react, as the second goal was scored in the 13th minute thanks to Gustavo Cabral's hand. Ibarra was again on the scoreboard in the 36th minute, scoring his second goal of the match.
And to close the first half, Mauricio André Isais scored the fourth goal of the match at 41, so the match was already looking like a rout for the Diablos, who did not know how to react to the score.
In the second half, Nico Ibáñez closed the score in favor of the Tuzos at the 53rd minute, but the Choriceros found a ray of light in the match, as Jordán Sierra put the discount at the 78th minute, making the score 1-5.
5:36 PM3 months ago


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